May 16 Deaths in History - May 16 Birthdays - May 16 Events
2007 Mary Douglas, dies in London, from complications of cancer, at 86
2004 June Taylor, choreographer, Jackie Gleason Show, dies at 85
2003 Mark McCormack, American Businessman
2002 Dave Berg, cartoonist, Mad, dies at 81
1996 Edward McInnes, German scholar, dies at 60
1996 Mike Jeremy Boorda, commandant (NATO), commits suicide at 57
1996 Pierre Debizet, resistance fighter/special agent, dies at 72
1996 Jeremy Boorda, admiral, U.S. Navy, 25th Chief of Naval Operations, dies of suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, in Washington, D.C.
1995 Lola Flores, singer and actress (Kuma Ching, Faraona), dies at 70
1995 Ragnhild Marie Hatton, historian, dies at 82
1994 Alain Cuny, actor (Lovers, Emanuelle, Camille Claudel), dies
1994 Phani Majumdar, film director, dies at 82
1994 Vasek Simek, Czechoslovakian/U.S. actor, 'Green Card', 'Mistress', dies at 66
1993 Marv Johnson, U.S. soul singer (You Got What it Takes), dies at 54
1992 Marisa Mell, actress (Hostages), dies of cancer at 53
1991 Prudence Nesbitt, British actress/TV producer, dies
1990 Dag Drollet, Cheyenne Brando's boyfriend killed by brother Christian
1990 Jim Henson, puppeteer (Sesame Street, Muppet Show), dies at 53
1990 Sammy Davis, Jr., singer and actor (Golden Boy), dies at 64
1989 Hassan Khaled, sheik of Lebanon, murdered
1988 Carrie Baxter, Best Bodybuilder (1983-85), dies in car crash at 42
1988 Kay Baxter, Best Bodybuilder in the World (1983-85), dies at 42
1988 Louise Wood, director of Girl Scouts of USA (1961-72), dies at 78
1985 Margaret Hamilton, actress, played the Wicked Witch in the 'Wizard of Oz', dies at 82
1984 Andy Kaufman, comedian (Latka-Taxi), dies of cancer at 35
1984 Irwin Shaw, U.S. writer (Rich Man, Poor Man), dies at 71
1979 Asa Philip Randolph, labor leader and civil rights pioneer, dies at 90
1979 A. Philip Randolph, American Activist
1975 Michael X, (Abdul Malik), hanged in Trinidad, for murder
1973 A P Gutersloh, writer, dies at 86
1972 Maxime Dumoulin, composer, dies at 79
1969 Johnny Jordan, cameraman (You Only Live Twice), dies at 44
1966 Randolph Turpin, boxer, shot dead in his home
1959 Joe Cook, Stage comedian, dies at 69
1958 Jeroom Verten [Jozef F Vermetten], Flemish playwright, dies at 49
1957 Eliot Ness, American Public Servant
1955 James Agee, U.S. critic/writer (Death in Family), dies in NY
1954 Clemens Krauss, Austrian conductor (Vienna State Opera), dies at 61
1954 Werner Bischof, Swiss photographer, dies accidentally at 38
1953 Django Reinhardt, Belgian Musician
1949 William Newzam Prior Nicholson, painter/engraver, dies
1944 George Ade, U.S. novelist/playwright (Counsel Widow), dies at 78
1944 Leone Sinigaglia, composer, dies at 75
1944 Max Brand, Frederick Schiller Faust, western author, dies
1942 Bronislaw Kasper Malinowski, anthropologist, dies
1942 Bronislaw Malinowski, Polish Scientist
1938 Stephen Fairbairn, oarsman/coach, dies
1932 Ki Imukai, premier of Japan (1931-32), murdered
1932 William Pember Reeves, politician/poet, dies
1929 Lilli Lehmann, soprano, dies
1928 Edmund William Grosse, poet/author, dies
1926 Mehmed VI Vahideddin (Mohammed Osman), last sultan of Turkey, dies
1924 Candy Cummings, American Athlete
1918 Eusapia Palladino, Napolitan, dies at 64
1910 Henri E Cross [Delacroix], French painter, dies at 53
1904 N I Bobrikov, Russian governor-general in Finland, dies
1903 Eduard Rappoldi, composer, dies at 72
1892 John Banvard, painted worlds largest painting (3 mile canvas), dies
1892 Theodoor J Canneel, Flemish painter, dies at 74
1880 Karl August Krebs, composer, dies at 76
1864 Lean Bear, Cheyenne chief, murdered
1863 Lloyd Tilghman, Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 47
1862 Lev A Ms, Russian nobleman/poet, dies at 40
1847 Kaspar Ett, German organist/composer, dies at 59
1835 Felicia Dorothea Hemans, poet/hymn writer, dies
1830 Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, mathematician, dies
1829 William Congreve, English officer, dies at 56
1819 Alexander van Bylandt, military, dies at 75
1805 Christian Brunings, hydraulic engineer, dies at 68
1782 Daniuel Charles Solander, botanist, dies
1777 Button Gwinnet, U.S. revolutionary leader, dies from wounds
1768 Cornelis Writer, fleet supervisor, dies at about 81
1762 Ernst Chreistian Hesse, composer, dies at 86
1754 Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari, composer, dies at 76
1703 Charles Perrault, author/fairy tale writer, dies
1691 Jacob Leisler, becomes 1st American colonist hanged for treason
1669 Pietro da Cortona, Berrettini, painter/architect, dies
1669 Reyer Anslo, writer/poet, dies at about 42
1620 William Adams, English Explorer
1434 Pieter Appelmans, Flemish architect/master builder, dies at about 60
942 Saadiah Gaon, head of Talmudic Academy of Sura, dies