May 2 Birthdays in History - May 2 Deaths - May 2 Events
1985 Sarah Hughes, born in Great Neck, New York, professional ice skater, 2002 Olympic gold medalist, biography 'Sudden Champion: The Sara Hughes Story'
1977 Amy D'Entremont, Stoneham Massachusetts, figure skater, 1995 NE, Jr. champ
1977 Jenna Von Oy, actress, Seven-Blossom
1976 Ailleen Damiles, Miss Universe-Philippines/Miss Photogenic 1996
1976 Nancy Feber, Antwerp Belgium, tennis star
1975 Mark Johnson, Dayton Ohio, baseball pitcher 1996 Olympics bronze
1975 Murray William Burdan, Wellington, New Zealand, swimmer 1996 Olympics
1975 David Beckham, English Actor
1974 Miles Joseph, West Springfield Massachusetts, soccer forward, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 Rich Yurkiewicz, NFL/WLAF linebacker, Atlanta Falcons, Amst Admirals
1972 Erik Maes, Dutch soccer player, MVV
1972 Jennifer Miriam, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, playmate, March, 1997
1972 Jill Savery, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, synchronized swimmer, 1996 Olympics gold
1972 Peter Ogilvie, Vancouver BC, 100m sprinter 1996 Olympics
1972 Dwayne Johnson, American Athlete
1971 Greg Bishop, NFL guard for the New York Giants
1970 Vania Thomas, Miss U.S. Virgin Islands Universe 1997
1969 Brian Lara, cricketer, WI left-hand bat Smashed world records in 1994
1969 Glen Young, NFL linebacker for the San Diego Chargers
1968 Reggie Slack, CFL quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1968 Will Furrer, WLAF quarterback for the Amsterdam Admirals
1967 Kerryn McCann, Australian marathoner 1996 Olympics
1964 Kelly Michael Gibson, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, PGA golfer, 1995 Bob Hope-7th
1963 Brian Tochi, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Dr. Alan Poe-St. Elsewhere, Renegades
1963 Jos van Eck, Dutch soccer player, Sparta
1963 Kenton Leonard, CFL cornerback for the Calgary Stampeders
1962 Elizabeth Berridge, Westchester, New York, actress, Amadeus, Funhouse
1962 Nancy Harvey, Swift Current Sask, LPGA golfer, 1995 Youngstown-11th
1961 Doctor Robert, Bruce R Howard, rocker, Blow Monkeys-Wicked Ways
1961 Peter Doohan, Australia, tennis star
1960 Ravi Ratnayeke, cricketer, Sri Lankan pace bowler and opening batsman
1958 Kim Jones, Sonoma California, 5k runner
1957 Domonic L Pudwill Gorie, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USN/astronaut, sk: STS-91
1955 Ian Callen, cricketer, one Test Australia vs. India 1978, six wickets
1955 Dave Winer, American Scientist
1955 Donatella Versace, Italian Designer
1954 Bulelani T Ngcuka, South African attorney/leader, UDF
1953 "Keith" Jamaal Wilkes, NBA forward, Golden State-Rookie of Yr 1975
1952 Christine Baranski, Buffalo, New York, actress, Maryann-Cybill, Birdcage
1950 Lou Gramm, born in Rochester, New York, given name Loyis Grammatico, rocker, singer, songrwriter, drummer, lead vocalist for Foreigner
1950 Scott McCallum, American Politician
1949 Joey Phillips, percussionist, Atlantic Star-Touch a 4 Leaf Clover
1948 Larry Gatlin, Seminole, Texas, country singer, Gatlin Bros-Broken Lady
1946 Lesley Gore, Tenafly, New Jersey, singer, It's My Party
1945 Bianca Perez Morena de Macias Jagger, Nicaragua, model/Mick's ex-wife
1945 Bob Henrit, English pop drummer, Kinks-Waterloo Sunset
1945 Goldy McJohn, rocker, Steppenwolf
1945 Randy Cain, U.S. soul singer, 4 Gents/Delfonics
1945 Robert Henrit, England, rocker, Argent
1945 Bianca Jagger, Nicaraguan Celebrity
1944 John Verity, rocker, Argent
1941 Jules Wijdenbosch, premier Suriname
1941 Paul Darrow, British Actor
1940 Bryan Davis, cricketer, bro of Charlie WI batsman vs. Australia 1965
1940 Sari van Heemskerck Pillis-Duvekot, Dutch MP, VVD
1938 Constantine Bereng Seeiso, king Moshushoe II of Lesotho
1937 Lorenzo Music, born in Brooklyn, New York, writer/actor/voice, Carlton-Rhoda, Garfield
1936 Michael Rabin, New York City, violinist, In Memorium
1936 Quinn Redeker, Woodstock, Illinois, actor, Dan Raven, Young and Restless
1935 Faisal II, King of Iraq, 1939-58, son of Ghasi I
1935 Hussain ibn Talal, King of Jordan, 1952-
1935 Link Wray, rocker, Link Wray and His Ray Men
1933 Bunk Gardner, rocker, Mothers Of Invention
1932 Bruce Glover, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Diamonds are Forever
1932 Kees de Galan, Dutch economist
1932 Malcolm Leyland Lipkin, composer
1929 Edward Levy Irving, composer
1929 Luc Ferrari, born in Paris, France, composer, concentrated on musical composition, collaborated with Pierre Schaeffer from 1957 - 1966, extended notion of abstract music, interested in breaking barriers that force musical tradition
1929 Sydney Gedye, cricketer, opening batsman in four Tests for New Zealand 1964
1925 David Ironside, cricketer, South Africa swing bowler in 3 Tests vs. New Zealand 1953-54
1925 John Neville, actor, Adventures of Baron Munchausen
1925 Roscoe Lee Browne, Woodbury, New Jersey, actor, McCoy, Saunders-Soap
1925 Svatopluk Havelka, composer
1924 Aafje Heynis, Dutch singer
1924 Theodore Bikel, Austrian/US folk singer and actor, Russians Are Coming
1923 Christina Spierenburg, Dutch singer
1922 Abraham Rosenthal, editor, New York Times
1921 Satyajit Ray, Calcutta India, director, Goddess, Adversary
1920 Jacob Gilboa, composer
1919 Than Wyenn, New York City, actor, Pete Kelly's Blues
1918 Frederick Archibauld Warner, diplomat
1915 Jan Hanus, born in Czechoslovakia, composer, music expressed anti-Nazi, anti-Fascist, anti-Communist sentiments, studied with Otakar Jeremias a the Prague Conservatory
1915 Van Alexander, New York City, orchestra leader, Gordon MacRae Show
1914 Dennis Dyer, cricketer, opened batting for South Africa vs. England 1947
1913 Nigel Patrick, London England, actor and director, Sapphire, Prize of Gold
1912 Axel Springer, German newspaper magnate
1912 Marten Toonder, writer/cartoonist, Mr Bommel
1911 Lillian Rambach, teacher violinist
1910 Laurie Nash, cricketer, Tasmanian fast-bowler, 2 Tests for Australia
1909 Larry Harvey, American Celebrity
1909 Terry Goodkind, American Writer
1908 William Bakewell, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Stage manager-Pinky Lee Show
1907 Pinky Lee, children's show host, Pinky Lee Show
1906 Aileen Riggin, Newport, Rhode Island, springboard diver, Gold Medal 1920, 1924 Olympics
1906 Maurice Thiriet, composer
1905 Alan Rawsthorne, Haslingden England, composer, Corteges
1904 Georgi Dimitrov, composer
1903 Benjamin Spock, CT, pediatrician, Common Sense Book of Baby Care
1903 Oivin Fjeldstad, composer
1902 Brian Aherne, Worcestershire England, actor, Juarez
1902 Erin O'Brien-Moore, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Peyton Place, Our Little Girl
1901 Bob Wyatt, cricketer, England batsman 1927-37
1901 Lev N. Lunts, Russia, writer, Outside the Law, City of Truth
1901 Robert Elliott Storey Wyatt, cricketer
1901 Willi Bredel, writer
1900 Helen Morgan, singer and actress, Applause, Frankie and Johnny
1898 Jef [Josephus C F] Last, Dutch poet/politician, The Spark
1895 Alfred Kurella, writer
1895 Peggy Bacon, Ridgefield, Connecticut, author/illustrator, Off With Their Heads
1892 Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, Red Baron, German WW I ace
1892 Manfred von Richthofen, German Aviator
1890 E[dward] E[lmer] "Doc" Smith, U.S., sci-fi author, Triplanetary
1887 Edward Collins, New York, Hall of Fame infielder, White Sox, A's
1886 Gottfried Benn, writer
1884 Francois de Vries, Dutch economist
1879 James F. Byrnes, American Politician
1872 G G van der Hoeven, Dutch editor-in-chief, NRC
1869 Tyrone Power Sr, born in London, England, actor, Alexanders Ragtime Band
1862 Marie F M Emmanuel, French composer/musicologist, Salamine
1860 D'Arcy Thompson, zoologist/classicist, On Growth and Form
1860 Theodor Herzl, Austria, journalist/founder, Zionist movement
1859 Eugene D'Harcourt, composer
1859 Jerome K. Jerome, English Author
1857 Frederic Cliffe, composer
1855 Theodore Moses Tobani, composer
1853 Marie Verstraete, actress, Louise-Frou Frou
1849 Furst Bernhard HM von Bulow, German chancellor/Prussian PM, 1900-09
1846 Zygmunt Noskowski, composer
1844 Elijah McCoy, black inventor, held over 50 patents
1843 Carl Michael Ziehrer, composer
1837 Henry Martyn Robert, parliamentarian, Robert's Rules of Order
1821 Abram Sanders Piatt, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1817 Zikmund Michal Kolesovsky, composer
1810 Hans Christian Lumbye, composer
1810 Leo XIII, 257th Roman Catholic pope, 1878-1903
1779 John Galt, Scotland, novelist, Ayrshire Legatees, Lawrie Todd
1772 Novalis, born in Oberwiederstedt, Germany, philosopher of early German Romanticism, author, wrote 'Pollen, Faith and Love', 'Hymns to the Night'
1768 Jean-Louis M Alibert, French dermatologist
1754 Vicente Martin y Soler, composer
1752 Ludwig August Lebrun, composer
1740 Elias Boudinot, lawyer/patriot, found American Biblical Society
1729 Catherine II, the Great, empress of Russia, 1762-96
1729 Florian Johann Deller, composer
1660 Pietro Alessandro Gaspare Scarlatti, Palermo Italy, composer, Tigrane
1601 Athanasius Kircher, German Jesuit/inventor, magic lantern
1551 William Camden, English historian, Brittania, Annales