May 30 Birthdays in History - May 30 Deaths - May 30 Events
1986 Ashley Slaney, daughter of Olympians Mary Decker and Richard Slaney
1983 Jennifer Ellison, English Actress
1980 Steven Gerrard, English Athlete
1978 Krassmira Todorava, Miss Bulgaria Universe 1997
1976 Omri Hairi Katz, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Marshall Teller-Eerie Indiana
1974 David Wilkie, Ellensburg, NHL defenseman, Montreal Canadiens
1973 Christine Pavone, Miss USA-Connecticut 1997
1973 Je'Rod Cherry, safety for the New Orleans Saints
1973 Jennifer Darst, Dallas Texas, pairs skater, & Arthur Reid
1973 Steve Charbonneau, CFL defensive linebacker, Montreal Alouettes
1972 Allen Aldridge, NFL linebacker, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1972 Anthony Cook, NFL defensive end/defensive tackle, Tenn Oilers
1972 Jeff Jones, NFL tackle, Detroit Lions
1972 Manny Ramirez, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, outfielder, Cleveland Indians
1972 Renita Farrell, born in Townsville, Australia, field hockey midfielder 1996 Olympics
1972 Terry Wilburn, WLAF running back, Barcelona Dragons
1971 Drahomir Kadlec, Pribham, Czech Republic, hockey defenseman, Team Czech Republic
1971 Jiri Slegr, born in Jihlava, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Edmonton Oilers, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Bronze Medal 1998 Olympics
1971 Kyle Vander Kuyp, Australian 110m hurdler 1996 Olympics
1970 Sam Rogers, NFL linebacker for the Buffalo Bills
1968 Amy Fuller, Westlake California, rower, Olympics-4th-92, 96
1968 Jerry Springer, born in White Plains, New York, Canadian Tour golfer
1967 Benoat Gauthier, St. Jerome Quebec, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1967 Rechelle Hawkes, born in Albany, Australia, field hockey midfielder 1996 Olympics
1967 Tim Burgess, born in Salford, England, rocker, lead singer, songwriter for The Charlatans, member of The Chavs
1966 Gary Martin, cricket pace bowler, Zimbabwe ODI
1965 Tammy Parks, Rockville Centre, New York, actress, Attack of 60' Centerfold
1965 Tyronne Stowe, NFL linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks
1964 Nhi Lan Le, Vietnam, U.S. fencer-foil 1996 Olympics
1964 Wynonna Judd, Ashland, Kentucky, American Musician, Judds-Why Not Me
1963 Helen Patricia Sharman, Great Britain, cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-12
1963 Lynda Wiesmeier, Washington D.C., playmate, Jul, 1982
1962 Jan Gunnarsson, Sweden, tennis star
1962 John Alt, NFL tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs
1962 Tonya Pinkins, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Livia Frye-All My Children
1961 Ella Arolovich, Leningrad U.S.S.R., model
1961 Ralph Carter, New York City, actor, Michael Evans-Good Times
1961 Trey Parker, rapper/actor, Newsies, Hull High
1960 Stephen "Tea Tower" Duffy, rocker, Lilac Time-Paradise Song
1958 Marie Fredriksson, Ostra-Lj Swed, singer, Roxette-Must Have Been Love
1958 Michael E Lopez-Alegria, born in Madrid, Spain, Lieutenant Commander/astronaut, STS-73, sk 92
1958 Ted McGinley, born in Newport Beach, California, actor, Love Boat, MWC, Dynasty
1957 Allison Roe, Auckland New Zealand, marathoner, NYC-1981
1957 Chris Van Jaarsveld, guitarist, Sleeze Beez
1957 Michael Clayton, Melbourne VIC, Australasia golfer
1955 Nicky "Topper" Headon, English drummer, Clash-Complete Control
1955 Jake Roberts, American Celebrity
1953 Colm Meaney, actor, Star Trek Deep Space 9
1952 Zoltan Kocsis, born in Budapest, Hungary, composer, pianist, conductor, musical director, Hungarian National Philharmonic
1951 Stephen Tobolowsky, Texas, actor, Single White Female, Thelma and Louise
1949 Bob Willis, cricketer, superb England fast bowler 1971-84
1947 Jocelyne Bourassa, LPGA golfer
1946 Candy Lightner, political activist/founder, MADD
1945 Meredith MacRae, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Petticoat Junction, My 3 Sons
1944 Larry Davidson, rocker, Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over
1943 Gale Sayers, NFL running back for the Chicago Bears
1942 Dan Miller, born in Highland Park, Michigan, Representative-R-Florida 1993 - 2005
1942 Lenny Davidson, London, rock guitarist, Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over
1940 David Ackroyd, Orange, New Jersey, actor, I Come in Peace, Memories of Me
1939 Michael J Pollard, Passaic, New Jersey, actor, Bonny and Clyde, Roxanne
1938 Wilfried A de Pree, Dutch MP, PvdA, theologist
1936 Galina Shostakovich, daughter of Russian composer Dmitri
1936 Keir Dullea, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, 2001, 2010, David and Lisa
1936 Roy Harford, cricketer, brother of Noel New Zealand wicketkeeper vs. India 1968
1936 Ruta Lee, actress, Operation Eichmann, Marjorie Morningstar
1934 Alexei A Leonov, Siberia U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Voskhod II, Soyuz 19
1932 Pauline Oliveros, Houston Texas, composer, Sound Patterns
1932 Seppo Antero Yrjonpoika Nummi, composer
1929 Michael Mellinger, Bavaria, actor, Goldfinger
1928 Agnes Varda, French photograph/director, Cleo de 5 7, Le bonheur
1928 John Keith Wright, English economist and Assistant Secretary of State, 1971 - 1984
1927 Clint Walker, Hartford, Illinois, actor, Kodiak, Cheyenne, Dirty Dozen
1927 Dick Noel, born in Brooklyn, New York, TV host, It's a Small Wonder
1927 Evelyn Wesler Zemel, U.S., author, American Glass Animals
1926 Christine Jorgensen, pioneer transsexual
1926 Edouard Van Remoortel, Brussels, conductor, 1958-62 St. Louis Symph
1926 James Whitman McLamore, businessman
1925 Eddy Bruma, Suriname politician
1925 Gerard John Toorenaar, political commissar in Amsterdam, 1975-79
1924 Norbert Schemansky, USA, middle heavyweight 1952 Olympics gold
1923 Jimmy Lydon, Harrington Pk, New Jersey, actor, Richard-Love That Jill
1922 Harry Clement Stubbs, U.S., sci-fi author, Needle, Iceworld
1922 Hal Clement, American Writer
1920 John Heawood, actor/singer/choreographer, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
1916 Joseph W. Kennedy, scientist, 1 of 4 discoverers of plutonium
1915 Jerome Bert Weisner, military scientist/disarmer
1914 Bobby Sherwood, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, orchestra leader, Milton Berle Show
1913 Cedric Thorpe Davie, composer
1912 Alexander Langsdorf, physicist
1912 Hugh Griffith, Wales, actor, Ben Hur, Mutiny on the Bounty, Oliver!
1912 Joseph Stein, dramatist/playwright, Fiddler on the Roof
1912 Julian Gustave Symons, writer
1911 Douglas Fowley, New York City, actor, Grandpa-Pistols 'n' Petticoats
1909 Benny Goodman, Chicago, clarinetist/bandleader, King of Swing
1909 George Headley, cricketer, in Panama All-time great WI batsman
1909 Jayson Blair, American Journalist
1908 Hannes OG Alfven, Swedish physicist, Nobel 1970
1908 Mel[vin J] Blanc, voice, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig
1908 Hannes Alfven, Swedish Scientist
1904 Ernesto de la Guardia, Jr., President of Panama, 1956-60
1903 Countee Cullen, born in Baltimore, Maryland, poet, Black Christ and Other Poems
1903 Ray Howard-Jones, artist
1902 Seton Howard Frederick Lloyd, archaeologist
1902 Stepin Fetchit, Lincoln Perry, Florida, actor, Miracle in Harlem
1901 Cornelia Otis Skinner, Chic, writer, When Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
1896 Howard Hawks, Goshen, Indiana, director/producer, Rio Bravo, Scarface
1895 Maurice Tate, cricketer, great England pace bowler of 20's
1894 Hubertus J van Mook, Dutch minister of Colonies, 1942-45
1893 Norman Cota, American Soldier
1891 Iman J van den Bosch, Belgian resistance fighter
1888 James A. Farley, Public Servant
1887 Alexander Archipenko, Ukraine sculptor/lithographer
1887 Gino Tagliapietra, composer
1883 Riccardo Zandonai, composer
1881 George KFW von Kuchler, German Field Marshal, Invasion Netherlands
1879 Colin Blythe, cricketer, outstanding English slow lefty pre-WW I
1869 Giulio Douhet, Italian Soldier
1867 Arthur Vining Davis, Sharon Massachusetts, CEO, Alcoa-1910-57
1859 Pierre Marie Felix Janet, France, psychologist/neurologist
1853 Andries Andre, Dutch actor/husband of Geertruida Meeuwissen
1853 Karl Fritjof Valentin, composer
1847 Alice Sophia Stopford Green, Ireland, proponent of Irish independence
1846 Peter Carl Faberge, Russia, goldsmith/jeweler/egg maker
1845 Amadeus I FM, duke of Aosta/king of Spain, 1870-73
1844 Louis Varney, composer
1835 Alfred Austin, Leeds England, poet laureate of England, Garden
1832 George Doherty Johnston, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1830 Edward Winslow Hinks, Major General Union volunteers
1829 Levin Goldschmidt, German business law expert
1814 Mikhail Bakunin, Russian Revolutionary
1812 John Alexander McClernand, Major General Union volunteers
1808 Joaquim Casimiro, Jr., composer
1800 Karl W. Feuerbach, German mathematician, Position of Feuerbach
1797 Johann Christian Lobe, composer
1757 Henry Addington, Viscount Sidmouth, C, British Prime Minister, 1801-04
1672 Peter I, the Great, tsar of Russia, 1682-1725
1623 Wallerand Vaillant, painter/engraver, baptized
1578 Valentin Dretzel, composer
1524 Selam II Sari, the blonde, sultan of Turkey, 1566-74
1220 Alexander Nevski, Aleksandr, Russian great ruler, 1252-63