November 7 Birthdays in History - November 7 Deaths - November 7 Events
1978 Rio Ferdinand, English Athlete
1976 Mark Philippoussis, Australia, tennis star, 140 MPH serve
1976 Zahir Raheem, Philadelphia, bantamweight boxer 1996 Olympics
1975 Suesan Rajabi, Miss Colorado USA 1996
1974 Kris Benson, Konnesaw, Texas, baseball pitcher 1996 Olympics bronze
1974 Tarek Saleh, linebacker for the Carolina Panthers
1972 Christopher Daniel Barnes, ME, actor, Ross-Day by Day, As World Turns
1972 Clive B Barnes, Portland Me, actor, Scott Hayden-Starman
1972 Emily Porter Lesueur, born in Glendale California, synchro swimmer, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics
1972 Jane Taylor, born in Maitland, Australia, tennis star, 1995 Futures-Wagga Waga
1972 Jeremy London, actor, I'll Fly Away, Party of Five
1972 Jimmy Gary, NFL running back for the Seattle Seahawks
1970 Andre Hastings, NFL wide receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers, NO Saints
1970 Kris[ten] Fillat, born in San Diego, California, field hockey forward 1996 Olympics
1970 Marc Rosset, born in Geneva, Switzerland, tennis star, 1992 French Doubles
1970 Morgan Spurlock, American Director
1969 Michelle Morse, Ft. Rucker Ala, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-13th-1995
1969 Tanya Dubnicoff, Winnipeg Manitoba, cyclist, Olympics-6th-92, 96
1969 Bryant H. McGill, born in Mobile, Alabama, editor, author, celebrity publicist, creator, celebrity verification group, books include the 'McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme'
1968 Russ Springer, born in Alexandria, Virginia, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
1966 Andy Tomberlin, Monroe, North Carolina, outfielder for the New York Mets
1966 Lisa Canning, Virgin Islands, hostess, Entertainment Tonight
1966 Murphy Logo Su'a, cricket pace bowler, New Zealand left-arm of Samoan parents
1964 Dana Plato, born in Maywood, California, actress, Kimberly-Diff'rent Strokes
1964 Liam O'Maonlai, Irish vocalist/pianist, Hothouse Flowers-I'm Sorry
1963 John Barnes, born in Kingston, Jamaica, British professional soccer player, manager for Tranmere Rovers Football Club
1963 Michael Heidt, Calgary Alberta, hockey defenseman, Team Germany
1963 Shelly Miller, Youngstown, Ohio, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-25th-1994
1963 Todd McKee, actor, Ted-Santa Barbara, Bold and Beautiful
1963 Sam Graves, American Politician
1962 Arend Bouwmeester, Dutch saxophonist, Bob Color
1962 Wayne Norman Phillips, Vic opener cricketer, Test for Australia vs. Ind 1992
1961 Mintcho Pachov, Bulgaria, 67.5kg weightlifer 1980 Olympics bronze
1960 Charlie Bell, Australian Businessman
1957 Christopher Knight, New York City, actor, Peter-Brady Bunch
1957 Kathy McMillan, long jumper 1976 Olympics silver
1956 Denise Jannah, Zeefuik, Suriname jazz singer, Farmer's Market
1956 Jonathan Palmer, born in London, England, professional racecar driver, entrepreneur, Formula Championship winner, CEO, MotorSport Vision
1953 Lucinda Green, born in Andover, England, born Lucinda Jane Prior-Palmer, champion equestrian, journalist, won gold at 1982 World Championships
1951 Dan Duva, boxing promoter/producer, Howard Stern New Years Party
1951 Nick Gilder, born in London, England, singer, Hot Child in the City
1950 Alexa Canady, 1st black woman neuro-surgeon/educator
1950 Augusto Gen'un Alcalde, Buenos Aires, 1st South American Zen teacher
1949 Judy Tenuda, comedienne, Spotlight Cafe
1944 Jim Watkins, Philadelphia, actor, Jerry-Magician
1944 Joe Niekro, baseball knuckler, New York Yankees
1943 Joni Mitchell, Roberta J Anderson, Alberta Canada, singer, Clouds
1943 Judith Frost, British Columbia, artist, To Red, Dust Drawings
1943 Wensley Haydon-Baillie, English pharmaceutical manufacturer
1943 Silvia Cartwright, New Zealander Statesman
1943 Stephen Greenblatt, American Critic
1942 Jean Shrimpton, British model/actress, Privilege
1942 Johnny Rivers, Ramistella, New York City, singer, Secret Agent Man
1942 Helen Garner, Australian Novelist
1942 Tom Peters, born in Baltimore, Maryland, writer, author, speaker, consultant, business management practices expert, co-wrote, 'In Search of Excellence', believes the least amount of overhead business processes can produce empowering decision-makers within an entire company organization
1941 Angelo Scola, Italian Clergyman
1940 Guido Provoost, Belgian historian
1938 Dee Clark, Arkansas, singer, Hambone, Nobody But You
1938 James Katt, pitcher/sportscaster, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins
1936 Barry Newman, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor, Amy, Deadline, Petrocelli
1936 Gwyneth Jones, Pontnewyndd Wales, soprano, Die Walkure
1936 Jaap Stobbe, Dutch actor, Dageraad
1935 Willibrordus S Rendra, Indonesia, poet, Ballad orang-orang tertjina
1934 Stephen L. Neal, born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Representative-D-North Carolina 1975 - 1995
1933 George Tibbits, born in Boulder, Australia, composer, architect, works include, Otway Ranges Symphony, Battue
1932 Harry Lammertink, Yrrah, Dutch cartoonist, Vrij Netherland
1930 Peter Woods, born in Britain, journalist, newsreader, broadcaster, famous newsreader, appeared on News Room for BBC News
1930 Rudy Boschwitz, born in Berlin, Germany, Senator-R-Minnesota 1978 - 1991
1929 Ruggero Mastroianni, film editor
1927 Hiroshi Yamauchi, Kyoto Japan, owner for the Seattle Mariners
1926 Joan Sutherland, Sydney Australia, operatic soprano, Met Opera
1924 Wolf Mankowitz, British playwright
1923 Matthew Coady, journalist
1922 Al Hirt, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, jazz trumpeter, Greatest Horn in the World
1918 Billy Graham, Charlotte, North Carolina, Baptist evangelist, Crusades
1917 Andras Mihaly, composer
1917 Helen Suzman, born in South Africa, politician and anti-apartheid activist, served 36 years in parliament
1916 Joe Bushkin, New York City, jazz pianist, A Couple of Joes
1915 Philip Morrison, American Scientist
1914 R[aphael] A[loysius] Lafferty, U.S., sci-fi author, Devil is Dead
1913 Albert Camus, Algeria, novelist/director, The Just-Nobel 1957
1911 Walter Shlomo Gross, journalist
1910 Edmund Leach, British Scientist
1907 Maurits Mok, Dutch author and poet, Cheese and Bread Game
1906 Eugene Carson Blake, U.S. Secretary-General of World council of Churches, 1966-72
1906 Jan Vercammen, Flemish author/chief inspector LO, Primary Education
1906 Margaret Barbara Lambert, British historian, Saar
1905 William Alwyn, composer
1903 Albert Helman, Lou Lichtveld, Suriname politician/novelist
1903 Dean Jagger, Lima Ohio, actor, Albert Vane-Mr Novak, Elmer Gantry
1903 Konrad Lorenz, zoologist/ethologist, Man and His Ideas, Nobel 1973
1903 Lodewijk AM "Lou" Lichtveld, Albert Helman, Suriname author
1902 Jesus Maria Sanroma, Carolina PR, pianist, Boston Symphony
1902 Rob van der de Bas, Barend Robberts, troubadour, Klucht of the Cow
1900 Efrem Kurtz, St. Petersburg Russia, conductor, Houston Symph 1948-54
1897 Ruth Pitter, British poet
1897 Herman J. Mankiewicz, American Writer
1896 Herbert R O'Connor, born in Baltimore, Maryland, Sen-Md, TV narrator, Crime Syndicate
1895 Jakob Kaplan, French head rabbi, 1955-81
1889 George Davis, Netherlands, actor, Devil May Care
1889 Lord Tennyson III, cricketer, England batsman and captain
1888 Chandrasekhara Raman, India, physicist, Nobel 1930
1886 Aaron Nimzowitsch, Latvian chess player, openings theorist
1886 Mark Aldanov, Landau, Russian/French chemist/writer
1886 Aaron Nimzovich, Latvian Celebrity
1885 Frank H Knight, American Economist
1883 Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux, Newport New, Virginia, TV preacher
1879 Eugeen Yoors, Flemish etcher/glass painter
1879 Leon Davidovitsj Trotsky, Leib Bronstein, Russian revolutionary
1878 Lise Meitner, Austrian/Swedish physicist, Protactinium
1877 Henry Balfour Gardiner, composer
1876 Culbert Olson, Fillmore Utah, Gov-D-Cal
1876 Ted Arnold, cricketer, England all-rounder in 10 Tests 1903-05
1874 Joseph Willoughby, cricketer, 2 Tests for South Africa 1895-96
1867 Marie Curie, French Scientist, discovered radium, Nobel 1903, 1911
1866 Carl Emil Paul Lincke, composer
1866 Paul Lincke, German composer and conductor /publisher, Frau Luna
1859 Hendrik G. Kleyn, church historian
1856 Semyon Zonovyevich Alapin, Vilna, tied for chess 1st place, 1878
1855 Edwin H Hall, U.S. physicist, Hall effect
1852 Bohdan Borkowski, composer
1846 Ignaz Brull, composer
1839 Henry Holmes, composer
1832 Andrew Dickson White, educator/1st president of Cornell
1828 Ludwig Deppe, composer
1828 Paul-Jacques-Aime Baudry, French painter
1822 Edouard Gregoir, composer
1811 Karel J Erben, Czechoslovakian poet, Bouquet
1810 Ferenc Erkel, Hungary, composer and conductor, Hunaydi Laszlo
1810 Fritz Reuter, writer
1806 August Friedrich Pott, composer
1797 Silas Horton Stringham, Rear Admiral Union Navy
1786 Francisco Andrevi y Castellar, composer
1758 Edouard viscount de Walckiers, South Netherland banker/politician
1706 Carlo Cecere, composer
1692 Johannes G Schnabel, German author/surgeon, Insel Felsenburg
1656 Walraad the Younger, earl of Nassau-Ottweiler/Governor of Nimegen
1598 Francisco de Zurbaran, Spain, Baroque painter, baptized
994 Muhammad ibn Hazm, historian/jurist/author of Islamic Spain