November 7 Deaths in History - November 7 Birthdays - November 7 Events
2004 Howard Keel, "actor, singer", Kiss Me Kate, dies at 85
2004 Gibson Kente, wrote about life in South African black townships, known as Father of Black Theater in South Africa, dies
2002 Peg Phillips, actress/theater company founder, Northern Exposure, dies at 84
1996 Brian Keith-Lucas, political scientist, dies at 84
1996 Claude Ake, political scientist, dies at 57
1996 Michael Fenton Haddon, mining engineer, dies at 81
1995 Jerry Daniels, singer and guitarist, dies at 79
1995 John Patrick, screenwriter, dies at 90
1995 Melvin "Slappy" White, comedian, dies of heart attack at 74
1994 Michael O'Donoghue, comedian (SNL), dies at about 54
1994 Milton "Shorty" Rogers [Rajonsky], U.S. jazz trumpeter, dies at 70
1993 Adelaide Hall, U.S. jazz singer (Cotton Club), dies at 92
1993 Charles Aidman, actor (Kotch, Zoot Suit), dies of cancer at 68
1992 Alexander Dubcek, premier Czechoslovakia (1968-69), dies at 70
1992 Jack Kelly, U.S. actor (Maverick, Vega$), dies following a stroke at 65
1991 Gene Tierney, U.S. actress (Laura/Heaven can wait), dies at 70
1990 Josephine Wilson, actress (We Dive at Dawn), dies at 86
1990 Lawrence Durrell, Indian/English author (Mount Olive), dies at 78
1984 George Matthews, actor (Chick-Glynis), dies at 73 of heart disease
1983 David Alexandrovich Toradze, composer, dies at 61
1983 Germaine Tailleferre, French composer (Le Marin du Bolivar), dies at 91
1981 Will Durant, U.S. author (story of civilization), dies at 96
1980 Steve McQueen, actor (Tom Horn, Bullitt), dies at 50
1979 Amedeo Nazzari, actor (Lure of Sila, Night of Cabiria), dies at 71
1979 Paolo Carlini, Italian actor (It Started in Naples), dies at 53
1978 Gene Tunney, former heavyweight boxing champ (1926-28), dies at 80
1978 Janet Flanner, writer, dies at 86
1974 Rodolfo Acosta, actor (Passion, Littlest Outlaw), dies at 54
1972 Tod Andrews, actor (From Hell it Came, Outrage), dies at 51
1968 Willem A Wagenaar, Dutch journalist/author (3,000 meter), dies
1967 John Nance Garner, (Vice President-D, 1933-41), dies at 98
1967 Juan Tomas Perez, composer, dies at 71
1965 Friedrich Wildgans, composer, dies at 52
1962 Eleanor Roosevelt, 1st Lady (1933-1945), dies at 78 in New York City
1961 Antonius F "Anton" Coolen, author (Peelwerkers), dies at 64
1960 Alvin Carter, vocalist (Carter Family), dies at 69
1959 Victor McLaglen, actor (Gunga Din), dies of heart attack at 72
1956 Una Mae Carlisle, U.S. pianist/singer, dies at 40
1944 Richard Sorge and Ozaki, spies, hanged in Tokyo
1943 Dwight Frye, actor (Vampire Bat, Dracula), dies at 44
1941 Albin Zollinger, Swiss poet/author (Das Gewitter), dies at 46
1938 Earnest von Rath, German antifascist/diplomat, murdered
1935 Lidj Jasu, emperor of Ethiopia, dies at 39
1924 Hans Thoma, painter, style reminiscent of the Pre-Raphaelites, works include 'Eve in Paradise', at the Frankfurt Museum, dies in Karlsruhe, Germany, at the age of 85
1919 Hugo Haase, German MP (SPD), murdered at 56
1913 Alfred R Wallace, British zoologist (Is Mars habitable?), dies
1913 Alfred Russel Wallace, British Scientist
1910 Leo Tolstoi, Russian earl/writer (War and Peace), dies at 82
1901 Li Hung-Tshang, Chinese rebel leader and viceroy of Tsheli, dies
1893 Constantly Lievens, Flemish missionaries in India, dies at 37
1880 Carl Friedrich Weitzmann, composer, dies at 72
1876 Albertus C van Raalte, Dutch/US vicar (Michigan), dies at 65
1859 Carl Gottlieb Reissiger, composer, dies at 61
1857 Charles Heinrich Christoph Zeuner, composer, dies at 62
1838 Anne Grant, Scottish Poet
1837 Elijah P Lovejoy, publisher, murdered by pro-slavery mob at 34
1827 Bartolomeo Campagnoli, Italian violinist, composer and conductor, dies at 76
1817 Francesco Pasquale Ricci, composer, dies at 85
1802 Johann Georg Joseph Spangler, composer, dies at 50
1796 Catharina II, "the Great", tsarina of Russia (1762-96), dies at 67
1723 Godfrey Kneller, English painter (74-77), dies
1708 Ludolf Backhuysen, Dutch seascape painter/cartoonist, dies at 76
1678 Erasmus Quellinus II [Quellien], Flemish painter/etcher, dies at 70
1639 William Cobbold, composer, dies at 79
1633 Cornelis Drebbel, physicist/chemist/inventor (submarine), dies
1608 Adolf, earl of Nassau-Siegen/cavalry commander, dies in battle
1600 Baki, Turkish royal poet (Davan, Ghazalijjat), dies at about 74
1573 Solomon Luria (Maharshal), talmudic author (Yam Shel Shelomo), dies
1560 Peter S Lotichius, Peter Lotz, German poet (Opera omnia), dies
1225 Engelbert I, the Saint, archbishop of Cologne, murdered at 40
739 Willibrord, Clemens, 1st bishop of Utrecht/saint 695-739, dies at 81