October 11 Birthdays in History - October 11 Deaths - October 11 Events
1992 Sarah Cannon, daughter of singer Amy Grant
1989 Michelle Wie, American Athlete
1985 Michelle Trachtenberg, American Actress
1975 Kellie Martin, Riverside California, actress, Life Goes On, Cristy
1975 Zach Conrad, born in Ft. Collins, Colorado, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1974 Jason Arnott, Collingwood Ontario, NHL center for the Edmonton Oilers
1973 Sharon Dominguez, Miss Belize Universe 1997
1972 Brigitte Soucy, Moncton New Brunswick,volleyballer 1996 Olympics
1972 Cherokee Parks, NBA center, Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves
1972 Kyoko Ina, Tokyo, Japan, figure skater, 1993 North Atlantic Sr champ
1972 Troy Corbett, cricket pace bowler, Victorian lefty since 1994-95
1972 Claudia Black, Australian Actress
1971 Chann McRae, Albany, Georgia, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1971 Natalie Jay, Hendon England, actress, Baywatch
1970 Chidi Ahanotu, NFL defensive end/defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1970 Kelly Sims, WLAF cornerback for the Amsterdam Admirals
1970 Nicole Jeray, Cook County, Illinois, LPGA golfer, 1995 Sprint Champ-22nd
1969 Cal Dixon, NFL center/guard for the New York Jets
1969 Mike Kerr, WLAF defensive end for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1969 Prince Constantijn, CF Aschwin, of Netherlands
1969 Ty Murray, rodeo cowboy, 5-time all-around world champion
1968 Amy Louise Taylor, Kallested, actress, Silent Night Deadly Night 5
1968 Claude Lapointe, Lachine, NHL center for the Calgary Flames
1968 Cynthia Johnston, Calgary Alberta, basketball forward 1996 Olympics
1967 Bruce Dickson, CFL linebacker for the Edmonton Eskimos
1967 Charles Ogletree, Greenville, North Carolina, tornado yachter, Olympics-8th-1996
1967 Dennis Vaske, Rockford, NHL defenseman for the New York Islanders
1967 John Lovell, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, tornado yachter, Olympics-8th-1996
1967 Rob Selby, NFL guard for the Arizona Cardinals
1967 Sean Moynihan, Burlington, Vermont, actor, Powell-One Life to Live
1966 Gregg Olson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, pitcher, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers
1966 Luke Perry, born in Mansfield, Ohio, actor, Dillon-Beverly Hill 90210
1966 Shawn Chambers, Royal Oaks, Michigan, NHL defenseman, Team USA, New Jersey Devils
1965 Chris Spielman, NFL linebacker, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills
1965 Sean Patrick Flanery, actor, Young Indiana Jones, Powder
1962 Eric Johnson, Seaside OR, Nike golfer, 1993 NIKE Louisiana Open-3rd
1962 Joan Cusack, born in Evanston, Illinois, actress, SNL, Addams Family Values
1962 Leslie Landon, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Etta Plum-Little House on Prairie
1962 Martin Bayless, NFL safety for the Kansas City Chiefs
1962 Philip Newport, cricketer, England pace bowler in 3 Tests 1988-91
1961 Bryant Young, defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers
1961 Steve Young, NFL quarterback, San Francisco 49ers, NFL Player of Year '92
1960 Curt Ford, born in Jackson, Mississippi, professional baseball player, played for the St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball teams
1960 Joe Nash, NFL defensive tackle for the Seattle Seahawks
1959 Bob Inglis, born in Savannah, Georgia, Representative-R-South Carolina 2005 -
1959 Michiel Schapers, Netherlands, tennis star
1957 Blair Cunningham, born in Memphis, Tennessee, rock drummer, Haircut 100
1957 Jon Moss, rock drummer, Culture Club
1953 David Morse, Beverly Massachusetts, actor, St. Elsewhere, House, Inside Moves
1952 Jim Woodring, American Artist
1950 Amos Gitai, actor, Neo-Fascist Trilogy, Golem, Arena of Murder
1950 Andrew Woolfolk, U.S. pop musician, Earth, Wind and Fire-Shining Star
1950 Catlin Adams, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Ms Loomis-Square Pegs
1950 Tom Tauke, born in Dubuque, Iowa, Representative-R-Iowa 1979 - 1991
1950 Patty Murray, born in Bothell, Washington, politician, Democrat, U.S. Senator from Washington, chairwoman, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 2001 - 2003
1949 Bobby Jones, baseball player
1949 Greg Douglas, rock guitarist and vocalist, Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra
1948 Daryl Hall, rocker/songwriter, Hall and Oates-Sara Smile
1946 Felton Perry, actor, Magnum Force, Sudden Death
1946 Gary Mallaber, Buffalo, New York, rocker, Steve Miller Band-Abracadbra
1946 Sawao Kato, Japan, gymnast, Gold Medals 1968, 1972, 1976 Olympics
1944 Rodney Marsh, born in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, athlete, footballer, striker, player for Manchester City, Queens Park Rangers, Tampa Bay Rowdies, coached the New York United team in the American Soccer League
1943 Frank Muyser, Dutch guitarist/saxophonist, Les Baroques
1943 Gene Watson, Palestine, Texas, country singer, Heartaches, Love and Stuff
1943 Keith Boyce, cricketer, big-hitting WI all-rounder of 70's
1943 Per-Gunnar Alldahl, composer
1942 Amitabh Bachan, actress, Deewar
1942 Malvin Whitfield, Bay City, Texas, track star, 1948, 1952 Olympics
1942 Victor H. Fazio, born in Winchester, Massachusetts, Representative-D-California 1979 - 1999
1942 Amitabh Bachchan, Indian Actor
1941 Lester Bowie, American Musician
1940 David McFadden, Canadian Poet
1939 Franklin A Sonn, union leader, South African workers
1939 Maria Bueno, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, tennis player, Wimbledon 1959
1939 Woiciech Wiesidlowski Lowski, dancer
1937 Bobby Charlton, English soccer player
1937 Georgi Vladimirovich Machinski, cosmonaut
1937 Ron Leibman, New York City, actor, Norma Rae, Where's Poppa?, Beauty and Beast
1936 Billy Higgins, American Musician
1935 Jan van Vlijmen, composer
1933 Dawn French, actress/comedienne, Supergrass
1932 Dottie West, born in Nashville, Tennessee, country singer, Here Comes My Baby
1930 Bill Fischer, baseball player
1930 Harry Glass, born in East Germany, 1st E German Olympic medalist, bronze-1956
1930 Sam Johnson, born in Dallas, Texas, Representative-R-Texas 1991 -
1928 Thomas Burnett Swann, U.S., sci-fi author, Day of Minotaur
1927 William J. Perry, American Politician
1926 Earle Hyman, North Carolina, actor, Russell-Cosby, Coriolanus
1926 John Dewes, cricketer, England opener late 40's early 50's
1925 Elmore Leonard, U.S. writer, Glitz, Mr. Majestyk, Touch, 52 Pick-Up
1925 Nancy Guild, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Where Was I?
1919 Art Blakey, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, drummer, Billy Eckstine Band, Jazz Messengers
1918 Jerome Robbins, Rabinowitz, New York, choreographer, Tony-West Side Story
1917 Franz Alphons Wolpert, composer
1914 Edward J Day, U.S. Postmaster General, 1961
1913 J. J. Pickle, born in Big Spring, Texas, Representative-D-Texas 1963 - 1995
1913 James Jarrell Pickle, American Politician
1910 Eugene John Weigel, composer
1910 Francis James Claude Piggott, soldier
1910 Joseph Alsop, political newspaper columnist, Men Around the President
1908 Armen Carapetyan, composer
1906 Earl "Dutch" Clark, Colorado, NFL hall of fame quarterback, Spartans, Detroit
1902 Leon Belasco, Odessa Russia, actor, Lucky Partners, My Sister Eileen
1901 Gerard Romsee, Flemish nationalist
1900 Cal Hubbard, NFL tackle, Giants, Packers, Pittsburgh Pirates
1899 A L "Oosh" Ochse, cricketer, no relation to A E South African fast bowler
1897 Arvo Hannikainen, composer
1897 George Preston Marshall, NFL team owner for the Washington Redskins
1897 Nathan F Twining, USAF general, Neither Liberty nor Safety
1897 Russell Collins, New Orleans LA
1897 Joseph Auslander, American Poet
1897 Nathan F. Twining, American Soldier
1896 Roman Jakobson, linguist/Slavic scholar, Fundamentals of Language
1895 H Schiebelhuth, writer
1894 Albert Stoessel, composer
1891 Antonius [Jacob LT] van der Veen Zeppenfeldt, Antillian Bishop
1888 Piero Coppola, composer
1885 Alfred Haar, Hungary, mathematician
1885 Francois Mauriac, France, novelist/poet/playwright, Nobel 1952
1884 Eleanor Roosevelt, 1st lady, 1933-1945, crusader, Nobel 1931
1884 Friedrich C R Bergius, German chemist, benzine from brown coal, Nobel
1884 Robert Muller-Hartmann, composer
1884 Sig Ruman, Hamburg Germany
1883 Archibald T Davison, composer
1882 Robert Nathaniel Dett, composer
1882 Will Vesper, German author, Vom grossen Krieg
1881 Stark Young, U.S. critic/writer, So Red the Rose
1877 John Parsons Beach, composer
1876 G von Le Fort, writer
1875 Stefan O Iosif, Romania, poet, Beautiful Irine
1872 Harlan Fiske Stone, New Hampshire, Supreme Court, 1925 - 1941, Chief Justice, 1941 - 1946
1872 Harlan Stone, American Lawyer
1869 Gordon Frederic Norton, composer
1865 Hans E Kinck, Norwegian philological/writer, Mot Karnaval
1863 Xavier Henry Napoleon Leroux, composer
1844 Henry John Heinz, founded prepared-foods company, 57 varieties
1844 Henry J. Heinz, American Businessman
1841 Freidrich Hegar, composer
1835 Hunter Holmes McGuire, Med Director Confederate Army
1825 Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, born in Zurich, Switzerland, writer, poet, master of the novella, works include 'Das Amulett' or 'The Amulet'
1825 Elkanah Brackin Greer, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1821 Angelo Maurizio Gaspare Mariani, composer
1821 George Williams, England, founder YMCA
1820 Alfred Washington Ellet, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1815 Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsican representative of the people
1813 Louis Veuillot, French Journalist
1806 Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic, monarch of Serbia, 1842-58
1803 Albartus Telting, Frisian poet, Frisianch Jierboeckjen
1788 Simon Sechter, composer
1782 Steen Steensen Blicher, Denmk, poet/short-story writer, E Binddstouw
1768 Adriaan van den Ende, Dutch vicar/educationalist
1758 Wilhelm Olbers, discovered asteroids, Pallas and Vesta
1747 Marian Paradeiser, composer
1738 Arthur Phillip, admiral/1st governor New-South Wales
1671 Frederik IV, king of Denmark/Norway, 1699-1730
1661 Melchior de Polignac, French diplomat/elect, Anti-Lucretius
1616 Andreas Gryphius, born in Glogow, Silesia, German writer, poet, dramatist, master of philosophy, works include historical tragedy 'Leo Armenius'
1611 Hugues de Lionne, Marquess de Berry, French ambassador to Rome
1593 Claes P "Nicolaas" Tulip, anatomy/mayor of Amsterdam, 1654..71
1573 Jacob Boonen, South Netherlands clergyman/lawyer