October 11 Deaths in History - October 11 Birthdays - October 11 Events
2010 Famous Australian opera singer Dame Joan Sutherland dies in Switzerland at age 83, after a lengthy illness
1998 Richard Denning, actor, Hawaii Five-O, dies at 84
1996 Arthur Walter Lucas, picture restorer, dies at 80
1996 Edith Tilton Penrose, economist, dies at 81
1996 Johnny Costa, jazz pianist (Mr Rogers), dies at 74
1996 Terry Patchett, politician, dies at 56
1996 William Vickrey, economist, dies at 82
1994 Maja Bulgakova, Ukranian actress (Krylja), dies in auto-accident at 62
1994 Nic Jonk, sculptor/painter (Nereus on Zeepaard), dies at 66
1992 Theo Wolvencamp, painter (Cobra), dies
1992 Willem RJ Wittkampf, journalist and writer (Liner, Cannon), dies
1990 Douglas Edwards, WW II correspondent, dies of cancer at 73
1990 Robert Tessier, actor (Nightwish, Future Force), dies at 56
1990 Anatole Broyard, American Critic
1989 Paul Shenar, actor (Deadly Force, Dream Lover), dies at 53
1988 Morgan Farley, actor (Open Secret), dies of natural causes at 90
1988 Wayland Flowers, ventriloquist (Madame), dies of AIDS at 48
1986 Norm Cash, 1st baseman (Detroit Tigers), dies at 51
1985 Tex Williams, country-western singer, dies at 68 of cancer
1981 Brooks Hays, American Politician
1978 Nancy Spungen, killed by boyfriend Six Vicious in New York City
1977 Mason Gross, professor (Think Fast, 2 for the Money), dies at 66
1976 Connie Boswell, actress (Artists and Models), dies at 68
1971 Chester Conklin, actor (Greed, Modern Times), dies at 83
1971 Ralph J Bunche, 1st black U.S. diplomat (Nobel 1950), dies at 67
1970 Anis Fuleihan, composer, dies at 69
1965 Dorothea Lange, American Photographer
1963 Edith Piaf, French singer (No, I don't regret anything), dies at 47
1963 Jean Cocteau, French author (La Voie Humaine), dies at 73
1961 Leonard "Chico" Marx, comedian (Marx Brothers), dies at 74
1960 Richard Cromwell, actor (Jezebel, Riot Squad), dies of cancer at 50
1959 Bert Bell, NFL hall of famer, dies at 64
1958 Max Jakob Friedlander, German/Dutch art historian, dies at 91
1942 Leonid Vladimirovich Nikolayev, composer, dies at 64
1933 Josef Hofmiller, writer, dies
1925 Karl M Lybeck, Fin/Swedish language poet (Samlade Arbeten), dies at 71
1907 Adolf Furtwangler, Germany archaeologist (Die antiken Gemmen), dies at 53
1897 Leon Boelmann, French organist/composer (Suite Gothique), dies at 35
1896 Anton Bruckner, Austr composer (Te Deum, Wagner Symphony), dies at 72
1893 Barthelemy Menn, Swiss graphic artist/painter, dies at 77
1891 Charles Stewart Parnells, remains buried in Ireland
1850 Louisa Maria, queen of Belgium (1832-50)/wife of Leopold I, dies at 38
1839 Leonor de Almeida marquesa de Alorna, Portuguese poet, dies at 88
1837 Samuel Wesley, composer (Exultate Deo), dies at 71
1812 Jurriaan F de Frederici, Dutch governor-general (Suriname), dies at 60
1809 Meriwether Lewis, (Lewis and Clark Expedition), commits suicide at 35
1779 Casimir Pulaski, General, dies
1705 Guillaume Amontons, French physicist, dies at 42
1666 Henry de Fleury dee Coulan, mister of Buat/ritmeester, dies
1617 Franchois Vranck, economist/writer (Deduction), dies at about 62
1598 Joachim Camerarius, German botanist (horticulture catalog), dies
1531 Huldrych Zwingli, Swiss church reformer (Zwinglianen), dies
1424 Jan Zizka, Czechoslovakian (army)leader (Hussieten), dies of plague at 46
1347 Louis IV, Duke of Bayern/Romania-Germany King/emperor, dies
1303 Boniface VIII, Benedetto Gaetani, lawyer/pope (1294-1303), dies
965 Bruno I, archbishop of Cologne/duke of Lutheran, dies at about 40
732 Abd ar-Rahman, Yemenite general strategist (Bordeaux occupier), dies