October 20 Birthdays in History - October 20 Deaths - October 20 Events
1976 Reidel Anthony, wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1974 Ayelet Ohayon, Israel, Women's foil fencer, 1996 Olympics
1974 Jerald Honeycutt, NBA forward for the Milwaukee Bucks
1973 Scott Goodman, Hobart Tasmania Aus, 200m butterfly swimmer, 1996 Olympics
1972 Dexter Coakley, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys
1972 Oleg Fediukov, born in Moscow, Russia, dance skater, & Debbie Koegel
1971 Dannii Minogue, born in Melbourne, Australia, singer, sister of Kylie Minogue
1971 Eddie Jones, NBA guard and forward, Los Angeles Lakers
1971 Kimberly Po, born in Los Angeles, California, tennis star, 1991 Futures-Evansville IN
1971 Snoop Doggy Dogg, born in Long Beach, California, rap singer, Grammy-Award nominee, hit songs, 'Gin and Juice', 'What's My Name'
1971 Snoop Dogg, American Musician
1970 Greg Primus, NFL wide receiver for the Chicago Bears
1970 Ralph Dawkins, WLAF running back for the Amsterdam Admirals
1970 Sander Boschke, soccer player, FC Twente
1970 Shane George, cricketer, S Australian fast bowler, Shield debut at 17
1970 Tiffany, Renee Darwisch, rocker, I Think We're Alone Now
1970 Michelle Malkin, American Writer
1969 Chantel Tremitiere, WNBA guard, Sacramento Monarchs
1969 Guillermo Perez-Roldan, Argentina, tennis star
1969 Herman Moore, NFL wide receiver, Detroit Lions
1969 Juan Gonzalez, Vega Baja Puerto Rico, outfielder for the Texas Rangers
1968 Raymond Biggs, CFL linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders
1967 Harvey Pulliam, born in San Francisco, California, outfielder for the Colorado Rockies
1967 Susan Tulley, British actress, Michelle-EastEnders
1966 Allan Donald, cricketer, great South African fast bowler
1966 Erin Deiters, Green Bay Wis, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-9th-1994
1966 Fred Coury, Johnston, New York, rocker, Cinderella-Heartbreak Station
1965 Amos Mansdorf, born in Tel Aviv, lsrael, professional tennis player, ranked 67th in the World for doubles, May, 1986
1965 Chad Hennings, NFL defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys
1965 M Shtalenkov, born in Moscow, Russia, NHL goalie, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
1965 Mikhail Shtalenkov, born in Moscow, Russia, NHL goalie, Team Russia, Anaheim
1963 Julie Payette, born in Montreal, Quebec, astronaut
1963 Navjot Singh Sidhu, cricketer, Indian opening batsman
1963 Nelis Gobel, pop guitarist, Burma Shave-Hippies
1962 Ray Childress, NFL defensive tackle/defensive end for the Houston Oilers
1962 Steven R "Randy" Jackson, U.S. percussionist/singer, Enjoy Yourself
1961 Ian Rush, born in St. Asaph, Wales, soccer player, footballer, striker, played with Liverpool FC, Welsh national football team
1960 Peter G. Fitzgerald, American Politician
1959 Janice McCaffrey, Etobicoke Ontario, 10k walker, Olympics-25-92, 96
1959 Razor Ramon, Scott Hall, wrestler, WWF/WCW/NWA/Florida/AWA/KC
1958 Dave Krieg, NFL quarterback, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Oilers
1958 Eric Scott, born in Hollywood, California, actor, Ben-Waltons
1958 Ivo Pogorelich, Belgrade Yugoslavia, pianist, 1978 Casagrande winner
1958 Mark King, bass/vocalist, Level 42-Standing in the Light, Love Games
1958 Ricky Byrd, rocker, Joan Jett and Blackhearts
1958 Viggo Mortensen, born in New York City, New York, actor, appeared in 'The Lord of the Rings' film trilogy, 'Eastern Promises', 'A History of Violence', 'Hidalgo'
1957 Chris Cowdrey, cricketer, son of Colin, captain of England 1988
1956 Danny Boyle, English Director
1955 Robert ten Brink, Dutch TV host/cabaret artist
1954 Suru Nayak, cricketer, two Tests for India vs. England 1982
1953 Keith Hernandez, born in San Francisco, California, 1st baseman, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets
1952 Dave Collins, born in Rapid City, South Dakota, professional baseball player, outfielder, first base coach for the Florida Marlins
1952 Melanie Mayron, Philadelphia, actress, 30 Something, Car Wash, Missing
1952 Mikhail Georgiyevich Potapov, Russian cosmonaut
1951 Al Greenwood, keyboardist, Foreigner-Feels Like the First Time
1950 Isaac Curtis, NFL wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals
1950 Tom Petty, classic rock singer, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
1950 Chris Cannon, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, politician, Republican party, U.S. House of Representatives from Utah's 3rd district
1949 Valery Borzov, U.S.S.R., 100m/200m dash, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1949 Wayne Collett, U.S., 400m runner 1972 Olympics silver
1948 Andrei Suraikin, U.S.S.R., pairs figure skater 1972 Olympics silver
1948 Robert A. Borski, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Representative-D-Pennsylvania 1983 - 2003
1946 Anne Murray, Springhill Nova Scotia, country singer, Snowbird
1946 Connie Chung, Washington D.C., news ancher, NBC, CBS
1946 Elfriede Jelinek, born in Murzzuschlag, Austria, writer, playwright, novelist, member, Austria's Communist Party, awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, 2004
1946 Lewis Grizzard, American Writer
1945 Ric Lee, rock drummer, Ten Years After-Cannock, Staffs
1945 Thomas Pasatieri, composer
1944 William Hugh Albright, composer
1942 Earl Hindman, Bisbee, Arizona, actor, Wilson-Home Improvement
1941 Bob Panasik, Windsor Ont, Canadian Tour golfer, 1986 Canadian TPC
1939 Jay Siegel, Brooklyn, rock bassist, Tokens-Lion Sleeps Tonight
1937 Juan Marichal, Hall of Fame baseball pitcher for the San Francisco Giants
1937 Wanda Jackson, Maud Oklahoma, country singer, Let's Have a Party
1936 Larry Mowry, born in San Diego, California, PGA golfer, 1987 Crestar Pepsi Senior
1935 Jerry Ohrbach, born in Bronx, New York, actor, Law and Order, Dirty Dancing
1934 Eddie Harris, saxophonist/composer
1934 Michael Dunn, Shattuck, Oklahoma, actor, House of the Damned, Ship of Fools
1934 Michiko, empress of Japan
1934 Timothy West, born in Yorkshire, England, actor, Masada
1932 Roosevelt Brown, Virginia, NFL hall of fame tackle for the New York Giants
1932 William Christopher, Evanstown, Illinois, actor, Father Mulcahy-M*A*S*H
1931 Ken Morrison, English supermarket maginate/multi-millionaire
1931 Mickey Mantle, New York Yankee, home run slugger, 1956 Triple Crown
1927 Oskar Pastior, born in Sibiu, Romania, poet, writer, translator, studied German at University of Bucharest, translated Romanian literature into German, among other works by Tudor Arghezi, Tristan Tzara, Gellu Naum, Urmuz
1926 Ursula Happe, Germany, 200m backstroke swimmer 1956 Olympics gold
1925 Art Buchwald, born in New York City, wrote political satire and commentary, had column in The Washington Post
1925 Herman Roelstraete, composer
1924 Kenneth WIlliam Gatland, aerospace scientist
1924 Stanley Eric Francis Booth-Clibborn, bishop, Manchester
1923 Joe Minogue, journalist
1923 Robert Craft, Kingston, New York, conductor, Stravinsky-follower
1922 John Anderson, Clayton, Illinois, actor, Virgil-Legend of Wyatt Earp
1921 Hans Warren, Dutch writer, poet and critic, Secret Diary
1921 Pierre Laporte, Canada, journalist/statesman, Revolution Script
1918 Anton Diffring, Koblenz Germany, actor, Assignment Vienna
1917 Efrain Jonckheer, premier Dutch Antilles
1917 Jean-Pierre Melville, Paris, France, director, A Cop
1917 Ken Cranston, cricketer, England all-rounder captained once in 1948
1915 Giora Schuster, composer
1914 Fayard Nicholas, U.S., actor, Big Broadcast of 1936
1913 Angelo Ephrikian, composer
1913 Bao Dai, emperor of Annam/Indochina/head of South Vietnam, 1949-55
1913 Barney Phillips, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Dragnet, Felony Squad
1913 Grandpa [Louis M] Jones, Niagra, Kentucky, country musician, Hee-Haw
1911 Will Rogers, Jr., New York, actor, Down to Earth
1909 Monique Hare, French pianist
1907 Arlene Francis, Boston, radio/TV host, What's My Line?
1905 Frederic Dannay, of Ellery Queen and Barnaby Ross, Cat of Many Tales
1904 Anna Neagle, London England, actress, London Melody, Nurse Edith Cavell
1904 Tommy Douglas, Canadian Clergyman
1903 John Lodge, Washington D.C., actor, Witchmaker
1901 Hans-Otto Borgmann, composer
1900 Rodolfo Halffter, composer
1900 Wayne Morse, born in Madison, Wisconsin, Senator-Oregon 1945 - 1969
1899 Evelyn Brent, born in Tampa, Florida, actress, Panama Lady, Last Coomand
1899 Marnix Gijsen, baron Jan-Albert Goris, Flemish writer, Grote God Pan
1897 Jevsei G Liberman, Ukrainian economist, Plan, profit, bonuses
1896 Nat Holman, basketball coach, CCNY
1895 Rex Ingram, U.S. actor, Tarzan of the Apes, 10 Commandments
1893 Charlie Chase, U.S. actor and director, Sons of Desert
1891 James Chadwick, English physicist, discovered neutron
1891 Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya opposition leader/1st premier, 1963-78
1889 Margaret Dumont, actress-Marx Brothers' foil, Day at the Races
1887 Addison Richards, Zanesville, Ohio, actor, Pentagon, Fighting Seabees
1887 John Warburton, Huddersfield England, actor, Saratoga Trunk
1885 Jelly Roll Morton, New Orleans, jazz pianist/composer
1884 Thomas Chalmers, New York City, actor, Blind Alleys, Outrage
1882 Bela Lugosi, born in Hungary, actor, Dracula, Plan 9 From Outer Space
1877 Josephine McGill, composer
1874 Charles Edward Ives, Danbury, Connecticut, composer, Holiday Quick Step
1874 Viscount Palmerston, Whig, British Prime Minister, 1855-65
1871 Frederick Burton, Indiana, actor, One Way Passage
1871 Paul Valery, born in France, philosopher, writer, poet, elected to Academie francaise, 1925, founder, the College International de Cannes, 1931
1859 G B Studd, cricketer, brother of C T, 4 Tests for England
1859 John Dewey, philosopher, educational theorist/writer, Learn by doing
1854 Alphonse Allais, French author/humorist, Pass the Bile
1854 Arthur Rimbaud, France, poet/adventurer, Illuminations
1843 Victor de Stuers, Dutch art connoisseur
1823 Thomas Hughes, England, author, Tom Brown's School Days
1822 Mansfield Lovell, Major General Confederate Army
1820 Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, Major General Confederate Army
1820 George Jerrison Stannard, Major General Union volunteers
1819 Daniel Edgar Sickles, Major General Union volunteers
1819 Karol Mikuli, composer
1819 Mirza Ali Mohammad, The Bab, forerunner of Baha'u'llah
1812 Austin Flint, 19th century heart research pioneer
1808 Karl [Theodor] Andree, German geographer/journalist, Globus
1792 Anton Bernhard Furstenau, composer
1792 Colin Campbell/Lord Clyde, British officer, Sepoy-uprising
1788 Philip Knapton, composer
1784 Lord Henry JT Palmerston, English minister of Foreign affairs
1780 M Pauline Bonaparte, Corsican duchess of Parma/Guastalla
1759 Marie Jean Herault de Sechelles, French author/politician
1751 Hendrik van Stralen, Dutch MP and secretary of Interior
1740 Belle van Zuylen, Netherlands/Swiss writer, Three Women
1719 Gottfried Achenwall, German lawyer/statistician/economist
1679 Samuel von Cocceji, German lawyer
1637 Nicolaas van der Veken, Flemish sculptor, confessional chairs
1632 Christopher Wren, England, astronomer/great architect
1496 Claude de Lutherans, duke of Guise
1475 Giovanni Rucellai, Italian poet, Le Api
1435 Andrea Della Robbia, Florence, sculptor, nephew of Luca