October 31 Birthdays in History - October 31 Deaths - October 31 Events
1978 Joselina Garcia, Miss Honduras Universe 1997
1976 Piper Perabo, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, films include, 'George and the Dragon', 'The Cave', 'The Prestige'
1975 Carla Boyd, Wynyard Tasmania, basketball player 1996 Olympics bronze
1975 Jagan Hames, Australian decathlete 1996 Olympics
1974 Jeff Gooch, linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1974 Julie Minta Gleneck, Miss New Hampshire USA 1996
1974 Serge Heuveling, soccer player, NEC
1973 Fiona Smith, ice hockey defenseman, Canada, 1998 Olympics
1973 Ross Verba, NFL tackle, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1972 Clifford Rozier, NBA center and forward, Golden State Warriors
1972 Jamie Asher, NFL tight end for the Washington Redskins
1971 Phillip Tataurangi, Auckland New Zealand, Australasia golfer
1971 Ian Walker, English Athlete
1970 Steve Trachsel, Oxnard California, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs
1969 Damon Mashore, Ponce Puerto Rico, outfielder for the Oakland A's
1969 Henry John Mills, NFL tight end for the Houston Oilers
1969 Lee Woodall, NFL linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers
1968 Antonio Davis, NBA forward and center for the Indiana Pacers
1968 Eddie Taubensee, Beeville, Texas, catcher for the Cincinnati Reds
1968 Russ McCullough, WLAF offensive linebacker for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1968 Vanilla Ice, Robert Van Winkle, rapper, Ice Ice Baby
1967 Vanilla Ice, rap singer, Ice Ice Baby, actor, Cool as Ice
1966 Ad-Rock, Adam Horowitz, rocker, Beastie Boys-You Gotta Fight
1966 Brian Keyser, Castro Valley California, pitcher, Chicago White Sox
1966 Koji Kanemoto, wrestler, NJPW/AAA/UWA, Tiger Mask, King Lee
1965 Annabella Lwin, Myant Aye, Rangoon Burma, singer, I Want Candy
1965 Blue Edwards, NBA guard for the Vancouver Grizzlies
1965 Ruud Hesp, born in Bussum North Holland, professional soccer goalkeeper, played for Roda JC, FC Barcelona
1964 Amanda Sandrelli, Rome, Italy, actress, The Key
1964 Marco van Basten, Dutch soccer star, Ajax, AC Milan
1963 Dermot Mulroney, Alexandria, Virginia, actor, Samantha, Sunset, Long Gone
1963 Fred McGriff, born in Tampa, Florida, infielder, Atlanta Braves
1963 Johnny Marr, rocker, Smiths-Ask, Girl Afraid
1963 Rob Schneider, actor, SNL, Jamie Coleman-Men Behaving Badly
1961 Alonzo Babers, born in Montgomery, Alabama, 400m/4X400m relay, Gold Medal 1984 Olympics
1961 Christine Bridged, Australian European class yachter 1996 Olympics
1961 Glenn "Doc" Rivers, NBA guard for the San Antonio Spurs
1961 Larry Mullen, Jr., Dublin Ireland, rock drummer, U2-I Will Follow
1961 Sterling Hinds, Toronto, 4X100m relayer 1984 Olympics bronze
1961 Peter Jackson, New Zealander Director
1960 Janice Harrer, Torrance California, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-1989, 1996 Senators
1960 Reza Pahlavi, Iran, son of Shah of Iran
1959 Ann Henricksson, St. Paul Minnesota, tennis star
1959 Val Kilmer, actor, Top Secret, Batman Forever
1959 Neal Stephenson, born in Fort Meade, Maryland, author books include, 'The System of the World', ''Anathem', 'Quicksilver', 'The Confusion'
1958 Russell Earl Cochran, Paducah, Kentucky, PGA golfer, 1991 Centel Western
1953 John Lucas, Durham, North Carolina, NBA guard, Houston, Golden State, Milwaukee
1952 Bernard Edwards, Greenville, North Carolina, bassist, Chicago-Addicted to Love
1950 Jane Pauley, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, newscaster, Today, NBC Weekend
1950 John Candy, Ontario Canada, comedian, SCTV, Uncle Buck
1949 Bob Selbenberg, rocker, Supertramp
1949 Dumisa B Ntsebeza, South African attorney/anti-apartheid activist
1949 Mike Parker, born in Laurel, Mississippi, Representative-D-Mississippi 1989 - 1999
1949 Odaline de la Martinez, composer
1949 Terrence W. Wilcutt, Russellville, Kentucky, Major USMC/astronaut, STS-68, 79
1947 Frank Shorter, Munich Germany, U.S. marathoner, Olympic-gold/silver-72, 76
1947 Russ Ballard, rocker, Argent
1946 Ramnath Parkar, cricket batsman, Indian in 2 Tests vs. England 1972-73
1944 Deidre Hall, Milwaukee, actress, Days of our Lives, Our House
1944 Kinky Friedman, Palestine, Texas, country rocker
1944 Sally Kirkland, New York City, actress, Anna, Sting, Pvt Benjamin, Big Bad Mama
1943 Stephen Rea, actor, Crying Game, Michael Collins
1942 Ben M J Hennekam, Dutch MP, CDA
1942 David Ogden Stiers, Peoria, Illinois, actor, Winchester-M*A*S*H, Doc
1941 Lucas Brown Jackson, San Marcos, Texas, basketballer 1964 Olympic gold
1938 Rives McBee, Denton, Texas, PGA golfer, 1989 RJR Bank One Classic
1937 Michael Landon, born in Forest Hills, New York, actor, Bonanza, Highway to Heaven
1937 Tom Paxton, Chicago, folk singer and songwriter, Forest Lawn
1936 Sergei Nikolayevich Gaidukov, Russia, cosmonaut
1935 Ronald Graham, American Mathematician
1934 Norman Beaton, actor, Eureka, Black Joy, Mighty Quinn
1934 Walter Steffens, composer
1931 Dan Rather, born in Wharton, Texas, news anchor, CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes
1931 David Lumsdaine, composer
1930 Michael Collins, Rome, Major General USAF/astronaut, Gemini 10, Apollo 11
1929 Bud Spencer, Italian actor, Aladdin, Extralarge, Go For It
1928 Andrew Sarris, movie critic, Village Voice
1928 Cleo Moore, American Actress
1927 Lee Grant, Lyova Haskell Rosenthal, New York City, actress, Shampoo, Landlord
1926 Shirley Dinsdale, born in San Francisco, California, ventriloquist, Judy Splinters
1923 Hicks B Waldron, Amsterdam, New York, CEO, Avon
1922 Barbara Bel Geddes, New York City, actress, Vertigo, Miss Ellie-Dallas, Caught
1922 Norodom Sihanouk, king/president/prem Cambodia, My War with the CIA
1920 Dick Francis, Wales, jockey/detective writer, Whip Hand, High Stakes
1920 Helmut Newton, German Photographer
1917 Erik Routley, composer
1917 William Hardy McNeill, historian, Rise of the West
1912 Dale Evans, Frances Butts, Uvalde, Texas, cowgirl, Roy Rogers Show
1912 Jean Amery, Johannes Mayer, Austrian writer, At the Minds Limit
1906 Jo Vis, resistance fighter, Yad Vashem-distinction
1906 Louise Talma, Arcachon France, composer, Summer Sounds
1902 Charles Drummond de Andrade, Brazilian poet, Claro Enigma
1902 Eduard Franz, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, actor, Zorro
1902 Willie Shaw, race car driver, Indy 500-1937, 39, 40
1900 Carl Hubbard, Missouri, baseball and football Hall of Famer
1898 Alfred Sauvy, French statistician, Affluence and Population
1897 Wilbur, Pete, Henry, NFL tackle, Canton, New York Giants, Pottsville
1896 Ethel Waters, Chester, Pennsylvania, actress, Beulah, singer, Stormy Weather
1895 C K Nayudu, cricketer, brother of C S, India's 1st Test captain
1895 B. H. Liddell Hart, British Historian
1893 Sara Allgood, Dublin Ireland, actress, Jane Eyre, Spiral Staircase
1892 Ruth Fuller Sasaki, U.S., Zen teacher, 1st Zen Institute of America
1891 Charlotte "Lotte" Bartschart, German/Dutch operetta singer
1888 George Hubert Wilkins, born in Australia, polar explorer, Flying the Arctic
1888 Harold Vincent Milligan, composer
1887 Chiang Kai-shek, Chekiang Province China, President of Nationalist China
1887 Edouard Lalonde, Canada, NHLer, Mont Canadiens, lacrosse player
1883 Marie Laurencin, French Artist
1876 Eduard van Oort, zoologist, Ornithology of Netherlands
1875 Seerp Anema, poet and writer, Dutch Coasts
1867 David Graham Phillips, American Journalist
1860 Juliette Gordon Low, activist/founder, Girl Scouts of America
1854 Georg A Erman, German Egyptologist, Grammar of Ancient Egypt
1852 Mary E. W. Freeman, U.S. writer, Revolt of Mother
1847 Galileo Ferraris, Italian physicist, 2-fasenmotor
1835 Adelbert Ames, Major General Union Army
1835 J. F. W. Adolf Ritter von Baeyer, German chemist, Nobel 1905
1831 Daniel Butterfield, Major General Union volunteers
1826 Hugh Boyle Ewing, Major General Union volunteers
1825 Raleigh Edward Colston, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1825 Catherine Helen Spence, Australian Author
1815 Karl Weierstrass, Germany, mathematician, theory of functions
1795 John Keats, born in London, England, romantic poet, Ode to a Grecian Urn
1791 Ferdinand Huber, composer
1785 George F Kersting, German painter
1761 Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck, Dutch patriot/earl/Grand Pensionary
1757 Ignaz Spangler, composer
1755 Jean Louis van Aelbroeck, Flemish agronomist
1750 Leonor de Almeida marquesa de Alorna, Portuguese poet
1740 William Paca, U.S. judge/signer, Declaration of Independence
1724 Christopher Anstey, English Poet
1705 Clemens XIV, Giovanni Ganganelli, Pope, 1769 - 1774
1638 Meindert Hobbema, Amsterdams landscape painter, baptised
1632 Jan Vermeer, Holland, painter, Procuress, Astronomer
1620 John Evelyn, British diarist, Life of Mrs. Godolphin
1541 Hendrik van Kinschot, Dutch lawyer
1424 Wladyslaw III Warnenczyk, king of Poland/Hungary
1345 Ferdinand I, the wise one, king of Portugal, built navy
1291 Philippe de Vitry, French composer/poet