October 31 Deaths in History - October 31 Birthdays - October 31 Events
2008 Studs Terkel, dies in Chicago, at 96
2003 Kamato Hongo, old man, world's oldest well-documented man for almost four years, dies at 116
2000 "Ring Lardner, Jr", writer, M*A*S*H screenwriter, dies at 85
1999 Greg Moore, promising Canadian racecar driver, competed in Indy Lights, CART World Series, fatally injured in violent car crash on the 10th lap of the CART season finale
1998 Bernard J. Dwyer, Representative-D-New Jersey 1981 - 1993, died of a heart attack
1997 Wilfrid Ewart Oulton, airman, dies at 86
1996 Andrew Hutchings, teachers' leader, dies at 88
1996 Granville James Leveson Gower, land owner, dies at 77
1996 John Gorman, printer/socialist historian, dies at 66
1996 Peter Muir Doig, politician, dies at 85
1996 Marcel Carne, French Director
1996 Alexander Harman, judge, United States Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia 1969 - 1979, dies
1995 Alan Dudley Bush, composer pianist/teacher, dies at 94
1995 Derek Anthony Enright, politician, dies at 60
1995 Henry A Walter Richard Percy, 11th Duke of Northumberland, dies at 42
1995 Lavad "Dr. Hepcat" Durst, vocal/piano, dies at 82
1995 Leonard Ernest John Chant, social Worker, dies at 57
1995 Lloyd Lambert, bassist, dies at 67
1995 Louis Levy, Jr., music publisher, dies at 84
1995 Rosalind Cash, actress (Emma-Go Tell It on the Mountain), dies at 56
1995 Wallace Edward Rowling, Prime Minister of New Zealand 1974 - 1975, dies at 68
1994 John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy, English art historian, dies at 80
1994 Jole Silvani, Niobe Quaiatti, Italian actress (La citta' Delle), dies
1994 Lester Sill, pioneer music publisher/record producer, dies at 76
1994 William John Readings, literary theorist, dies at 34
1993 Adriaan Venema, Dutch journalist/art dealer, commits suicide at 52
1993 Edwin A Walker, U.S. Major-General, dies of lung cancer at 84
1993 Federico Fellini, director (La Dolce Vita), dies of stroke at 73
1993 River Phoenix, actor (Stand By Me), dies of drug overdose at 23
1991 Bert Bertram, actor (How to Steal a Million), dies of cancer at 97
1991 James Marshall, U.S. children's book writer/illustrator, dies at 50
1991 Johan Schmitz, actor (Gysbregt van Aemstel/Soldat van Orange), dies
1991 Joseph Papp, Broadway producer (Chorus Line), dies of cancer at 70
1990 Graig Russel, Canadian travel expert/transvestite, dies
1990 Hugh McPhillips, dies at 70
1989 Conrad Beck, composer, studied with Jacques Ibert, head of Radio Basel music department for 30 years, dies at 88
1988 John Houseman, actor (Paper Chase, Fog), dies of spinal cancer at 86
1987 Joseph Campbell, mythologist (Mythic Image), dies at 83
1986 Robert S Mulliken, U.S. physicist (Nobel 1966), dies at 90
1984 Eduardo De Filippo, director (7 Deadly Sins, Shoot Loud), dies at 84
1984 Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, assassinated by 2 of her bodyguards at age 66
1983 George S Halas, NFL coach (Chicago Bears), dies at 88
1983 George Halas, American Coach
1982 Waverley Lewis Root, American Journalist
1977 Joan Tetzel, actress (Hell Below Zero), dies at 56
1976 Linda Watkins, actress (From Hell it Came, Harpy), dies at 68
1975 Joseph Calleia, actor (Jungle Book, Gilda), dies at 78
1971 Gerhard von Rad, German old testament expert, dies at 70
1970 Pal Szabo, Hungarians farmer/writer (Isten Malmai), dies
1969 Hugo Pfister, composer, dies at 55
1968 Ramon Novarro, Jose RG Samaniegos, actor (Ben Hur), dies at 69
1967 Jan Mens, Dutch writer (Honor to God Alone), dies at 70
1965 Rita Johnson, actress (All Mine to Give), dies at 53
1964 Theodore C Freeman, astronaut, dies at 34 in a T-38 jet air crash
1963 Henry Daniell, actor (Camille, Body Snatchers), dies at 69
1960 H L Davis, U.S. writer (Honey in the Horn, Pulitzer prize), dies at 64
1956 Pietro Badoglio, Premier of Italy (1943-44), dies at 85
1950 Carel T Scharten, Dutch poet and writer (Lost Paradise), dies at 72
1950 Jozef C Bittremieux, Flemish theologist, dies at 72
1949 Edward R Stettinius, U.S. foreign minister (1944-45)/diplomat, dies
1948 Cissy van Marxfield, Setske Beek-de Han, writer, dies
1945 Henry Ainley, actor (As You Like It), dies at 66
1943 Max Reinhardt, Austrian stage manager (Turandot), dies
1941 Herwarth Walden, writer, dies at 63
1939 Otto Rank, Rosenfeld, Austria psychoanalyst (Trauma of Geburt), dies
1926 Harry Houdini, Erich Weisz, U.S. magician, dies in Detroit
1925 Max Linder, actor (Man in the Silk Hat), dies at 41
1918 Egon Schiele, Austria painter/graphic artist, dies at 28
1918 Stephen Tisza, Hungarian Prime Minister, assassinated by soldiers
1904 Dan Leno, English Comedian
1902 Cornelie Huygens, Dutch feminist/writer, dies
1902 Jean-Baptist Colyns, composer, dies at 67
1895 Franz Hedrich, Austria writer, dies at about 62
1887 George Alexander Macfarren, composer, dies at 74
1879 Big Snake, brother of Ponca chief Standing Bear, dies
1870 Mihaly Mosonyi, composer, dies at 55
1865 William Parson, 3rd Earl of Rosse and maker of large telescopes, dies
1863 Louis Ludwig Blenker, German/US Brigadier-General (Union), dies at 51
1860 Johan Nathan, murderer, hanged
1860 Thomas Cochrane, English Politician
1851 Peter II Petrovic Njegos, bishop of Montenegro 1830 - 1851, dies at 37
1815 Daniel Belknap, composer, dies at 44
1806 Sophie Mereau, writer, dies at 36
1793 Pierre V Vergniaud, French politician/police leader, guillotined at 40
1768 Francesco Maria Veracini, Italian opera composer, dies at 78
1765 Duke of Cumberland, English politician/uncle of George III, dies
1744 Leonardo Ortensio Salvatore de Leo, composer, dies at 50
1723 Cosimo III de' Medici, monarch of Florence (1670-1723), dies at 81
1664 Willem Frederik of Nassau-Dietz, viceroy of Friesland, dies at 51
1661 Mehmed Koprulu, Albanian great vizier of Turkey, dies
1654 Francisco Correa de Arauxo, composer, dies
1641 Cornelis C Jol, Houtebeen, Admiral (South-America), dies at about 41
1634 Erasmus Widmann, composer, dies at 62
1556 John Sleidanus, German humanist/historian (Commentary), dies at 50
1448 Johannes VIII Palaeologus, Emperor of Byzantine, dies