October 9 Birthdays in History - October 9 Deaths - October 9 Events
1981 Zachery Ty Bryan, born in Denver, Colorado, actor, Brad-Home Improvement
1979 Ashley Anderson, Miss Delaware Teen USA 1996
1979 Lydia Jane Lipscombe, Christchurch New Zealand, breastroker 1996 Olympics
1978 Randy Spelling, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Sean Richards-Sunset Beach
1977 Lee San San, Miss Hong Kong Universe 1997
1976 Rebecca Darrington, Gillette Wyoming, Miss America-Wyoming 1997
1975 Mahendra Nagamootoo, cricketer, Guyanese leg-spinner
1975 Mark Viduka, Australian soccer striker, Olyroos, 1996 Olympics
1975 Sean Ono Lennon, John and Yoko's Son
1974 Kavika Pittman, defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys
1974 Keith Booth, NBA forward, Chicago Bulls
1973 A J Ofodile, NFL tight end for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1973 Alexey Trochshinskiy, hockey defenseman, Team Kazakhstan, 1998 Olympics
1973 Brandon Pollard, Richmond, Virginia, soccer defender, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 Dexter McCleon, cornerback for the St. Louis Rams
1972 Maurice Kelly, CFL linebacker for the BC Lions
1972 Roman Oben, tackle for the New York Giants
1971 Pete Mitchell, NFL tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1970 Annika Sorenstam, Stockholm Sweden, LPGA golfer, 1995 U.S. Women's Open
1970 Kenny Anderson, NBA guard, Charlotte Hornets, Portland Trailblazers
1970 Oleg Kryazhev, hockey forward, Team Kazakhstan, 1998 Olympics
1969 Charles Jordan, wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins
1969 Dwayne Sabb, NFL outside linebacker for the New England Patriots
1969 P. J. Harvey, also known as Polly Jean Harvey, British Musician
1967 Carling Bassett-Seguso, Canada, tennis player/actress, Spring Fever
1967 Gheorge Popescu, Romania, soccer player, Barcelona
1967 Gica Popescu, Romania, soccer player, PSV
1967 Artur Davis, American Politician
1966 Mike Williams, NFL wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins
1964 Martin Jaite, Argentina, tennis star
1964 Guillermo del Toro, Mexican Director
1961 Arlene Boxhall, Zimbabwe, field hockey, 1980 Olympics gold
1961 Jean Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kate-Double Trouble, Grease 2
1961 Liz Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Allison-Double Trouble, Grease 2
1961 Trevor Matich, NFL center/guard for the Washington Redskins
1959 Michael Pare, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Greatest American Hero, Houston Knights
1959 Mike Singletary, NFL middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears
1957 Yuri Vladimirovich Usachyov, cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-18, TM-23
1955 Linwood Boomer, Vancouver, actor, Adam-Little House on the Prairie
1955 Steve Ovett, England, runner, Olympics-800m gold, 1500m bronze-1980
1954 Scott Bakula, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Quantum Leap, Gung Ho, Murphy Brown
1953 Hank Pfister, Bakersfield Cat, tennis star
1953 Tony Shalhoub, actor, Antonio Scarpacci-Wings, Big Night
1952 Sharon Osbourne, English Entertainer
1951 Richard Chaves, born in Jacksonville, Florida, actor, Cease Fire, Predator
1951 Robert Wuhl, Union, New Jersey, actor, Bull Durham, Good Morning Vietnam
1950 Gary Frank, Spokane, Washington, actor, Enemy Territory, Deadly Weapon
1950 Mick Malone, cricketer, WA seamer, Test 1977, made 46 took 5-63, 1-14
1949 Shep Messing, Israel, soccer goal tender, New York Cosmos
1948 Dave Samuels, vibraphonist, Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance
1948 Jackson Browne, U.S. Base in Germany, rock voclaist, Lawyers in Love
1945 Jeannie C Riley, Texas, singer, Harper Valley PTA, Hee Haw
1945 Naftali Bon, Kapsabet Kenya, 4x400m runner, Silver Medal 1968 Olympics
1944 John Entwistle, London, rock guitarist and vocalist, Who-Baba O'Riley
1944 Nona Hendrix, R and B singer, Patti LaBelle and Blue Belles
1941 Trent Lott, born in Grenada, Mississippi, Representative-R-Mississippi 1973 - 2007
1941 Brian Lamb, American Businessman
1940 Gordon J. Humphrey, born in Bristol, Connecticut, Senator-R-New Hampshire, 1979 - 1990
1940 Hans Ulrich Humpert, composer
1940 Joe Pepitone, baseball 1st baseman, New York Yankee
1940 John Lennon, English Musician
1939 O. V. Wright, born in Leno, Tennessee, singer, sang gospel, considered southern soul artist, first pop recording, 'That's How Strong My Love Is'
1939 Pierre Mertens, French/Belgian writer, Lettres Clandestines
1939 John Pilger, Australian Journalist
1938 Heinz Fischer, Austrian Statesman
1937 Brian Blessed, English actor, King Arthur, High Road to China
1937 Pat Burke, rocker, Foundations
1935 Don McCullin, British photographer
1935 Edward GNPP, English prince/duke of Kent
1935 Jules Croiset, Dutch actor, Help, Doctor Verzuipt!
1935 Paul Barton, cricketer, New Zealand batsman in early 1960's, century vs. South Africa
1935 Paul J M Beers, Dutch actor, Mother Courage and Her Children
1934 Jacobo Majluta Azar, politician
1933 Bill Tidy, English cartoonist, Fosdyke Saga
1930 David Rounds, Bronxville, New York, actor, Terence-Beacon Hill
1930 Fjolnir Stefansson, composer
1928 Einojuhani Rautavaara, Helsinki Finland, composer, Kaivos
1927 Ivan Metropolitan Ioann Snychev, Russion Orthodox Priest
1926 Daniele Delorme, Gabrielle Girard, Paris, actress, Pardon My Affair
1925 Robert Finch, actor, Academy Theater
1924 Robert A Rushworth, Madison Maine, test pilot, X-15
1923 Donald Sinden, England, actor, Doctor at Large, Mogambo, Simba
1923 Ronald Tremain, composer
1922 Fyvush Finkel, actor, Middle Ages, Picket Fences
1922 Raymond Wilding-White, composer
1921 Tadeusz Rozewicz, Polish poet and writer, Utwory dramatyczne
1920 Jens Bjorneboe, Norway, poet and writer, Dikt, Jonas
1920 Vivienne Della Chiesa, U.S., actress
1920 Yusef Lateef, composer
1918 E. Howard Hunt, born in New York, American author, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spy, involved in Watergate
1917 Kusuo Kitamura, Japan, 1500m freestyle swimmer 1932 Olympics gold
1914 Edward Andrews, Griffin Georgia, actor, Tea and Sympathy, Glass Bottom Boat
1914 Roger Goeb, composer
1910 Donald Coggan, English archbishop of York/Canterbury, Glory of God
1910 Phil Hanna, River Forest, Illinois, singer, Once Upon a Tune
1908 Jacques Tatischeff, born in La Pecq, France, director, Traffic, Playtime
1908 James E Folsom, Alabama-Gov, 1947-51, 1955-59
1907 Klaes Karppinen, Findland, 4 x 10K relay 1936 Olympics gold
1907 Lord Hailsham, British Politician
1906 13th earl of Stair, English Lt-colonel/large landowner
1906 Janis Ivanovs, composer
1906 Leopold Sedor Senghor, poet/president of Senegal, 1960-80
1906 Wolfgang Staudte, German director, Die Morder sind unter uns
1905 Euphemia MacDonald, dance producer
1905 Howard St. John, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Born Yesterday, Li'l Abner
1904 J Dito, Dutch dominican/broadcast chairman, KRO, 1938-45
1904 Wally Brown, Malden, Massachusetts, actor, Zombies on Broadway, Girl Rush
1903 Walter O'Malley, baseball team owner, Dodgers
1900 Alastair Sim, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, actor, 'Christmas Carol', 'Stage Fright'
1900 Silvio Cator, Haiti, long jumper 1928 Olympics silver
1899 Bruce Catton, U.S., historian and writer, Civil War
1893 Heinrich George, Schulz, German actor, Hitlerjunge Quex
1893 M de Andrade, writer
1893 Mario R de Morais Andrade, Brazilian writer/poet/story teller
1892 Marina Tsvetaeva, Russian Poet
1890 Aimee Semple McPherson, evangelist, Pentecostal, radio preacher
1890 Alfred Julius Swan, composer
1890 Janis Medins, composer
1888 Hank Patterson, Alabama, actor, Gunsmoke, Fred Ziffel-Green Acres
1888 Irving Cummings Sr, New York City, silent screen star/director, Curly Top
1886 Frank Newburg, actor, Homemaker
1884 Helene Deutsch, Rosenbach, psychoanalyst, Boston
1884 Martin Elmer Johnson, explorer/photographer
1878 Robert Warwick, Bien, Sacramento California, actor, Falcon's Adventure
1875 Reynaldo Hahn, composer
1873 Karl Schwarzschild, German astronomer, Schwarzschild effect
1871 Gerrit Bolkestein, minister of Education, 1939-4-
1869 Harry Lawrence Freeman, composer
1863 Alexander Siloti, Kharkov Russia, pianist and professor, Moscow Cons 1888-91
1859 Alfred Dreyfus, accused Jewish French officer, Dreyfus Affair
1858 Gerard L F Philips, Dutch engineer/manufacturer, Philips
1847 Andre Dumont, Belgian mine engineer, Limburg's coal basin
1847 Stephanus J du Toit, South Africa theologist/journalist, Afr Bond
1835 Camille Saint-Saens, Paris, France, composer, Ode a Sainte Cecile
1830 Harriet Hosmer, sculptor
1823 Mary Ann Shadd Cary, 1st black U.S. newspaper publishers
1822 George Sykes, Major General Union volunteers
1819 Samuel McGowan, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1813 Giuseppe Fortunio Francesco Verdi, Italian composer, Traviata, Aida
1813 John Jones Pettus, Confederate governor, D-Miss, 1859-63
1782 Lewis Cass, Gov-Michigan
1771 Frederik Willem, duke of Brunswick, 1813-15
1766 Bedrich Divis Weber, composer
1760 Pierre Gaveaux, composer
1757 Charles X, reactionary king of France, 1824-30, ; deposed
1727 Johann Wilhelm Hertel, composer
1663 Gian M Crescimbeni, Italian literary/critic, Arcadia
1626 John Ferrabosco, composer
1586 Jan III van Foreest, lawyer/poet/mayor of Hoorn
1581 Claude G Bachet de Meziriac, French mathematician/theologist
1547 Miguel de Cervantes, novelist, Don Quixote
1261 Dionysius, the Justified, king of Portugal, 1279-1325
1201 Robert de Sorbon, founded Sorbonne University, Paris