October 9 Deaths in History - October 9 Birthdays - October 9 Events
2004 Max Faget, engineer, led the design of the Gemini space capsule, dies at 83
2003 Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, author and feminist, 'In the Last Analysis' and 'Writing a Woman's Life', committed suicide
2002 Aileen Wuornos, American Criminal
2002 Charles Guggenheim, American Director
2001 Dagmar, blonde, Broadway Open House, dies at 79
2001 Herbert Ross, director, The Turning Point, dies at 74
2000 David Dukes, actor, Gods and Monsters, dies at 55
1999 Morris West, Australian Writer
1997 Arthur Tracy, radio personality (Street Singer), dies at 98
1996 Alan Charles Downes, cameraman, dies at 58
1996 Harvey Vernon, actor (Jasper-Carter Country), dies at 69
1996 Nigel Thomas Loveridge Fisher, politician, dies at 83
1996 Richard Clarkson, aerodynamicist, dies at 94
1995 Alec Douglas-Home, Prime Minister of Britain 1963 - 1964, dies
1995 John Alfred Scali, journalist/diplomat, dies at 77
1995 Kukrit Pramoj, Prime Minister of Thailand 1975 - 1976, dies at 84
1995 Lord Home of Hirsel, cricket (Middlesex player later British PM), dies
1995 Patric William Billy Walker, astrologer, dies at 64
1995 Phillip Jack Oppenheimer, diamond trader, dies at 83
1994 Andreas van Melsen, philosopher (Evolution and Wosbegeerte), dies at 81
1994 Fred Lebow, U.S. founder of New York Marathon, dies of cancer
1994 James Hill, English director/screenwriter (Born Free), dies at 75
1994 Joan Dickson, cellist, professor at Royal College of Music in London, dies at 72
1994 Raich Carter, footballer, dies at 80
1993 Geert de Vlaeminck, Belgian champion cyclist, dies at 26
1992 Willy Brandt, German chancellor (1969-74), dies
1991 Roy Black, German singer and actor (Kinderarzt Dr. Froehlich), dies
1991 Thalmus Rasulala, actor (Blacula), dies of heart attack at 51
1990 Richard Murdoch, actor (Lilli Marlene), dies of heart attack at 83
1988 Edward Chodorov, playwright/director (Louis Pasteur), dies at 84
1988 Felix Wankel, developer of Wankel rotary engine, dies
1987 Clare A Booth Luce, U.S. diplomat/journalist, dies at 84
1983 Sun Suk Joon, South Korean vice premier, murdered
1982 Anna Freud, Austria/English psychoanalyst/daughter of Sigmund, dies at 86
1978 Jacques Brel, Belgian chansonnier, buried on Atuama, dies at 49
1974 Oskar Schindler, Businessman
1972 Giuseppe Capogrossi, Italian painter, dies at 72
1972 Miriam Hopkins, actress (Carrie, Barbary Coast), dies at 69
1970 Jean Giono, writer, dies
1968 Pierre Mulele, Congolese rebel leader, executed
1967 Andre Maurois, Emile Herzog, French writer (Balzac), dies
1967 Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Argentinian-born guerrilla, executed in Bolivia
1963 Thurlow Weed Lieurance, composer, dies at 85
1962 Lulu McConnell, comediene (It Pays to be Ignorant), dies at 80
1960 Howard Glenn, New York Titan, dies of injuries sustain in this day's game
1958 Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli, Pope (1939-58), dies at 82
1955 Alice Joyce, actress (Song O' My Heart), dies at 65
1954 Robert H. Jackson, American Statesman
1949 Viktor Alexandrovich Uspensky, composer, dies at 70
1943 Gerard W. Kerncamp, historian/editor-in-chief (Green Amsterdam), dies
1943 Jan Dieters, leader of illegal Dutch political party (CPN), executed
1943 Lou Jansen, leader of illegal Dutch political party (CPN), executed
1943 Pieter Zeeman, naturalist (Nobel 1902), dies
1937 August de Boeck, composer, dies at 72
1937 George AA Alting van Geusau, Dutch Minister of war (1918-20), dies at 73
1934 J-Louis-F Barthou, French writer/premier/foreign minister, murdered
1934 King Alexander, of Yugoslavia, killed by Georgief (Croatian terrorist)
1918 Michail V Alekseyev, Russian general (WW I), murdered at 60
1917 Hussain Kamil, sultan of Egypt (1914-17), dies at 63
1915 Constant A M Cap, Flemish poet/etcher, dies at 73
1912 Millie and Christine, Siamese twins, dies at 61
1907 Romualdo Marenco, composer, dies at 66
1906 Joseph F Glidden, inventor (barbed wire), dies
1900 Heinrich von Herzogenberg, composer, dies at 57
1897 John Heemskerk Azn, Dutch Internal minister (1866..88), dies at 79
1891 Johannes Tideman, theologist, dies at 83
1841 Karl F Schinkel, German painter/writer (Neue Wache), dies at 60
1837 Charles Fourier, French utopian socialist (Harmony universal), dies
1831 Joannis Capodistrias, President of Greece (1829-31), murdered
1821 Georg-Friederich Fuchs, composer, dies at 68
1806 Benjamin Banneker, astronomer/mathematician, dies at 74
1797 Elia van Vilnius, Latvian rabbi, dies at 77
1797 Elijah B Solomon Zalman, rabbi/Gaon of Vilna, dies
1781 Thomas Alexander Erskine Kelly, composer, dies at 49
1769 Marianus Konigsperger, composer, dies at 60
1729 Richard Blackmore, English Poet
1646 Baltasar Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip IV, dies
1562 Gabriel Fallopius, Modena Italy, anatomist, dies
1436 Jacoba van Bavarian, countess of Holland/Zealand, dies at 35
1423 Frederik III of Blankenheim, bishop of Straatsburg/Utrecht, dies
1390 Johan I, king of Castilie (1379-90), dies
1326 Reinald I, earl of Gelre/monarch, went insane, dies
1253 Grosseteste, an English scholar, dies at 78
1047 Clemens II, Suitger, Pope (1046-47), dies