September 15 Birthdays in History - September 15 Deaths - September 15 Events
1984 Henry Charles Albert David, Prince of Wales, 3rd in British succession
1979 Sophie Dahl, British Model
1978 Amanda Rochelle Penix, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 1997
1975 Tom Dolan, U.S., 400m freestyle/200m/400m medley swimmer, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics
1975 Tsutsumi Otomo, hockey forward, Team Japan 1998
1972 Amanda Lynn Granrud, Great Falls Montana, Miss America-Montana 1996
1971 Chad Bratzke, NFL defensive end for the New York Giants
1971 Crystal McLaurin-Coney, Miss USA-North Carolina 1997
1971 Josh Charles, actor, Crossing the Bridge, Cooperstown
1971 Myron Bell, NFL safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1971 Wayne Ferreira, Johannesburg South Africa, tennis star, Munich 1995
1971 Will Shields, NFL guard for the Kansas City Chiefs
1970 Danny Ellis, Orlando, Florida, golfer, All-American-1990, 92, 93
1968 Danny Nucci, actor, Gabriel Ortega-Falcon Crest
1968 Michael Puschacher, hockey goalie, Team Austria 1998
1968 Rich Robertson, Nacogdoches, Texas, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins
1967 Dexter Carter, NFL running back for the San Francisco 49ers
1967 Jerry Dixon, heavy metal bassist, Warrant-Cherry Pie
1966 Sherman Douglas, NBA guard, New Jersey Nets
1965 Rob Whitlock, Newcastle NSW, Australasia golfer
1964 Andrew Landenberger, Australian, tornado yachter, Bronze Medals 1992, 1996 Olympics
1964 Robert Farley, Ndola Zambia, Australasia golfer
1962 Aubrey Matthews, NFL wide receiver, Detroit Lions
1962 Earnest Byner, NFL running back for the Cleveland Browns
1962 Patricia "Patty" Shea, Belmont, New York, field hockey goalie 1996 Olympics
1962 Wendie Jo Sperber, born in Glendale California, actress, Amy-Bossom Buddies
1962 Rebecca Miller, American Director
1961 Dan Marino, NFL quarterback for the Miami Dolphins
1960 Scott Thompson Baker, born in Minneapolis, actor, General Hosp, All My Children
1959 Mark Kirk, American Politician
1958 Lesley Player, born in Redhill, England, Sarah Fergusson's father's lover
1957 Fulton Peter Allem, Kroonstad South Africa, PGA golfer, 1993 SW Bell
1956 Jaki Graham, born in Birmingham, England, singer, 1994 hit 'Ain't Nobody', number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart
1956 Ned Rothenberg, born in Boston, Massachusetts, composer, plays woodwind instruments, extended techniques include playing chords on saxophone
1956 Tawny Elaine Godin Schneider, Maine, Miss Amer, 76, Eye on Hollywood
1955 Mac Sweeney, born in Wharton, Texas, Representative-R-Texas 1985 - 1989
1954 7th marquess of Bristol, English large landowner/multi-millionaire
1953 Bruce Heuchan, Kingston Ont, Canadian Tour golfer, 1992 Alberta-7th
1953 Jerry Page, golfer, largest PGA victory margin
1952 Kelly Keagy, rock vocalist, Night Ranger
1949 Joe Barton, born in Waco, Texas, Representative-R-Texas 1985 -
1949 Joe Barton, American Politician
1946 Fighting Mack, Edwin Alberto, Antillian welterweight boxer
1946 Oliver Stone, born in New York City, director, Wall St, Good Morning Vietnam, Platoon
1946 Tommy Lee Jones, actor, Executioner's Song, Bloody Monday, Fugitive
1945 Jessye Norman, U.S., opera singer, Carmen
1944 Graham Taylor, English Coach
1942 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, U.S., sci-fi author, Hotel Transylvania
1942 Phil Harris, English carpet manufacturer/multi-millionaire
1941 Miroslav Hermazewski, Poland, cosmonaut, Soyuz 30
1940 Frank Linzy, baseball player
1940 Merlin Olsen, Utah, NFL tackle, Rams, sportscaster/actor, Father Murphy
1940 Norman [Richard] Spinrad, U.S., sci-fi author, Child of Fortune
1940 Norman Spinrad, American Author
1939 Breyten Breytenbach, South African poet/painter
1938 Gaylord Perry, baseball player, 1972 AL Cy Young winner
1938 Rafael H Osuna, tennis champ, U.S. Open - 1963
1937 Cynthia Anzolut, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, LPGA golfer
1936 Ashley J Cooper, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1957
1935 Jacques d'Ancona, journalist/TV host, Sound-Mix Show
1933 Henry Darrow, New York City, actor, Harry O, New Dick Van Dyke Show
1933 Rafael Frubeck de Burgos, Burgos, Spain, conductor, World of Song
1929 Murray Gell-Mann, physicist who predicted quarks
1927 Norm Crosby, born in Boston, Massachusetts, comedian/double talker, Liar's Club
1925 Forrest Compton, Reading, Pennsylvania, actor, Gomer Pyle USMC, Edge of Night
1924 Bobby Short, born in Danville, Illinois, singer/pianist, Carlisle Hotel
1924 Lucebert, Dutch poet/painter/cartoonist, Boozz, PC Hooft prize 1967
1923 Anton Heiller, composer
1921 Jackie Cooper, born in Los Angeles, California, actor and director, Hennesey, People's Choice
1921 Jan Frank Fischer, composer
1919 Fausto Coppi, Italian bicylist, world record 45,798 km
1917 Richard Arnell, composer
1916 Margaret Lockwood, Karachi India, actress, Lady Vanishes
1915 Helmut Schoen, football coach
1915 John Conte, Plamer Massachusetts, actor, Mantovani
1914 Creighton Abrams, U.S., army general, Vietnam War
1914 Jens Otto Krag, premier of Denmark, 1962-68, 71-72
1913 Hans Filbinger, German politician, CDU
1913 Henry Dreyfus Brant, Montreal Canada, composer, Great American Goot
1913 John Mitchell, Nixon's attorney general who went to jail
1913 Roger "Ram" Ramirez, jazz pianist/composer
1913 John N. Mitchell, American Politician
1912 Gisela Hernandez Gonzalo, composer
1911 Silas Hogan, blues singer/guitarist
1910 George D Kilpatrick, Canadian/British bible scholar
1910 Richard Baerlein, racing writer
1909 Carlos Estrada, composer
1909 Jean Batten, New Zealand air pioneer, 1st woman to fly solo England to Australia
1909 Phil Arnold, New Jersey, actor, Errand Boy, Stud Lonigan, Damn Yankees
1908 Gerd Gaiser, German writer, Ship in the Mountain
1907 Jack Bailey, Hampton Iowa, TV host, Queen for a Day
1906 Kathryn Murray, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, dancer, Arthur Murray Dance Party
1906 Penny Singleton, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, voice, Jane Jetsons, actress, Blondie
1904 Tom Conway, Russia, actor, Mark Saber, Betty Hutton Show
1904 Umberto II, van Piemonte, king of Italy, 1946
1903 Roy Acuff, born in Maynardville, Tennessee, country musician, 'Hee Haw'
1902 Magda [Helena] Lupescu, wife of King Carol II of Romania
1900 Larry Kent, California, director, High Stakes
1899 Milton S Eisenhower, Dwight's brother/president, Pennsylvania State
1898 John J Slauerhoff, Dutch ship's doctor/writer/poet, El Dorado
1896 Tadeusz Szeligowski, composer
1894 Jean Renoir, French director, Madame Bovary, Nana, Grand Illusion
1890 Agatha Christie, mystery writer, Murder on Orient Express
1890 Claude McKaye, Jamaica/US author, Songs of Jamaica, Banjo
1890 Frank Martin, born in Geneva, Switzerland, composer, In Terra Fax
1889 Robert Benchley, born in Worcester, Massachusetts, humorist, My 10 Years in a Quandary
1889 Claude McKay, Jamaican Writer
1888 Philibert Schmitz, Belgium, historian, Ordre the St-Benoat
1884 Floro Manuel Ugarte, composer
1881 Ettore Arco Isidoro Bugatti, Milan, race car builder, Amaz Bugattis
1876 Bruno Walter, B. W. Schlesinger, Berlin Germany, conductor, New York Phil
1876 Frank E Gannett, Rochester, newspaper publisher, Gannett
1868 Dirk B Nanninga, Dutch painter
1865 Henri [Lucien] Capitant, French lawyer, Loi Falcidie
1865 Nicolaus Adriani, linguist, Middle-Celebes languages
1863 Horatio William Parker, composer
1858 Charles E Vicomte de Foucauld, French explorer/hermit
1858 Jeno Hubay, composer
1857 William Howard Taft, Cin, R, 27th President, 1909-13, chief justice
1852 Jan E Matzeliger, Surinamese inventor, shoe lacing machine
1851 Emilia Pardo Bazan, Spanish countess/writer, Sirena Negra
1851 Josif Marinkovic, composer
1843 Willem F Mauritius HK, prince of Orange/son of king Willem III
1837 Leo van Gheluwe, composer
1834 Heinrich von Treitschke, German historian/parliament member
1830 Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz, president of Mexico, 1877-1911
1816 Edward Wolff, composer
1811 Jan Nepomuk Skroup, composer
1811 Willem J van Zeggelen, Dutch author
1808 Louis Clapisson, composer
1789 James Fenimore Cooper, 1st major U.S. novelist, Last of Mohicans
1789 James F. Cooper, American Novelist
1780 Jonas Daniel Meyer, Dutch lawyer, Esprit, origin et progres
1764 Friedrich Heine, composer
1764 Paolo Francesco Parenti, composer
1756 Karl Philipp Moritz, German Author
1744 Georg Ritschel, composer
1736 Jean-Sylvain, French historian, History of France
1733 Samuel Horsley, English Clergyman
1690 Ignazio Prota, composer
1685 Gottfried Kirkhoff, composer
1613 Francoise duc de la Rochefoucald, Paris, France, writer, Memoires
1586 Cristobal de Isla Diego, composer
1584 Georg R Weckerlin, German poet, Oden und Gesange
1572 Erasmus Widmann, composer
1505 Maria, queen of Hungary/wife of Louis II/governess of Netherlands, 1531-55
53 Mark U Trajanus, 13th Roman emperor, 98-117, conqueror of Ctesiphon