September 17 Birthdays in History - September 17 Deaths - September 17 Events
1977 Becky Turner, born in Marietta, Georgia, rhythmic gymnast 1996 Olympics
1977 Latoya Warning, Suriname 4th Miss Teenager 1993
1977 Tony Goskowicz, born in Wauwautosa, Wisconsin, short track skater 1994 Olympics
1976 Jonathan Nichols, born in Wilmington, Delaware, dance skater, & Tami Tyler
1976 Trincy Low, Miss Malaysia Universe 1997
1974 Bas Leferink, soccer player, Go Ahead Eagles
1974 Jason Hewitt, Australian baseball infielder 1996 Olympics
1974 Rasheed Wallace, NBA forward, Portland Trailblazers
1973 David Reid, Philadelphia, light middleweight boxer, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 Anastacia, born in Chicago, Illinois, born Anastacia Lyn Newkirk, singer, songwriter, sold over 20 million albums, successful outside of the U.S.
1972 Allen Williams, NFL running back, Detroit Lions
1972 Darrius Johnson, NFL defensive back, Denver Broncos-Super Bowl 32
1971 Annika Duckmark, Miss Universe-Sweden 1996
1971 David Hynes, Australian baseball outfielder 1996 Olympics
1971 Octus Polk, NFL guard for the Chicago Bears
1971 Paul Janssen, soccer player, Fortuna S, NAC
1970 Al Fontenot, NFL defensive end for the Chicago Bears
1970 Ashley Ambrose, NFL cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts
1970 Mark Brunell, NFL quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1970 Wolfgang Kromp, hockey forward, Team Austria 1998
1969 Keith Flint, singer/musician, Prodigy
1969 Rob Zamuner, NHL forward, Tampa Bay Lightning, Team Canada 1998
1968 Stacey Dillard, NFL defensive tackle for the New York Giants
1968 Suzy Cote, born in Santa Barbara, California, actress, Samantha-Guiding Light
1968 Valeri Zelepukin, NHL forward, New Jersey Devils, Team Russia, Silver Medal1998 Olympics
1967 Dan Dupuis, Ashcroft BC, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 Canadian Golf
1967 Derek Ware, NFL tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals
1967 Malik Yoba, actor, New York Undercover-Det JC Williams
1967 Maurice Hurst, NFL cornerback for the New England Patriots
1966 Fred Childress, CFL guard for the Calgary Stampeders
1966 Paula Jones, born in Lonoke, Arkansas, sued President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment, case was dismissed but while on appeal Clinton paid Jones $850,000
1966 Doug E. Fresh, American Musician
1965 Bryan Singer, born in New York, New York, film director, producer, known for work on the 'X-Men', 'Superman Returns', 'The Usual Suspects' films
1965 Kyle Chandler, American Actor
1964 Christian Conrad, actor, Charley Hannah, High Mountain Rangers
1963 Masahiro Chono, born in Seattle, Washington, professional wrestler, works for New Japan Pro Wrestling, trained by Stu Hart, Lou Thesz
1962 Dustin Nguyen, born in Saigon, Vietnam, actor, Harry-21 Jump Street
1962 Wayne Riley, Sydney NSW, Australasia golfer
1961 Pamela Ann Melroy, born in Palo Alto, California, Major USAF/astronaut, sk:STS-92
1960 Hank Baran, born in San Diego, California, Canadian Tour golfer, 1988 Won Mexican
1960 John Franco, born in Brooklyn, New York, pitcher for the New York Mets
1960 Terry Nihen, born in Concord, Massachusetts, playmate, December, 1983
1959 Hank Ilesic, Edmonton, CFL punter, place kicker, Edmonton, Toronto
1958 Daniel Nunez, Cuba, weightlifter, 1980 Olympics gold
1957 David Bintley, born in Huddersfield, England, choreographer, artistic director, The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet
1955 Rita Rudner, comedienne, Funny People
1955 Scott William Simpson, born in San Diego, California, PGA golfer, 1987 U.S. Open
1953 Gene Taylor, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Representative-D-Mississippi 1989 -
1952 Steve Sanders, Richland, Georgia, country singer, Oak Ridge Boys-Elvira
1951 Cassandra Peterson, Elvira, Kansas, actress, Echo Park, Elvira
1950 Fee Waybill, Omaha, Nebraska, rocker, Tubes
1948 John Ritter, born in Burbank, California, actor, Jack-3's Company, Hearts Afire
1947 Jeff MacNelly, Puliter Prize-winning cartoonist, Shoe
1947 Robert Kidd, marine geoscientist
1947 Tessa Jowell, born in Marylebone, England, politician, Member of Parliament for Dulwich and West Norwood, Cabinet Minister
1946 Billy Bonds, British soccer player
1946 Michael Jack, British minister of state-home office
1945 Phil Jackson, Deer Lodge Montana, NBA star, Knicks, coach, Bulls
1944 Mary Lou Crocker, LPGA golfer
1944 Reinhold Messner, Italian mountain climber, Mount Everest
1943 Samuel T Durrance, Tallahassee, Florida, PhD/astronaut, STS-35, STS-67
1943 Sarah Lucas, theatre administrator
1942 Beverly Aadland, Hollywood Cal, Errol Flynns last girlfriend
1942 Desmond Lynam, British sportscaster
1942 Doris Brown-Heritage, U.S., 800m track star, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1941 Bob Matsui, born in Sacramento, California, Representative-D-California 1979 - 2005
1941 William Grut, Sweden, penthalete 1948 Olympics gold
1941 Bob Matsui, American Politician
1939 David H Souter, Weir, New Hampshire, 107th Supreme Court Justice, 1990-
1939 Joseph Mosikili, South African actor/singer
1939 Lamonte McLemore, born in St. Louis, Missouri, rock vocalist, 5th Dimension
1939 David H. Souter, American Judge
1938 Alec Broers, master, Churchill College Cambridge
1938 Paul Benedict, Silver City, New Mexico, actor, Harry-Jeffersons
1937 Albertine Sarrazin, French author, L'astragale, La Cavale
1936 Jennifer Dickson, artist/photographer
1936 Mischa de Vreede, poet, Our Eternal Hunger
1936 Richard Gaskell, solicitor/president, Law Society
1935 Ken Kesey, author, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
1935 Timothy Bavin, Bishop of Portsmouth
1934 Little Milton, rocker
1934 Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly, California, tennis, 1st woman grand slam, 1953
1934 Orlando Cepeda, Giants player, NL MVP 1967
1934 Little Milton, American Musician
1933 Chuck Grassley, born in New Hartford, Iowa, Senator-R-Iowa 1981 -
1933 D A Fenner, British headmaster, Alleyn's School
1933 Desmond Fennell, British high court judge
1933 Patricia Crowley, Olyphant, Pennsylvania, actress, Please Don't Eat the Daisies
1933 Chuck Grassley, American Politician
1933 Charles Grassley, American Politician
1931 Anne Bancroft, Graduate, Miracle Worker, Mrs Mel Brooks.
1930 David Huddleston, Vinton, Virginia, actor, How the West Was Won
1930 Dorothy Loudon, Cambridge Massachusetts, actress and singer, Garry Moore Show
1930 Edgar Dean Mitchell, Hereford Texas, Captain USN/astronaut, Apollo 14
1930 Gwyn Francis, British Forestry commissioner
1930 Thomas P. Stafford, born in Weatherford, Oklahoma, USAF/astronaut, Gem 6 9, Ap 10 18
1930 Jim Rohn, born in Idaho, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, joined direct sales organization of John Earl Shoaff, became millionaire by age 31, shared rags to riches story and personal development philosophy with over 4 million people worldwide, authored 17 books, audio, video programs
1929 John Stewart-Clark, MEP, C
1929 Lord Craig of Radley, marshal, RAF
1929 Stirling Moss, race car driver
1928 Brian Matthew, British disc jockey
1928 Roddy McDowall, London England, actor, Planet of Apes, Lord Love a Duck
1927 George Blanda, NFL kicker/quarterback, Bears, Oilers, Raiders
1927 Theodore S. Weiss, born in Gava, Hungary, Representative-D-New York 1977 - 1992
1926 Bill Black, born in Memphis, Tennessee, musician, rocker, bassist for Elvis Pressley, played for "Heartbreak Hotel", "Mystery Train", "Hound Dog", "Jailhouse Rock"
1926 Donald Acheson, England's chief medical officer
1926 Reginald Marsh, actor, Sicilians, It Happened Here
1923 Hank Williams, country singer, Cold, Cold Heart, Hey Good Lookin'
1923 John Hale, born in Ashford, Kent, linguist, historian, professor, editor, attended Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, served as a Fellow of the British Academy
1922 Naomi Datta, geneticist
1922 Ursula Howells, London, actress, Girly, Murder is Announced
1921 Virgilio Barco Vargas, president of Colombia, 1986-90
1920 Dinah Sheridan, actress, Genevieve, Railway Children
1920 Marjorie S. Holt, born in Birmingham, Alabama, Representative-R-Maryland 1973 - 1987
1918 Chaim Herzog, president, Israel, 1983-93
1917 Isang Yun, born in Tongyeong, South Korea, composer, professor, son of renowned poet Yun Ki-hyon, exhiled from South Korea, taught at Hanover Academy of Music
1917 Lawrence Jacob, Atlantic City, New Jersey, artist, Sanitarium
1917 Peter Bennett, London, actor, Leonides-Adv of Sir Lancelot
1916 Mary [Florence Elinor] Stewart, UK, sci-fi author, Crystal Cave
1916 Ove J Abildgaard, Danish poet, Uglegylp
1914 Shin Kanemaru, politician
1913 Jorgen Jersild, composer
1912 Pauline Parsons, matron in chief, PMRAFNS
1910 Vernon Thompson, thoracic surgeon
1909 Elizabeth Wilkinson, professor German University College London
1909 Kenneth Darling, Commander-in-chief Allied Forces, Northern Europe
1908 Franz J A Grothe, German composer
1907 Desmond Heap, authority on British planning law
1907 Helen Vinson, born in Texas, actress, Transatlantic Tunnel, In Name Only
1907 Warren E. Burger, born in Minnesota, Supreme Court chief justice, 1969-86
1906 Junius Richard Jayawardene, president, Sri Lanka, 1978-89
1905 Dolores Costello, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actress, Little Lord Fauntleroy
1905 Hans Freudenthal, Dutch mathematician/director, OW&OC
1905 Jorge Urrutia Blondel, composer
1904 Frederick Ashton, British choreographer, Cinderella
1904 Jerry Colonna, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor, Road to Morocco, Road to Singapore
1902 Esther Ralston, Bar Harbor ME, American Venus/actress, Old Ironsides
1901 Francis Charles Chinester, yachtsman/aviator
1899 Winnie Lightner, Greenport, New York, comedienne, Sit Tight, Side Show
1896 Denise Grey, Edouardine Verthuy, Turin Italy, actress, Julietta
1894 Fay Compton, Virginia Lillian Emeline Compton, actress, Haunting
1893 Abel J Herzberg, Russian/Dutch writer, Persecution of Jews
1892 Hendrik F Andriessen, Dutch organist/composer, Ballade of Merel
1891 Leslie Lincoln Henson, actor, Lady Luck, Funny Face, Harvey
1890 Lubov Tchernicheva, Russian ballerina
1885 George Cleveland, Sydney Nova Scotia, actor, Courage of Lassie
1885 Uzeir Abdul Huseyn Hajibeyov, composer
1884 Bastiaan de Gaay Fortman, Dutch historian/Justice of Curacao
1884 Charles Tomlinson Griffes, Elmira, New York, composer, White Peacock
1883 Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson Berners, 14th baron/composer
1883 William Carlos Williams, poet
1882 Anton H Blaauw, Dutch botanist, Perception of Light
1880 Desire-emile Inghelbrecht, French composer and conductor, Naval
1878 Vincenzo Tommasini, composer
1875 Vyacheslav Gavrilovich Karatigin, composer
1874 Ben[jamin] Turpin, U.S., comic, Uncle Tom Without the Cabin
1869 Christian Lange, Norway, pacifist/internationalist, Nobel 1921
1861 Owen Seaman, poet/editor, Punch
1859 Frank D. Adams, Canada geologist/educator
1859 Richard Henry Warren, composer
1857 Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, pioneer in rocket and space research
1854 Hans Muller, music historian
1853 Clemens Baeumker, German historian, Patristischen Philosophie
1850 Abilio Manuel Guerra Junqueiro, Portuguese poet, Simple Ones
1849 Vaclav Juda Novotny, composer
1834 Edouard Pailleron, French attorney/stage writer
1826 G F Berhard Riemann, German mathematician, zeta-function
1825 Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, MC, Confederacy
1821 Charles Victor Arthur Saint-Leon, composer
1820 Earle Van Dorn, Major General Confederate Army
1819 Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault, physicist, pendulum proved Earth rotates
1819 Marthinus Wessels Pretorius, 1st president, Republic South Africa
1819 Thomas Andrews Hendricks, D, 21st U.S. Vice President
1818 Halfdan Kjeruif, composer, Kjerulf
1814 Stefano Ronchetti-Molnteviti, composer
1801 Edward William Lane, translator, Thousand and 1 Nights
1800 Franklin Buchanan, Admiral, Confederate Navy
1798 Antonia M B Antonucci, Italian cardinal/diplomat
1795 Giuseppi Saverio Rafaele Mercadante, composer
1783 Samuel Prout, water-color painter
1774 Joseph Caspar Mezzofanti, Cardinal/linguist, understood 70 languages
1767 Henri-Montan Berton, composer
1765 Gregory XVI, Bartolomeo A Cappellari/Mauro, Italy, Pope
1764 John Goodricke, English astronomer/member Royal Society
1748 Robert Wainwright, composer
1743 Jean-Marie Caritat, France, mathematician
1743 Marquis de Condorcet, France, enlightenment philosopher
1730 Friedrich WLGA von Steuben, Prus/U.S. inspector-general of Washington's army
1721 Samuel Hopkins, American Clergyman
1714 Gottlieb W. Rabener, German author, Vom Misbrauch of the Satire
1711 Ignaz Jakob Holzbauer, composer
1709 Samuel Johnson, lexicographer/writer, Boswell's Tour Guide
1657 Peter Schuyler, English Politician
1643 Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury/author
1619 John Lambert, English general-major/parliament leader
1613 Francois de La Rochefoucauld, French Writer
1605 Francesco Sacrati, composer
1580 Charlotte Brabantia, countess of Nassau/daughter of Willem of Orange
1580 Francisco Gomez de Quevado y Villegas, poet/satirist, Vida del Buscon
1580 Francisco de Quevedo, Spanish Writer
1552 Paul V, Camillo Borghese, Italy, Pope, 1605 - 1621
1271 Wenceslas II, king of Bohemia and Poland, 1278-1305
879 Charles III, The Simple, king of France, 893-923