May 1 Deaths in History - May 1 Birthdays - May 1 Events
2008 Elaine Dundy, dies at 86, of a heart attack
2005 Rene Rivkin, Australian Businessman
2000 Steve Reeves, actor, Italian Hecules movies, dies at 74
1998 Otto Bettman, archivist/writer, Started a huge photo archive, dies at 94
1998 Eldridge Cleaver, American Activist
1997 Bebe, AKA Flipper, dolphin, dies at 40
1996 Asher Wallfish, journalist, dies at 67
1996 Ivo Rudolph Jarosy, film scholar/exhibitor, dies at 74
1996 William Mitchell Byers, musician, dies on 79th birthday
1994 Ayrton Senna, Brazilian Grand prix driver, dies in crash at 34
1994 Imre Gyongyossy, Hungarian director, dies at 64
1993 Hans [Henri EA] Tuynman, provo (Full-time Provo), dies at 50
1993 Pierre Beregovoy, Prime Minister of France 1992 - 1993, commits suicide at 67
1993 Ranasinghe Premadasa, President (Sri Lanka, 1989-93), assassinated at 68
1991 Richard Thorpe, director (Jailhouse Rock, Night Must Fall), dies
1990 Sunset Carson, cowboy actor (El Paso Kid, Oregon Trail), dies at 62
1989 David Webster, South African white anti-apartheids activist, murdered
1989 Douglass Watson, actor (Mac Cory-Another World), dies at 68
1989 Marion Mack, actress (General), dies
1988 Carroll Righter, astrologer, dies at 88 of postrate cancer
1988 Paolo Stoppa, actor (Garibaldi, Visit, Freedom Fighters), dies
1984 Gordon Jenkins, orchestra leader (NBC Comedy Hour), dies at 73
1983 V N Swamy, Indian cricket pace bowler (without distinction), dies
1982 Gene Sheldon, actor (Bernardo-Zorro), dies at 72
1981 Clarence A Bacote, historian/political scientist, dies at 75
1981 Peter Huchel, writer, dies at 78
1978 Aram Katchaturian, Russian composer (The Earth), dies at 74
1978 Sylvia Townsend Warner, English Novelist
1976 Rex O'Malley, actor (Camille, Zara, Midnight, Thief), dies at 75
1972 Fernand Ansseau, Belgian operator (Orfeo), dies at 82
1971 Edith Day, actress (Romance of Air), dies at 75
1971 Glenda Farrell, actress (Grand Slam, Exposed), dies at 66
1969 Ella Logan, actress (52nd Street, Woman Chases Man), dies at 56
1968 Harold G Nicolson, English author (English sense of humor), dies at 71
1965 Spike Jones, composer (Spike Jones Show), dies at 53
1959 Oscar Torp, Norwegian premier, dies
1957 Grant Mitchell, actor (Great Lie, Laura, Cairo, Conflict), dies at 82
1954 Tom Tyler, actor (Lost Ranch, Coyote Trails), dies at 50
1952 William Fox, Fried, U.S. film pioneer (Nickelodeon), dies at 73
1948 Christos Ladas, Greek minister of Justice, murdered
1947 Sanner, leader of Norger blood bath, executed
1946 Edward Cuthbert Bairstow, composer, dies at 71
1946 Percy William Whitlock, composer, dies at 42
1945 Desider Antalffy-Zsiross, Hungarian organist/composer, dies at 59
1945 Paul Josef Goebbels, Nazi minister on propoganda, commits suicide
1941 John R Locksmith de Brown, vicar/CHU-politician, dies at 71
1939 Wilhelm Normann, German chemist (harden van olien), dies
1937 Snitz Edwards, actor (Phantom of the Opera, College), dies at 75
1934 Alexander Alexandrovich Davidenko, composer, dies at 35
1932 Paul Doumer, President France (1931-32), assassin by Russia's Paul Gargalov
1926 Nicolaus Adriani, translator (Middle-Celebes Language), dies at 60
1924 August Cuppens, Flemish author (Limburgs Driemanschap), dies at 62
1921 Louis Campbell-Tipton, composer, dies at 43
1917 Jose E Rodo, Uruguayan writer (Motivos de proteo), dies
1904 Antonin Dvorak, Czechoslovakian composer (Slavic Dancing), dies at 62
1903 Luigi Arditi, violist/composer, dies at 80
1902 John Glover, English chemist (production sulfuric acid), dies at 85
1900 Mihaly von Munkacsy, Michael von Lieb, German painter, dies at 56
1898 Alphonse Wauters, Belgian historian, dies at 81
1896 Nasr-ed-Din, shah of Persia (184.-96), murdered at 65
1892 Willem A Scholten, manufacturer (potatoes), dies at 89
1886 Conrad Busken Huet, writer (Country of Rubens)
1886 Heinrich Franz Daniel Stiehl, composer, dies at 56
1874 Vilem Blodek, composer, dies at 39
1873 David Livingstone, British physician/explorer (Africa), dies at 60
1872 Amalia, princess of Weimar/wife of prince Hendrik the Navigator, dies
1870 Francisco Solano Lopez, Field Marshal/president of Paraguay
1863 Edward Dorr Tracy, U.S. Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 29
1856 John Wilbur, American Clergyman
1831 Antonius van Alphen, apostle vicar of De Bosch, dies at 82
1813 Jacques Delille, French Poet
1772 Gottfried Achenwall, German lawyer/statistics/economist, dies at 52
1733 Nicolas Coustou, French sculptor (Saon), dies at 75
1703 Kiva Yoshinaka, Japanese monarch, murdered
1700 John Dryden, English poet/playwright (Rival Ladies), dies
1679 Esaias Reusner, composer, dies at 43
1572 Pius V, Antonio Ghislieri, great-inquisiteur/Pope (1566-72), dies
1555 Marcellus II, Marcello Cervini, Italian Pope (1555), dies at 53
1471 Thomas a Kempis, spiritual writer (Navolging of Christ), dies at 91
1456 Hugues de Lannoy, Flemish viceroy of Holland/Zealand, dies
1447 Louis VII, Duke of Baveria (1413-43), dies
1308 Albrecht I van Habsburg, German King (1298-1308), murdered
1277 Stefanus IV Uros I de Great, King of Serbia (1243-76), dies
1171 Dermot MacMurrough, last Irish King of Leinster, dies