October 1 Deaths in History - October 1 Birthdays - October 1 Events
2007 Al Oerter, dies in Florida, of heart failure, at 71
2004 Richard Avedon, photographer, dies at 80
2002 Walter Annenberg, publisher/philanthropist/ambassador, started TV GUide, dies at 94
1997 Gul Mohammed, world's shortest man (22.1"/56.16 cm), dies at 36
1996 Joonas Kokkonen, composer, dies at 74
1996 Patrick McGeown, politician, Belfast City Council councilor, volunteer, Provisional Irish Republican Army, participant, Irish hunger strike, 1981, dies at 40 from a heart attack
1995 Aditya Biria, industrialist, dies at 50
1995 Margaret Gorman Cahill, 1st Miss America (1921), dies at 90
1995 Rene Mable Neighbour Cloke, illustrator, dies at 90
1994 Brad O'Hare, dies of complications due to AIDS at 43
1994 Carlos Lleras Restrepo, president of Colombia (1966-70), dies at 86
1994 Karoli Ruth Needles, painter, dies at 54
1994 Scott Dunbar, bluse vocalist/guitarist, dies at 90
1993 Janine Darcey, French actress (Priez pour nous), dies at 75
1993 Joseph Warren, actor (Gift of Love, Urban Warriors), dies at 77
1992 Bruce Vorhauer, inventor (Today contraceptive sponge), suicide at 50
1992 Harry Milton Ray, singer and actor (Avanti!), dies of stroke at 45
1991 Jan van Tongeren, painter, dies
1990 Christine Forrest, actress (Martin), dies
1990 Curtis Lemay, nicknamed Old Iron Pants, General, United States Air Force, running mate for George Wallace, 1968, designed World War II strategic bombing campaign, led Berlin airlift, led firebombing of Tokyo, 22 medals and decorations, dies at age 83
1990 John Stewart Bell, Irish Physicist
1985 Charlotte White, U.S. author (New Yorker, Charlotte's Web), dies at 86
1985 E. B. White, American Comedian
1984 Hansje Toussaint, Hermina A Schenk, singer/cabaretiere, dies at 69
1984 Walter Alston, Baseball manager (Los Angeles Dodgers), dies at 72
1984 Walt Alston, American Athlete
1980 George Meany, union President (AFL-CIO), dies at 86
1979 Roy Harris, U.S. composer, dies at 81
1979 Dorothy Arzner, American Director
1975 Al Jackson, rock drummer (Booker T and The MG's), dies at 39
1973 Joe Devlin, actor (Sam-Dick Tracy), dies at 74
1972 Kurt Hiller, born in Berlin, Jewish, pacifist, socialist, writer, Oranienburg concentration camp survivor, led the German homosexual rights movement, dies at 87
1972 Louis Leakey, English anthropologist, dies at 68
1970 Hans Poser, composer, dies at 52
1970 Petar Konjovic, composer, dies at 87
1968 Marcel Duchamp, French painter (Descending an Escalator), dies
1966 Albert P A A Besnard, poet/journalist (Doom and Thirst), dies
1965 Edward E "Doc" Smith, U.S., sci-fi writer (Subspace encounter), dies
1965 Gareth Hughes, actor (Midnight Girl), dies at 71
1964 Ernst Toch, composer (Melodie Lehre), dies at 76
1961 Donald Cook, actor (Too Young To Go Steady), dies at 60
1956 Stan Ockers, Belgian world champ cyclist (1955), dies at 36
1945 Walter B Cannon, U.S. physiologist (Traumatic Shock), dies at 73
1943 Antoine T Broekman, resistance fighter, executed at 32
1943 Anton JT Koreman, resistance fighter, executed at 27
1943 Antoon Pleyte, resistance fighter, executed at 26
1943 Dionysius Remiens, resistance fighter, executed at 24
1943 Earnest Klijzing, resistance fighter, executed
1943 Gideon Boissevain, resistance fighter, executed at 22
1943 Hans Katan, resistance fighter, executed at 24
1943 Henri H Geul, resistance fighter, executed at 27
1943 Johan Kalshoven, resistance fighter, executed at 20
1943 Johan Roemer, resistance fighter, executed at 22
1943 Johan van Mierlo, resistance fighter, executed at 35
1943 John Charles Boissevain, resistance fighter, executed at 23
1943 Leo Frijda, resistance fighter, executed at 20
1943 Louis Boissevain, resistance fighter, executed at 21
1943 Maarten van/of Gilse, resistance fighter, executed at 27
1943 Olaf T Thomsen, resistance fighter, executed at 23
1943 Peter "Pam" Pooters, resistance fighter, executed at 32
1943 Sape Kuiper, resistance fighter, executed at 19
1943 Victor van Swieten, resistance fighter, executed at 36
1943 Walter Brandligt, literature/resistance fighter, executed at 42
1930 Ricardo Drigo, composer, dies at 84
1929 Antoine Bourdelle, French Sculptor
1927 Wilhelm Harteveld, composer, dies at 68
1911 Pjotr A Stolypin, premier of Russia (1906-11), dies
1911 Wilhelm Dilthey, Germ philosopher (Das Leben Schleiermans), dies at 77
1904 William GGVV Harcourt, historian/English Secretary of State, dies at 76
1901 Abdoer-Rahman, emir of Afghanistan, dies
1881 Frantisek Matej Hilmar, composer, dies at 78
1876 Henri-Jerome Bertini, composer, dies at 77
1876 James Lick, American Celebrity
1868 Rama IV, Phra Chomklao Chaoyuhua, king of Thai (1851-68), dies at 63
1864 John Dunovant, U.S. Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle
1814 Jakob I van Przysucha, Polish hassidic leader, dies
1807 John Muhlenberg, Lutheran pastor, dies on his 61st birthday
1795 Robert Bakewell, English cattle breeder, dies at about 70
1770 Louis-Gabriel Guillemain, composer, dies at 64
1768 Robert Simson, Scotland mathematician, dies at 80
1708 John Blow, composer (Venus and Adonis), dies at 59
1704 Cornelis Dusart, painter/engraver, dies at 44
1684 Pierre Corneille, French lawyer/dramatist (El Cid, Polyeucte), dies at 42
1633 Filaret, Fjodor N Romanov, patriarch of Moscow, dies
1602 Hernando de Cabezon, composer, dies at 61
1578 Don Juan d'Austria, Spanish land guardian of Netherlands, dies at 31
1574 Maarten van Heemskerck, painter (Christ), dies
1499 Marsilio Ficino, Italian Philosopher
1404 Boniface IX, Pietro Tomacelli, Pope (1389-1404), dies
976 Al-Hakam II, Moors kalief of Cordoba, dies
552 Teja, king of Ostrogoten, dies in battle
540 Vedastus St. Vaast, 1st bishop of Atrecht/saint, dies
290 [Christian] Bacchus, roman soldier/martyred saint, killed