Chase Events in History

2014 Event - JPMorgan Chase discloses that a July data breach resulted in exposure of contact information for 83 million households; the bank states that security information, such as passwords and birth dates, did not appear to have been compromised

2013 Event - JPMorgan Chase tentatively settles on paying $13 billion to the U.S. Department of Justice for its role in selling bad mortgage loans to investors, which added to the Suprime mortgage crisis

1997 Event - Jana Novotna (Czechoslovakia) beats Mary Pierce (France) in Chase Tennis Champ

1995 Death - Margaret Chase Smith, 1st woman Representative and Senator R-Maine, dies at 97

1994 Event - O.J. Simpson doesn't turn himself in on murder charges, Los Angeles police chase his Ford Bronco for 1 hours, eventually gives up

1993 Death - James Bridges, writer and director (Paper Chase), dies of cancer at 57

1993 Death - Edwin Louis Battle, actor (Almost Blue, Chase), dies of stroke at 33

1991 Death - Glenn Langan, actor (Big Chase, Jungle Heat, Rapture), dies at 73

1989 Event - Chase Manhattan Discovery Center at Brooklyn Botanic Garden opens

1989 Death - Jack Starrett, director/actor (Chase, Nightwish, 1st Blood), dies

1988 Death - John Houseman, actor (Paper Chase, Fog), dies of spinal cancer at 86

1988 Death - John Houseman, actor (Paper Chase), dies at 86

1988 Birthday - Emily Evelyn Chase, daughter of Jayni and Chevy

1987 Event - 16 die in a train crash in Chase Md

1978 Death - Ilka Chase, actress (Masquerade Party, Trials of O'Brien), dies at 74

1978 Death - Ilka Chase, actress (Masquerade Party), dies at 72

1975 Birthday - Chase Hampton, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, rocker, Party-Rodeo, That's Why

1968 Birthday - Megan Follows, actress, Chase, Anne of Green Gables

1967 Birthday - Kelly Chase, Porcupine Plain California, NHL right wing, Hartford Whalers

1967 Event - Amsterdam Marines chase out "nozems" of Central Station

1967 Event - Marines chase "Nozems" out of Amsterdam Central Station

1964 Event - Margaret Chase Smith, Senator-R-Maine, tries for Republican President bid

1964 Birthday - Richard Dunwoody, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, British jockey in National Hunt Racing, won King George VI Chase four times on the famous grey Desert Orchid in 1989 and 1990

1959 Birthday - Barrie Chase, actress, Mardi Gras, Cape Fear

1957 Event - 1st edition of "Chase's Annual Events" published

1955 Event - U.S. Assay Office in Seattle, Washington closes Chase National (3rd largest bank) and Bank of the Manhattan Company (15th largest bank) merge to form Chase Manhattan

1953 Birthday - Jonathan Segal, born in New York City, actor, Jonathan-Paper Chase

1952 Birthday - James Keane, Buffalo, New York, actor, Willis Bell-Paper Chase

1951 Birthday - Timothy Bottoms, born in Santa Barbara, California, actor, Paper Chase, East of Eden

1951 Birthday - Lorraine Chase, actress/model, Lame Ducks, Love and Bullets

1951 Birthday - James Stephens, Mount Kisko, New York, actor, Paper Chase, Devil's Island

1949 Birthday - Lindsay Wagner, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Bionic Woman, Paper Chase, Nighthawks

1948 Birthday - Robert Ginty, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Paper Chase, White Fire

1948 Event - Margaret Chase Smith (R-Me) elected senator, 1st woman to serve in both houses of Congress

1947 Birthday - Tom Fitzsimmons, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Franklin-Paper Chase

1944 Event - Mary Coyle Chase' "Harvey," premieres in New York City

1943 Birthday - Chevy Chase, born in New York City, comedian/actor, SNL, Vacation, Fletch, Caddyshack

1943 Event - Metropolitan Life Insurances issues a $225 million check to Chase

1938 Birthday - Sylvia Chase, St. Paul, Minnesota, newscaster, ABC Weekend News, 20/20

1933 Birthday - Gary Crosby, born in California, actor, Bill Dana Show, Adam 12, Chase

1928 Birthday - Mitchell Ryan, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Chase, Executive Suite

1923 Birthday - Leah Chase, master chef, in the creole tradition

1922 Event - Turkish troops chase Greeks out of Asia

1920 Event - Chicago grand jury indicts Abe Attell, Hal Chase, and Bill Burns as go-betweens in Black Sox World Series scandal

1919 Event - NL President John Heydler dismisses charges that Hal Chase bet against his team and threw games in collusion with gamblers

1918 Event - Reds manager Christy Mathewson suspects Hal Chase of taking bribes to fix games, and suspends him "for indifferent play"

1918 Event - Australians chase Turkish troop out of Jericho, Dutch Palestine

1915 Birthday - David Rockefeller, CEO, Chase Manhattan Bank

1914 Event - Battle of Marne (WW I) begins: Germans chase out Russians

1914 Event - Battle at Morhange: German troops chase French, killing 1000s

1911 Birthday - Hal Porter, Australia, writer, Tilted Cross, Paper Chase

1910 Birthday - Laurance S Rockefeller, New York City, CEO, Chase Manhattan Bank

1907 Birthday - Lucia Chase, U.S. ballerina/co-founder, American Ballet Theater

1907 Birthday - Mary Coyle Chase, playwright, Harvey-Pulitzer Prize

1906 Event - Yankee 1st baseman Hal Chase's 22 put-outs ties record

1906 Event - Hal Chase became 1st Yank to hit 3 triples in a game

1905 Birthday - Rex Warner, English poet and writer, Wild Goose Chase

1904 Event - Battle at Oviumbo Africa: Herero's chase away German army

1903 Birthday - Ilka Chase, born in New York City, actress, Masquerade Party, Trials of O'Brien

1902 Birthday - John Houseman, Bucharest Romania, actor, Kingsfield-Paper Chase

1900 Event - Battle at Diamond Hill: British troops chase General Botha

1897 Birthday - Margaret Chase Smith, born in Skowhegan, Maine, Representative-R-Maine 1940 - 1949 and Senator-R-Maine 1949 - 1973

1895 Birthday - John Jay McCloy, lawyer/banker, Secretary of War 1941 - 1945, President Chase Man

1893 Birthday - Charlie Chase, U.S. actor and director, Sons of Desert

1888 Birthday - Stuart Chase, born in New Hampshire, writer/economist, Tragedy of Waste

1887 Birthday - Mary Ellen Chase, U.S. linguistic/author, White Gate

1887 Birthday - Mary Ellen Chase, educator/author, Windswept, 1959 Sarah Hale Award

1883 Birthday - Harold "Hal" Chase, baseball player/manager

1877 Event - Chase National Bank opens in New York City (later merges into Chase Manhattan)

1873 Death - Salmon P. Chase, American Politician

1873 Death - Salmon Portland Chase, American Politician

1865 Death - William Henry "Little Billy" Chase Whiting, Confederate General-Major, dies at 48

1824 Birthday - William Henry Chase Whiting, Major General Confederate Army

1814 Event - Battle at Masurische Meren: Germans chase Russians out of E Prussia

1811 Death - Samuel Chase, U.S. judge signed Declaration of Independence, dies at 70

1808 Birthday - Salmon P Chase, Sen-R, cabinet member, 6th chief justice, 1864-73

1808 Birthday - Salmon P. Chase, American Politician

1808 Birthday - Salmon Portland Chase, American Politician

1804 Event - Impeachment trial of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase begins

1799 Event - Bank of Manhattan Company opens in New York City (forerunner to Chase Manhattan)

1759 Event - British troops chase French out of Masulipatam India

1741 Birthday - Samuel Chase, judge, signed Declaration of Independence

1689 Event - Battle at Charleroi: Spanish and English armies chase French

1614 Event - Trades people under Vincent Fettmilch chase and plunder Jews out of ghetto in Frankfurt

1597 Event - French troops chase away Albrecht of Austria