Destroyed Events in History

2014 Event - One World Trade Center opens today, 13 years after terrorists destroyed the twin towers of the original World Trade Center; the tower is one of 5 to be built on the same site and, at 1,773 feet high, is now the tallest building in the United States

2014 Event - Over 300 books related to Anne Frank are donated to Tokyo libraries by the embassy of Israel after a mass vandalism incident earlier this month that destroyed hundreds of the library system's existing copies; police are still investigating

2013 Event - Syria's chemical weapons arsenal requires an eradication site; Belgium rejected being a candidate for the destruction, suggesting the stockpile should be destroyed close to Syria

2013 Event - Major bushfires that have endangered lives and destroyed homes cause Barry O'Farrell, the Premier of Australia's New South Wales to declare a state of emergency

2012 Event - The 52-foot iconic statue known as Big Tex, is destroyed by fire during the final days of the 2012 State Fair of Texas

2012 Event - Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, the four thousand year-old ridge-top monastery in Bhutan catches fire and is destroyed; no relics were lost in the fire because the monastery was under renovation

2011 Event - The Arab Gas Pipeline in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula is destroyed in an explosion; the line supplies gas to Jordan and Israel

2011 Event - NATO announces it destroyed three television distribution facilities in Tripoli, Libya

2011 Event - Over 230,000 acres of land, including the town Fort Davis, are destroyed by wildfires in the state of Texas

2010 Event - At least 54 homes are destroyed and 8 people are missing after wildfires hit Boulder County, Colorado

2003 Event - Space Shuttle Columbia destroyed over Texas when returning to Earth, 7 crew members are killed

1994 Event - Cruiser Achille Lauro destroyed by fire at Somalia, 4 die

1993 Event - Historical Kapelbrug in Luzern, Switzerland, destroyed by fire

1993 Event - Paramaribo Suriname TV studio destroyed by fire

1993 Event - The Branch Davidian Compound near Waco, Texas, is destroyed in a fire after 51-day stand-off; 76 people die, including 24 British nationals and 20 children

1992 Event - Part of Vienna Hofburg destroyed by fire

1988 Event - 6.9 earthquake in Armenia, Spitak destroyed, 60,000 killed

1988 Event - Winnie Mandella's home in Soweto, South Africa destroyed by arson

1988 Event - Utrecht conservatory destroyed by fire

1986 Event - 800,000 books destroyed by fire in Los Angeles Central Library

1986 Event - English Hampton Court palace destroyed by fire, 1 dead

1984 Event - 12th minster of York destroyed in lightening storm

1983 Event - Madison Hotel (Boston) destroyed by implosion

1977 Event - Hotel Poland in Amsterdam destroyed by fire, 33 killed

1976 Event - Zeiss planetarium in Hague destroyed by fire

1974 Event - Symbionese Liberation Army destroyed in shoot-out, 6 killed

1973 Event - Acting FBI director L Patrick Gray resigns after admitting he destroyed evidence in the Watergate scandal

1972 Event - Passenger ship Queen Elizabeth destroyed by fire

1967 Death - Ossip Zadkine, Zadkin, Russian sculptor (Destroyed City), dies at 77

1966 Event - An IRA bomb destroyed Nelson's Column in Dublin

1963 Event - Skopje, Yugoslavia, destroyed by earthquake, kills 1,000+

1963 Event - Cyclone hits Chittagong, Bangladesh; about 1 million houses destroyed

1962 Event - Black church is destroyed by fire in Macon Georgia

1954 Event - Scapino Ballet Studio in Amsterdam destroyed by fire

1953 Event - Osip Zadkines monument to "The destroyed city" unveiled in Rotterdam

1945 Event - Japanese city Toyama destroyed by B-29's

1944 Event - Battle in Straits of Surigao: Japanese fleet destroyed

1944 Event - Italian town of Cassino destroyed by Allied bombing

1943 Event - Jewish ghetto of Riga Latvia is destroyed

1943 Event - Uprising at Treblinka Concentration Camp (crematorium destroyed)

1942 Event - 500 die in a fire that destroyed Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston

1941 Event - England's House of Commons and Holborn Theater destroyed in a blitz

1941 Event - Battle of Beda Fomm: Italian 10th army destroyed

1940 Event - 2nd battle of Narvik-8 German destroyers, destroyed

1939 Event - English Spook house Borley Rectory destroyed in a fire

1938 Event - Utrecht Central Station destroyed by fire

1938 Event - Jews injured and property destroyed in Przemyal Poland

1936 Event - London's Crystal Palace (built 1851), destroyed by fire

1933 Event - 2 billion board feet of lumber destroyed in Tillamook Oregon fire

1931 Event - Crystal Palace in Hyde Park London destroyed by fire

1931 Event - Grasshoppers in Iowa, Nebr and SD destroyed thousands of acres of crops

1918 Event - Cloquet Minnesota and 25 other communities destroyed by forest fire, 559 die

1914 Event - Dinant Belgium destroyed by German bombs

1913 Event - Dayton, Ohio almost destroyed when Scioto, Miami, and Muskingum River reach flood stage simultaneously

1907 Event - Sutro's ornate Cliff House in San Francisco destroyed by fire

1904 Event - Much of Toronto destroyed by fire

1904 Event - Baltimore catches fire (1500 buildings destroyed in 80 blocks)

1901 Event - Fire destroyed 1,700 buildings in Jacksonville, Florida

1896 Event - Tsunami strikes Shinto festival on beach at Sanriku Japan 27,000 are killed, 9,000 injured, with 13,000 houses destroyed

1894 Event - Scheveningse fishing boats destroyed by storm

1894 Event - Great fire in Shanghai; over 1,000 buildings destroyed

1894 Event - Columbus World's fair in Chicago destroyed by fire

1892 Event - Oil City and Titusville Penn, destroyed by oil tank explosion; 130 die

1890 Birthday - Ossip Zadkine, Russian/French sculptor, Destroyed City

1890 Event - Amsterdam Theater destroyed by fire

1883 Event - Shocks triggered by volcano Epomeo (Isle of Ischia, Italy) destroyed 1,200 houses at Casamicciola killing 2,000

1881 Event - Vienna's Ring Theater destroyed by fire, kills between 640-850

1874 Event - Barracks on Alcatraz Island destroyed in fire

1864 Event - Most of Calcutta destroyed by cyclone (approx 60,000 die)

1862 Event - General B. Butler orders William Mumford hanged after he removed and destroyed U.S. flag on display over New Orleans Mint

1862 Event - Much of Enschede Netherlands destroyed by fire

1860 Event - Comanche, Iowa completely destroyed by 1 of a series of tornadoes

1856 Event - Covent Garden Opera House destroyed in a fire

1854 Event - San Salvador destroyed by earthquake

1851 Event - Most of San Francisco destroyed by fire; 30 die

1850 Event - Rangoon Burma, destroyed by fire

1850 Event - Mormon Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois destroyed by tornado

1845 Event - Fire in Quebec Canada, 1,500 houses destroyed

1835 Event - Concepcion, Chile destroyed by earthquake; 5,000 die

1830 Event - Edwin Budding of England signs an agreement for manufacture of his invention, lawn mower. Saturdays are destroyed forever

1828 Event - More than 100 vessels destroyed in a storm, Gibraltar

1816 Event - Teatro San Carlo in Naples destroyed by fire

1808 Event - Covent Garden Theatre Royal destroyed by fire

1798 Event - Federal St. Theater, Boston, becomes 1st in U.S. destroyed by fire

1788 Event - Fire destroyed 856 buildings in New Orleans Louisiana

1772 Event - Amsterdam theater destroyed by fire, 18 killed

1764 Event - Winthrop Telescope, is destroyed in a Harvard fire

1752 Event - 3rd great fire in Moscow in 2 weeks; 1/3 of city destroyed

1752 Event - Moscow houses and churchs destroyed by fire

1708 Event - Haverhill, Mass destroyed by French and Indians

1687 Event - Acropolis in Athens attacked by Venetian army trying to eject Turks Parthenon destroyed in war between Turks and Venetians

1672 Event - Joan Blaeus publishers destroyed by fire in Amsterdam

1666 Event - St. Paul's in London destroyed by fire

1666 Event - Great London Fire begins in Pudding Lane. 80% of London is destroyed

1639 Event - Virginia is 1st colony to order surplus crops (tobacco) destroyed

1634 Event - Beach Island in North sea destroyed by a heavy storm flood

1588 Event - Spanish Armada heavily destroyed in storm at Coruna

1568 Event - Abdij Church in Middelburg destroyed by fire

1558 Event - Westmunster Church in Middelburg destroyed by heavy storm

1535 Event - Bloemkamp Abbey (Oldeklooster) attacked and destroyed

1291 Event - Akko reconquered after 200 years by French crusaders, and destroyed

1061 Event - Halley's Comet sparks English monk to predict country'll be destroyed

642 Event - Arabs conquer Alexandria, library destroyed

70 Event - Tower of Antonia destroyed by Romans