Editor Events in History

2014 Event - Rebekah Brooks has been declared not guilty, and Editor Andy Coulson has been pronounced guilty in the 'News of the World' phone hacking case

2014 Event - The 'New York Times' fires its first female executive editor Jill Abramson after three years in the position; Abramson has been replaced by Dean Baquet, the newspaper's first African-American executive editor

2010 Event - Jean Leonard Rugambage, a Rwandan journalist, is shot dead in front of his home in Kigali; the exiled chief editor of Umuvugizi believes the government is responsible

2007 Death - Hans Wollschlager, writer, editor, translated completed works of Edgar Allen Poe, James Joyce's Ulysses, dies in Bamberg, Germany

2004 Death - Julius Schwartz, comic editor/agent, dies at 88

2002 Death - Damon Knight, science fiction writer/editor/teacher, To Serve Man, dies at 79

2001 Death - Carrie Donovan, editor/Old Navy icon, Vogue, dies at 73

2001 Death - Mortimer Adler, "writer, ""Great Books"" editor", dies at 98

2000 Death - Clifton Daniel, American Editor

1998 Death - Joan Lestor, Baroness Lestor of Eccles, politician, Labor Party, teacher, founding editor, Searchlight, anti-fascist magazine, dies

1997 Death - Ruth Picardie, journalist, editor, The Guardian, The Independent newspapers, author of Before I Say Goodbye, memoir of living with breast cancer, dies in Lambeth, London, of breast cancer, at age 33

1997 Death - Judith Merril, editor/writer, That Only a Mother, dies at 74

1997 Death - Nancy Woodhull, news editor for USA Today, dies of cancer at 52

1997 Death - Louis Pauwels, writer/editor, dies at 76

1997 Death - Phyllis Hartnoll, writer and editor, dies at 90

1996 Death - Marjorie Proops, problem page editor, dies at 85

1996 Death - Elizabeth Gille, writer translator/editor, dies at 59

1996 Death - Hilary Preston, editor, dies at 88

1996 Death - Ruggero Mastroianni, film editor, dies at 66

1996 Event - 128th Belmont: Rene Douglas aboard Editor's Note wins in 2:28.96

1996 Death - Maisie Fitter, editor/conservationist, dies at 83

1996 Death - Barbara McLean, film Editor, dies at 86

1996 Death - Horace Leonard Gold, science fiction writer/editor, dies at 81

1995 Death - Robert Parrish, film director editor/actor (Casino Royale), dies at 79

1995 Death - Miron Grindea, literary editor, dies at 86

1995 Death - David Richard Holloway, literary Editor, dies at 71

1995 Death - Michael VerMeulen, writer, journalist, magazine editor, broke story on U.S. AIDS epidemic, published in Vanity Fair, Parade, GQ founding features editor, dies at 38

1995 Death - Tom Scott, poet/editor, dies at 77

1995 Death - Adrienne Keith Cohen, travel editor, dies at 69

1995 Death - Andrew Salkey, author editor/broadcaster, dies at 67

1995 Death - Jan Bart Klaster, music editor (The Slogan), dies at 50

1995 Death - Stafford WIlliam Somerfield, newspaper editor, dies at 84

1994 Death - Said Mekbel, Algerian editor in chief (Le Matin), murdered at 57

1994 Death - Tushar Kanti Ghosh, longest serving newspaper editor, dies at 93

1994 Death - John Beavan, newspaper Editor, dies at 84

1994 Death - Selwyn Powell, art Editor, dies at 82

1994 Death - Thomas Davis, U.S. movie editor/son of MGM-chief Frank D, dies at 26

1993 Death - Kenneth Burke, philosopher, literary theorist, Agnostic, awarded Guggenheim Fellowship 1935, music critic for 'The Nation', editor, 'The Dial' literary magazine, attended Columbia University, dies of heart failure at his home in Andover, New Jersey

1993 Death - Will Weng, Sunday Times crossword puzzle editor (1968-78), dies at 86

1993 Death - Art Hodes, Russian/US jazz/blues pianist/editor (Jazz Record), dies

1993 Death - George E Wilburn, film editor, dies of emphysema at 77

1992 Death - LH Ruitenberg, vicar/editor in chief (Reform Netherlands), dies at 87

1992 Death - Alan Balsam, U.S. movie editor (Divine Madness), dies

1992 Death - Reginald Beck, English film editor (Robbery, Accident, Boom), dies

1992 Death - C Meijer, Dutch editor in chief (Typhoon), dies

1992 Death - Donald Zimmerman, editor, dies

1990 Death - Norman Cousins, editor (Saturday Review), dies at 75

1989 Death - Diana Vreeland, American Editor

1989 Event - Hugh Hefner (Playboy editor) weds playmate Kimberly Conrad

1989 Death - Howard Simons, American Editor

1988 Death - John Canning, New York Post managing editor, dies at 56

1985 Death - Pieter Jongeling, Dutch MP/editor (GPV, Netherlands Daily), dies at 76

1984 Death - Uwe Johnson, writer, scholar, editor, dies at 59

1983 Death - Mignon McLaughlin, journalist, author, contributed to Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Vogue magazines, Managing Editor, Glamour magazine, famous quote, 'Anything you lose automatically doubles in value', dies in Coral Gables, Florida

1982 Death - Jan Kuiper, Dutch news editor (IKON), murdered in El Salvador

1981 Death - Hoyt J Fuller, editor (1st World magazine), dies at 57

1977 Event - Donald Woods, a banned white editor flees South Africa

1973 Death - Margaret Anderson, American Editor

1972 Death - John A H J S Bruins Slot, co-founder/editor in chief (illegal), dies

1971 Death - Aleksandr T. Tvardovski, Russian editor in chief (Novyj Mir), dies at 61

1969 Birthday - Bryant H. McGill, born in Mobile, Alabama, editor, author, celebrity publicist, creator, celebrity verification group, books include the 'McGill English Dictionary of Rhyme'

1966 Death - Henk [Hendrik M] of Randwijk, poet/editor in chief (illegal), dies

1965 Birthday - Robert Manry, Cleveland newspaper editor/sailed the Atlantic, in craft

1965 Birthday - John Leonard, born in Australia, poet, editor of poetry journal, 'Overland', 'Unlove', 'Braided Lands', 'Jesus in Kashmir'

1965 Birthday - Piers Morgan, born in England, editor of tabloids, the Daily Mirror, News of the World, judge on television show, 'Britain's Got Talent' and 'America's Got Talent'

1964 Birthday - Ruth Picardie, born in Reading, England, journalist, editor, The Guardian, The Independent newspapers, author of Before I Say Goodbye, memoir of living with breast cancer

1964 Birthday - Steve Nevius, film editor, Eden, Fall Time, Damascus

1963 Death - William Edward Burghardt du Bois, educational editor/author, dies

1960 Birthday - Ian Hislop, born in Mumbles, Wales, writer, editor, Private Eye magazine, broadcaster, radio, television, team captain on BBC's 'Have I Got News for You'

1959 Event - Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley (37) and David Brown (43) wed

1958 Death - Herbert Bayard Swope, American Editor

1957 Event - Kokomo the Chimp becomes Today Show animal editor

1956 Birthday - Michael VerMeulen, born in Chicago, Illinois, writer, journalist, magazine editor, broke story on U.S. AIDS epidemic, published in Vanity Fair, Parade, GQ founding features editor

1956 Event - William Shawn succeeds Harold Ross as editor of New Yorker

1955 Birthday - Clive Aslet, British editor, Country Life

1954 Birthday - Ferry Hoogendijk, Dutch editor in chief, Elsevier Magazine

1954 Birthday - Stephen Platt, editor, New Statesman and Society

1954 Death - Frederick Lewis Allen, American Editor

1953 Birthday - Tina Brown, born in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, journalist, magazine editor, talk-show host, columnist, author of The Diana Chronicles

1953 Birthday - Michael Byron, born in America, composer, released music on Koch Records, Meridien Records, editor, contemporary music anthologies

1953 Death - Edward Marsh, British Editor

1951 Death - Harold Ross, American Editor

1949 Birthday - William Randolph Hearst III, publisher/editor

1949 Birthday - Bill Keller, American Editor

1949 Birthday - Andrew Nell, editor, Sunday Times

1948 Birthday - Nicholas Broomfield, director/editor, Dark Obsession, Heidi Fleiss

1946 Birthday - Adam Michnik, Polish Editor

1946 Birthday - Jeremy Treglown, English scholar/editor, TLS

1945 Death - Charles Williams, English Editor

1944 Event - Newspaper editor Alejandro Cordova assassinated in Guatemala

1944 Birthday - Kenneth Tomlinson, American Editor

1944 Birthday - John Bryant, editor, Europeans

1943 Birthday - Walter Murch, American film editor and sound deisgner

1943 Birthday - Simon Jenkins, editor, Times

1943 Birthday - Terry Pavey, editor, TV Times

1943 Birthday - Howell Raines, American Editor

1943 Death - Carlo Tresca, New York's Italian newspaper editor/anti-fascist, murdered

1942 Birthday - Nicholas Lloyd, editor, Daily Express

1941 Birthday - George Will, born in Champaign, Illinois, journalist, author, wrote, editor, National Review magazine 1972 - 1978, awarded Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

1940 Birthday - Peter Haining, writer and editor, Anatomy of Witchcraft

1940 Birthday - Thelma Schoonmaker, actress/editor, Casino, Cape Fear, Good Fellas

1939 Birthday - Judith P Appelbaum, magazine and newspaper editor, educator

1939 Birthday - William Hagerty, editor, People

1938 Birthday - Peter Preston, editor, Guardian

1937 Birthday - Elizabeth Gille, writer translator/editor

1935 Birthday - Hans Wollschlager, born in Minden, Germany, writer, editor, translated completed works of Edgar Allen Poe, James Joyce's Ulysses

1934 Birthday - Uwe Johnson, born in Pomerania, Poland, writer, scholar, editor, wrote fiction, won International Publishers' Formentor Prize

1934 Birthday - Geoffrey Owen, British editor, Financial Times

1934 Birthday - Mark Strand, American poet/editor/translator, Another Republic

1933 Birthday - Peter Hartling, born in Chemnitz, Germany, writer, poet, managing director, S. Fisher Verlag publishing house, editor, Der Monat, magazine

1933 Birthday - Claire Tomalin, biographer/editor

1932 Birthday - Peter Bart, American Editor

1931 Birthday - Rinus Ferdinandusse, editor/author, Nude on Fence

1931 Birthday - Joan Lestor, born in England, Baroness Lestor of Eccles, politician, Labor Party, teacher, founding editor, Searchlight, anti-fascist magazine

1930 Birthday - Gerry Davis, born in England, science-fiction writer, wrote British television soap operas Coronation Street and United!, script editor for Doctor Who

1930 Birthday - JPS van Neerven, Dutch economist/editor, Limbourg Daily

1930 Birthday - Norman Podhoretz, born in Brooklyn, New York, author/editor, New York Post

1930 Death - Edward W. Buck, Dutch/US editor (Ladies Home Journal), dies at 66

1929 Birthday - Ruggero Mastroianni, film editor

1929 Birthday - Larry Lamb, newspaper editor

1929 Birthday - James Bishop, editor, London News Publications

1929 Birthday - Howard Simons, American Editor

1928 Birthday - Andrew Salkey, author editor/broadcaster

1927 Death - Charles Boissevain, editor in chief (General Trade 1885-1908), dies

1927 Birthday - Joop F. Wolff, Dutch editor, Truth, Dutch politician, CPN

1926 Birthday - Robert Bly, U.S., poet/editor/translator, Loving a Woman in 2 Worlds

1926 Birthday - Adrienne Keith Cohen, travel editor

1925 Birthday - Justin Kaplan, born in New York, New York, writer, editor, Pulitzer-prize winner and National Book Award-winner for biography on Mark Twain, edited Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 16th edition

1924 Birthday - David Richard Holloway, literary Editor

1923 Birthday - John Hale, born in Ashford, Kent, linguist, historian, professor, editor, attended Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, served as a Fellow of the British Academy

1922 Birthday - Stan Lee, writer, editor and co-creator of Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and many more comic characters

1922 Birthday - Henry Anatole Grunwald, Austrian Editor

1922 Birthday - Viktor Afanasiev, editor, Pravda

1922 Birthday - Alan Ross, editor, London Magazine

1922 Birthday - Abraham Rosenthal, editor, New York Times

1922 Birthday - Howard Moss, poet/editor, New Yorker

1921 Birthday - Pricilla Lanford Buckly, editor/columnist, National Review

1921 Birthday - Ben Bradlee, Boston, editor/journalist/executive, Washington Post

1920 Birthday - Louis Pauwels, writer/editor

1920 Birthday - David Wright, born in Johannesburg, South Africa, given name David John Murray Wright, editor of 'X', autobiography 'Deafness. A Personal Account' gives insight into deafness

1920 Birthday - John Junor, British editor in chief, Sunday Express

1918 Birthday - Tom Scott, poet/editor

1917 Birthday - William Putnam Bundy, London, editor, Lvaggerier and Vagaries

1916 Birthday - Marshall Field IV, publisher/editor, Chicago Daily News, Sunday Times

1914 Birthday - Catherine Marshall, editor/writer

1914 Birthday - Joseph M "Joop" Lucker, Dutch journalist/editor in chief, Volkskrant

1914 Birthday - Horace Leonard Gold, Sci-Fi writer/editor

1914 Death - Gaston Calmette, editor (Le Figaro), killed by Mme Caillaux at 55

1913 Birthday - Mignon McLaughlin, born in Baltimore, Maryland, journalist, author, contributed to Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Vogue magazines, Managing Editor, Glamour magazine, famous quote, 'Anything you lose automatically doubles in value'

1912 Birthday - Maisie Fitter, editor/conservationist

1912 Birthday - Clifton Daniel, American Editor

1912 Birthday - Alexander Liberman, editor/painter/photographer, 639

1912 Birthday - Norman Cousins, editor, Saturday Review

1912 Birthday - Selwyn Powell, art editor

1912 Birthday - Arthur Crook, British editor, Times Literary Supplement

1911 Birthday - Stafford WIlliam Somerfield, British newspaper editor

1910 Event - 1st issue of "Crisis" published by editor W E B Du Bois

1910 Birthday - John Beavan, newspaper editor

1909 Birthday - Rich Lowry, American Editor

1909 Birthday - Pieter Jongeling, Dutch MP, GVP, editor, Netherlands Daily

1909 Birthday - Miron Grindea, literary editor

1908 Birthday - Hilary Preston, editor

1907 Birthday - Bernardas Brazdzionis, Lithuania, poet/editor/critic

1906 Birthday - Phyllis Hartnoll, writer/editor

1906 Birthday - Diana Vreeland, American Editor

1905 Birthday - L H Ruitenberg, vicar/editor in chief, Reformed of Netherlands

1899 Birthday - Paul de Groot, Dutch communist politician, CPN, Editor, The Truth

1898 Birthday - Tushar Kanti Ghosh, world's oldest/longest serving newspaper Editor

1898 Death - Paul A Daum, writer/founder/editor (Batavian Newspaper), dies

1898 Birthday - Jan Filip Boon, Flemish author/editor, De Standaard 1929-39

1897 Death - Francis Turner Palgrave, poet/editor (Golden Treasury), dies at 73

1897 Birthday - Kenneth Burke, born in America, philosopher, literary theorist, Agnostic, awarded Guggenheim Fellowship 1935, music critic for 'The Nation', editor, 'The Dial' literary magazine, attended Columbia University

1892 Birthday - Harold Ross, American Editor

1892 Birthday - David Garnett, England, novelist and editor, Lady into Fox

1891 Birthday - Maurus H Hulsman, Dutch priest/editor, Amigoe di Curaeao

1891 Birthday - Robert W. P. Peereboom, Dutch editor in chief, Haarlem Newspaper

1890 Birthday - Frederick Lewis Allen, American Editor

1888 Death - Carel Vosmaer, art historian/poet/editor (Netherlands Spectator), dies at 62

1887 Birthday - Charles D. Brown, born in Iowa, actor, Barefoot Boy, Disbarred, Night Editor

1886 Birthday - Margaret Anderson, American Editor

1886 Birthday - Charles Williams, English Editor

1883 Birthday - Henk JFM Sneevliet, leader RSAP/editor Spartacus, Dutch-Indies

1882 Birthday - George Jean Nathan, U.S., editor/author/critic, American Mercury

1882 Birthday - Herbert Bayard Swope, American Editor

1880 Birthday - Robert Rutherford McCormick, U.S., editor/publisher, Chicago Tribune

1879 Birthday - Frederick G. Melcher, U.S., publisher/editor/founded children book week

1876 Death - Francis Preston Blair, newspaper editor (Washington Globe), dies at 85

1873 Birthday - Ford Madox Ford, England, novelist/editor, Inheritors

1872 Birthday - Edward Marsh, British Editor

1868 Birthday - Petrus A. Euwens, Dutch vicar/editor, Amigoe di Curaeao

1868 Birthday - William Allen White, Emporia, Kansas, editor, Pulitzer 1942

1866 Birthday - Benedetto Croce, Italy, humanist/historian/editor/philosopher

1864 Birthday - Gerard W. Kernkamp, Dutch historian/editor, Groene Amsterdammer

1863 Birthday - Arthur Quiller-Couch, Q, editor, Oxford Book of English Verse

1863 Birthday - John Huston Finley, Illinois, editor of the New York Times, 1937-38

1862 Birthday - Montague Rhodes James, scholar/author/editor

1862 Death - Harmen S Sytstra, Dutch poet/editor (Iduna), dies at 45

1861 Birthday - Owen Seaman, poet/editor, Punch

1860 Birthday - Harriet Monroe, Chicago, poet/editor of Poetry magazine, You and I

1857 Birthday - Samuel Sidney McClure, Irish-American newspaper editor/publisher

1856 Birthday - Elbert Hubbard, U.S., editor/publisher/author, Message to Garcia

1851 Birthday - Charles H Dow, co-founded Dow Jones/1st editor of Wall St. Journal

1850 Birthday - Paul A Daum, Dutch writer/founder/editor, Batavian Newspaper

1846 Birthday - Justus van Maurik, Dutch cigar manufacturer/writer/editor, Groene

1842 Birthday - Charles Boissevain, editor Dutch Algemeen Handelsblad, 1885-1908

1841 Event - New York "Tribune" begins publishing under editor Horace Greeley

1837 Birthday - William Dean Howells, U.S., novelist/critic/editor, Atlantic

1836 Birthday - Thomas Bailey Aldrich, U.S., author/editor, Story of a Bad Boy

1826 Birthday - Carel Vosmaer, Dutch art historian/poet/editor

1823 Birthday - Joseph Medill, born in St. John, Canada, newspaper editor, Chicago Tribune

1820 Birthday - John Bartlett, U.S., editor, compiled Familiar Quotations

1817 Birthday - Frederick Douglass, African-American abolitionist/lecturer/editor

1817 Birthday - Harmen S Sytstra, Dutch poet/editor, Iduna

1812 Death - Edmund Malone, Irish Editor

1811 Birthday - Horace Greeley, editor, "Go west, young man"

1806 Birthday - Nathaniel Willis, writer/editor/founder, American Monthly Mag

1796 Birthday - Horace Mann, U.S., educator/author/editor, pioneered public schools

1791 Birthday - Francis Preston Blair, newspaper editor, Washington Globe

1787 Birthday - Charles Cowden Clarke, English editor/Shakespearean critic

1762 Event - 1st female (Ann Franklin) U.S. newspaper editor, Newport RI, Mercury

1749 Birthday - Isaiah Thomas, U.S., printer/editor/publisher/historian

1741 Birthday - Edmund Malone, Irish Editor