Julian Events in History

2013 Event - The release of 1.7 million U.S diplomatic and intelligence documents from 1973-1976 when Henry Kissinger was U.S. Secretary of State were released by Wikileaks; Julian Assange worked on the project inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

2012 Event - Despite being under house arrest in the United Kingdom, Julian Assange announces his plan to run for the Senate of Australia

2010 Event - WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is released on bail

2010 Event - Director of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, announces plans to release remaining Afghan War Diary documents from War in Afghanistan

2004 Event - Wimbledon Men's Doubles Finals, Todd Woodbridge and Jonas Bjorkman beat Julian Knowles and Nenad Zimonjic

1996 Death - Julian Amery, politician, dies at 77

1996 Death - Julian Stryjkowski, writer, dies at 91

1996 Death - Julian Hill, research chemist, dies at 91

1995 Death - Julian Graham Theodore Hough, actor (Deathwatch, Shout), dies at 47

1994 Death - Julian Belfrage, theatre agent, dies at 60

1994 Death - Julian Gustave Symons, writer, dies at 82

1994 Death - Julian Symons, Br detective writer (Death's Darkest Face), dies at 82

1991 Death - Julian Orbon De Soto, composer, dies at 65

1985 Event - Julian Lennon's 1st concert (San Antonio Texas)

1980 Event - Julian Nott sets world hot-air balloon altitude record (16,806 m)

1979 Death - Julian Orchard, actor (Perfect Friday, Bless this House), dies at 49

1976 Death - Percy Julian, holder of more than 138 chemical patents, dies at 78

1976 Death - Julian Rivero, actor (Via Pony Express), dies at 85

1975 Death - Julian "Cannonball" Adderly, saxophonist/bandleader, dies at 46

1975 Death - Julian "Cannonball" Alderly, sax player, dies of a stroke at 46

1975 Death - Julian E "Cannonball" Adderley, U.S., jazz musician, Black Messiah, dies at 46 from a stroke

1975 Death - Julian Huxley, biologist, dies

1975 Death - Julian S Huxley, English scholar/director-General (UNESCO), dies at 87

1975 Birthday - Julian Dean, Waihi New Zealand, team pursuit cyclist 1996 Olympics

1973 Birthday - Julian Tavarez, Santiago, Dominican Republic, pitcher, Cleveland Indians

1972 Birthday - Jordi Burillo, born in Barcelona, Spain, professional tennis player, won ATP Tour singles title and doubles title, coached Julian Alonso

1972 Death - Julian H Steward, U.S. anthropologist (South American), dies at 70

1970 Death - Julian Przybos, Polish poet (Poki my Zyjemy), dies at 69

1970 Birthday - Brendon Julian, cricketer, in New Zealand Australian left-arm quickie 1993-

1970 Birthday - Julian Paynter, Australian 5k runner 1996 Olympics

1967 Birthday - Julian McMahon, actor, Ian Rain-Another World, John Grant-Profiler

1967 Event - Georgia legislature seats Rep. Julian Bond

1966 Event - Julian Bond denied seat in Georgia legislature for opposing Vietnam War

1965 Death - Julian Antonio Carillo-Trujillo, composer, dies at 90

1963 Birthday - Julian Brookhouse, rocker, Curiosity Killed Cat-Keep Your Distance

1963 Birthday - Julian Lennon, John's son and singer, Too Late for Goodbyes

1961 Death - Julian Bautista, composer, dies at 60

1959 Birthday - Julian Clary, born in Teddington, England, comedian, novelist, employs campy delivery style, emphasizing use of double entendre, innuendo, videos of stage acts include 'My Glittering Passage', 'The Mincing Machine Tour'

1958 Birthday - Julian Sands, actor, One Night Stand

1957 Birthday - Julian Cope, Welsh pop musician, Eve's Volcano

1955 Birthday - Jools Holland, born in Blackheath, England, born Julian Miles Holland, composer, singer, pianist, television presenter, founder of band, Squeeze, hosts show titled, 'Later... with Jools Holland'

1954 Death - Julian Lowell Coolidge, mathematician (Study-Segre school), dies at 80

1953 Birthday - Julian Keith Strickland, Athens, Georgia, drummer, B-52's-Rock Lobster

1953 Birthday - Julian Brazier, born in Kent, England, British politician, Conservative Member of Parliament for Canterbury

1950 Death - Kurt Julian Weill, German composer (Dreigroschenoper), dies at 50

1947 Birthday - Julian Graham Theodore Hough, actor, Deathwatch, Jabberwocky

1946 Birthday - Julian Barnes, England, writer, Before She Met Me

1940 Birthday - Julian Chagrin, London, mime/actor, Golddiggers

1940 Birthday - Julian Bond, born in Nashville, Tennessee, D-Ga, civil rights leader

1935 Birthday - Julian Pettifer, English TV-host

1935 Birthday - Julian Glover, born in London, England, actor, QED, Heat and Dust, Mandela

1934 Birthday - Julian C. Dixon, born in Washington, D.C., Representative-D-California 1979 - 2000

1934 Birthday - Julian Belfrage, theatre Agent

1934 Birthday - Julian Ogilvie Thompson, CEO, De Beers

1934 Birthday - Julian B Coco, Antilles, guitarist/tutor, Princess Christina

1933 Birthday - Julian Oswald, British Admiral of the Fleet

1933 Birthday - Julian Bream, born in London, England, guitarist, plays baroque guitar, lute, considered the 20th century's most distinguished classical guitarists

1931 Birthday - Julian May, U.S., sci-fi author, Golden Torc, Magnificat

1930 Birthday - Julian Slade, born in London, England, writer, best-known work 'Salad Days', UK's longest running musical

1928 Birthday - Julian E "Cannonball" Adderley, born in Tampa, Florida, jazz musician, Black Messiah

1925 Birthday - Julian Orbon De Soto, composer

1924 Death - Julian Aguirre, composer, dies at 56

1924 Birthday - Julian B Coco, Curacao guitarist/bassist, Utrecht Symphony Orchestra

1920 Event - Last day of Julian civil calendar (in parts of Bulgaria)

1920 Event - Last day of Julian civil calendar in Greece

1919 Birthday - Julian Amery, conservative minister

1918 Birthday - Julian S Schwinger, U.S. physicist

1918 Event - Last day of the Julian calendar in Finland

1917 Birthday - Julian Faber, CEO, Willis Faber

1915 Birthday - Julian Ridsdale, born in England, politician, Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Harwich in Essex, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

1912 Birthday - Julian Gustave Symons, writer

1910 Death - Julian Edwards, composer, dies at 54

1910 Birthday - Julian Trevelyan, English Surrealist painter/collage maker

1906 Birthday - John Carroll, Julian LaFaye, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actor, Wolf Call

1905 Birthday - Julian Stryjkowski, writer

1904 Birthday - Julian Hodge, British financier/multi-millionaire, Hodge Group

1904 Birthday - Julian Hill, research chemist

1902 Birthday - Julian H Steward, U.S. anthropologist/professor

1901 Birthday - Julian Bautista, composer

1901 Birthday - Julian Przybos, Polish poet, Sruby

1899 Birthday - Percy L. Julian, chemist, drugs for treatment of arthritis

1890 Death - Kazamierz Julian Kratzer, composer, dies at 46

1890 Birthday - Julian Rivero, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Son of Oklahoma, Via Pony Express

1887 Birthday - Julian S Huxley, London, biologist/philosopher, Darwin's Bulldog

1883 Birthday - Julian Eltinge, Massachusetts, vaudeville star/greatest female impersonator

1880 Birthday - Julian Tannen, New York, comedian, Great Moment

1880 Birthday - Julian Myrick, promoter of junior tennis

1875 Birthday - Julian Antonio Carillo-Trujillo, composer

1873 Birthday - Julian Lowell Coolidge, Massachusetts, mathematician, Study-Segre school

1868 Birthday - Julian Aguirre, composer

1867 Event - Last day of Julian calendar in Alaska

1858 Event - Origin of Modified Julian Period

1855 Birthday - Julian Edwards, composer

1855 Death - Mary Russell Mitford, English playwright and poet (Julian), dies at 67

1844 Birthday - Kazamierz Julian Kratzer, composer

1834 Event - HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin arrive in Port San Julian, Patagonia

1817 Birthday - George Washington Julian, MC, Union

1752 Event - Last Julian calender day in U.S. and England (no Sept 3-Sept 13th)

1752 Event - Last day of Julian calendar in Britain, British colonies

1700 Event - Last day of Julian calendar in Denmark

1700 Event - Russia replaces Byzantines with Julian calendar

1609 Death - Joseph Justus Scaliger, French inventor of "Julian Period", dies at 68

1584 Event - Last day of the Julian calendar in Bohemia and Holy Roman empire

1582 Event - Last Julian calender day in Spain/Portugal/pontifical states

1540 Birthday - Joseph Justice Scaliger, proposed Julian dating

1492 Event - Columbus' discovers America (Oct 12, 1492 Julian calender)

1258 Death - Julian of Cornillon/Liege, Flemish visionary/saint, dies

990 Event - Russia adopts Julian calendar

597 Event - England adopts Julian calendar

331 Birthday - Flavius Claudius Julianus, Julian the Apostate, emperor