Serbia Events in History

2015 Event - Migrants in Serbia trying to enter the E.U. via Hungary attempt to break through a border gate, causing conflict with Hungarian police; Hungary has closed its border, but Serbia will send travelers to Croatia so they can then go on to northern Europe

2014 Event - The International Olympic Committee will recognize the Olympic committee of Kosovo despite the country's lack of U.N. membership, setting an unusual precedent and raising protests from Serbia; Kosovo broke away from Serbia in 2008

2014 Event - The United Nations and the European Union have sent workers, equipment and supplies to Serbia and Bosnia in the wake of massive floods that have resulted in at least 36 deaths and a large number homeless after destruction of homes and farms

2012 Event - At the 2012 U.S. Open, Andy Murray of the U.K. wins the Men's Singles, defeating Serbia's Novak Djokovic; Murray becomes the first British player to win a Grand Slam singles title since Fred Perry 76 years ago

2012 Event - Serbia says it is protecting a witness of organ harvesting on Serbian prisoners of the war in Kosovo

2012 Event - Ivica Dacic is officially sworn in as Prime Minister of Serbia

2009 Event - Kosovo holds its first local election since declaring independence from Serbia

2008 Event - Kosovo declares independence from Serbia

1992 Event - Slobodan Milosevic re-elected president of Serbia

1941 Event - Nazi occupiers murder 500 inhabitants of Kragujevac Serbia

1941 Birthday - Slobodan Milocevic, premier Serbia

1941 Event - 1st anti semitic measures in Serbia

1931 Death - Ivan V. Lalic, born in Belgrade, Serbia, poet, awarded most prestigious literary prizes in Yugoslavia, poems are translated into more than twenty languages

1921 Birthday - Dobrica Cosic, born in Velika Drenova, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, now Serbia, writer, political, national theorist, first president of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992 - 1993, called 'Father of the Nation'

1921 Death - Peter I Karadjordjevic, King of Serbia/Yugoslavia (1903-21), dies

1920 Event - Netherland breaks contact with kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slavia

1918 Event - Serbia annexes Montenegro

1918 Death - Abdul-Hamid II, 34th sultan of Turkey (lost Serbia/Egypt), dies at 65

1915 Event - Belgrade Serbia, surrenders to Central leaders

1914 Event - Austria army occupies Belgrade Serbia

1914 Event - Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia and Serbia

1914 Event - Serbia declares war against Germany

1914 Event - World War I began when Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

1914 Event - Austria-Hungary issues ultimatum to Serbia leading to WW I

1914 Event - Germany offers Austria war aid to fight against Russia in Serbia

1914 Event - Austria invades Serbia, WW I

1914 Event - King Peter I of Serbia names son Alexander the Prince-regent

1914 Event - Serbia and Turkey sign peace treaty

1913 Event - Austrian-Hungary demands that Serbia and Albania leave

1913 Event - Serbia and Greece declare war on Bulgaria

1912 Event - Austria-Hungary engage in conflict with Serbia

1912 Event - Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria sign weapons pact

1912 Event - Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia declares war on Turkey

1909 Event - Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy asks Serbia to set no territorial demands

1909 Event - Serbia mobilizes against Austria-Hungary

1908 Event - Serbia and Montenegro sign anti-Austria-Hungarian pact

1903 Death - Alexander I, King of Serbia are assassinated

1903 Death - Dragia, Queen of Serbia, assassinated

1901 Event - Serbia reactivates diplomatic relations with Montenegro

1901 Death - Milan I, king of Serbia, dies at 56

1888 Birthday - Milan Stoyadinovich, born in Serbia, fascist Yugoslavia PM, 1935-39

1885 Death - Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic, monarch of Serbia (1842-58), dies at 78

1882 Event - Monarch Milan Obrenovic of Serbia crowns himself king

1881 Event - Austria-Hungary and Serbia sign military treaty

1876 Birthday - Alexander I Obrenovic, King of Serbia/Yugoslavia, 1922-34

1876 Event - Serbia declares war on Turkey

1854 Birthday - Milan I, King of Serbia

1844 Birthday - Peter I Karadjordjevic, King of Serbia/Yugoslavia

1842 Birthday - Abdul-Hamid II, 34th sultan of Turkey, lost Romania and Serbia

1823 Birthday - Michael Obrenovic, ruler of Serbia

1806 Birthday - Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic, monarch of Serbia, 1842-58

1371 Death - Stefanus X Uros V, king of Serbia (1355-71), dies

1371 Death - Vlkasin, Hungarian general/co-king of Serbia, dies

1355 Death - Stefanus IX Uros IV Dusan, king (1331-46)/Serbia (1346-55), dies

1346 Event - King Stefanus IX of Serbia proclaims himself czar of Greece

1331 Death - Stefanus VIII Uros III Decanski, king of Serbia (1322-31), dies

1321 Death - Stefanus VI Uros II Milutin, king of Serbia (1282-1321), dies

1277 Death - Stefanus IV Uros I de Great, King of Serbia (1243-76), dies

1236 Death - Sava [Rastko], son of Serbia's king/saint, dies at 64

1228 Death - Stefanus I Nemanjic de Eerstgekroonde, king of Serbia (1217-28), dies