Torpedoed Events in History

1945 Event - Philippines Sea: U.S. cruiser Indianapolis torpedoed/sinks, 880 die

1945 Event - After delivering the Atomic Bomb across the Pacific, the cruiser USS Indianapolis is torpedoed and sunk by a Japanese submarine

1945 Event - U.S. destroyer Underhill torpedoed West of Guam

1945 Event - "Wilhelm Gustloff" torpedoed off Danzig by Soviet sub-c 7,700 die

1945 Event - German ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" torpedoed, 4,800 killed

1943 Event - Destroyer Itchen torpedoed and sinks

1943 Event - Airship Canadian Star torpedoed and sinks

1943 Event - James Oglethorpe (U.S.) and Terkolei (Netherlands), torpedoed and sinks

1943 Event - Aldemarin (Ned) and Fort Cedar Lake (U.S.) torpedoed and sinks

1943 Event - Elin K (No) and Zaanland (Netherlands) torpedoed and sinks

1942 Event - Poon Lim set adrift for 133 days after his boat is torpedoed

1942 Event - U.S. aircraft carrier Wasp torpedoed at Guadalcanal

1942 Event - British aircraft carrier Eagle torpedoed and sinks

1941 Event - Hitler orders U.S. ships torpedoed

1941 Event - USS Reuben James torpedoed by Germans, even though U.S. is not in war

1941 Event - 1st U.S. destroyer (Kearney) torpedoed in WW II, off Iceland

1940 Event - German cruiser Blucher torpedoed and capsizes in Oslofjord, 1,000 die

1918 Event - 1st WW I U.S. Army troop ship torpedoed and sunk by Germany, off Ireland

1916 Event - French cruiser "Admiral Charner" torpedoed off Syrian coast, kills 374

1915 Event - Netherlands merchant ship Tubantia torpedoed and sinks in North Sea

1864 Event - Confederate ship Albemarle torpedoed/sinks

1862 Event - Naval Engagement at Yazoo River, MS (USS CAIRO torpedoed)