1950 in History
January 1 Ho Chi Minh begins offensive against French troops in Indo China
January 5 Carson McCuller's "Member of the Wedding," premieres in New York City
January 6 Britain recognizes Communist government of China
January 6 "Happy as Larry" opens at Coronet Theater New York City for 3 performances
January 7 Hank Snow's 1st appearance on "Grand Ole Opry"
January 7 "Happy as Larry" closes at Coronet Theater New York City after 3 performances
January 7 Mental health wing of Mercy Hospital burns, kills 41 (Davenport Ia)
January 12 Swedish tanker rams British submarine Truculent in Thames, 64 die
January 12 U.S.S.R. re-introduces death penalty for treason, espionage and sabotage
January 14 "As the Girls Go" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 420 performances
January 14 U.S. recalls all consular officials from China
January 15 4,000 attend National Emergency Civil Rights Conference in Washington D.C.
January 16 Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands recognize Israel
January 17 11 men rob Brink's office in Boston of $1.2M cash and $1.5M securities
January 17 "Alive and Kicking" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 46 performances
January 18 Christopher Fry's "Venus Observed," premieres in London
January 18 Indians pitcher Bob Feller, after 15-14 season, takes $20,000 salary cut to $45,000, pay cut is Feller's own suggestion
January 19 Maiden flight by Canada's Avro Canada CF-100 military plane
January 20 "Dance Me a Song" opens at Royale Theater New York City for 35 performances
January 20 Suriname becomes independent part in Realm of Netherlands
January 21 "Lend an Ear" closes at National Theater New York City after 460 performances
January 21 NY jury finds former State Department official Alger Hiss guilty of perjury
January 21 T. S. Eliot's "Cocktail Party," premieres in New York City
January 22 Polly Riley wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
January 23 3rd edition of Joseph Kane's Famous 1st Facts published
January 23 AP picks "Miracle Braves" of 1914 as greatest sports upset
January 23 Israeli Knesset resolves Jerusalem is capital of Israel
January 23 NFL rule changes open way for 2-platoon system (offense and defense)
January 23 Rebel army of cap Raymond Westerner occupies Bandung
January 24 Jackie Robinson signs highest contract ($35,000) in Dodger history
January 25 73 degrees F (23 degrees C) highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in January
January 26 India becomes a republic ceaseing to be a British dominion
January 27 2nd Emmy Awards: Ed Wynn Show and Texaco Star Theater win
January 28 Preston Tucker, auto maker, found not guilty of mail fraud
January 30 "Robert Montgomery Presents" dramatic anthology premieres on NBC TV
January 31 President Truman approves building of hydrogen bomb
February 1 U.S.S.R. demands condemnation of Emperor Hirohito for war crimes
February 1 Urko Kekkonen elected president of Finland
February 2 1st broadcast of "What's My Line," on CBS-TV
February 2 "Arms and the Girl" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 134 performances
February 3 Nuclear physicist Klaus Fuchs arrested on spy charges
February 7 Georges Bidault forms French government
February 7 U.S. and Great Britain recognize Bao Dai Vietnamese regime
February 9 Senator Joseph McCarthy charges State Department infested with 205 communists
February 11 "Rag Mop" by The Ames Brothers hit #1
February 12 Albert Einstein warns against hydrogen bomb
February 12 Senator Joe McCarthy claims to have list of 205 communist government employees
February 14 Moroney scores cricket twin centuries for Australia at Johannesburg
February 14 U.S.S.R. and China sign peace treaty
February 15 KENS TV channel 5 in San Antonio, Texas (CBS) begins broadcasting
February 15 Walt Disney's "Cinderella" released
February 15 WM Inge's "Come Back, Little Sheba," premieres in New York City
February 15 WSYR (now WSTM) TV channel 3 in Syracuse, New York (NBC) begins broadcasting
February 16 Longest-running prime-time game show, "What's My Line" begins on CBS
February 16 Writers fail to elect anyone to Baseball's Hall of Fame
February 17 31 die in a train crash in Rockville Center, New York
February 18 "Dance Me a Song" closes at Royale Theater New York City after 35 performances
February 20 Dylan Thomas arrives in New York City for his 1st U.S. poetry reading tour
February 20 WOL-AM in Washington D.C. swaps calls with WWDC
February 21 WOI TV channel 5 in Ames-Des Moines, IA (ABC/PBS) begins broadcasting
February 22 Brockway and Weinstock publish "Men of Music"
February 24 Labour wins British parliamentary election
February 25 "Your Show of Shows" with Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca premieres on NBC Writers include Mel Brooks, Neil Simon and Woody Allen
February 26 Leonard Bernstein's "Age of Anxiety," premieres in New York City
February 27 General Chiang Kai-shek elected president of Nationalist China
February 28 "Alive and Kicking" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 46 performances
March 1 Chiang Kai-shek resumed the presidency of National China on Formosa
March 1 Klaus Fuchs sentenced to 14 years for atomic espionage (London)
March 1 U.S.S.R. issues golden rubles
March 3 3 months as National-American Football League takes back NFL name
March 7 Ice Pairs Championship at London won by K Kennedy and P Kennedy (USA)
March 7 Ladies Figure Skating Championship in London won by Alena Vrzanova CZE
March 7 Men Figure Skating Championship in London won by Richard Button (USA)
March 8 1st woman medical officer assigned to naval vessel (BR Walters)
March 8 Marshall Voroshilov of U.S.S.R. announces they developed atomic bomb
March 9 Willie Sutton robs Manufacturers Bank of $64,000 in New York City
March 12 Belgium votes (58%) for return of King Leopold III
March 12 Pope Pius XII encyclical "On combating atheistic propaganda"
March 13 General Motors reports net earnings of $656,434,232 (record)
March 14 FBI's "10 Most Wanted Fugitives" program begins
March 15 "Consul" opens at Barrymore Theater New York City for 269 performances
March 15 Gian Carlo Menotti's opera "Consul," premieres in New York City
March 15 New York City hires Dr. Wallace E Howell as its official "rainmaker"
March 16 1st annual National Book Awards
March 17 Belgian government of Eyskens resigns
March 17 Element 98 (Californium) announced
March 18 CCNY beats Bradley 69-61 for the NIT championship
March 18 "Touch and Go" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 176 performances
March 19 5th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Babe Didrikson Zaharias
March 19 City College of New York defeats Bradley to win the NIT
March 23 22rd Academy Awards - "All King's Men," Crawford and De Havilland win
March 23 "Great to Be Alive" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 52 performances
March 23 Sophocles Venizelos forms liberal Greeks government
March 23 U.N. World Meteorological Organization established
March 24 U.S. Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Yvonne C Sherman
March 24 U.S. Mens Figure Skating championship won by Richard Button
March 27 Jazz pianist, Erroll Garner's solo concert (Cleveland, Ohio)
March 27 Netherlands recognizes People's Republic of China
March 27 WHAS TV channel 11 in Louisville, Kentucky (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 28 12th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: CCNY beats Bradley 71-68 New York City college becomes 1st to win NCAA and National Inv Basketball in same year
March 30 Phototransistor invention announced, Murray Hill, New Jersey
April 2 WTAR (now WTKR) TV channel 3 in Norfolk, Virginia (CBS) begins broadcasting
April 4 Dirk Stikker becomes chairman of OES
April 5 Prague espionage trial against bishops and priests begins
April 6 John F. Dulles becomes advisor to U.S. Secretary of State Acheson
April 8 "Miss Liberty" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 308 performances
April 9 14th Golf Masters Championship: Jimmy Demaret wins, shooting a 283
April 9 4th Tony Awards: Cocktail Party and South Pacific win
April 9 Bob Hope's 1st TV appearance
April 11 Prince Rainier III becomes ruler of Monaco
April 11 U.S. B-29 bomber shot down above Latvia
April 14 1st edition of British strip "Eagle"
April 14 Doorne's Auto factory opens in Netherlands
April 18 1st opening night-game, Cards beat Pirates, 4-2
April 18 1st transatlantic jet passenger trip
April 18 Polish Catholic church and government sign accord over relations
April 18 Sam Jethroe is 1st black to play for Boston Braves
April 18 Yankees win 15-10 after trailing Red Sox 9-0 in 6th
April 19 54th Boston Marathon won by Kee Yong Ham of Korea in 2:32:39
April 20 Baltimore's Memorial Stadium opens - Orioles of International League
April 23 1st major league day game completed under lights (Phils 6, Braves 5)
April 23 4th NBA Championship: Minnesota Lakers beat Syracuse Nationals, 4 games to 2
April 23 Nationalist China evacuates Hainan Island
April 23 Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat New York Rangers, 4 games to 3
April 24 Independent republic of South Molukkas declared
April 24 "Peter Pan" opens at Imperial Theater New York City for 320 performances
April 24 President Truman denies there are communists in U.S. government
April 25 Ambon (proclaims RMS (Republik Maluku Selatan)
April 25 Chuck Cooper becomes 1st black to play in NBA
April 26 Last horse race at Havre de Grace Track in Md, is run
April 26 University of Miami ends William and Mary straight tennis match victories at 82
April 27 South Africa passes Group Areas Act segregating races
April 27 "Tickets, Please" opens at Coronet Theater New York City for 245 performances
April 30 Babe Didrikson Zaharias wins LPGA 144-hole Golf Weathervane
May 1 Gwendolyn Brooks, is 1st Black awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her poetry
May 1 Mayor of Brussels reluctantly bans May Day parade
May 1 New marriage laws enforced in People's Republic China
May 1 Pulitzer prize awarded to Rodgers and Hammerstein (South Pacific)
May 1 WJIM (now WLNS) TV channel 6 in Lansing, MI (CBS) begins broadcasting
May 2 Carlo Terrons "Giuditta," premieres in Milan
May 2 Dutch 1st Chamber accept Laws on immigration
May 2 Dutch Prime Minister Malan recognizes South Africa but not China PR
May 5 Phumiphon Abundet crowned as king Rama IX of Thailand
May 6 76th Kentucky Derby: William Boland on Middleground wins in 2:01.6
May 6 "Great to Be Alive" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 52 performances
May 6 Liz Taylor's 1st marriage to Conrad Hilton, Jr.
May 8 Chiang Kai-shek asks U.S. for weapons
May 9 French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman calls for European community EGKS
May 9 Norman Dello Joco's premieres in Bronxville
May 11 Belgium mine disaster at Borinage, 39 die
May 11 Eugene Ionesco's "La Cantatrice Chauve," premieres in Paris
May 12 Darius Milhauds opera "Bolivar," premieres in Paris
May 13 Diner's Club issues its 1st credit cards
May 14 Pittsburgh Johnny Hopp goes 6 for 6 including 2 home runs
May 18 "Liar" opens at Broadhurst Theater New York City for 12 performances
May 18 Tommy Glaviano makes 3 consecutive errors on grounders
May 19 New York Times reports of worlds smallest and dumbest mechanical brain
May 20 76th Preakness: Eddie Arcaro aboard Hill Prince wins in 1:59.2
May 21 Vietnamese troops of Ho Chi-Minh attack Cambodia
May 22 Celal Bayar elected president of Turkey
May 22 Dutch poet Gerrit Achterberg wins PC Hooft prize
May 22 Richard Strauss' "4 Last Songs" (4 letzte Lieder) in London
May 25 Bkln-Battery Tunnel opens in New York City
May 27 "Arms and the Girl" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 134 performances
May 27 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Wallace Stevens
May 30 Patty Berg wins LPGA Eastern Golf Open
May 31 Due to rain, Indy 500 shortened to 345 miles, Johnny Parson wins
May 31 Laker takes 14-12-2-8 in Test Cricket trial
June 1 WKZO (now WWMT) TV channel 3 in Kalamazoo, MI (CBS) 1st broadcast
June 2 St. Louis Browns pitcher Harry Dorish swipes home vs Washington Senators
June 3 French expedition reaches top of Himalayan peak of Annapurna in Nepal
June 4 CVP wins Belgian parliamentary election
June 4 Dutch cyclist Wim van Est wins Bordeaux-Paris (586 km in 17:25)
June 5 U.S. Supreme Court undermines legal foundations of segregation
June 6 East Germany and Poland sign treaty about Oder-Neisse border
June 8 Boston Red Sox beat St. Louis Browns 29-4 (win by record 25 runs)
June 8 Jean Duvieusart becomes Belgian premier
June 8 Test Cricket debut of Ramadhin and Valentine (8-104 1st inn) vs. England
June 10 50th U.S. Golf Open: Ben Hogan shoots a 287 at Merion Golf Club PA
June 10 82nd Belmont: William Boland aboard Middleground wins in 2:28.6
June 10 Germany doesn't annex Oder-Neissegrens
June 11 Ben Hogan wins U.S. Open golf tournament
June 12 2 Air France DC-4s crash near Bahrain, about 100 die
June 12 Connie Mack named Honorary Manager of the All-Star Game
June 13 South African parliament accept "Groups Area Act"
June 17 1st kidney transplant, Chicago
June 17 Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria sign security pact
June 18 Cleveland Indians score 14 runs in 1st inning, beat A's 21-2
June 20 Dutch Air Force base Tjililitan given to Indonesia
June 20 Joe Dimaggio's 2,000th hit, Yankees beat Indians 8-2
June 21 Joe DiMaggio gets his 2,000th hit
June 23 Indians' Luke Easter hits longest ball in Cleveland Stadium history, 477 feet, into upper deck, Section 4
June 23 Swiss parliament refuses voting right for women
June 23 Yankees and Tigers hit record 11 home runs, Tigers win 10-9
June 24 Babe Didrikson Zaharias wins LPGA Western Women's Golf Open
June 24 French government-Bidault resigns
June 24 New York Giant Wes Westrum hits 3 home runs and a triple
June 25 Israeli airline El Al begins service
June 25 Johnny Pramesa (Reds) and Hank Thompson (Giants) hit inside the park home runs
June 25 Korean conflict begins; North Korea invades South Korea
June 25 U.N. member states begin using integrated forces against North Korea
June 26 President Gottwald of Czechoslovakia confirms Milada Horakova's death sentence
June 27 32nd PGA Championship: Chandler Harper at Scioto CC Columbus Ohio
June 27 "Liar" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 12 performances
June 27 North Koreans troop reach Seoul, United Nations asks members to aid South Korea, Truman orders Air Force and Navy into Korean conflict
June 27 U.S. sends 35 military advisers to South Vietnam
June 28 "Michael Todd's Peep Show" opens at Winter Garden New York City for 278 performances
June 29 U.S. beats England 1-0 in a world cup soccer game (next win in 1994)
June 29 West Indies beat England by 326 runs thanks Ramadhin and Valentine
June 30 U.S. General MacArthur visits front in South Korea and asks for U.S. troops
July 1 1st 407 U.S. soldiers flown to South Korea
July 1 "Lost in the Stars" closes at Music Box Theater New York City after 281 performances
July 1 New York City bus fare rises to 10 cents equal to subway fare, combo fare at 15 cents
July 1 WHBF TV channel 4 in Rock Island, IL (CBS) begins broadcasting
July 2 Indian Bob Feller, wins his 200th game, 5-3 over Detroit
July 3 1st time U.S. and North Korean forces clash in Korean War
July 3 Casey Stengel asks Joe DiMaggio to play 1st base (handles 13 chances)
July 4 Braves Sid Gordon ties season grand slam record with 4
July 4 Truman signs public law 600 (Puerto Ricans write own constitution)
July 5 Law of Return passes, guarantees all Jews right to live in Israel
July 6 East Germany recognizes Oder-Neisse borders with Poland
July 7 1st Farnborough airshow held
July 7 64th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Budge Patty beats Sedgman (61 8-10 62 63)
July 7 79th British Golf Open: Bobby Locke shoots a 279 at Royal Troon
July 8 33.4 cm rain fall at York, Nebraska (state record)
July 8 57th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Louise Brough beats M duPont (61 36 61)
July 8 General Douglas MacArthur named commander-in-chief, United Nations forces in Korea
July 8 Leroy Deans awarded 1st Order of Purple Heart in Korea
July 9 13.15" (33.40 cm) of rainfall, York, Nebraska (state 24-hour record)
July 10 "Your Hit Parade" premieres on NBC (later CBS) TV
July 11 17th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 4-3 in 14 at Comiskey Park, Chicago Ted Williams breaks his elbow; 1st extra inning All Star Game
July 12 Hague Council of Annulment convicts German war criminals W Lages, FH Van de Funten and F Fischer to death
July 12 ILTF re-admit Germany and Japan in Davis Cup, Poland and Hungary withdraws
July 13 Doctors remove 7 bone fragments from Ted Williams elbow
July 13 Rene Pleven forms French government
July 14 RE Wayne awarded 1st Distinguished Flying Cross in Korea
July 16 Single day 16 team home run record set at 37 (NL-25, AL-12)
July 16 Uruguay beats Brazil 2-1 for soccer's 4th World Cup in Rio de Janeiro
July 17 Indonesian troops land on Buru, South-Molukka
July 19 French/Vietnamese offensive against Viet Minh
July 19 New York Yankees obtain their 1st black players, Elston Howard and Frank Barnes
July 19 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Summi maeroris
July 20 "Arthur Murray Party" premieres on ABC TV (later DuMont, CBS, NBC)
July 22 Frank Worrell completes 261 vs. England at Trent Bridge
July 22 King Leopold, after 6 years in exile, returns to Belgium
July 24 V-2/WAC Corporal rocket launch; 1st launch from Cape Canaveral
July 26 Dodgers' Jim Russell is 1st to switch-hits home runs twice in a game
July 26 KNIL (Royal Dutch East Indies Army) unites
July 27 President Truman promises aid to Taiwan
July 29 Pee Wee Reese, hits the 3,000th Dodger home run
August 1 1st Major League baseball player to fight in Korea (Curt Simmons)
August 1 American Bowling Congress ends all-white-males rule
August 1 Guam adopts constitution (Organic Act)
August 1 King Leopold of Belgium abdicates, Baudouin becomes King
August 5 Ezzard Charles KOs Freddie Beshore to retain HW boxing title
August 5 Florence Chadwick swims English Canal (13:23)
August 8 Babe Didrikson Zaharias wins LPGA All-American Golf Open
August 9 Lusty Song wins Hambletonian
August 11 17th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: All-Stars 17, Philadelphia 7 (88,885)
August 11 Boston Brave Vern Bickford no-hits Brooklyn Dodger, 7-0
August 11 Hitting just .279, Yank great Joe DiMaggio is benched for 1st time
August 11 King Boudouin I takes oath as royal prince of Belgium
August 12 New York Giants (NFL) beat Ottawa Roughriders (CFL) 20-6 in Ottawa
August 12 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Humani generis
August 13 Babe Didrikson Zaharias wins LPGA World Golf Championship
August 13 President Truman gives military aid to Vietnamese regime Bao-Dai
August 15 8.6 earthquake in India kills 20,000 to 30,000
August 15 Ezzard Charles TKOs Freddie Beshore in 14 for heavyweight boxing title
August 15 Indians make their 1st triple play at Cleveland Stadium
August 15 Indies Constitution goes into effect
August 15 Joseph Pholien becomes Belgian premier
August 15 President Sukarno proclaims unity of Indonesia
August 15 Rotterdam harbor strike begins
August 16 West Indies complete historic 3-1 series win against England
August 17 Indonesia gains independence from Netherlands
August 17 Pee Wee Reese (Dodgers) and Sam Calderone (Giants) hit inside park home runs
August 19 ABC begins Saturday morning kid shows (Animal Clinic and Acrobat Ranch)
August 22 Abdel Rehim swims English Channel (10:50)
August 22 Althea Gibson becomes 1st black competetor in national tennis competition
August 22 Rotterdam harbor strike end
August 23 Jack Holden wins marathon (2:32:12)
August 23 West Germany and Japan readmitted to International Amateur Athletic Federation
August 24 Edith Sampson named 1st black U.S. delegate to U.N.
August 24 Operation Magic Carpet concludes transporting 45,000 Yemenite Jews
August 25 President Truman orders army to seize control of RR to avert a strike
August 25 Sugar Ray Robinson KOs Jose Basora to win middleweight boxing title
August 26 39th Davis Cup: Australia beats USA in New York (4-1)
August 27 1st transmission of a TV program from continental Europe shown on BBC
August 27 General Foods blacklists Jean Muir of Aldrich Family as a communist
August 28 Earle and Roy Mack, purchase 54% of A's from Connie Mack Jr
August 29 International Olympic Committee votes admission to West Germany and Japan in '52
August 31 Dodger Gil Hodges hits 4 home runs and a single in a game vs Braves
September 1 13 North Korean divisions open assault on United Nations lines
September 1 West Berlin granted a constitution
September 4 1st helicopter rescue of American pilot behind enemy lines
September 4 D McI Hodgson of St. Ann Bay, Nova Scotia catches a 997 lb tuna
September 4 Heavy typhoon strikes Japan, kills about 250
September 5 64th U.S. Womens Tennis: Margaret Osborne duPont beats D Hart (63 63)
September 5 70th U.S. Mens Tennis: Art Larsen beats Herbert Flam (63 46 57 64 63)
September 5 98.3 cm rainfall at Yankeetown, Florida (state record)
September 7 Monasteries shut down in Hungary
September 9 1st use of TV laugh track - Hank McCune
September 9 Massive arrests of communists in France
September 9 "Texas, Li'l Darlin'" closes at Mark Hellinger New York City after 293 performances
September 9 "Where's Chartev?" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 792 performances
September 10 Joe DiMaggio becomes 1st to hit 3 home run in a game at Griffith Stadium
September 11 1st typesetting machine to dispense with metal type exhibited
September 11 33 die in a train crash in Coshocton, Ohio
September 11 "Beetle Bailey" comic strip debuts
September 11 Dick Tracy TV show sparks uproar concerning violence
September 12 Belgian government dismisses all communist civil servants
September 14 Western allies rearm West Germany
September 15 During Korean conflict, United Nations forces land at Inchon in South Korea
September 15 East German premier Grotewohl pleads for German reunification
September 15 For a record 6th time, New York Yankee Johnny Mize hits 3 home runs in one game
September 15 Longest game in Phila's Shribe Park, Phillies beat Reds 8-7 in 19
September 15 U.N. lands at Inchon to drive North Korean troops out of the south
September 15 U.S. troop land on Wolmi-Do island off of Seoul
September 16 Cleveland Rams (formerly AAFC) play 1st NFL game, beat Philadelphia 35-10)
September 16 Viet Minh-offensive against French bases in Vietnam
September 17 San Francisco 49ers (formerly AAFC) play 1st NFL game, lose 21-17
September 18 Nakagawa Soen, Zen teacher, receives dharma transmission
September 19 European Payment Union forms in Paris
September 19 Great Three acknowledge Bond government as only German government
September 19 U.N. reject membership of China's People Republic
September 22 Nobel peace prize awarded to Ralph J Bunche (1st black winner)
September 22 Omar N. Bradley promoted to rank of 5-star general
September 23 Patty Berg wins LPGA Sunset Hills Golf Open
September 23 Philadelphia A's Joe Astroth is 4th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (6th)
September 23 U.S. Mustangs accidentally bombs British on Hill 282 Korea, 17 killed
September 24 "Operation Magic Carpet"-All Jews from Yemen move to Israel
September 26 Australia wins Davis Cup tennis tournament
September 26 Because of forest fire in Br Columbia, blue moon appears in England
September 26 Phils pitcher Jim Konstanty makes record 71st appearance of year
September 26 U.N. troops in Korean War recapture South Korean capital of Seoul
September 27 Dr. Ralph Bunche receives Nobel Peace Prize
September 27 Heavyweight champ Ezzard Charles KOs Joe Louis in New York City for heavyweight boxing title
September 28 Indonesia becomes 60th member of UN
September 29 New York Yankees clinch 2nd consecutive pennant under Casey Stengel
September 29 Telephone Answering Machine created by Bell Laboratories
September 29 "Tin Pan Alley TV," last airs on ABC-TV
September 30 1st congress of International Astronautical Federation opens in Paris
September 30 Radio's "Grand Ole Opry" is broadcasted on TV for 1st time
September 30 WSM TV channel 4 in Nashville, Tennessee (NBC) begins broadcasting
October 1 Browns lose to Giants, setting club record for fewest points scored by both teams (tied in 1979), New York 6, Cleveland 0
October 1 Phillies win NL pennant on last day of season (10th inning home run)
October 1 South Korean troops exceed 38 degrees latitude
October 2 1st strip of Charlie Brown, "Li'l Folks," later "Peanuts" in 9 papers
October 2 Bob Shaw of Chicago Cardinals sets NFL record with 5 TD receptions
October 2 Chicago Cards Jim Hardy passes for 6 touchdowns vs Baltimore Colts (55-13)
October 2 Mao Tse Tung proclaims in telegram to Stalin, China intervenes Korea
October 2 Red Sox Dom DiMaggio leads AL with only 15 stolen bases
October 3 1st black lead (Ethel Waters) on TV (Beulah)
October 3 Baseball rules Phils lefty Curt Simmons cannot play in World Series despite his being on furlough from Army
October 3 Indonesian army opens assault on Ambon, South Moluccas
October 4 French troops vacate Cla Afraid Vietnam
October 5 "Pardon Our French" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 100 performances
October 7 New York Yankees sweep Philadelphia Phillies in 47th World Series
October 7 U.S. forces invade Korea by crossing 38th parallel
October 7 Walter Bedell Smith replaces Roscoe H Hillenkoetter as 4th CIA head
October 7 Whitey Ford wins his 1st World Series game, 5-2
October 7 William H. Jackson, becomes deputy director of CIA
October 7 Yankees win 13th world championship sweeping Phillies
October 8 4th NHL All-Star Game: Detroit beat All-Stars 7-1 at Detroit
October 8 Cleveland Browns play Pittsburgh for 1st time, beat Steelers 30-17
October 12 "Call Me Madam" opens at Imperial Theater New York City for 644 performances
October 14 Reverend Sun Young Moon liberated from Hung Nam prison
October 18 Connie Mack retires as manager of A's after 50 years
October 19 Bird Building at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is dedicated
October 19 U.N. forces entered Pyongyang, capital of North Korea
October 21 Chinese forces occupy Tibet
October 21 Death penality abolished in Belgium
October 21 Patty Berg wins LPGA Hardscrabble Women's Golf Invitation
October 21 Tom Powers of Duke scores 6 touchdowns
October 22 Los Angeles Rams beat Baltimore Colts 70-27
October 25 Dutch NSB leader C van Gelderen sentenced to life
October 25 Jean Anouilh's "La Repetition, ou L'Amour Pani," premieres in Paris
October 25 Sukarno appointed president of Republic Indonesia
October 26 630 Dutch volunteers depart (on)to Korea
October 26 Branch Rickey resigns as Brooklyn Dodger president
October 26 Mother Teresa found her Mission of Charity in Calcutta, India
October 26 South Korean troops reach Chosan at Chinese boundary
October 27 Paul Creston's 3rd Symphony "Triumph of St. Joan," premieres
October 29 British minister of Finance Stafford Cripps resigns
October 29 Cleveland Browns' Marion Motley sets record for highest avg gain in a game with 17.1 (10 attempts), Cleveland 45, Pittsburgh 7
October 29 Wally Triplett avgs 735 yards on 3 kickoff returns
October 30 David Diamond's 3rd Symphony, premieres
October 31 Collazo and Torresola attempt to kill Truman in Washington, D.C.
November 1 82 degrees F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in Nov
November 1 Puerto Rican nationalists try to kill President Truman at Blair House
November 2 "Barrier" opens at Broadhurst Theater New York City for 4 performances
November 2 Phillies reliever Jim Konstanty wins NL MVP
November 4 "Barrier" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 4 performances
November 4 "Consul" closes at Barrymore Theater New York City after 269 performances
November 4 Indonesian troops reconquer Ambonese capital Ambon
November 4 U.S. troops vacate Pyongyang North Korea
November 5 Cleveland Browns' Tommy James intercepts 3 passes, club record
November 5 Philippines president Quirino ends emergency crisis
November 6 Branch Rickey signs 5-yr contract as Vice President/General Manager of Pittsburgh Pirates
November 6 Chinese offensive halts at Chongchon River, North Korea
November 6 King Tribhuvana of Nepal flees to India
November 7 Carlo Terron's "Processo Agli Innocenti," premieres in Milan
November 7 French women and children leaves Hanoi/Tonkin-delta
November 8 1st jet-plane battle ever, in Korean War
November 8 Boston Red Sox 1B Walt Dropo wins AL Rookie of Year
November 8 In the Korean War, 1st jet battle takes place
November 8 Walt Dropo of Boston Red Sox selected AL Rookie of Year
November 9 Boston Brave Sam Jethroe wins NL Rookie of Year
November 9 Phillies skipper Eddie Sawyer selected as Manager of Year
November 9 White Sox release Luke Appling, who had been a Sox since 1930
November 10 After 9 years, Cleveland Indians fire manager Lou Boudreau
November 10 Clifford Odet's "Country Girl," premieres in New York City
November 10 Jacobo Arbenz Guzman elected President of Guatemala
November 10 Nobel for literature awarded to William Faulkner
November 10 Spanish dictator Franco ends war in Gibraltar
November 12 Gene Roberts sets NFL New York Giant rushing record (218 yards) vs Chicago Cards
November 13 U.S. win 1st world championship bridge contest
November 15 Arthur Dorrington is 1st black man in organized hockey, Atlantic City Seagulls of Eastern Amateur Hockey League
November 16 Egyptian king Faruk demands departure of all British troops
November 16 U.N. gets U.S. government approval to issue postage stamps
November 16 U.S. President Truman proclaims emergency crisis caused by communist threat
November 18 South Korea President Syngman Rhee forced to end mass executions
November 19 U.S. General Eisenhower becomes supreme commander of NATO-Europe
November 22 7,021 see lowest NBA score, Ft. Wayne Pistons 19, Minneapolis Lakers 18
November 22 79 die in a train crash in Richmond Hills NY
November 23 Howard Swanson's "Short Symphony," premieres
November 24 "Guys and Dolls" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 1200 performances
November 24 U.N. troops begin an assault intending to end Korean War by Christmas
November 24 U.S. infantry division conquerors Chonju, Korea
November 25 38th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto Argonauts defeats Winn Blue Bombers, 13-0
November 25 "Tickets, Please" closes at Coronet Theater New York City after 245 performances
November 25 U.N. gives Eritrea to Ethiopia
November 26 China enters Korean conflict, sends troops across Yalu River
November 27 Red Sox sign shortstop Lou Boudreau as a player to 2-year contract
November 27 Trial against RC clergy "imperialistic conspiracy" begins in Prague
November 28 Walter O'Malley fires Burt Shotton as Dodgers manager
November 29 National Council of Church of Christ in U.S. forms
November 30 U.S. President Truman threatens China with atom bomb
December 2 Vic Toweel knocks down Danny O'Sullivan 14 times in a title fight
December 3 Cleveland Browns last NFL team with no-pass game (beat Philadelphia 13-7)
December 3 Cleveland Browns' Horace Gillom sets club record with 12 punts
December 3 Paul Harvey begins his national radio broadcast
December 5 Ezzard Charles KOs Nick Barone in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
December 5 Sikkim becomes a protectorate of India
December 6 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Mirabile illud
December 10 Ralph J Bunche (1st black American) presented Nobel Peace Prize
December 11 Baseball owners vote 9-7 not to renew Commissioner Chandler's contract
December 11 Hindemiths Concerto for clarinet, premieres
December 12 16th Heisman Trophy Award: Vic Janowicz, Ohio State (HB)
December 12 Baseball owners vote to drop 4-year old bonus and high school rule
December 13 James Dean begins his career with an appearance in a Pepsi commercial
December 13 "Let's Make an Opera" opens at John Golden Theater New York City for 5 performances
December 14 Baseball owners choose Lou Perini (Braves), Phil Wrigley (Cubs), Del Webb (Yankees), and Ellis Ryan (Indians) to select new commissioner
December 14 "Bless You All" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 84 performances
December 14 U.N. General Assembly establishes High Commission for Refugees (Nobel 1954)
December 15 Ezzard Charles KOs Nick Barone to retain heavyweight boxing title
December 15 New York City's Port Authority opens
December 16 "Let's Make an Opera" closes at John Golden Theater New York City after 5 performances
December 16 Truman proclaims state of emergency against "Communist imperialism"
December 19 General Eisenhower named NATO commander
December 19 Tibet's Dalai Lama flees Chinese invasion
December 20 "Harvey," starring James Stewart, premieres in NY
December 21 Cole Porter's musical "Out of this World," premieres in New York City
December 21 "Out of This World" opens at New Century Theater New York City for 157 performances
December 22 2 self-propelled trains of Long Island RR collide, killing 77
December 24 Cleveland Browns win NFL championship, beat LA 30-28
December 25 Cleveland Browns beat Los Angeles Rams 30-28 in NFL championship game
December 25 Coronation Stone, taken from Scone in Scotland by Edward I in 1296, stolen from Westminster Abbey and smuggled back to Scotland
December 25 Dick Tracy marries Tess Truehart
December 26 Gillette and Mutual buy All Star and World Series rights ($6M for 6 yrs)
December 28 Chinese troops cross 38th Parallel, into South Korea
December 30 Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia become Independent states in France Union
December 31 Jockeys W Shoemaker and Joe Culmone set record of 388 wins in a year