1960 in History
January 1 Bank of France issues new franc, worth 20 cents
January 1 French Cameroon gains independence from France
January 1 Johnny Cash plays 1st of many free concerts behind bars
January 1 Montserrat adopts constitution
January 1 U.S. census at 179,245,000
January 2 1st redshank old world shore bird reported in North America (Halifax)
January 2 John F. Kennedy announces run for U.S. Presidency
January 2 John Reynolds sets age of solar system at 4,950,000,000 years
January 2 Roger Sessions' 4th Symphony, premieres
January 2 Senator John F Kennedy, announces his candidacy for president
January 4 European Free Trade Association forms in Stockholm
January 5 Continental League, a proposed third major league, gets an assurance of congressional support from New York Senator Kenneth Keating
January 9 Building of Aswan dam in Egypt, begins
January 10 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Delmore Schwartz
January 11 Chad declares independence from France
January 11 Lamar Clark sets pro boxing record of 44 consecutive knockouts
January 12 Sobers and Worrell complete 399 stand for 4th wkt vs. England
January 12 Syracuse National Dolph Schayes is 1st NBA'er to score 15,000 points
January 14 Tuindorp-Oostzaan in Northern Amsterdam, flooded
January 14 U.S. Army promoted Elvis Presley to Sergeant
January 17 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Sea Island Women's Golf Invitational
January 17 NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 38-21
January 18 U.S. and Japan sign joint defense treaty
January 19 Eisenhower and Premier Kishi sign US-Japanese Security pact
January 20 Patrice Lumumba sentenced to 6 months in Belgian Congo
January 21 Little Joe 4 suborbital Mercury test reaches 16 km
January 21 Rock falls traps 437 at Coalbrook South Africa, 417 die of methane poisoning
January 22 10th NBA All-Star Game: East beats West 125-115 at Philadelphia
January 22 Coal mine of Johnburg caves-in, 417 die
January 22 French president De Gaulle escape attempt by general Massu
January 22 Paul Pender beats Sugar Ray Robinson for middleweight boxing title
January 23 Bathosphere "Trieste" reach bottom of Pacific (10,900 m)
January 24 Algeria uprises against French president De Gaulle
January 26 Danny Heater scores 135 pts in basketball game (Boys' HS)
January 26 High-school basketball sensation Danny Heater scores 135 points
January 26 Oakland enters AFL
January 26 Pete Rozelle elected NFL commissioner on 23rd ballot
January 28 Goon Show's final episode on BBC
January 28 NFL announces Dallas Cowboys (1960) and Minnesota Vikings (1961) franchises
January 30 CIA OKs Lockheed to produce a new U-2 aircraft
January 30 Dutch communist trade union EVC'58 disbands
January 30 Riot curtails third days play at Port-Of-Spain WI vs. England
January 30 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Carol Heiss
January 30 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by David Jenkins
January 31 Songwriter Adolph Green marries actress and singer Phyllis Newman in New York City
February 1 34th Australian Womens Tennis: Margaret Smith beats J Lehane (75 62)
February 1 4 students stage 1st civil rights sit-in, at Greensboro North Carolina Woolworth
February 1 48th Australian Mens Tennis: Rod Laver beats N Fraser (57 36 63 86 86)
February 1 Extreme right-wing rebels in Algiers surrender
February 2 Michale Eufemia sinks 625 balls in pool match without a miss
February 4 BBWAA voters fail to elect a new Hall of Fame member
February 4 Giants move their offices to Candlestick Park
February 4 Lionel Bart's musical "Fings ain't wot they used t'be," premieres
February 7 Old handwriting found in at Qumran, near the Dead Sea
February 8 Boston Celtic Bill Russell becomes 1st NBAer with 50 rebounds (51)
February 9 AFL and NFL agree verbally to a no tampering pact
February 10 Charles Ives' "Lincoln, the Great Commoner," premieres
February 10 "Unsinkable Molly Brown" closes at Winter Garden New York City after 532 performances
February 11 Jack Paar walks off his TV show
February 12 Chinese army kills 12 Indian soldiers
February 13 "Beg, Borrow or Steal" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 5 performances
February 13 France performs 1st nuclear test at Reggane Proving Grounds Algeria
February 13 "Saratoga" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 80 performances
February 14 Beverly Hanson wins LPGA St. Petersburg Golf Open
February 14 Marshal Ayub Khan elected president of Pakistan
February 16 U.S. nuclear submarine USS Triton set off on underwater round-world trip
February 18 8th Winter Olympic games open in Squaw Valley, California
February 18 Walter O'Malley, Los Angeles Dodger owner, purchases Chavez Ravine for $494,000
February 19 Protest strike in Poznan Poland
February 21 Fay Crocker wins LPGA Lake Worth Golf Open
February 23 Demolition begins on Brooklyn's Ebbets Field (opened in 1913)
February 24 Italian government of Segni falls
February 24 U.S. beats Germany in Olympic hockey finals round, 9-1
February 25 John Cage's "Music for Amplified Toy Pianos," premieres
February 25 Lillian Hellman's "Toys in the Attic," premieres in New York City
February 26 Soviet premier Khrushchev voices support for Indonesia
February 26 USA's David Jenkins wins Olympic Gold for men's figure skating
February 26 Verne Gagne beats Doctor X in Omaha, to become NWA wrestling champ
February 27 Oil pipeline from Rotterdam to Ruhrgebied opens
February 27 U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey Team beats U.S.S.R. 3-2 en route to gold medal
February 28 8th winter Olympic games close at Squaw Valley, California
February 28 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
February 28 U.S. wins Olympic hockey gold medal by defeating Czechoslovakia 9-4
February 29 1st Playboy Club, featuring bunnies, opens in Chicago
February 29 Bil Keane's "Family Circus" cartoon strip debuts
February 29 Earthquake kills 1/3 of Agadir Morocco population (12,000) in 15 sec
February 29 John F. Kennedy makes missile gap the presidential campaign issue
February 29 KRET TV channel 23 in Richardson, Texas (PBS) begins broadcasting
March 3 9th largest snowfall in New York City history, 14.5"
March 4 French freighter "La Coubre" explodes in Havana Cuba, killing 100
March 4 Lucille Ball files divorce from Desi Arnaz
March 5 Elvis Presley ends 2-year hitch in U.S. Army
March 5 Ice Dance Championship at Vancouver won by Denny and Jones (GRB)
March 5 Ice Pairs Championship at Vancouver won by Wagner and Paul (CAN)
March 5 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Vancouver won by Alain Giletti (FRA)
March 5 Worlds Ladies Figure Skating Champions in Vanc won by Carol E Heiss (USA)
March 6 President Sukarno disbands Indonesia's parliament
March 7 Dutch Builders strike for CLA
March 8 "Greenwillow" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 95 performances
March 10 U.S.S.R. agrees to stop nuclear testing
March 11 Pioneer 5 launched into solar orbit between Earth and Venus
March 13 Fay Crocker wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
March 13 NFL's Chicago Cardinals moves to St. Louis
March 13 White Sox unveil new road uniforms with players' names above number
March 14 14 die in a train crash in Bakersfield California
March 14 Wilt Chamberlain (Philadelphia) sets NBA playoff record of 53 points
March 15 Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve established, 1st underwater park
March 15 National Observatory at Kitt Peak, Arizona dedicated
March 17 Eisenhower forms anti-Castro-exile army under the CIA
March 17 WSLA (now WAKA) TV channel 8 in Selma, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 19 22nd NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Ohio State beats California 75-55
March 19 "Redhead" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 455 performances
March 21 Sharpeville Massacre: Police kill 72 in South Africa and outlaws ANC
March 22 1st patent for lasers, granted to Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes
March 23 Explorer (8) fails to reach Earth orbit
March 24 U.S. appeals court rules novel, "Lady Chatterly's Lover," not obscene
March 25 1st guided missile launched from nuclear powered sub (Halibut)
March 25 DH Lawrence' "Lady Chatterley's Lover" ruled not obscene (New York City)
March 25 Ford Frick voids Indians - Red Sox deal as Sam White retires
March 25 Italian government Tambroni forms
March 26 Iraq executes 30 after attack on President Kassem
March 26 Orioles-Reds series for Havana, is moved to Miami
March 26 USC captures NCAA swimming title
March 27 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Royal Crown Golf Open
March 28 Pope John raises the 1st Japanese, 1st African and 1st Filipino cardinal
March 28 Scotch factory explodes burying 20 fire fighters (Glasgow Scotland)
March 29 Darius Milhaud's 9th Symphony, premieres
March 31 Gore Vidal's "Best Man," premieres in New York City
April 1 2nd French atom bomb explodes in the Reggane Proving Grounds, Algeria
April 1 Mabry Harper catches a 25 lb Walleye in Tennessee
April 1 RCA TIROS (TV and Infra-Red Observation 'weather' Satellite) I launched
April 1 U Nu elected premier of Burma
April 2 Cuba buys oil from U.S.S.R.
April 2 KPEC TV channel 56 in Lakewood Center-Tacoma, WA (PBS) 1st broadcast
April 3 Earthquake at Havre, Belgium
April 4 32nd Academy Awards - "Ben-Hur," Charlton Heston and Simone Signoret win
April 4 Oscar awarded to Netherlands director Bert Haanstra
April 4 Project Ozma begins at Green Bank radio astronomy center
April 4 Senegal declares independence from France
April 8 Netherlands and Germany sign accord concerning war casualties
April 9 14th NBA Championship: Bost Celtics beat St. Louis Hawks, 4 games to 3
April 9 South African premier Verwoerd wounded in battle
April 10 24th Golf Masters Championship: Arnold Palmer wins, shooting a 282
April 10 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
April 10 Senate passes landmark Civil Rights Bill
April 11 1st weather satellite launched (Tiros 1)
April 12 Bert Haanstra wins Oscar for "Glass"
April 12 Bill Veeck and Chicago Comiskey Park debuts "Exploding Scoreboard"
April 13 France becomes 4th nuclear nation exploding an A-Bomb in Sahara
April 13 Transit 1B, 1st navigational satellite, placed in Earth orbit
April 14 1st underwater launching of Polaris missile
April 14 "Bye Bye Birdie" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 607 performances
April 14 Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens sweep Toronto Maple Leafs in 4 games
April 15 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), organizes at Shaw U
April 17 American Samoa sets up a constitutional government
April 17 Cleveland Indians trade Rocky Colavito to Tigers for Harvey Kuenn
April 19 64th Boston Marathon won by Paavo Kotila of Finland in 2:20:54
April 19 Baseball uniforms begin displaying player's names on their backs
April 19 Comiskey Park's famed "exploding" scoreboard begins operating
April 20 "From A to Z" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 21 performances
April 21 Brasilia becomes capital of Brazil
April 23 1st performance of Ferde Grofe's "San Francisco Suite"
April 24 14th Tony Awards: Miracle Worker and Fiorello! win
April 24 Heavy earthquake strikes South Persia, 500 killed
April 24 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Civitan Golf Open
April 24 Record 4 grand slams hit today
April 25 1st submerged circumnavigation of Earth completed by Triton
April 27 1st atomic powered electric-drive submarine launched, the Tullibee
April 27 South Korean President Syngman Rhee resigns
April 27 Togo (formerly French Togo) declares independence from French Admiral
April 28 "Christine" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 12 performances
April 28 WIPM TV channel 3 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico (PBS) begins broadcasting
May 1 India's Bombay state split into Gujarat and Maharashtra states
May 1 Pancho Gonzalez retires from tennis
May 1 Russia shoots down Francis Gary Powers in a U-2 spy plane
May 2 Harry Belafonte 2nd Carnegie Hall performance
May 2 House investigating committee, looking into payola questions
May 2 Pulitzer prize awarded to Al Drury (Advice and Consent)
May 3 Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones' musical "Fantasticks," premieres in New York City
May 4 1st great Delta dam closes, North-South Beveland
May 6 English prince Margaret marries Antony Armstrong-Jones (Lord Snowdon)
May 6 President Eisenhower signs Civil Rights Act of 1960
May 6 Students attack Dutch embassy in Djakarta
May 6 Trotsky's murderer Jacques Mornard (Ramon Mercader), freed in Mexico
May 7 86th Kentucky Derby: Bill Hartack on Venetian Way wins in 2:02.4
May 7 "Christine" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 12 performances
May 7 Dodgers Larry and Norm Sherry are baseball's 10th brother battery
May 7 "Flower Drum Song" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 602 performances
May 7 "From A to Z" closes at Plymouth Theater New York City after 21 performances
May 7 Leonid Brezhnev replaces Kliment Voroshilov as President of U.S.S.R.
May 7 Los Angeles Dodger Norm Sherry's 11th home run wins the game for brother Larry
May 7 Michael Tal beats Botvinnik 12 -8 for world chess championship
May 7 U.S.S.R. announces Francis Gary Powers confessed to being a CIA spy
May 8 U.S.S.R. and Cuba resume diplomatic relations
May 8 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Betsy Rawls Peach Blossom Golf Open
May 9 Nigeria becomes a member of British Commonwealth
May 9 U.S. is 1st country to use the birth control pill legally
May 9 U.S. send U-2 over U.S.S.R.
May 10 John F. Kennedy wins primary in West Virginia
May 10 USS Nautilus completes 1st circumnavigation of globe under water
May 11 French liner "France" launched
May 11 Israeli soldiers capture Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires
May 12 Elvis Presley appears on a Frank Sinatra special
May 13 1st launch of Delta satellite launching vehicle; it failed
May 13 Phillies lose 3rd consecutive 1-0 game
May 13 WOLE TV channel 12 in Aguadillo, PR
May 14 "At the Drop of a Hat" closes at John Golden New York City after 216 performances
May 14 U.S.S.R. launch 1st (unmanned) space capsule
May 14 Virgil Thomson's "Missa Pro Defunctis," premieres in Potsdam, New York
May 15 Chicago Cub Don Cardwell no-hits St. Louis Cardinals, 4-0
May 15 Dmitri Shostakovich's 7th String quartet, premieres in Leningrad
May 15 KHVO TV channel 13 in Hilo, HI (ABC) begins broadcasting
May 15 Sputnik 4 launched into Earth orbit; later recovery failed
May 16 Big 4 summit in Paris collapses as U.S.S.R. levels spy charges against US
May 17 1st atomic reactor system patents, J W Flora of Canoga Park, California
May 18 Eillen Fulton begins playing Lisa on As the World Turn (for > 30 yrs)
May 18 Jean Genets "Le Balcon," premieres in Paris
May 19 Alan Freed and eight other DJ accused of taking radio payola
May 19 Belgian parliament requires rest day for self employed
May 19 USAF Major Robert M. White takes X-15 to 33,222 m
May 20 Baseball game in Milwaukee postponed due to dense fog
May 21 86th Preakness: Bobby Ussery aboard Bally Ache wins in 1:57.6
May 22 Virtually all coastal towns between 37th and 44th parallels severly damaged by tsunami that strikes Hilo, Hawaii at 01:04 AM
May 23 "Finian's Rainbow" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 12 performances
May 23 "Got A Girl" by The Four Preps hits #24
May 23 Israel announces capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina
May 23 WGTV TV channel 8 in Athens-Atlanta, Georgia (PBS) begins broadcasting
May 23 WKBM TV (now WLII) channel 11 in Caguas/San Juan, Puerto Rico 1st broadcast
May 23 WRCA radio changes call letters back to WNBC (New York City)
May 24 1 millionth Dutch telephone installed
May 25 George Crowe's record 11th pinch-hit home run
May 27 Baltimore manager Paul Richards devises oversized catcher's mitt
May 27 Military coup overthrows democratic government of Turkey
May 28 "Greenwillow" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 95 performances
May 29 Everly Brothers "Cathy's Clown" hits #1
June 1 "Finian's Rainbow" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 12 performances
June 1 WDTV TV channel 5 in Clarksburg-Weston, WV (CBS) begins broadcasting
June 2 Broadway theaters close, labor dispute between owners and Actors Equity
June 5 "George Gobel Show," last airs on CBS-TV
June 5 Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Wolverine Golf Open
June 6 Roy Orbison releases "Only the Lonely"
June 6 South Africa police kills 11 Pondo's at Nqusa Hill
June 6 Steve Allen Show," last airs on NBC-TV
June 8 1st date in James Clavell's novel "Nobel House"
June 8 Argentine government demands release of Adolf Eichmann
June 9 ABC and AFL sign a 5 year contract
June 9 Typhoon Mary in China killed at least 1,600
June 11 92nd Belmont: Bill Hartack aboard Celtic Ash wins in 2:29.2
June 11 House packed with wedding celebrants collapses killing 30 (Pakistan)
June 12 KORN (now KDLT) TV channel 5 in Mitchell-Sioux Falls, SD (ABC) begins
June 12 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Triangle Round Robin Golf Tournament
June 13 "Alley-Oop" by Dyna-Sores peaks at #59
June 13 Prince Norodom Sihanoek becomes head of Cambodia
June 15 Angel Cordero wins his 1st of over 7000 horse races
June 15 Argentina complains to United Nations about Israeli illicit transfer of Eichmann
June 16 "Psycho," opens in New York
June 17 Ted Williams hit his 500th home runs
June 18 60th U.S. Golf Open: Arnold Palmer shoots 280 at Cherry Hills in Denver
June 18 "Destry Rides Again" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 472 performances
June 18 Giants hire Tom Sheehan as baseball's oldest debuting manager (66)
June 18 Real Madrid wins 5th Europe Cup 1
June 19 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Cosmopolitan Golf Open
June 19 Juan Marichal debuts as San Francisco Giant pitcher, beats Phillies on 1 hitter
June 19 Loretta Lynn records "Honky Tonk Girl"
June 20 12nd Emmy Awards: Playhouse 90, Robert Stack and Jane Wyatt
June 20 Federation of Mali (& Senegal) becomes independent of France
June 20 Floyd Patterson KOs Ingemar Johansson in 5 for heavywgt boxing title
June 20 Heavyweight Floyd Patterson KOs Ingemar Johnstown (New York City)
June 21 Armin Hary runs world record 100m (10.0)
June 23 Japan signs security treaty with the U.S.
June 23 "Pat Boone Show," last airs on ABC-TV
June 24 Geoff Griffin takes a hat-trick South Africa vs. England Lord's
June 25 Earthquake in NE Belgium
June 25 Madagascar gains independence of France
June 26 British Somaliland (now Somalia) gains independence from Britain
June 26 Hall of Fame allows veteran committee to vote annually
June 26 Italian Somaliland declares independence from Italian-administration
June 26 Madagascar (formerly Malagasy Rep) declares independence from France
June 27 British Somaliland becomes part of Somalia
June 27 Chlorophyll "A" synthesized Cambridge Mass
June 27 Oil pipe line from Rotterdam-Ruhrgebied opens
June 28 10.40" (26.42 cm) of rainfall, Dunmor, Kentucky (state 24-hour record)
June 29 Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Western Golf Open
June 29 KYA-AM in San Francisco changes call letters to KDBQ (for 2 weeks)
June 30 U.S. stops sugar import from Cuba
June 30 Zaire (formerly Belgian Congo) declares independence from Belgium
July 1 Benjamin Britten's cantate "Carmen Baseliense," premieres in Basel
July 1 British Somaliland becomes Somalia
July 1 Fidel Castro nationalizes Esso, Shell and Texaco in Cuba
July 1 Ghana becomes a republic
July 1 Italian Somaliland gains independence, unites with Somali Republic
July 1 No passports needed inside Benelux
July 1 U.S.S.R. shoots down U.S. RB-47 reconnaissance plane
July 2 "Once Upon a Mattress" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 460 performances
July 3 Vernon Presley (father of Elvis) weds Dee Alliot
July 4 6th LPGA Championship won by Mickey Wright
July 4 America's new 50-star flag honoring Hawaiian statehood unfurled
July 4 Mickey Mantle is 18th to hit 300 home runs
July 5 Mongolia adopts constitution
July 6 Dr. Barbara Moore completes a 3,207 mile walk from Los Angeles to New York City
July 7 Netherlands - U.S. cemetery Margraten official opens
July 7 U.S.S.R. shoots down a U.S. aircraft over Barents sea
July 8 Fidel Castro ends Havana's International League team, Sugar Kings move to New Jersey
July 10 Belgium sends troops to Congo
July 10 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Youngstown Kitchens (Trumball Golf Open)
July 11 28th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 5-3 at Municipal Stadium, KC
July 11 Czechoslovakia adopts Constitution
July 11 Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Upper Volta and Niger declare independence
July 11 Moise Tsjombe declares Congolese county Katanga independence
July 12 Congo, Chad and Central African Republic declare independence
July 12 Echo I, 1st passive satellite launched
July 12 Joyce Ziske wins LPGA Hoosier Celebrity Golf Tournament
July 12 U.S.S.R.'s Sputnik 5 launched with 2 dogs
July 12 XEWT TV channel 12 in Tijuana-San Diego, California (IND) begins broadcasting
July 13 29th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 6-0 at Yankee Stadium, New York
July 13 KDBQ-AM in San Francisco, California changes call letters to KYA
July 13 U.S. Democratic convention nominates John F. Kennedy as presidential candidate
July 14 Barbara Romack wins LPGA Leesburg Pro-Am Golf Tournament
July 14 Fire raging through a Guatemala City, Guatemala insane asylum kills 225, severly injuring 300
July 15 Baltimore Orioles' Brooks Robinson goes 5 for 5 including the cycle
July 16 205,000 (record sports attend) see Brazil-Uruguay World Cup soccer
July 16 George Crowe sets record of 12 pinch hit home runs with a runner on
July 18 1st United Nations troops reach Congo
July 18 Baseball's NL votes to add Houston and New York franchises
July 18 Premier Kishi of Japan, resigns
July 19 Italian Government Tambroni, resigns
July 19 San Francisco Giants Juan Marichal debuts, with a 1 hitter against Phillies
July 20 1st submerged submarine, George Washington, to fire Polaris missile (
July 20 Sirima Bandaranaike becomes 1st female premier of Ceylon
July 20 U.S.S.R. recovered 2 dogs; 1st living organisms to return from space
July 21 Country of Katanga forms in Africa
July 21 Francis Chichester arrive in New York aboard Gypsy Moth II, setting record of 40 days for a solo Atlantic crossing
July 21 In Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) Sirima Bandaranaike is world's 1st woman PM
July 22 Cuba nationalizes all U.S. owned sugar factories
July 23 15th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Betsy Rawls
July 24 42nd PGA Championship: Jay Hebert shoots a 281 at Firestone CC Akron
July 25 Company Industrielle et Forestere (Indufor) forms in Brussels
July 25 U.S. Republican convention nominates Nixon as presidential candidate
July 26 Italian government of Fanfani forms
July 27 Vice President Nixon nominated for President at Republican convention in Chicago
July 28 Republican National convention selects Richard Nixon as candidate
July 30 1st AFL preseason game Boston Patriots defeat Bills in Buffalo (28-7)
July 31 Elijah Muhammad, leader of Nation of Islam, calls for a black state
July 31 KSOO (now KSFY) TV channel 13 in Sioux Falls, SD (NBC) 1st broadcast
July 31 Patty Berg wins LPGA American Women's Golf Open
August 1 Aretha Franklins 1st recording session
August 1 Benin (Dahomey) gains independence from France
August 1 Chubby Checker releases "The Twist"
August 3 Niger gains independence from France
August 4 Rocket propelled USAAF research aircraft sets record at 2,150 MPH
August 5 Burkina (formerly Upper Volta) declares independence from France
August 5 Detroit trades manager Jimmy Dykes for Cleveland's manager Joe Gordon
August 6 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) beat Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 43-16 in Toronto
August 7 Ivory Coast, Cote d'Ivoore, gains independence from France
August 7 Students stage kneel-in demonstrations in Atlanta churches
August 7 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open
August 8 "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" hits #1
August 9 Race riot in Jacksonville Florida
August 10 Discoverer 13 launched into orbit; returned 1st object from space
August 10 Nicolaas Jouwe forms PANA in New-Guinea
August 11 Chad declares Independence from France
August 12 27th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Baltimore 32, All-Stars 7 (70,000)
August 12 Echo 1, 1st communications satellite, is launched
August 12 Ralph Boston of U.S., sets then long jump record at 26' 11"
August 12 USAF Major Robert M White takes X-15 to 41,600 m
August 13 Central African Republic and Chad proclaim independence from France
August 13 U.S.S.R. draws adviseors out of China
August 15 CFL's Calgary Stampeders move into McMahon Stadium
August 15 Chicago Bears beat New York Giants 16-7 in Toronto (NFL expo)
August 15 Congo (formerly Congo/Brazzaville) declares Independence from France
August 15 Mil Brave Lew Burdette no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 1-0
August 16 Britain grants independence to crown colony of Cyprus
August 16 Joseph Kittinger parachutes from balloon at 31,330 m (84,700')
August 16 Republic of Congo (Zaire, Dem Rep of Congo) forms
August 17 Francis Gary Powers U-2 spy trial opens in Moscow
August 17 Gabon gains independence from France, National Day
August 17 Indonesia drops diplomatic relations with Netherlands
August 18 1st commercial oral contraceptive, Enovid 10 debuts in Skokie, Illinois
August 18 1st photograph bounced off a satellite, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
August 18 Beatles give their 1st public performance (Kaiserkeller in Hamburg)
August 18 Lew Burdette pitches to just 27 for a 1-0 no-hitter against Phillies
August 19 Francis Gary Powers convicted of spying by U.S.S.R. (U-2 incident)
August 19 Sputnik 5 carries 2 dogs, 3 mice into orbit (later recovered alive)
August 20 Senegal breaks from Mali federation, declaring independence
August 20 U.S.S.R. recovers 2 dogs, 1st living organisms to return from space
August 22 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Asheville Golf Open
August 22 Gil Hodges set NL righty home run record with #352
August 23 World's largest frog (3.3 kg) caught (Equatorial Guinea)
August 24 -127 degrees F (-88 degrees C), Vostok, Antarctica (world record)
August 24 60 people die when bus plunges off bridge into Turvo River, Brazil
August 25 17th summer olympics opens in Rome
August 25 AFL begins placing players names on back of their jersies
August 25 Demonstrations against premier Lumumba
August 27 Anita Lonsbrough swims world/olympic record 200m (2:49.5)
August 27 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Grossinger Golf Open
August 28 White Sox Ted Kluzewski's 3-run home run is disallowed as ump called time
August 29 Jordan premier Hazza-el-Madjali deadly injured at bomb attack
August 30 Boston 2nd baseman Pete Runnels goes 6-for-7
August 30 East Germany imposes a partial blockade on West Berlin
August 31 Agricultural Hall of Fame forms
September 1 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Eastern Golf Open
September 1 Robert Bolt's "Man For All Seasons," premieres in London
September 2 Tamara and Irina Press (U.S.S.R.) become 1st sisters to win olympic gold
September 2 William Walton's 2nd Symphony, premieres
September 4 Hurricane Donna, kills 148 in Caribbean and US
September 5 Cassius Clay captures Olympic light heavyweight gold medal
September 5 President Kasavubu fires premier Lumumba of Congo
September 5 Wilma Rudolph wins her 2nd gold medal
September 7 Ljudmila Shevcova runs female olympic record 800m (2:04.3)
September 8 East Germany limits access to East-Berlin for West Berliners
September 9 4th American Football League plays 1st game (Denver 13, Boston 10)
September 10 Abebe Bikila runs Olympic/World record marathon (2:15:16.2)
September 10 New York Yankee Mickey Mantle hits 643' home run over right field roof in Detroit
September 11 17th Olympic games close in Rome, Italy
September 11 74th U.S. Womens Tennis: Darlene R Hard beats Maria Fraser (64 1012 64)
September 11 80th U.S. Mens Tennis: Neale A Fraser beats Rodney G Laver (64 64 97)
September 12 "Vintage '60" opens at Brooks Atkinson Theater New York City for 8 performances
September 13 Dutch 1st Chamber condemns soccer-law
September 14 Chubby Checker's "Twist" hits #1
September 14 Coup under Col Joseph-Desire Mobutu in Congo
September 14 Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia and Venezuela form OPEC
September 14 KERA TV channel 13 in Dallas, Texas (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 16 Amos Alonzo Stagg retires as a football coach at 98
September 16 Milwaukee Brave Warren Spahn no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 4-0
September 17 Cuba nationalizes U.S. banks
September 17 "Vintage '60" closes at Brooks Atkinson Theater New York City after 8 performances
September 18 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Memphis Golf Open
September 19 Chubby Checkers' "Twist" reaches #1
September 20 U.N. General Assembly admit 13 African countries and Cyprus (96 nations)
September 20 WFSU TV channel 11 in Tallahassee, Florida (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 22 Mali, formerly French Sudan, declares independence from France
September 24 International Development Association (U.N. agency) comes into existence
September 24 USS Enterprise, 1st nuclear power aircraft carrier, launches
September 25 Chubby Checker's "Twist," hits #1
September 25 For 1st time since 1927, Pirates clinch NL pennant
September 25 New York Yankees clinch AL pennant
September 25 Phillies beat Reds 7-1, ending 16 consecutive Sunday loses
September 26 1st of 4 TV debates Nixon and Kennedy took place (Chicago)
September 26 Fidel Castro gives a very long speech at the United Nations, 4 hours, 29 minutes
September 26 Ted Williams last at bat is his 521st home run off Jack Fisher
September 27 Europe's 1st "moving pavement," (travelator), opens at Bank station
September 28 "Millionaire," last airs on CBS-TV
September 28 "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own," by Connie Francis hits #1
September 28 "Queen For A Day," moves to ABC-TV
September 28 "Sunrise at Campobello" premiered at Palace theater
September 28 Ted Williams hits his final homer #521
September 29 "Johnny Ringo," TV Western Drama; last airs on CBS-TV
September 29 "lrma La Douce" opens at Plymouth Theater New York City for 527 performances
September 29 "My Three Sons" starring Fred MacMurray, debuts on ABC-TV
September 29 "Outlaws," TV Western Drama; debuts on NBC-TV
September 29 "Tell Laura I Love Her" by Ricky Valance peaks at #1 in UK
September 30 Flintstones premieres, 1st prime time animation show
September 30 On Howdy Doody's last show Clarabelle finally talks "Goodbye Kids"
September 30 West Germany signs trade agreement with East Germany
October 1 14th NHL All-Star Game: All-Stars beat Montreal 2-1 at Montreal
October 1 KCBY TV channel 11 in Coos Bay, OR (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 1 Nigeria gains independence from Britain (National Day)
October 1 South Korean troops cross 38th parallel into North Korea
October 2 Louise Suggs wins LPGA San Antonio Civitan Golf Tournament
October 3 "Flair" (CBS' answer to Monitor) premieres on radio with Dick Van Dyke
October 3 Janio Quadros elected president of Brazil
October 3 San Francisco's White House department store 1st to accept BankAmericard
October 3 Yankees win 8-7, ending season on a 15 game win streak, and record 193 home runs
October 4 Courier 1B Launched; 1st active repeater satellite in orbit
October 5 British Labour party demands unilateral nuclear disarmament
October 5 Eastern AL Electra turbo-prop crashed in Boston Harbor (61 die)
October 5 KEYC TV channel 12 in Mankato, MN (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 7 2nd John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon debate
October 7 "Route 66" premieres
October 8 Bobby Richarson hits a World Series grand slammer
October 9 Cowboy quarterback Eddie LeBaron throws shortest touchdown pass (2")
October 10 16 California Poly football team members die in plane crash in Toledo
October 10 Cyclone hits coast of Gulf of Bengal; about 4000 die
October 10 "Laughs and Other Events" opens at Barrymore Theater New York City for 8 performances
October 10 Ron Stewart of Ottawa rushes for CFL-record 287 yards
October 10 WGTE TV channel 30 in Toledo, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting
October 11 Hurricane ravages East-Pakistan (6,000 die)
October 11 Radio - TV executive John Fetzer buys a controlling interest of Detroit Tigers
October 12 John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon's 3rd presidential debate
October 12 Nikita Khrushchev pounds his shoe at United Nations General Assembly
October 13 3rd presidential debate with Nixon in Hollywood and Kennedy in NY
October 13 Opponents of Fidel Castro executed in Cuba
October 13 Pirate's Mazeroski's bottom of 9th lead off home run beats New York Yankees 10-9 in game 7 of 57th World Series
October 14 Belgian sen Victor Leemans reveals huge gas field in Groningen
October 14 Peace Corps 1st suggested by John F. Kennedy
October 15 "Laughs and Other Events" closes at Barrymore Theater New York City after 8 performances
October 16 NL votes to admit Houston and New York to league
October 17 "Tenderloin" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 216 performances
October 17 U.S. and Britain sign accord for nuclear sub bases
October 18 Casey Stengel retired by New York Yankees (won 10 pennants in 12 years)
October 18 In Britain, News Chronicle and Daily Mail merge, and London Evening Star merges with Evening News
October 19 France grants Mauritania independence
October 19 KWCS (now KOOG) TV channel 30 in Ogden, UT (IND) begins broadcasting
October 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. arrested in Atlanta sit-in
October 19 U.S. imposes embargo on exports to Cuba
October 20 1st fully mechanized post office opened, Providence, RI
October 20 Ralph Houk, 41, replaces Casey Stengel as Yankee manager
October 21 1st British nuclear sub Dreadnought launched
October 21 John F. Kennedy and Nixon clashed in 4th and final presidential debate (New York City)
October 22 Cassius Clay wins 1st battle as professional boxer
October 24 Disaster on U.S.S.R. (Baikonoer) launch pad, kills missile expert Nedelin and team (165 die-unconfirmed); U.S.S.R. claims killed in plane crash
October 25 1st electronic wrist watch placed on sale, New York City
October 25 Cuba nationalizes all remaining U.S. businesses
October 26 AL approves Washington Senators move to become Minnesota Twins and announces franchises in LA and Washington D.C. for 1961
October 27 AL admits LA and Washington to the league
October 27 Singer Ben E King records "Spanish Harlem" and "Stand By Me"
October 29 Chartered C46 carrying California State's football team crashes, kills 16
October 29 Muhammad Ali's 1st professional fight, beats Tunney Hunsaker in 6
October 30 Guatemala's "La Hora" reports plan for invasion on Cuba
October 31 Cyclone hits coast of Gulf of Bengal; about 10,000 die
November 1 Balitmore Oriole shortstop Ron Hansen voted AL Rookie of Year
November 1 Benelux treaty goes into effect
November 2 Dmitri Sjostakovitch's 8th String quartet, premieres in Leningrad
November 2 George Weiss, at 66, resigns as General Manager of New York Yankees
November 2 Penguin Books publishes "Lady Chatterley's Lover"
November 2 Roger Maris nips Mickey Mantle as AL MVP, 225-222
November 3 Ivory Coast adopts constitution
November 3 Pittsburgh Pirates' Vern Law wins Cy Young Award
November 3 Tammy Grimes' "Unsinkable Molly Brown," premieres in New York City
November 3 "Unsinkable Molly Brown" opens at Winter Garden New York City for 532 performances
November 4 "Misfits" premieres, final movie for Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe
November 7 KNRR TV channel 12 in Pembina, ND (IND) begins broadcsting
November 8 John F. Kennedy, Senator-D-Massachusetts, beats Vice President Richard Nixon to become the 35th U.S. president
November 10 Senate passes landmark Civil Rights Bill
November 11 Largest New York Knick 49th St. MSG crowd-18,499
November 12 Coup against South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem fails
November 13 Fire in movie theater kills 152 children (Amude Spain)
November 13 Sammy Davis, Jr. marries Swedish actress May Britt
November 14 2 passenger trains collided at high-speed killing 110 (Czechoslovakia)
November 14 Belgium threatens to leave United Nations due to criticism on it's Congo-policy
November 14 OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), forms
November 14 Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Mind" reaches #1
November 14 Riot due to school integration in New Orleans
November 15 Elgin Baylor of NBA Los Angeles Lakers scores 71 points vs New York Knicks
November 15 USS George Washington, 1st sub with nuclear ballistic missiles, launched
November 16 NL batting champion Dick Groat wins MVP
November 17 New Washington franchise is awarded to Elwood Quesada
November 18 Charlie Finley, makes a bid to purchase expansion LA Angels
November 18 Copyright office issues its 10 millionth registration
November 19 Mickey Vernon is hired as 1st manager of new Washington team
November 21 Bob Scheffing signs to manage Tigers after Casey Stengel turns it down
November 22 French National Meeting decide to build own nuclear weapons
November 23 Dodgers outfielder Frank Howard is voted NL Rookie of Year
November 23 Tinseltown dedicated its Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd
November 23 Tiros 2, a weather satellite is launched
November 24 Wilt Chamberlain pulls down 55 rebounds in a game (NBA record)
November 25 1st atomic reactor for research and development, Richland Wa
November 25 "Amos 'n' Andy" made its last broadcast on CBS radio
November 25 CBS ends last 4 radio soap operas (Ma Perkins, Right to Happiness, Young Dr. Malone and 2nd Mrs. Burton) and cancels 4 other series
November 26 48th CFL Grey Cup: Ottawa Rough Riders defeats Edmonton Eskimos, 16-6
November 26 Minneapolis-St. Paul baseball club takes the name Twins
November 27 CBS radio cancels "Have Gun Will Travel"
November 27 Dr. Felix Houphouet-Boigny becomes president of Ivory Coast
November 27 Gordie Howe becomes 1st NHLer to score 1,000 points
November 27 Patrice Lumumba flees Leopoldville Congo
November 27 Trailing 38-7 late in 3rd quarter, Buffalo Bills tie Broncos at 38-38
November 28 CBS radio expands hourly news coverage from 5 to 10 minutes
November 28 Mauritania gains independence from France (National Day)
November 29 26th Heisman Trophy Award: Joe Bellino, Navy (HB)
November 30 French Senate condemns building own nuclear weapons
November 30 Tad Mosels "All the Way Home," premieres in New York City
December 1 Patrice Lumumba caught in the Congo
December 3 "Camelot" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 873 performances
December 3 Frederick Loewe/Alan Jay Lerner's "Camelot," premieres in New York City
December 5 Ghana drops diplomatic relations with Belgium
December 6 AL grants Gene Autry a franchise, LA Angels
December 7 Ivory Coast claims independence from France
December 8 Expansion LA Angels sign a 4 year lease to use Dodger Stadium
December 9 1st broadcast of "Coronation Street" on British ITV
December 11 Black Sunday - Riot in Algiers, 114 die
December 11 Cleveland's Bernie Parrish sets club record for longest interception return with a 92 yard run
December 11 Coleman/Leigh's musical "Wildcat" with Lucille Ball premieres in New York City
December 13 Italy beats U.S. in Davis cup (1st time in 24 years U.S. not in finals)
December 13 Laos General Fumi Nosavang occupies Vientiane
December 14 Australia vs. West Indies 1st Test Cricket at the Gabba ends in a tie
December 14 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) forms
December 14 Washington Senators joins American League
December 15 King Boudouin of Belgium marries dona Fabiola de Mora y Aragon
December 16 TWA 266 and United 826 collide over Staten Island, kills 134
December 16 "Wildcat" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 172 performances
December 17 "La Plume de Ma Tante" closes at Royale Theater New York City after 835 performances
December 17 Pablo Casals' oratorio "El Pesebrio," premieres
December 17 "Take Me Along" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 448 performances
December 18 General Meeting of United Nations condemns apartheid
December 19 Fire aboard USS Constellation, under construction at Brooklyn (50 die)
December 19 Frank Sinatra's 1st session with Reprise Records (Ring-A-Ding-Ding)
December 19 Mercury-Redstone 1A reaches 210 km in test flight
December 20 Auschwitz commandant Richard Bar arrested in West Germany
December 23 De Quay's Dutch government falls
December 23 King Saudi of Saudi-Arabia takes power
December 24 Dutch bishops question papacy values
December 26 "Do Re Mi" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 400 performances
December 26 Musical "Do re mi" with Phil Silvers premieres in New York City
December 26 Philadelphia Eagles beat Green Bay Packers 17-13 in NFL championship game
December 27 France performs nuclear test