1985 in History
January 1 Actress Judith Licht (Who's the Boss) marries Robert Desiderio (One Life to Live)
January 1 International Youth Year begins
January 1 U.S.'s 1st manadatory seat belt law goes into effect in New York
January 1 VH-1 made its broadcasting debut
January 2 90th hat trick in Islander history-Brent Sutter
January 2 Australia beat WI by innings at SCG, Bob Holland 10 match wkts
January 2 Egyptian President Mubarak reappoints Coptic pope Shenuda III
January 2 Nevada-Las Vegas beats Utah 142-140, highest college basketball score
January 2 Undefeated BYU becomes college football champions
January 3 Azharuddin scores 110 in 1st Test innings
January 3 Israel government confirms resettlement of 10,000 Ethiopian Jews
January 5 Bryan Trottier failed on 9th Islander penalty shot
January 5 Discovery moves to launch pad for STS-51-C mission
January 7 Japanese space probe Sakigake launched to Halley's comet
January 7 KHQ-AM in Spokane WA changes call letters to KLSN (now KAQQ)
January 7 "King and I" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 191 performances
January 7 Lou Brock and Hoyt Wilhelm, elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame
January 8 Japan launches Sakigake space probe to Halley's Comet
January 9 Flames set NHL record 264th regular season game without being shut-out
January 10 Daniel Ortega Saavedra inaugurated as president of Nicaragua
January 13 23rd Tennis Fed Cup: Czechoslovakia beats USA in Nagoya Japan (2-1)
January 13 99-yr-old Otto Bucher scores a hole-in-one at Spanish golf course
January 13 Blackhawk Doug Wilson failed on 12th penalty shot against Islanders
January 13 Cerberal Palsy telethon raises $17,1000,000
January 13 Express train derails in Ethiopia, kills at least 428
January 14 16 indicted by U.S. for granting sanctuary to Central American refugees
January 14 M Navratilova is 3rd to win 100 tennis tournaments (Connors and Evert)
January 15 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to John Ashbery and Fred Chapell
January 15 Civil rights activist Tancredo Neves elected president
January 15 Mike Gatting and Graeme Fowler both scores 200's vs. India
January 15 Tancredo Neves becomes 1st elected president of Brazil in 21 years
January 16 "Playboy" announces end of stapling centerfolds
January 17 Azharuddin scores second Test century in second Test (v England)
January 18 U.S. renounces jurisdiction of World Court despite previous promise
January 19 4 die in a car and train crash in Buda Ill
January 19 "Born In The USA" by Bruce Springsteen peaked at #9
January 20 Cold front strikes U.S., at least 40 die (-27 degrees F (-33 degrees C) in Chicago)
January 20 Superbowl XIX: San Francisco 49ers beat Miami Dolphins, 38-16 in Stanford Superbowl MVP: Joe Montana, San Francisco, quarterback
January 21 -19 degrees F (-28 degrees C), Caesar's Head, South Carolina (state record)
January 21 -34 degrees F (-37 degrees C), Mount Mitchell, North Carolina (state record)
January 21 Bomb attack on Borobudur temple in Java
January 21 Dennis Potvin ties Bobby Orr's career record of 270 NHL goals
January 22 -30 degrees F (-34 degrees C), Mountain Lake Bio Station, Virginia (state record)
January 22 Cold wave damages 90 percent of Florida's citrus crop
January 22 Kelly Hu, 16, of Hawaii, crowned 3rd Miss Teen USA
January 22 Zak Starkey (Ringo's son) marries Sarah Menikides
January 23 Britains House of Lords debate 1st televised
January 24 15th Space Shuttle (51-C) Mission-Discovery 3 is launched
January 25 "Black and Blue," premieres in Paris
January 25 Test debut of Wasim Akram, vs. New Zealand at Auckland (2-105)
January 25 "We are the World" is recorded by Pop stars in Los Angeles
January 26 42th Golden Globes: Amadeus wins
January 26 Edmonton Oiler Wayne Gretzky scores 50th goal in 49th game of season
January 27 15th Space Shuttle (51-C) Mission-Discovery 3 returns to Earth
January 27 "Doug Henning and His World..." closes at Lunt-Fontanne New York after 60 perf
January 27 Hollis Stacy wins LPGA Mazda Golf Classic
January 27 Mark Mckoy cycles world record 50m hurdles indoor (5.25)
January 27 NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 22-14
January 28 12th American Music Award
January 29 Jari Kurri of Edmonton Oilers scores 100th pt of season in game 39
January 31 "Harrigan 'n Hart" opens at Longacre Theater New York City for 5 performances
January 31 South Africa President PW Botha offers to free Mandela if he denounces violence
February 1 -61 degrees F (-52 degrees C), Maybell, Colorado (state record)
February 1 -69 degrees F (-56 degrees C), Peter's Sink, Utah (state record)
February 1 Azharuddin scores 3rd Test century in 3rd Test Cricket (122 vs. Eng)
February 1 Cards trade D Green, Jose Uribe, Dave LaPoint to Giants for Jack Clark
February 1 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Tiffany Chin
February 2 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Brian Boitano
February 3 "Harrigan 'n Hart" closes at Longacre Theater New York City after 5 performances
February 3 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Elizabeth Arden Golf Classic
February 4 20 countries (but not U.S.) sign United Nations treaty outlawing torture
February 4 Naval exercises canceled when U.S. refuses to tell New Zealand of nuclear weapons
February 7 Marshall U's Bruce Morris scores a basket from 92'5"
February 7 New York Devil Don Lever becomes 57th NHLer to score 300 goals
February 7 "New York, New York" became the official anthem of New York City
February 8 1st-class cricket debut of Jimmy Adams (age 17), Jamaica vs. Barbados
February 8 Bruce Morris, Marshall University, makes a 92' 5" basketball shot
February 8 Michael Gross swims world record 800m freestyle (7:38.75)
February 8 Opposition leader Kim Dae Jung returns to South-Korea
February 9 Madonna's "Like a Virgin," album goes #1 for 3 weeks
February 10 35th NBA All-Star Game: West beats East 140-129 at Indiana
February 10 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-E mission
February 10 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Classic
February 10 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
February 11 Jordan king Hussein and PLO leader Arafat sign accord
February 11 Kent Hrbek signs 5-year, $6 million contract with Minnesota Twins
February 11 Wasim Akram takes 10 wickets in his 2nd Test Cricket, New Zealand still wins
February 12 37th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 6-4 at Calgary
February 12 West Indies beat Australia 2-1 to win cricket World Series Cup
February 13 Dow Jones closes at 1297.92 (record high) after topping 1300 earlier
February 13 Polish police arrests 7 Solidarity leaders
February 14 Hostage CNN reporter Jeremy Levin is released in Beirut
February 15 STS-51-E vehicle moves to launch pad
February 15 World chess championship match abandoned-Karpov 25, Kasparov 23
February 16 Largest NBA crowd to date, 43,816, sees Philadelphia at Detroit
February 16 Livingston Bramble defeats Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini to win WBA champ
February 16 New Jersey Devils score their fastest hat trick in 42 seconds
February 17 1st class postage rises from 20 cents to 22 cents
February 17 1st day/night game at the MCG, Australia vs. England
February 17 3rd person to receive an artificial heart (Murray Haydon)
February 17 Hein Vergeer becomes world champion skater
February 17 Laffit Pincay, Jr. is third to ride 6,000th winners at Santa Anita
February 19 150 killed when a Spanish jetliner crashed approaching Bilbao, Spain
February 19 ADM of Amsterdam declares bankruptcy
February 19 Canned and bottled Cherry Coke introduced by Coca-Cola
February 19 Mickey Mouse welcomed in China
February 19 William Schroeder is 1st artificial heart patient to leave hospital He spent 15 minutes outside Humana Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky
February 20 After defending his WBC flyweight championship, Sot Chitalada's check for $104,000 is stolen by a ringside pickpocket
February 21 Evert van Benthem wins 13th Friese 11 city skateing race
February 21 Largest NBA crowd to date 44,970 (Atlanta at Detroit)
February 21 Tim Raines is awarded a $12 million salary for 1985 by arbitrator
February 23 Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight throws a chair during a game
February 23 U.S. Senate confirms Edwin Meese III as attorney general
February 24 Amy Alcott wins LPGA Circle K Golf Open Tucson
February 24 Birendra, Bir Bikram Shah Dev crowned King of Nepal
February 24 Jim Kelly (Houston USFL) passes for pro football record 574 yards
February 24 Yul Brynner reprised his role in "The King and I"
February 26 27th Grammy Awards: Whats Love Got to Do With It, Cyndi Lauper wins
February 27 Farmers converge in Washington to demand economic relief
February 27 Mauritania's new constitutional charter published
March 1 Liza Minnelli enters Betty Ford Drug Center
March 1 Milwaukee businessman Herb Kohl purchases the Milwaukee Bucks
March 1 Pentagon accepts theory that atomic war would cause a nuclear winter
March 2 U.S. approves screening test for AIDS
March 3 Betsy King wins LPGA Samaritan Turquoise Golf Classic
March 3 Bill (Willie) Shoemaker is 1st jockey to surpass $100 million
March 3 "Moonlighting" with Cybill Shepard and Bruce Willis, premieres
March 3 "My One and Only" closes at St. James Theater New York City after 767 performances
March 3 National Union of Mine Workers in England end a 51 week strike
March 4 STS-51-E vehicle rolls back to Vandenberg AFB; mission cancelled
March 4 Virtual ban on leaded gas ordered by EPA
March 4 War veterans returned to the "Bridge over the River Kwai"
March 5 New York Islander Mike Bossy is 1st to score 50 goals in 8 straight seasons
March 6 Enos Slaughter and Arky Vaughan are elected to baseball Hall of Fame
March 6 Mexican authorities find body of U.S. drug agent Enrique C. Salaazar
March 6 Mike Tyson KOs Hector Mercedes in 1 round in his 1st pro fight
March 6 Yul Brynner appears in his 4,500th performance of "King and I"
March 7 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.1 update released
March 8 Ice Dance Championship at Tokyo won by Bestemianova and Bukin (URS)
March 9 Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Katarina Witt (GDR)
March 9 Laura Johnson (Falcon Crest) and Harry Hamlin (LA Law) wed
March 10 Bonnie Lauer wins Uniden LPGA Golf Invitational
March 10 Dallas Maverick coach Dick Motta is 4th NBA coach to win 700 games
March 10 French socialists lose election (National Front 9%)
March 10 Ice Pairs Championship at Tokyo won by Elena Valova and O Vasiliev (URS)
March 10 India beat Pakistan to win "World Championship of Cricket"
March 10 Mens Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Alexandr Fadeev (URS)
March 11 Mikhail Gorbachev replaces Konstantin Chernenko as Soviet leader
March 12 Larry Bird scores Boston Celtic record 60 points
March 13 Funeral services held for Konstantin Chernenko (Moscow)
March 13 Michael Secrest (U.S.) begins 24-hour ride of 516 miles, 427 yards
March 14 11th People's Choice Awards: Bill Cosby wins 4 awards
March 14 Michael Secrest (U.S.) completes 24-hour ride of 516 miles, 427 yards
March 15 Larry Holmes TKOs David Bey in 10 for heavyweight boxing title
March 15 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 16 Associated Press correspondent Terry Anderson taken hostage in Beirut
March 16 Denny McLain, pitcher; convicted of racketeering, sentenced to 25 yrs
March 17 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Women's Kemper Golf Open
March 17 Matti Nykanen of Finland set a world ski jump record of 623'
March 18 Capital Cities Communications Inc. acquires ABC
March 18 Commissioner Peter Ueberroth reinstates Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle
March 19 NSW wins cricket Sheffield Shield by beating Queensland by 1 wicket
March 19 Senate votes 55-45, to authorize production of the MX missile
March 19 "Spin Magazine" begins publishing
March 20 Libby Riddles is 1st woman to win Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race
March 21 Arthur Ashe is named to International Tennis Hall of Fame
March 21 Bloodbath at Langa (Uitenhage) South Africa, 19 killed
March 22 NASA launches Intelsat VA
March 23 Billy Joel weds supermodel Christie Brinkley
March 23 Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-D mission
March 23 Julian Lennon's 1st concert (San Antonio Texas)
March 23 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 24 5th Golden Raspberry Awards: Bolero wins
March 24 Golden Raspberry Awards presented to parody Oscar Awards (Bolero wins)
March 24 Jan Stephenson wins LPGA GNA Golf Classic
March 24 Norman Gifford makes cricket ODI debuts at age 44 (v Australia, Sharjah)
March 25 57th Academy Awards - "Amadeus," F Murray Abraham and Sally Field win
March 25 Edwin Meese III becomes U.S. Attorney General
March 27 Billy Dee Williams receives a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
March 28 International Cometary Explorer measures solar wind ahead of Halley
March 28 Neil Simon's "Biloxi Blues," premieres in New York City
March 28 STS-51-D vehicle moves to launch pad
March 29 Christos Sartzetakis elected president of Greece
March 29 Wayne Gretzky breaks own NHL season record with 126th assist
March 31 15th Easter Seal Telethon raises $27,400,000
March 31 4th NCAA Women's Basketball Championship: Old Dominion beats Georgia 70-65
March 31 El Salvador's President Duartes Christian-Democrats win election
March 31 Wrestlemania I at MSG NY, Hogan and Mr. T beat Piper and Orndorf
April 1 47th NCAA Men's Basketball Champion: Villanova beats Georgetown 84-75
April 2 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
April 3 French government adopts equal electoral system
April 3 Players' Association agrees to expand LCS from 5 to 7 games
April 3 Vic Elliot pocketed 15,780 pool balls in 24 hours in London
April 4 Tulane University cancels its basketball season amidst scandal
April 6 Atlantis (OV-104) rollout at Palmdale
April 6 Bombay beat Delhi by 90 runs to win the Ranji Trophy final
April 6 Sudan suspends constitution after coup under general Swarreddahab
April 6 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
April 7 14th Nabisco Dinah Shore Golf Championship won by Alice Miller
April 7 1st live telecast of Easter Parade
April 7 New Jersey General Hershel Walker runs for USFL record 233 yards
April 8 Amdahl releases UTS/V, 1st mainframe Unix
April 8 India files suit against Union Carbide over Bhopal disaster
April 8 "Leader of the Pack" opens at Ambassador Theater New York City for 120 performances
April 9 White Sox pitcher Tom Seaver starts a record 15th opening day game
April 10 At 80 Leo Sites becomes oldest bowler to score a 300 game
April 10 Caps 4-Isles 3 (OT)-Patrick Division Semifinals-Caps hold 1-0 lead
April 10 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-B mission
April 11 Caps 2-Isles 1 (OT)-Patrick Div Semifinals- Caps hold 2-0 lead
April 12 16th Shuttle Mission (51D)-Discovery 4 launched-with Senator Jake Garn
April 12 U.S. Olympic Committee endorses a boycott of Moscow games
April 13 Atlantis ferried to Kennedy Space Center via Ellington AFB, Texas
April 13 Caps 1-Isles 2-Patrick Div Semifinals- Caps hold 2-1 lead
April 13 Katrin Dorre wins 1st female World Cup marathon (2:33:30)
April 13 Ramiz Alia succeeds Enver Hoxha as party leader of Albania
April 13 "TASS" denounced U.S. boycott of Moscow Olympics
April 14 49th Golf Masters Championship: Bernhard Langer wins, shooting a 282
April 14 Ahmed Salah wins 1st World Cup marathon (2:08:09)
April 14 Alan Garcia wins elections in Peru
April 14 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Kyocera Inamori Golf Classic
April 14 Bob Carpenter is unsuccessful on Washington Caps 1st playoff penalty shot
April 14 Caps 4-Isles 6-Patrick Div Semifinals-Series tied at 2-2
April 14 Jack C Burcham is 5th to receive "Jarvik 7" permanent artificial heart
April 14 "Take Me Along!" opens/closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City
April 15 14th Boston Women's Marathon won by Lisa Larsen Weidenbach in 2:34:06
April 15 89th Boston Marathon won by Geoff Smith of Great Britain in 2:14:05
April 15 Challenger moves to launch pad for 51-B mission
April 15 South Africa will repeal sex and marriage laws against whites and non-whites
April 16 Caps 1-Isles 2-Patrick Div Semifinals-Isle win series 3-2
April 16 "Grind" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 79 performances
April 18 Flyers 3-Isles 0-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 1-0 lead
April 19 16th Space Shuttle Mission (51-D)-Discovery 4 returns to Earth
April 19 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
April 20 Carlos Lopes runs world record marathon (2:07:12)
April 20 Firestone World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Mark Williams
April 20 Karyn Marshall of New York City lifted 303 lbs in a clean and jerk lift
April 21 Bomb attacks in NATO/AEG-Telefunken building in Brussels
April 21 Flyers 5-Isles 2-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 2-0 lead
April 21 Ingrid Kristiansen wins London Marathon in a record 2:21:06
April 21 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA J&B Scotch Pro-Am Golf Tournament
April 23 Brooklyn College soccer team wins Nepal's invitational
April 23 Coca-Cola announced it is changing its secret flavor formula
April 23 Flyers 5-Isles 3-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 3-0 lead
April 23 New Coke debuts
April 24 Pulitzer prize awarded to Carolyn Lizer for "Yin"
April 25 "Big River" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater New York City for 1005 performances
April 25 Flyers 2-Isles 6-Patrick Div Finals-Flyers hold 3-1 lead
April 25 For 2nd time, Wayne Gretzky, scores 7 goals in a Cup game
April 25 Roger Miller's musical "Big River," premieres in New York City
April 25 West German Parliament ruled it illegal to deny the holocaust
April 28 Alice Miller wins LPGA S&H Golf Classic
April 28 Billy Martin named New York Yankee manager for 4th time
April 28 Fernando Valenzuela sets record of 41 scoreless inn to start season
April 29 17th space shuttle mission (51-B)-Challenger 7 launched
April 29 Ranger Larry Parrish is 5th to hit 3 home runs in a game in both leagues
April 29 Tony Tubbs TKOs Greg Page in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
April 30 Dale Murphy drives in record tying 28th and 29th runs of April
April 30 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
April 30 Last edition of Brink Daily Mail/Sunday Express in South Africa
May 1 "Communist" bomb attack kills 2 firemen in Brussels
May 1 U.S. president Reagan ends embargo against Nicaragua
May 1 William Hoffman's "As Is," premieres in New York City
May 2 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
May 4 111th Kentucky Derby: Angel Cordero, Jr. on Spend A Buck wins 2:00.2
May 5 Amy Alcott wins LPGA Moss Creek Women's Golf Invitational
May 6 17th Space Shuttle Mission (51-B)-Challenger 7 lands at Edwards AFB
May 8 20th Academy of Country Music Awards: Alabama and Judds win
May 8 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
May 10 Challenger transports back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
May 11 40 die and 150 injured in fire at Bradford City football ground
May 11 Booby trap bomb kills 86 people in India
May 11 Dave Concepcion becomes 4th Cincinnati Red teammate to get 2,000 hits, others include Pete Rose, Tony Perez and Cesar Cedeno
May 11 Madonna's "Crazy For You," single goes #1
May 11 Pope John Paul II arrives in Netherlands
May 11 Soccer stadium in Bradford England catches fire; 53 die
May 12 Amy Eilberg is ordained in New York as 1st woman Conservative rabbi
May 12 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA United Virginia Bank Golf Classic
May 13 Carlton Fisk becomes 5th catcher to steal 100 bases
May 13 Laura Elena Martinez-Herring, 21, (Texas), crowned 34th Miss USA
May 13 Philadelphia Police bomb a house held by group "Move," kills 11
May 15 Everton wins 25th Europe Cup II at Rotterdam
May 16 Michael Jordan named NBA Rookie of Year
May 16 Pope John Paul II arrives in Belgium
May 17 Les Anderson, catches record 97 lb 4 oz Chinook Salmon, off Alaska
May 18 111th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Tank's Prospect wins in 1:53.4
May 18 1st remote location for "Nightline" (South Africa)
May 18 "One Night In Bangkok" by Murray Head hits #3
May 19 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Chrysler-Plymouth Golf Classic
May 20 1150 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners exchanged for 3 Israelis
May 20 Dow Jones industrial avg closes above 1300 for 1st time
May 20 FBI arrests John A Walker, Jr., convicted of spying for U.S.S.R.
May 20 Indians-Brewers game at Cleveland Stadium is 1st rain-out of 1985, ends record string of 458 ML games since Opening Day without a rain-out
May 20 Larry Holmes beats Carl Williams in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
May 20 U.S. began broadcasts to Cuba on Radio Marti
May 22 Pete Rose 2,108th run passes Hank Aaron as NL run scoring leader
May 22 Real Madrid wins 14th UEFA Cup at Madrid
May 22 U.S. sailor Michael L. Walker arrested for spying for U.S.S.R.
May 24 "View to a Kill" premieres in US
May 25 Allan Border scores 4th successive 1st class 100 (v Derbyshire)
May 25 Cyclone ravages Bangladesh; 11,000 killed
May 26 Danny Sullivan wins Indy 500 by 24 seconds following a spin
May 26 Explosions destroys 2 tankers off of Gibraltar, 30 die
May 26 Patti Rizzo wins LPGA Corning Golf Classic
May 27 Britain agrees to return Hong Kong to China in 1997
May 27 Inaugural bands parade for President Reagan
May 28 David Jacobsen taken hostage in Beirut, Lebanon
May 28 Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-G
May 29 Juventus wins 30th Europe Cup 1 in Brussels, 39 die in riot
May 30 Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers beat Philadelphia Flyers, 4 games to 1
May 31 41 tornadoes hit Northeast U.S., killing 88
May 31 Guatemala adopts constitution
May 31 New Orleans Saints are sold for $70,204,000
May 31 Tornados in Penn, Ohio, New York and Canada kill 88 and injured more than 1,000
June 1 "Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" by David Lee Roth hits #12
June 1 Viv Richards scores 300 in a day on the way to 322 vs. Warwicks cricket
June 1 Weird Al Yankovic released his Dare To Be Stupid LP
June 2 31st LPGA Championship won by Nancy Lopez
June 2 39th Tony Awards: Biloxi Blues and Big River win
June 2 Andreas Papandreous PASOK-party wins election in Greece
June 2 RJ Reynolds Company proposed a merger with Nabisco
June 3 Brewers draft B J Surhoff #1
June 3 Massive anti-ETA demonstration in Basques
June 4 STS-51-G vehicle moves to launch pad
June 4 Supreme Court strikes down Alabama "moment of silence" law
June 6 55th French Womens Tennis: Chris Evert beats Navratilova (63 67 75)
June 6 58th National Spelling Bee: Balu Natarajan wins spelling milieu
June 6 Body of Nazi criminal, Dr. Josef Mengele located and exhumed
June 6 Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts "status" of Aruba
June 6 Soyuz T-13 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 7 space station
June 8 117th Belmont: Eddie Maple aboard Creme Fraiche wins in 2:27
June 8 Pirates score 10 in top of 1st, but lose 15-11 to Phillies, as Steve becomes 1st Phillie to switch hit home runs in same game
June 9 39th NBA Championship: Los Angeles Lakers beat Boston Celtics, 4 games to 2
June 9 55th French Mens Tennis: Mats Wilander beats Ivan Lendl (36 64 62 62)
June 9 Alice Miller wins LPGA McDonald's Golf Championship
June 9 American Thomas Sutherland is kidnapped and held hostage in Lebanon
June 9 Bernard Hinault wins Tour de France
June 9 U.S.S.R.'s Vega 1 deposits lander on surface of Venus
June 10 19th Music City News Country Awards: Statler Brothers, B Mandrell
June 10 Claus von Bulow acquitted on charges he tried to murder his wife
June 10 Coca Cola announces they'd bring back their 99-year-old formula
June 10 French agents blow up Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior near New Zealand
June 11 Russian space probe Vega 1 lands on Venus
June 11 Von Hayes becomes 21st to hit 2 home runs in an inning (Phils-26, Mets-7)
June 11 WJW-AM/TV in Cleveland Ohio change call letters to WRMR
June 14 Earl Weaver comes out of retirement to manage Baltimore Orioles
June 14 Lebanese Shiite Muslim extremists hijacked TWA Flight 847
June 14 "Michael Nesmith In Television Parts" premieres on NBC-TV
June 15 En route to Halley's Comet, U.S.S.R.'s Vega 2 drops lander on Venus
June 15 Pinklon Thomas KOs Mike Weaver in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
June 15 "Pryor's Place," children show last airs on CBS-TV
June 15 Russian space probe Vega 2 lands on Venus
June 16 85th U.S. Golf Open: Andy North shoots a 279 at Oakland Hills CC Michigan
June 16 Pat Bradley wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
June 16 T. C. Chen, ahead by 4 strokes in final round of U.S. Open
June 16 Willie Banks of USA sets triple jump record (58'11 ") in Indianapolis quadruple bogies 5th hole and never recovers
June 17 18th Space Shuttle Mission (51-G)-Discovery 5 launched
June 18 Boston Red Sox Fred Lynn gets 10 RBIs
June 19 Reggie Jackson hits his 513th home run to move into 10th place
June 21 American, Brazilian and West German forensic pathologists confirm skeletal remains exhumed in Brazil were Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele
June 22 "Grind" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 79 performances
June 22 "Smuggler's Blues" by Glenn Frey peaks at #12
June 23 Alice Miller wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic
June 23 Bomb destroys Air India Boeing 747 in air near Ireland, 329 die
June 23 Laffit Pincay, Jr. becomes 2nd jockey to win $100 million
June 24 18th Space Shuttle Mission (51-G)-Discovery 5 returns to Earth
June 24 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-F
June 25 Fireworks factory near Hallett, OK explodes, 21 die
June 27 1st hotel strike in New York
June 27 Route 66, Chicago to Santa Monica, is decertified
June 28 Discovery ferried back to Kennedy Space Center via Bergstrom AFB, Tx
June 29 NASA launches Intelsat VA
June 29 STS-51-F vehicle moves to launch pad
June 30 39 remaining hostages from Flight 847 are freed in Beirut
June 30 Juli Inkster wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
June 30 "King and I" closes at Broadway Theater New York City after 191 performances
June 30 Los Angeles Dodger Pedro Gonzalez sets NL record of 15 home runs in June
July 2 Andrei Gromyko appointed president of U.S.S.R.
July 2 European Space Agency launches Giotto (Halley's Comet Flyby)
July 3 CBS announces a 21% stock buy-back to thwart Ted Turner's takeover
July 4 Tinker Bell's nightly flight begins
July 5 117 degrees F (47 degrees C), St. George, Utah (state rec) (103 degrees spread, UT 1985)
July 5 Nicholas Mark Sanders (England) begins circumnavigation of globe, covering 13,035 road miles in 78 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes
July 5 Premier Mugabe wins Zimbabwe elections
July 7 92nd Wimbledon Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats C Evert (46 63 62)
July 7 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Mazda Hall of Fame Golf Championship
July 8 99th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Boris Becker beats K Curren (63 67 76 64)
July 8 Marge Schott becomes CEO of Cincinnati Red
July 9 South Africa police arrested Dutch ANC'er Klaas de Jong
July 10 Coca-Cola Co announces it will resume selling old formula Coke
July 10 French agents sink Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior
July 10 Playboy publishes full frontal nude pictures of Madonna
July 11 Astros' Nolan Ryan, 1st to strike out 4000 (Mets' Danny Heep)
July 11 Refurbished Columbia moves overland from Palmdale to Dryden
July 11 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 12 Doctors discover a cancerous growth in President Reagan's colon
July 12 "Singin' in the Rain" opens at Gershwin Theater New York City for 367 performances
July 12 STS-51-F launch scrubbed at T -3s because of main engine shutdown
July 13 "Live Aid" concert raises over $70 million for African famine relief
July 13 New York Yankees retire Roger Maris (9) and Elston Howard (32) uniforms
July 14 40th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Kathy Baker
July 14 Columbia returns to Kennedy Space Center via Offutt AFB, Neb
July 14 Last USFL game-Baltimore Stars defeats Oakland Invaders, 28-24
July 15 Deborah Carthy-Deu, of Puerto Rico, crowned 34th Miss Universe
July 16 56th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 6-1 at Humphrey Metrodome, Minn
July 16 All star MVP: LaMarr Hoyt (San Diego Padres)
July 16 Bill to abolish Greater London Council receives royal assent
July 18 U.S.S.R. performs underground nuclear Test
July 19 Christa McAuliffe chosen 1st school teacher to fly space shuttle
July 19 Dam in Fiemme Valley Italy bursts; 200-300 die
July 20 Divers find wreck of Spanish galleon Atocha
July 21 114th British Golf Open: Sandy Lyle shoots a 282 at Royal St. George
July 21 Amina Fakir (Detroit), 23, crowned 18th Miss Black America
July 21 Bernard Hinault wins his 5th and last Tour de France
July 21 Judy Clark wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
July 21 "Leader of the Pack" closes at Ambassador Theater New York City after 120 performances
July 24 Gandhi signs peace contract with Sikh leader Harchand Singh Longowai
July 25 Spokeswoman for Rock Hudson confirmed he had AIDS
July 25 U.S. performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
July 25 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 25 Uganda suspends constitution following coup
July 28 13th du Maurier Golf Classic: Pat Bradley
July 28 Alan Garcia sworn in as president of Peru
July 28 L Brock, Slaughter, A Vaughan, and H Wilhelm inducted into Hall of Fame
July 29 19th Space Shuttle Mission (51-F)-Challenger 8-launched
July 30 Discovery moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-I mission
July 30 Valerie Lowrance, of Texas, 18, crowned America's Junior Miss
August 1 15.4 cm rainfall at Cheyenne, Wyoming (state record)
August 1 Emmy 12th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 6th time
August 1 Vince Coleman steals 2 bases in 1st inning, for NL rookie record 74
August 2 5 die in a train crash in Westminster, Colorado
August 2 Delta Lockheed L-1011 crashes at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport, 137 die
August 2 NASA launches space vehicle S-209
August 3 "Nihilator" set harness pacing mile (1:49.6) in East Rutherford, New Jersey
August 3 Train crash at Flaujac, France: 35 killed
August 4 California Angel Rod Carew gets his 3,000th hit
August 4 "Dreamgirls" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 1522 performances
August 4 Penny Hammel wins LPGA Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic
August 4 Phil Rizzuto Day, Yankees retire #10
August 4 Rod Carew, is 16th to get 3,000 hits
August 4 White Sox Tom Seaver is 17th to win #300, beating Yankees
August 5 Baseball players go on strike for 2 days
August 5 Establishment of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is announced
August 5 Flexible-wing glider altitude record (214,250') set by Larry Tudor
August 6 19th space shuttle mission (51-F), Challenger 8, lands at Edwards AFB
August 6 Major League Baseball Players' Association stages a midseason baseball strike (lasts 1 day)
August 6 STS-51-I vehicle moves to launch pad
August 7 Barbra Streisand records "Broadway Album"
August 7 Baseball players end a 2 day strike
August 8 Baseball's new agreement permits 2 new NL teams in 1993
August 8 Japan launches Planet A, a probe to Halley's comet
August 10 A's Dave Kingman is 21st to hit 400 home runs (off Matt Young at Seattle)
August 10 Michael Jackson buys ATV Music (every Beatle songs) for $47 million
August 10 Uno Lindstron of Sweden, juggles a soccer ball 13.11 miles
August 11 67th PGA Championship: Hubert Green shoots 278 at Cherry Hills Denver
August 11 Challenger flies to Kennedy Space Center via Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz
August 11 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Henredon Golf Classic
August 11 Oakland A's Dave Kingman becomes 21st to hit 400 home run
August 11 Rudolf Povarnitsin of U.S.S.R. sets new high jump world record (7'10"12)
August 11 "Tap Dance Kid" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 669 performances
August 12 7th Emmy Sports Award presentation
August 12 Baltimore Orioles W Gross and L Sheets are 6th to hit consecutive pinch home runs
August 12 Japanese Boeing 747SR crashes, 520 die (worst in-flight toll)
August 15 Anti-apartheid lawyer Bulelani Ngcuka marries in South Africa
August 15 Iraqi air raid on Iran oil-island Kharg
August 16 Madonna weds Sean Penn on her 27th birthday
August 17 1,400 meatpackers walk off the job at a Geo A Hormel and Co plant
August 17 Dave Kingman hits his 400th home run
August 17 Rajiv Gandhi announces Punjab state elections in India
August 17 Sara Trollinger forms House of Hope in Orlando
August 18 Amy Alcott wins LPGA Nestle World Championship of Women's Golf
August 18 Muffin Spencer-Devlin wins MasterCard International Pro-Am Golf Tourn
August 18 Suisei Launch (Halley's Comet Flyby)
August 19 Japan launches its 2nd probe of Halley's Comet, Suisei
August 20 1st NL pitcher to strike out 200+ in 1st 2 seasons (Dwight Gooden)
August 20 Hanspeter Beck of South Australia, finishes a 3,875 mile, 51 day trip from Western Australia to Melbourne on a unicycle
August 20 Israel ships 96 TOWs to Iran on behalf of US
August 20 Libya throws out 1000s Tunisian/Egyptian gas workers
August 20 Met Dwight Gooden strikes out 16 on way to his 13th consecutive win
August 21 Mary Decker Slaney runs mile in world record 4:16.71
August 21 New York Lotto pays $41 million to three winner (#s are 14-17-22-23-30-47)
August 22 30th Walker Cup: U.S. wins 13-11
August 22 Airtours Boeing-737 crashes at airport of Manchester, 55 killed
August 23 Paul Hornung awarded $1,160,000 by a Louisville court against NCAA who barred him as a college football analyst for betting on games
August 23 Said Aouita of Morocco sets 1.5k record (3:29.46) in Berlin
August 23 South African attorney/UDF leader "Dulah" Omar arrested
August 23 West German top counter espionage Hans Tiedge moves to East Germany
August 24 STS-51-I mission scrubbed at T -5m because of bad weather
August 25 Met Dwight Goodin becomes youngest pitcher to win 20 games (20y 9m 9d)
August 25 Pat Bradley wins LPGA National Pro-Am Golf Tournament
August 25 STS-51-I scrubbed at T -9m because of an onboard computer problem
August 26 Baltimore Oriole Eddie Murray knocks in 9 RBIs in a game vs California Angels
August 26 French government claims no knowledge of assault on Rainbow Warrior
August 27 20th Space Shuttle Mission (51-I)-Discovery 6-launched
August 27 Mary Joe Fernandez, 14 years and 8 days old is youngest to win a U.S. Tennis Open match (beats Sara Gomer in 1st round)
August 29 Atlantis moves to launch pad for 51-J mission
August 29 Emmy News and Documentaries Award presentation
August 29 New York Yankee Don Baylor is hit by a pitch for a record 190th time
August 31 Angel Cordero becomes 3rd jockey to ride horses earning over $100 M
August 31 "Prakas" sets trotting mile record of 1:53.4 at Du Quoin, Ill
September 1 Cyclist Joop Zoetemelk becomes world champion
September 1 U.S. - French expedition locates wreckage of Titanic off Newfoundland
September 2 Betsy King wins LPGA Rail Charity Golf Classic
September 2 Jerry Lewis' 20th Muscular Dystrophy telethon raises $33,100,000
September 3 20th Space Shuttle Mission (51-I)-Discovery 6-returns to Earth
September 3 England regain Cricket Ashes by beating Australia at The Oval
September 3 New York Met Gary Carter hits 3 consecutive home runs in a game
September 4 Igor Paklin of U.S.S.R. set a new high jump world record at 7-11 12
September 4 New York Mets Gary Carter's 2 home runs ties record of 5 home runs in 2 games
September 7 99th U.S. Womens Tennis: Hana Mandlikova beats M Navratilova (76 16 76)
September 7 Mary Decker Tabb Slaney runs U.S. 3K female record 8:25.83
September 8 105th U.S. Mens Tennis: Ivan Lendl beats John McEnroe (76 63 64)
September 8 7 die in a car and train crash in San Jose, California
September 8 Alayson Gibbons sets 24 hour women swim record of 42.05 miles in 25 meter pool
September 8 Discovery flies back to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
September 8 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Portland Ping Golf Championship
September 8 Pete Rose ties Ty Cobb with 4,191 hits
September 8 "USA Weekend's" 1st issue, appears in 255 newspapers
September 9 President Reagan orders sanctions against South Africa
September 9 Race riot in Birmingham England
September 11 Flyby of Comet Giacobini-Zinner
September 11 International Cometary Explorer (ISEE 3) passes Giacobini-Zinner by 7900 km
September 11 Pete Rose of Cincinnati Reds gets career hit 4,192 off Eric Show of San Diego Padres, eclipsing Ty Cobb's record
September 11 Sri Lanka score their 1st Test Cricket victory, by 149 runs vs. India
September 12 Flight readiness firing of Atlantis' main engines; 20 seconds
September 13 2nd MTV Awards: Bruce Springsteen
September 13 John Williams introduces new Today Show theme
September 14 Susan Akin (Miss), 21, crowned 59th Miss America 1986
September 15 26th Ryder Cup: Europe beat U.S., 16 -11 at The Belfry, England
September 15 Joanne Carner wins LPGA SAFECO Golf Classic
September 15 Olof Palme forms Sweden minority government
September 15 Senate judiciary committee begins Robert Bork confirmation hearings
September 15 Willie Nelson's Farm Aid concert
September 15 Yankees trade Jim Deshaies to Astros for 40-year-old Joe Niekro
September 17 Soyuz T-14 carries 3 cosmonauts to Salyut 7 space station
September 18 "Song and Dance" opens at Royale Theater New York City for 474 performances
September 19 12,000 die and 40,000 injured in Mexico's earthquake (8.1)
September 20 Curtis Strong is convicted for selling cocaine to pro baseball players
September 20 Walt Disney World receives its 200-millionth guest
September 21 Michael Spinks beats Larry Holmes in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
September 22 37th Emmy Awards: Cagney and Lacey, Cosby Show and Tyne Daly win
September 22 Billy Martin's right arm is broken by pitcher Ed Whitson
September 22 Earthquake strikes Mexico, 2,000 killed
September 22 France premier confesses on attack of Rainbow Warrior
September 22 Michael Spinks beats Larry Holmes to become Heavyweight Boxing Champ
September 22 Rock and country musicians participate in FarmAid in Champaign, Ill
September 22 St. Louis Cardinals set an unusual streak record by winning 9 of 10 games, each pitched by a different man
September 22 Val Skinner wins LPGA Konica San Jose Golf Classic
September 24 Expos Andre Dawson joins Willey McCovey to hit 2 home runs in an inn twice
September 24 Fastest English Channel crossing by a relay team set (15h 30m)
September 24 Montreal Expo Andre Dawson is 9th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (5th)
September 25 Akali Dal wins Punjab State election in India
September 25 Palestinian terrorists kill 3 Israeli sailors at Lanaca Cyprus
September 25 Rickey Henderson steals Yankee record 75th base of season
September 26 Tunisia drops diplomatic relations with Libya
September 27 8 killed as roof collapses in Brussel's supermarket
September 27 Hurricane Gloria's 130 MPH wind hits Atlantic coast
September 28 "Don't Lose My Number" by Phil Collins peaks at #4
September 28 "Every Step Of The Way" by John Waite peaks at #25
September 28 "Freedom" by Wham! peaks at #3
September 28 "Janet" by Commodores peaks at #87
September 29 "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," returns to NBC-TV
September 29 "Amazing Stories," by Steven Spielberg, debuts on NBC-TV
September 29 Deron Cherry, Kansas City vs Seattle, has 4 interceptions!
September 29 Houston quarterback Warren Moon sacked NFL tying record 12 times (by Cowboys)
September 29 "MacGyver," starring Richard Dean Anderson, debuts on ABC-TV
September 30 Howard Stern gets fired from WNBC AM in New York
October 1 Israeli air raid on PLO-headquarter at Tunis, 68 killed
October 2 Russian party leader Gorbatsjov visits Paris
October 2 Tigers Darrell Evans is 1st to hit 40 home run seasons in both leagues
October 3 21st Shuttle Mission (51J)-Atlantis 1-all-military flight launched
October 3 Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) adopts constitution
October 3 Pope John Paul II declares Titus Brandsma divine
October 3 South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands adopts constitution
October 4 Henry G. Perry completes 157 day, 14,021 mile bicycle tour of Australia
October 4 Shite Moslems claim to have killed hostage William Buckley - CIA station chief in Beirut
October 5 Grambling's Eddie Robinson wins record 324th football game
October 6 Marita Koch of Germany sets 400m woman's record (47.6) in Australia
October 6 Yankee Phil Niekro becomes 18th pitcher to win 300 games and also at 46 becomes oldest to pitch a shut-out beating Toronto 8-0
October 7 21st Space Shuttle Mission (51-J)-Atlantis 1 lands at Edwards AFB
October 7 KHQ-AM in Spokane Washington's final transmission
October 7 Lynette Woodward, chosen as 1st woman on Harlem Globetrotters
October 7 PLO terrorists sieze Italian cruise liner Achille Lauro
October 8 Alain Boubil/Herbert Kretzner's "Les Miserables," premieres in London
October 8 Little Richard seriously injured in a car accident
October 8 "Rembrandt and Hitler or Me" premieres in Amsterdam
October 9 Central Park's Strawberry Fields, dedicated
October 9 "Tango Argentino" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 198 performances
October 9 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
October 10 Sudan adopts interim constitution
October 10 U.S. fighter jets force Egyptian plane carrying hijackers of Italian ship Achille Lauro to land in Italy, gunmen are placed in custody
October 11 Atlantis returns to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
October 11 President Reagan bans importation of South African Krugerrands
October 11 U.S. intercepts Egyptian Boeing with Achille Lauro terrorists
October 12 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-61A mission
October 12 International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War receives Nobel Prize
October 12 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
October 13 Belgium premier Martens CVP wins parliamentary election
October 13 During NLCS, Cards rookie Vince Coleman is injured stretching before game as his left leg is caught in Busch Stadium's automated tarpaulin
October 13 "Sunday in the Park with George" closes at Booth New York City after 604 performances
October 14 19th Country Music Association Award: Ricky Skaggs wins
October 14 On Mon Night football, Jets retire Joe Namath's #12, beat Miami 23-7
October 15 Nobel prize for economics awarded to Franco Modigliani
October 15 Shelley Taylor of Australia makes fastest swim ever around Manhattan Island, doing it in 6 hours 12 minutes 29 seconds
October 15 Shuttle Columbia carries Spacelab into orbit
October 16 Challenger vehicle moves to launch pad for STS-61A mission
October 16 Intel introduces 32-bit 80386 microcomputer chip
October 16 Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals win their league championships
October 16 Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Herbert Hauptman and Jerome Karle
October 17 French author Claude Simon won the Nobel Prize in literature
October 17 Lou Piniella named New York Yankee manager
October 21 Qasim Omar (206) and Javed Miandad (203*) make 397 stand vs. SL
October 22 Bret Saberhagen gives Kansas City Royals their 1st World Series win
October 25 Angels announce that they will not offer Rod Carew a new contract
October 25 Kosmos 1700 communications satellite placed in geostationary orbit
October 26 On a poor call in 6th game, umpire Don Deckinger starts a string of events costing Cardinals the World Series
October 27 15th New York City Women's Marathon won by Grete Waitz in 2:28:34
October 27 16th New York City Marathon won by Orlando Pizzolato in 2:11:34
October 27 Anthony Carter begins NFL streak of 100+ consecutive game receptions
October 27 Billy Martin is fired by Yankees for 4th time
October 27 Hurricane Juan ravages U.S. Gulf states and east coast, 49 die
October 27 Kansas City Royals beat St. Louis Cardinals, 4 games to 3 in 82nd World Series
October 27 Thieves steal 9 paintings, including 5 Monet's and 2 Renoir's
October 28 Ravi Ratnayeke takes 8-83 for Sri Lanka vs. Pakistan
October 29 Cards' Joaquin Andujar suspended for 10 games for bumping an ump
October 30 22nd Space Shuttle Mission (61-A)-Challenger 9-launched
October 31 Last day in Test cricket for Zaheer Abbas
November 1 Netherlands decides definative sites for cruise missiles
November 1 Nostalgia Television begins on cable
November 2 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Cozzene, Life's Magic, Pebbles, Precisionist, Proud Truth, Tasso, Twilight Ridge
November 3 Argentine President Alfonsins Radical Burgerunie wins elections
November 3 Jan Stephenson wins LPGA Nichirei Cup Team Match Golf Tournament
November 5 "News" opens at Helen Hayes Theater New York City for 4 performances
November 6 22nd Space Shuttle Mission (61A) -Challenger 9- lands at Edwards AFB
November 6 Exploratory well at Ranger Tx, explodes spilling 6.3 m gallons of oil
November 6 M-19 guerrilla's occupies Palace of Justice Bogota Colombia
November 6 Space shuttle Challenger lands at Edwards AFB California
November 7 Colombian troops end 27-hour siege of Bogota's Palace of Justice
November 8 Atlantis moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-61-B mission
November 9 Gary Kasparov becomes world chess champion
November 9 "News" closes at Helen Hayes Theater New York City after 4 performances
November 9 Richard Hadlee takes 9-52 vs. Australia at the Gabba
November 9 Surprise attack on Belgium supermarket in Aalst, 8 killed
November 10 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic
November 11 1st AIDS theme TV movie - "An Early Frost"
November 11 Challenger flies back to Kennedy Space Center via Davis-Monthan AFB
November 11 Yonkers is found guilty of segregating schools and housing
November 12 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Cozzene, Life's Magic, Pebbles, Precisionist, Proud Truth, Tasso, Twilight Ridge at Aqueduct
November 12 R. Hadlee takes 15-123 for Cricket match vs. Australia at Brisbane
November 12 STS-61-B vehicle moves to launch pad
November 13 Dwight Gooden, youngest 20 game winner, wins Cy Young award
November 13 Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts in Colombia, kills 25,000
November 14 Brewers release 39-year-old pitcher Rollie Fingers
November 14 Holmfriour Karlsottir of Iceland, 22, crowned 35th Miss World
November 14 Volcano Nevado del Ruiz Colombia erupts, 1000s killed
November 17 Howard Stern begins broadcasting on 92.3 WXRK FM in New York
November 17 New York Jets best offensive production beating Tampa Bay 62-28
November 18 Dwight Gooden (NL) and Bret Saberhagen (AL) win Cy Young
November 18 Enterprise (OV-101) flies from Kennedy Space Center to Dulles Airport
November 18 Howard Stern radio show returns to New York City WXRK 92.3 FM-afternoons
November 18 Paul McCartney releases "Spies Like Us"
November 19 Herb Gardner's "I'm Not Rappaport," premieres in New York City
November 19 President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet for 1st time
November 20 New York Yankee Don Mattingly easily wins AL MVP
November 22 Columbia moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-61-C
November 22 Largest swearing-in ceremony, 38,648 immigrants become U.S. citizens
November 22 PNP/MAN win Antilian parliamentary election
November 23 58 die as Egyptian commandos storm hijack Egyptair jet in Malta
November 23 Retired CIA analyst Larry Wu-tai Chin, arrested of spying for China
November 24 73rd CFL Grey Cup: BC Lions defeats Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 37-24
November 24 Egyptian commandos storm captured Boeing in Malta, 60 killed
November 25 White Sox shortstop Ozzie Guillen, is named AL Rookie of Year
November 26 23rd Space Shuttle Mission (61-B)-Atlantis 2-is launched
November 26 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
November 26 Random House buys Richard Nixons memoires for $3,000,000
November 27 Cards Vince Coleman wins NL Rookie of Year
November 27 Republic of Ireland gains consultative role in Northern Ireland
November 28 6th Belgium government of Martens forms
December 1 Noraly Beyer becomes Netherlands 1st black TV newscaster
December 1 South Africa's Cosatu union centre forms
December 1 STS-61-C vehicle moves to launch pad
December 2 "Mystery of Edwin Drood" opens at Imperial Theater New York City for 608 performances
December 2 Philipine Chief staff General Fabian speaks of B Aquino's murder
December 2 Rupert Holmes' musical "Mystery of Edwin Drood," premieres in New York City
December 3 23rd Shuttle Mission (61-B)-Atlantis 2-lands at Edwards AFB
December 4 French President Mitterrand receives Polish leader Jaruzelski
December 4 "Les Miserables" opens at Palace Theatre, London
December 4 President Reagan appoints Vice Admiral John Poindexter as security adviser
December 5 Dow Jones Industrial Average rose above 1,500 level for 1st time
December 5 Great Britain performs nuclear test
December 5 Sam Shepard's "Lie of the Mind," premieres in New York City
December 7 51st Heisman Trophy Award: Bo Jackson, Auburn (RB)
December 7 Atlantis returns to Kennedy Space Center via Kelly AFB
December 8 60th Australian Womens Tennis: M Navratilova beats C Evert (62 46 62)
December 8 Ken O'Brien's 96 yard TD pass (New York Jet record) to Wesley Walker
December 8 Laurie Rinker/Larry Rinker wins LPGA J C Penney Golf Classic
December 9 74th Australian Mens Tennis: S Edberg beats Mats Wilander (64 63 63)
December 9 Jerry Rice begins NFL streak of 100+ consecutive game receptions
December 9 Phoenix Arizona, gets 3 inches of snow
December 10 Bill to balance the federal budget passed by Congress
December 10 Junta leaders Videla and Massera sentenced in Buenos Aires
December 11 Computer store owner in Sacramento California killed by package bomb
December 11 Dow Jones closes above 1,500 for 1st time (1,511.70)
December 11 General Electric acquires RCA Corp and its subsidiary, NBC
December 11 NHL Record 62 points scored, Edmonton (36) beats Chicago (26) 12-9 and ties record of 21 goals
December 12 248 U.S. soldiers and 8 crew members die in Arrow Air charter crash
December 12 DC-8 crashes near Gander, Newfoundland; 258 die
December 12 NASA launches space vehicle S-207
December 13 David Boon's 1st Test century, 123 vs. India at Adelaide
December 13 Test debut of Merv Hughes, Geoff Marsh and Bruce Reid (v India)
December 14 U.S. Foreign Minister George Shultz arrives in West Berlin
December 15 Sylvester Stallone and Brigitte Nielson wed
December 16 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS-51-L mission
December 18 "Jerry's Girls" opens at St. James Theater New York City for 139 performances
December 18 U.N. Security Council unanimously condemns "acts of hostage-taking"
December 19 Mary Lund is 1st woman to receive a Jarvik VII artificial heart
December 19 STS-61-C scrubbed at T -13s because of SRB auxiliary power problem
December 19 "Wind in the Willows" opens at Nederlander Theater New York City for 4 performances
December 20 Denis Potvin passes Bobby Orr as NHL defenseman scorer (916 points)
December 20 Howard Cosell retires from television sports after 20 years with ABC
December 20 Position of American Poet Laureate established (Robert Warren is 1st)
December 21 Alice Miller/Don January wins LPGA Mazda Golf Championship
December 21 ARCO Anchorage runs aground near Port Angeles, WA
December 21 Heart's "Heart," album goes #1
December 22 74th Davis Cup: Sweden beats Germany in Munich (3-2)
December 22 STS-51-L vehicle moves to Launch Pad 39B
December 22 "Wind in the Willows" closes at Nederlander Theater New York City after 4 performances
December 26 Test Cricket debut of Steve Waugh, vs. India at the MCG
December 27 Terrorists kill 20 and wound 110 attacking El Al at Rome and Vienna airports, President Reagan blames Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi
December 28 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
December 28 Warring Lebanese Moslem and Christian leaders sign peace agreement
December 30 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.2 released
December 30 Pakistan restores constitution