April 14 Birthdays in History - April 14 Deaths - April 14 Events
1977 Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, Kendall-All My Children, Buffy
1976 Baedon Choppy, Australian field hockey forward 1996 Olympics
1976 Jason Wiemer, born in Kimberley, NHL left wing, Tampa Bay Lightning
1975 Petra Begerow, born in Germany, tennis star, 1996 quarter Hilton Head
1974 Mike Allen Lambert, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, volleyball opposite hitter 1996 Olympics
1973 Adrien Brody, born in Woodhaven, New York, actor, Academy-Award winning film, 'The Pianist', other films include 'The Thin Red Line', 'Splice', 'Predators'
1972 Jason Mallett, CFL safety for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1972 Zev Lumelski, WLAF guard for the Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Antonio London, NFL linebacker, Detroit Lions
1971 Gregory Zaun, born in Glendale, California, catcher for the Baltimore Orioles
1970 Brian Stablein, NFL wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts
1970 Jan Siemerink, born in Netherlands, tennis star
1970 Steve Avery, born in Trenton, Michigan, pitcher, Atlanta Braves
1969 Brad Ausmus, born in New Haven, Connecticut, catcher for the Detroit Tigers
1969 Brad Pennington, born in Salem, Indiana, pitcher for the California Angels
1969 David Archibald, born in Chilliwack, NHL center, Ottawa Senators
1969 Mark Macon, NBA guard, Detroit Pistons
1969 Tim Roberts, NFL defensive end for the New England Patriots
1968 Andrew Trim, born in Sydney NSW Australia, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1968 Anthony Michael Hall, born in Boston, Massachusetts, comedian, SNL, Breakfast Club
1968 Jesse Levis, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers
1967 Barret Martin, rocker, Screaming Trees
1967 Jeff Finley, born in Edmonton, NHL defenseman, Winnipeg Jets
1967 Marla Wynne, born in Easton, Pennsylvania, Miss Penn-America 1991, top 10
1967 Steve Chiasson, Barrie, NHL defenseman for the Calgary Flames
1966 David Justice, baseball player, Atlanta Braves, husband of Halle Barry
1966 Greg Maddux, born in San Angelo, Texas, pitcher, Atlanta Braves
1966 Greg Myers, born in Riverside, California, catcher for the Minnesota Twins
1966 Ricky Andrews, WLAF linebacker for the Rhein Fire
1965 Craig McDermott, cricket pace bowler, tireless Austr since 1984
1965 Stan Humphries, NFL quarterback for the San Diego Chargers
1964 Greg Battle, CFL linebacker for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1964 Jim Grabb, born in Tucson, Arizona, tennis star
1963 Cynthia Cooper, WNBA guard, Houston Comets, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1963 Meg Mallon, born in Natick, Massachusetts, LPGA golfer, 1991 U.S. Women's Open
1962 James Carpenter, Canton Conn, fencer-epee 1996 Olympics
1961 John Clarke, actor, Mickey-Days of Our Life
1961 Daniel Clowes, born in Chicago, Illinois, author, cartoonist, creator of 'Eightball', published graphic novels including, 'Ghost World'
1961 Robert Carlyle, Scottish Director
1960 Brian Forster, rocker, Partridge Family Drums
1960 Pat Symcox, cricketer, South African off-spinner 1993-
1960 Brad Garrett, American Actor
1958 Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre, Prince of Monaco
1958 Michael Patrick Hulbert, born in Elmira, New York, PGA golfer, 1989 BC Open
1954 Bruce Sterling, U.S., sci-fi author, Involution Ocean, Schismatrix
1953 Irina Rudolfovna Pronina, Russian cosmonaut
1952 Kenny Aaronson, born in New York City, New York, rocker, bass guitar player, played for Dust, Stories, Hall & Oates, toured with Billy Squier, Joan Jett, Billy Idol
1950 Anna M "Ansje" Beentjes, actress, Blindgangers
1950 Randolph Powell, born in Iowa City, Iowa, actor, Alan-Dallas, Logan's Run
1949 John Shea, born in North Conway, New Hampshire, actor, Honeymoon, New Life, Lois and Clark
1949 Michael Shea, born in Glendale, New York, actor, Lucas- New Dick Van Dyke Show
1948 Chester G. Atkins, born in Geneva, Switzerland, Representative-D-Massachusetts 1985 - 1993
1948 Larry Ferguson, born in Nassau, keyboardist, Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing
1948 Ty Grimes, rocker, Captain Beefheart Band Drums
1947 Bob Massie, cricketer, Australia swing bowler, 16 wkts on debut vs. England 1972
1946 Patrick Fairley, guitarist, Marmalade-Oh La Di Oh La Do
1946 Tom Monteleone, U.S. writer, Dark Star and Illumination
1945 Derek Leckenby, rocker/actor, Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter
1945 Ritchie Blackmore, born in England, guitarist, Rainbow-Stone Cold, Deep Purple
1945 Uwe Beyer, born in East Germany, shot-putter 1976 Olympics gold
1943 Clarice Elaine Gaylord, director of research grants, EPA
1943 Yvonne Vriens-Auerbach, Dutch MP, CDA
1942 Valentin Vitaliyevich Lebedev, cosmonaut, Soyuz 13, 35, T-5
1941 Anatoli Pavlocich Fyodorov, cosmonaut
1941 Julie Christie, born in Assam, India, actress, Dr. Zhivago
1941 Pete Rose, Cincinnati Reds, Charlie hustle, most hits in majors
1941 Ryan O'Neal, actor, Love Story, Paper Moon
1940 George Takei, actor, Hikaru Sulu-Star Trek
1940 Patricia Bruder, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Ellen-As the World Turns
1939 Jennifer Fowler, composer
1938 Gloria Dean Randle Scott, educator/president, Beaumont College
1936 Robert Herman Nichols, born in Louisville, Kentucky, PGA golfer, 1986 Showdown
1936 Frank Serpico, American Celebrity
1936 Robert Scheer, American Journalist
1935 Joan Darling, born in Boston, actress, Frieda-Owen Marshall
1935 Loretta Lynn, Butcher's Hollow, Kentucky, singer, Coal Miner's Daughter
1934 Bruce Pairaudeau, cricketer, WI opening bat in 13 Tests, 115 on debut
1933 Buddy Knox, born in Happy, Texas, rock vocalist, Party Doll, Lovey Dovey
1933 Morton Subotnick, born in Los Angeles, California, composer, Wild Bull
1930 Bradford Dillman, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Piranha, Sudden Impact, Enforcer
1930 George Gekas, born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Representative-R-Pennsylvania 1983 - 2003
1930 Jay Robinson, born in New York City, actor, Born Again, Malibu Bikini Shop
1929 William Edgar Thornton, born in Faison, North Carolina, MD/astronaut, STS-8, 51-B, sk:49
1928 Robert Mugabe, president, Zimbabwe, 1988-
1927 Dany Robin, actress, Follow the Boys, Topaz, Jupiter, Julietta
1927 Gloria Jean, born in Buffalo, New York, actress, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
1926 Jan Carl Christian Maegaard, composer
1925 Abel Muzorewa, bishop/premier, Rhodesia
1925 Bill Harris, U.S. guitarist, Clovers-Good Lovin'
1925 H G Kischenchand, cricketer, 5 Tests for India 1947-52
1925 Rod Steiger, born in West Hampton, New York, actor, Illustrated Man, Pawnbroker
1924 Shorty Rogers, Milton M. Rajonsky, composer
1923 William Darling, journalist
1923 John Holt, Australian Statesman
1922 David Alexandrovich Toradze, composer
1922 Maria Luisa Bemberg, film maker
1922 Ali Akbar Khan, Indian Musician
1920 Eduardo Maturana, composer
1920 John Paul Stevens, Supreme Court Justice
1918 Mary Healy, New Orleans, actress, 2nd Fiddle, He Married his Wife
1917 Valerie Hobson, North Ireland, actress, Great Expectations
1916 Commandur Rajagopalachari Rangachari, cricketer, India 1947-48
1916 Denis ApIvor, composer
1916 Emerson Buckley, composer
1913 Everhard van Royen, Dutch flautist/founder, Alma musica
1913 Jean Fournet, French conductor
1913 John Howard, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Dave-My Three Sons
1912 Belinda Quirey, dance historian/teacher
1912 Piet van Egmond, Dutch organist/conductor, Netherlands Chamber Orchestra
1912 Robert Doisneau, photographer
1910 Werner Wolf Glaser, composer
1907 Francois "Doc" Duvalier, dictator of Haiti
1907 Otto F A H van Nispen, Dutch mayor, Pannerden, MP, KVP
1907 Phyllis Konstam, born in London, England, actress, Murder, Skin Game
1907 Francois Duvalier, Haitian Statesman
1906 Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz, King Saudi-Arabia, 1964-75
1906 Hunter Johnson, composer
1905 Frits Philips, Dutch engineer/CEO, Philips
1904 John Gielgud, born in London, England, actor, Arthur, Ages of Man
1904 Lionel Birkett, cricketer, WI vice-captain on Australian tour 1930-31
1904 Reinout W van Bemmelen, Dutch geologist
1904 Sonia Gaskell, Russian/Netherlands choreographer
1902 Menachem A. Schneerson, rebee, head of Lubavitcher Jews
1901 Alfred West, champion cyclist/record hair splitter, 17 splits
1900 Salvatore Baccaloni, born in Rome, actor, Merry Andrew, Rock-a-Bye Baby
1898 Lee Tracy, born in Atlanta, Georgia, actor, Martin Kane-Martin Kane Private Eye
1897 Barbara baroness Wootton of Abinger, English Lower house leader
1895 Mary Marquet, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, actress, Matter of Resistance
1895 Wiktor Labunski, composer
1892 Giorgio Cesana, born in Italy, coxswain, Olympics gold 1906
1892 Vere G Childe, British archaeologist/prehistorian
1889 Arnold Toynbee, born in England, historian, Study of History
1889 Efim D. Bogoljubov, Russian chess player
1889 James Stephenson, actor, Letter, Espionage Agent, Nancy Drew
1889 Arnold J. Toynbee, British Historian
1886 Edward C. Tolman, U.S. psychologist, behaviorism
1886 Ernst R. Curtius, German literature historian
1881 Anton Wildgans, Austrian writer and director, Burg Theater
1879 James Branch Cabell, American novelist/essayist, Restless Heads
1877 Daniel Plooy, Dutch new testament scholar
1876 Murray Bisset, cricketer, South African wicket-keeper 1899 and 1910
1874 Count Alexander, of Athlone, Governor-General, South Africa/Canada
1873 Viktor Joseph Keldorfer, composer
1870 Syd Gregory, cricketer, Australian batsman in 58 Tests 1890-1912
1866 Anne Mansfield Sullivan, U.S., educated Helen Keller
1866 Anne Sullivan, American Educator
1862 Pyotr A. Stolypin, premier Russia, 1906-11
1857 Edgar Stillman Kelley, Sparta Wisconsin, composer, Gulliver
1852 Henrique Oswald, composer
1843 Gustave Leon Huberti, composer
1842 Sven August Korling, composer
1832 James Hewett Ledlie, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1831 Gerhard Rohlfs, German explorer/ambassador in Abyssinia
1820 Harry Thompson Hays, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1819 Charles Halle, pianist/conductor/founder, Halle Orchestra
1813 Junius S. Morgan, U.S., merchant/philanthropist, Metro Museum of Art
1812 George Grey, New Zealander Leader
1809 George W. Vreede, Dutch lawyer/politician
1803 Friedrich von Amerling, Austrian painter
1797 Adolphe Thiers, 1st president of 3rd French Republic, 1871-77
1782 Carlo Coccia, composer
1770 George Canning, London, British Prime Minister, 1827
1762 Giuseppe Valadier, Italian architect/archaeologist
1738 Duck of Portland, C, British Prime Minister, 1783, 1807-09
1723 John Wainwright, composer
1721 William August duke of Cumberland, English army leader
1718 Emanuele Barbella, composer
1710 Marie A C de Camargo, Spanish/Italian/Belgian dancer
1676 Ernst Chreistian Hesse, composer
1629 Christian Huygens, Holland, astronomer, discovered Saturn's rings
1592 Abraham Elsevier, book publisher/publisher
1578 Philip III, King of Spain and Portugal, 1598 - 1621