April 14 Events in History - April 14 Birthdays - April 14 Deaths
2015 Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi meets with U.S. President Barack Obama, focusing on the fight against ISIS militants; Obama agrees to send humanitarian aid but makes no commitment regarding military supplies or assistance
2014 'The Washington Post' and 'The Guardian' win the Pulitzer Prize for reporting of surveillance programs by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA); the investigations relied on thousands of documents leaked by Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor
2014 Colombian coffee company Juan Valdez announces plans to go public in a couple of years; in the meantime, the company plans to expand its higher-end coffee shops around the globe in direct competition with Starbucks
2013 The Liberal Political Party of Canada choses Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau, as its new leader
2013 The first-ever European MP's of Croatia are determined in an election held in anticipation of Croatia gaining formal entry into the European Union
2012 The U.S., Russia and China, begin talks about Iran's nuclear program
2012 In Ireland, anti-austerity protesters use a coffin draped in the Irish tricolor
2011 Rejean Hinse, a Quebec man wrongly convicted of a crime in the 1960s and acquitted 30 years later, receives $13.1 million in compensation
2011 North Korea attests it has detained Jun Young Su, a U.S. citizen; they plan to charge him with 'committing a crime' against their country
2010 Ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano drifts towards Europe, causing air traffic to close over Northern Norway
2002 66th Golf Masters Championship:
1996 "Apple Doesn't Fall" opens at Lyceum Theater New York City for 1 performance
1996 60th Golf Masters Championship: Nick Faldo wins, shooting a 276
1996 Detroit Red Wings win NHL record 62 games
1995 India beats Sri Lanka to win the Asia Cricket Cup final in Sharjah
1995 Rosie Jones wins LPGA Pinewild Women's Golf Championship
1994 Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley announces plans to divorce
1994 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis operated on for a bleeding ulcer
1994 New Jersey Devils end best regular season, 47-25-12 record for 106 points
1994 U.S. F-15 accidentally shoots 2 U.S. helicopters down over Iraq, 26 die
1994 Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender after completion of his Seven Seals manuscript
1992 "Guys and Dolls" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 1143 performances
1992 "Les Miserables," opens at Palace Theatre, Manchester
1992 Court throws out Apple's lawsuit against Microsoft
1992 UAW ends 5 month strike against Caterpillar Inc
1992 U.N. imposes embargo against Libya takes effect
1991 "Mule Bone" closes at Ethel Barrymore Theater New York City after 67 performances
1991 "Oh, Kay!" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater New York City
1991 55th Golf Masters Championship: Ian Woosnam wins, shooting a 277
1991 Chicago Blackhawks becomes 1st NHL regular season champion in 20 years to lose in 1st round of the playoffs (To Minnesota North Stars)
1989 1,100,000,000th Chinese born
1989 In the Iran-Contra trial, Oliver North's case goes to the jury
1988 "Mail" opens at Music Box Theater New York City for 36 performances
1988 Devils 6-5 over Islanders-Devils take 1st round 4-2
1988 U.S.S.R., U.S., Pakistan and Afghanistan sign Afghanistan treaty
1987 Turkey asks to join European market
1986 21st Academy of Country Music Awards: G Strait, Alabama, R McEntire
1986 Desmond Tutu elected Anglican archbishop of Capetown
1986 Double-decker ferry sinks in stormy weather in Bangladesh killing 200
1986 U.S. aircraft attacks 5 terrorist locations in Libya
1985 "Take Me Along!" opens/closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City
1985 49th Golf Masters Championship: Bernhard Langer wins, shooting a 282
1985 Ahmed Salah wins 1st World Cup marathon (2:08:09)
1985 Alan Garcia wins elections in Peru
1985 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Kyocera Inamori Golf Classic
1985 Bob Carpenter is unsuccessful on Washington Caps 1st playoff penalty shot
1985 Caps 4-Isles 6-Patrick Div Semifinals-Series tied at 2-2
1985 Jack C Burcham is 5th to receive "Jarvik 7" permanent artificial heart
1984 Farewell concert of "Doe Maar" in Den Bosch, Netherlands
1983 Isles tie own rec with 2 shorthanded playoff goals in a pd vs Ranger
1983 President Reagan signs $165 billion Social Security rescue
1983 Rangers 1-Isles 4-Patrick Div Finals-Isles hold 1-0 lead
1981 1st Space Shuttle-Columbia 1-returns to Earth
1980 1st Cubans of the Mariel boatlift sail to Florida
1980 52nd Academy Awards - "Kramer vs Kramer," D Hoffman and Sally Field win
1980 Pulitzer prize awarded to Norman Mailer (Executioner's Song)
1979 Susan Horvath, of Penn, crowned America's Young Woman of the Year
1978 David Hare's "Plenty," premieres in London
1978 Korean Air Lines Boeing 707, fired on by Soviets, crashes in Russia
1978 WRR-AM in Dallas Texas changes call letters to KAAM
1977 Supreme Court says people may refuse to display state motto on license
1974 38th Golf Masters Championship: Gary Player wins, shooting a 278
1973 Acting FBI director L Patrick Gray resigns after admitting he destroyed evidence in the Watergate scandal
1972 "That's Entertainment" opens at Edison Theater New York City for 4 performances
1971 Fort Point, San Francisco dedicated as a national historic site
1971 President Nixon ends blockade against People's Republic of China
1971 Stephen Sondheim's musical "Follies," premieres in New York City
1971 Supreme Court upheld busing as means of achieving racial desegregation
1970 "Boy Friend" opens at Ambassador Theater New York City for 119 performances
1969 1st major league baseball game outside U.S. played (Montreal Canada)
1969 41st Academy Awards - "Oliver," C Robertson and K Hepburn/Striesand win
1969 KEET TV channel 13 in Eureka, California (PBS) begins broadcasting
1969 Student Afro-American Society seized at Columbia College
1969 Tornado strikes Dacca East Pakistan killing 540
1968 1st NBA game at Madison Square Garden, Knicks beat SD Clippers
1968 32nd Golf Masters Championship: Bob Goalby wins, shooting a 277
1968 Marilynn Smith wins LPGA O'Sullivan Golf Open
1968 Roberto de Vicenzo loses Masters for signing an incorrect score card
1967 General Gnassingbe Eyadema becomes president of Togo
1967 In the Vietnam War, U.S. planes bombed Haiphong for 1st time
1967 Red Sox rookie Billy Rohome comes within 1 strike of a no hitter at
1967 Yankee Stadium, Elston Howard singles on a 3-2 pitch
1965 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1964 Sandy Koufax throws his 9th complete game without allowing a walk
1963 George Harrison is impressed by unsigned group "Rolling Stones"
1962 Demonstration for sovereign status of New-Guinea in Amsterdam
1962 Georges Pompidou becomes president of France
1961 1st live television broadcast from Soviet Union
1961 Cuban-American invasion army departs Nicaragua
1961 U.S. element 103 (Lawrencium) discovered
1960 "Bye Bye Birdie" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 607 performances
1960 1st underwater launching of Polaris missile
1960 Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens sweep Toronto Maple Leafs in 4 games
1959 KDIN TV channel 11 in Des Moines, IA (PBS) begins broadcasting
1958 Sputnik 2 (with dog Laika) burns up in atmosphere
1957 Leah Neuberger wins her 8th women's singles ping pong championship
1957 Wiffi Smith wins LPGA Dallas Golf Open
1956 "Plain and Fancy" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 476 performances
1956 Ampex Corp demonstrates 1st commercial videotape recorder
1955 Elston Howard becomes the 1st black to wear the Yankee uniform
1955 Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings beat Montreal Canadiens, 4 games to 3
1955 WBRZ TV channel 2 in Baton Rouge, LA (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
1954 Soviet diplomat Vladimir Petrov asks for politics asylum in Canberra
1953 Viet-Minh offensive in Laos
1953 WHYN (now WGGB) TV channel 40 in Springfield-Holyoke, MA (ABC) begins
1950 1st edition of British strip "Eagle"
1950 Doorne's Auto factory opens in Netherlands
1949 International Military Tribunal at Neurenberg's last judgment
1948 A flash of light is observed in crater Plato on Moon
1948 New York City subway fares jump from 5 cents to 10 cents
1948 Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs sweep Detroit Red Wings in 4 games
1948 U.S. performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
1946 "Day Before Spring" closes at National Theater New York City after 167 performances
1946 Manager Mel Ott of Giants hits 511th and final home run
1945 American planes bombed Tokyo and damaged the Imperial Palace
1945 Arnhem/Zwolle freed from nazis
1945 U.S. 7th Army and allies forces captured Nuremberg and Stuttgart in Germany
1945 U.S. forces conquered Motobu peninsula on Okinawa
1945 U.S. Marines attack Yae Take on Okinawa
1944 1st Jews transported from Athens arrive at Auschwitz
1944 Freighter "Fort Stikene" explodes in Bombay India, killing 1,376
1944 General Eisenhower becomes head commander of allied air fleet
1944 Greek Colonel Venizelos forms government
1943 General Alexander, Eisenhower, Anderson and Bradley discuss assault on Tunis
1943 James Gow and A d'Usseau's "Tomorrow the World," premieres in New York City
1942 Destroyer Roper sinks German U-85 of U.S. east coast
1941 1st massive German raid in Paris, 3,600 Jews rounded up
1941 King Peter leaves Yugoslavia
1940 Allied troops land in Norway
1940 RCA demonstrated its new electron microscope in Philadelphia
1939 John Steinbeck novel "The Grapes of Wrath" published
1935 Sandstorm ravages U.S. midwest (Dust Bowl)
1932 Bizet, Massine and Miro's "Jeux d'Enfants," premieres in Monte Carlo
1931 Spain becomes republic with overthrow of King Alfonso XIII
1931 Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat Chicago Blackhawks, 3 games to 2
1930 Philip Barry's "Hotel Universe," premieres in New York City
1928 Maddus Airlines starts 1st regular passenger flights between San Francisco and LA
1928 Stanley Cup: New York Rangers beat Montreal Maroons, 3 games to 2
1925 1st regular-season Cubs game to be broadcast on radio (WGN)
1923 Etienne Oehmichen sets helicopter distance record of 358 meters
1922 Republic rebels occupies 4 government courts in Dublin
1921 NHL Championship: Ottawa Senators sweep Toronto St. Patricks in 2 games
1921 Prince Henry opens Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Bremen-Hamburg air route
1920 Tornadoes killed 219 people in Alabama and Mississippi
1918 Douglas Campbell is 1st U.S. ace pilot (shooting down 5th German plane)
1917 Chicago White Sox Ed Cicotte no-hits St. Louis Browns, 11-0
1915 A's Herb Pennock is within 1 out of pitching 1st Opening Day no-hitter
1915 Dutch merchant Navy ship Katwijk sunk by Germany torpedo
1914 Stacy G Carkhuff patents non-skid tire pattern
1913 Belgium begins general strike for voting rights
1912 Pan American Union forms
1912 The RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg at 11:40pm about 375 miles south of Newfoundland; it was the fourth day of her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City
1910 President Taft begins tradition of throwing out ball on opening day
1909 Anglo-Persian Oil Company forms in London
1906 President Theodore Roosevelt denounces "muckrakers" in U.S. press
1904 George Bernard Shaw's "Candida," premiered in London
1903 Dr. Harry Plotz discovers vaccine against typhoid in New York City
1902 Marie and Pierre Curie isolated the radioactive element radium
1900 President Loubet opens International Fairs in Paris
1900 Veteran's Hospital at Ft. Miley forms
1896 John Philip Sousa's "El Capitan," premieres (New York City)
1895 1st performance of Gustav Mahler's (incomplete) 2nd Symphony
1894 1st public showing of Edison's kinetoscope (moving pictures)
1894 Thomas Edison presents "peep show" device
1890 Pan American Day-1st conference of American states (Washington D.C.)
1887 Start of Sherlock Holmes adventure "Reigate Squires"
1883 Leo Delibes' opera "Lakme," premieres in Paris
1872 Dominion Lands Act passed-Canada's Homestead Act
1872 San Francisco organizes Bar Association
1871 Canada sets denominations of currency as dollars, cents, and mills
1868 South Carolina voters approved constitution, 70,758 to 27,228
1865 Mobile, Alabama is captured
1865 President Abraham Lincoln shot in Ford's Theater by John Wilkes Booth
1863 William Bullock patents continuous-roll printing press
1862 Battle of Ft. Pillow Tennessee
1861 Formal Union surrender of Ft. Sumter
1861 Robert E Lee resigns from Union army
1860 1st Pony Express rider arrives in San Francisco from St. Joseph, Missouri
1859 Charles Dickens' "A Tale Of Two Cities" published
1853 Harriet Tubman began her Underground Railroad, helping slaves escape
1847 Persia and Osmaanse sign 2nd Treaty of Erzurum
1841 Edgar Allen Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue," published
1836 Congress forms Territory of Wisconsin
1828 18-gun sloop "Acorn" sinks off Halifax with 115 men aboard
1828 1st edition of Noah Webster's dictionary published
1818 U.S. Medical Corp forms
1814 Napoleon abdicated and was banished to Elba
1809 Napoleon defeated Austria in the Battle of Abensberg, Bavaria
1799 Napoleon called for establishing Jerusalem for Jews
1792 France declares war on Austria, starting French Revolutionary Wars
1777 New York adopts new constitution as an independent state
1775 1st abolitionist society in U.S. organizes in Philadelphia
1756 Governor Glen of South Carolina protests against 900 Acadia indians
1671 Cosaks capture Russian boer leader Stenka Razin
1629 England and France sign Peace of Susa
1614 Pocahontas, daughter of chief Powhatan, marries planter John Rolfe
1611 Word "telescope" is 1st used (Prince Federico Cesi)
1574 Battle of Mookerhei-D'Avila beats Louis of Nassau
1570 Polish Calvinists/Lutherians/Hernhutters unify against Jesuits
1544 Battle at Carignano: French troops under Earl d'Enghien beat Swiss
1536 English king Henry VIII expropriate minor monasteries
1471 Battle of Barnet-King Edward IV vs Earl of Warwick
1191 85-year old Giacinto Bobo becomes Pope Coelestinus III
1028 German emperor Conrad II the Sailor crowns his son Henry III, king
979 Challenge to throne of King Aethelred II of England
972 Notger becomes bishop of Liege
754 Pact of Quierzy: between Pope Stephen II, III, and Pippin the Korte
193 Lucius Septimus Severus crowned emperor of Rome