Granted Events in History

2014 Event - Indian athletes are granted permission to compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics under their nation's flag; the Indian Olympic Association had been suspended when Indian officials were accused of corruption in 2012

2014 Event - Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who has been granted temporary asylum in Russia, claims that his decision to leak classified NSA documents about mining emails and telephone call logs, has resulted in several significant threats to his life

2013 Event - A cross-party royal charter allowing for the regulation of the British press is granted by the UK Privy Council despite a last-minute court challenge by the newspaper industry

2013 Event - Seven years after Apple Inc. submitted its request to sell their iPhone under the name "iPhone" in Brazil, regulators denied their request, favoring IBG Electronica, who filed for the trademark in 2000, and was granted permission in 2008

2013 Event - Actor Gerard Depardieu is granted citizenship by Russian President, Vladimir Putin; Depardieu renounced his French citizenship due to the country's high taxes

2011 Event - The U.S. is granted permission by North Korea to search for remains of American soliders killed during the Korean War

2011 Event - Former U.S. Olympic champion Carl Lewis is granted a place on the ballot for the Democratic primary election for a New Jersey Senate seat

2010 Event - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is granted temporary powers to pass laws by decree, negating any required review or support from the National Assembly

1995 Event - Memphis Mad Dogs granted CFL's 13th franchise

1995 Event - Birmingham Barracudas granted CFL franchise

1989 Event - Robin Givens and Mike Tyson granted final divorce in New Jersey

1989 Event - Polish labor union granted legal status

1989 Event - Robin Givens is granted a divorce from Mike Tyson in Dom Rep

1977 Event - John Lennon is granted a green card for permanent residence in U.S.

1973 Event - Yoko Ono is granted permanent residence in U.S.

1971 Event - 1st "Quickie" Divorce granted in UK

1968 Event - Cynthia Lennon is granted a divorce from John

1963 Event - Zanzibar granted internal self-government by Britain

1962 Event - Rwanda granted internal self-government by Belgium

1961 Event - Tanganyika granted full internal self-government by Britain

1960 Event - 1st patent for lasers, granted to Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes

1959 Event - Dalai Lama fled China and was granted political asylum in India

1955 Event - West Germany granted full sovereignty by 3 occupying powers

1955 Event - East Germany granted full sovereignty by occupying power, U.S.S.R.

1950 Event - West Berlin granted a constitution

1947 Event - U.N. trusteeship for Nauru granted to Australia, New Zealand and UK

1947 Event - India granted independence within British Commonwealth

1942 Event - 1st U.S. citizenship granted an alien on foreign soil (James Hoey)

1937 Event - Cleveland (now Los Angeles) Rams granted an NFL franchise

1932 Event - German physicist Albert Einstein granted a visa

1928 Birthday - David Somerset, born in England, David Robert Somerset, 11th Duke of Beaufort, British peer, criticized for accepting public funds on riverbed land granted to his dukedom 400 years ago

1927 Event - 1st snowmobile patent granted to Carl Eliason (Sayner Wisc)

1924 Event - Snyder Act: U.S. citizenship granted to all American Indians

1922 Event - Curly Lambeau and Green Bay Football Club granted NFL franchise

1921 Event - J E Clair of Acme Packing Co of Green Bay granted an NFL franchise

1920 Event - 19th amendment passes - women's suffrage granted

1917 Event - Jones Act: Puerto Rico territory created, U.S. citizenship granted

1914 Event - 1st patent for liquid-fueled rocket design granted, Dr. Robert Goddard

1909 Event - Bristol University granted Royal Charter

1908 Event - Patent granted for a 4-wheel automobile brake, Clintonville, Wisc

1903 Event - Italo Marchiony granted patent for ice cream cone

1902 Event - Patent for window envelope granted to H F Callahan

1899 Event - Ill Tel and Tel granted franchise for Chicago freight tunnel system

1895 Event - 1st U.S. patent granted for auto, George B. Selden

1887 Event - Dawes Act passed (indians living apart from tribe granted citizenship)

1869 Event - Women suffrage (right to vote) granted in Wyoming Territory (U.S. 1st)

1863 Event - Patent granted for a process of making color photographs

1863 Event - Jews of Holstein Germany granted equality

1863 Event - 1st U.S. fire extinguisher patent granted to Alanson Crane, Virginia

1857 Event - Patent for reducing zinc ore granted to Samuel Wetherill, Penn

1855 Event - U.S. citizenship laws amended all children of U.S. parents born abroad granted U.S. citizenship

1849 Event - Patent for lifting vessels granted to Abraham Lincoln

1849 Event - Patent granted for an envelope-making machine

1849 Event - Vancouver Island granted to Hudson's Bay Co

1848 Event - Jews of Prussia granted equality

1833 Event - Patent granted for 1st soda fountain

1812 Event - Citizenship granted to Prussian Jews

1794 Event - 1st U.S. textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia

1793 Event - 1st American stove patent is granted to Robert Haeterick

1793 Event - Patent granted Ralph Hodgson, New York, for oiled silk and linen

1790 Event - 1st U.S. patent granted, to Samuel Hopkins for a potash process

1787 Event - Jews are granted permission in Budapest Hungary to pray in groups

1732 Event - Royal charter for Georgia granted to James Oglethorpe

1715 Event - 1st English patent granted to an American, for processing corn

1694 Event - Bank of England granted 12 year charter by Act of Parliament

1693 Event - Royal charter granted College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va

1691 Event - Thomas Neale granted British patent for American postal service

1684 Event - Patent granted for thimble

1664 Event - Roger Williams is granted a charter to colonize Rhode Island

1662 Event - Royal charter granted Connecticut

1660 Event - Asser Levy granted butchers license (kosher meat) in New Amsterdam

1656 Event - New Amsterdam granted a Jewish burial site

1654 Event - Richard Johnson, a free black, granted 550 acres in Virginia

1652 Event - John Johnson, a free black, is granted 550 acres in Northampton, Va

1629 Event - England granted a royal charter to Massachusetts Bay Colony

1620 Event - Great Patent granted to Plymouth Colony

1553 Event - Christ's Hospital in England granted a charter