Lower Events in History

2015 Event - The Japanese parliament votes to lower the nation's voting age to 18 from 20; the change will make about 2.4 million people eligible to vote

2014 Event - In the recent Japan elections, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gains victory, and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party wins the majority of lower house elections

2014 Event - Automakers Kia and Hyundai are fined $100 million by the U.S. for claiming that emissions of greenhouse gases from its vehicles were lower than actual emissions, allowing the companies to fraudulently receive pollution credits

2014 Event - The U.S. Supreme Court agrees with a lower court ruling that Google's Street View data collection violated anti-wiretapping laws by capturing personal data from wi-fi networks

2013 Event - At a World Trade Organization meeting, a trade agreement called the Bali Package is reached; the agreement will lower global trade barriers and will simplify trade deals to better enable poorer states in Bali, Indonesia to sell their goods

2012 Event - Leader of Burma's National League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi, is sworn in as a member of Pyithu Hluttaw, Burma's lower house of the parliament

2011 Event - Boris Gryzlov, ally to Vladimir Putin and speaker of Russia's lower house of parliament, resigns from his position

2011 Event - The ongoing sovereign debt crisis in Europe causes European and Asian stock markets to open lower

2010 Event - Many nations urge lower fishing rates on the Atlantic bluefin tuna; quota limits on the critically endangered fish are discussed by major fishing nations in Paris

1993 Death - Alex Lyon, English Labor Lower house leader (1966-83), dies at 61

1989 Event - New York City court of appeals overturns lower court decision and returns America's Cup back to U.S. (from New Zealand)

1972 Birthday - Jonathan Wyatt, Lower Hutt New Zealand, 5000m 1996 Olympics

1972 Event - U.S. Supreme Court, 5-3, confirms lower court rulings in Curt Flood case, upholding baseball's exemption from antitrust laws

1971 Event - Ohio becomes 38th state to approve of lower voting age to 18, thus ratifying 26th amendment

1964 Birthday - Caroline Anne Hare, Lower hutt New Zealand, 5k/10k 1996 Olympics

1945 Birthday - Jeremy Hanley, British Lower house member

1942 Birthday - Gunter Wallraff, born in Burscheid, Germany, writer, undercover journalist, wrote on tabloid journalism, lower working class conditions

1935 Birthday - Esmond Bulmer, English cider brewer/Conservative Lower house leader

1935 Birthday - Georg Katzer, born in Habelschwerdt, Lower Silesia, German composer, established electronic new music in the German Democratic Republic

1934 Event - U.S. Court of Appeals upheld lower court ruling striking down government's attempt to ban controversial James Joyce novel "Ulysses"

1930 Birthday - Bill Benyon, English large landowner/Conservative Lower house leader

1927 Death - John Dillon, Irish nationalist and British Lower house leader, dies at 75

1926 Birthday - Cranley Onslow, born in England, politician, Conservative Member of Parliament for Woking, called for lower middle class taxes, life peer as Baron Onslow of Working in Surrey County

1923 Event - Textile strike in Enschede, Netherlands, against lower wages, begins

1909 Birthday - 2nd viscount Camrose, British Conserv Lower house leader, 1941-45

1901 Birthday - Blaz Arnic, born in Luce, Lower Styria, Austria-Hungary, Slovenian composer, best known for his nine symphonies, The Society of Slovene Composers consider him the great Slovenian symphonic master of the 20th century

1897 Birthday - Barbara baroness Wootton of Abinger, English Lower house leader

1892 Event - James Keir Hardie chosen 1st socialist in British Lower house

1874 Event - I D Shadd elected Speaker of lower house of Miss legislature

1857 Event - Establishment of Jewish congregations in Lower Austria prohibited

1856 Event - Chinese police board British vessel Arrow, arrest 12 Chinese crewmen on suspicion of piracy and lower British flag, begins 2nd Anglo-Chinese War

1851 Birthday - John Dillon, Irish nationalist and British Lower house member

1840 Event - Union Act passed by British Parliament, uniting Upper and Lower Canada

1797 Death - John Wilkes, English journalist/Higher/Lower house leader, dies at 72

1792 Event - Opening of 1st legislative assembly of Lower Canada in Quebec city

1770 Event - Battle of Golden Hill (Lower Manhattan)

1728 Event - Congregation Shearith Israel of New York purchases a lot on Mill Street in lower Manhattan, to build New York's 1st synagogue

1682 Event - Robert La Salle claims lower Mississippi (Louisiana) for France

1450 Event - Jews are expelled from Lower Bavaria by order of Ludwig IX

1040 Event - Lady Godiva rides naked on horseback to force her husband, the Earl of Mercia, to lower taxes

69 Event - Roman Lower Rhine army proclaims its commander, Vitellius, emperor