Order Events in History

2015 Event - Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen, resigns in the midst of a scandal in which the company confessed to installing software in its cars for the last 7 years in order to fool emissions test devices while violating U.S. clean air standards

2015 Event - NASA is isolating a six-person team for a year within a small dome in Hawaii in order to simulate theoretical conditions of a Mars mission; the team will have no fresh air or fresh food, and a spacesuit must be worn when exiting the dome

2015 Event - North Korea reverts its time zone to that used prior to Japanese colonialization in 1910 in order to commemorate 70 years of liberation from the ‘wicked Japanese imperialists’

2015 Event - A shipwreck that may have drowned up to 900 North African migrants traveling to Europe has prompted the European Union to meet in order to develop a plan to fund and organize rescues while reducing human trafficking incidents

2015 Event - A federal U.S. judge orders a halt to an executive order issued by President Barack Obama that allows approximately 5 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country; Obama expects to overcome this hurdle to implement the order as planned

2015 Event - Tiger Woods announces that he will be taking a hiatus from golf in order to recover from a recent injury and work on improving his game back to peak levels; Woods did not specify an expected return date to the game

2015 Event - The European Central Bank will initiate a quantitative easing program that will involve printing euros in order to purchase government-issued debt instruments; the program will enhance existing measures to improve the economy within the eurozone

2015 Event - Divers have retrieved one of two black boxes from Air Asia Flight 8501, which crashed on December 28th during its flight from Indonesia to Singapore; the second black box has been found nearby, but debris must first be moved in order to access it

2014 Event - U.S. officials return four Afghan prisoners to Afghanistan after more than ten years of detention in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; the Obama administration is working to clear and release remaining prisoners in order to close the facility

2014 Event - Studies on advice given by talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz show that only about 46 percent of his suggestions are supported by medical evidence; critics accuse him of giving vague or inaccurate advice in order to provide entertainment value

2014 Event - Texas and 16 other U.S. states are suing the Obama administration regarding an executive order that will postpone deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants; the states claim the order is illegal

2014 Event - Hong Kong pro-democracy protest sites are being cleared on a court order; demonstrations have been held since September in an effort to attain greater political freedom for Hong Kong

2014 Event - Representatives for the Islamic State announce that the group will begin minting its own currency in order to remove itself from the world financial system, which it considers 'satanic'

2014 Event - U.S. President Barack Obama states his support for 'net neutrality', urging federal lawmakers to regulate internet service providers in a manner similar to utility companies in order to ensure open access to all internet users

2014 Event - The Turkish government has reversed its stance and is now allowing Kurds to cross into Syria in order to fight Islamic State forces

2014 Event - Movie studio Warner Brothers announces plans to lay off employees and reduce costs in order to improve efficiency; parent company Time Warner Inc. is seeking improvements across its divisions after rejecting a buyout offer by Rupert Murdoch earlier this year

2014 Event - A home-based colon cancer screening test by Exact Sciences Corp. has received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; patients must receive a doctor's prescription in order to purchase the test

2014 Event - By court order, student athletes can now profit from commercial use of their names and images; NCAA had previously retained all revenues from such deals, but students will now have profits placed in trust funds to be received upon leaving school

2014 Event - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has accepted a role as economic advisor to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in order to help Egypt reform its economy and develop new business opportunities

2014 Event - The U.S. is pressing Iraq to put a new government into place as soon as possible in order to keep the nation from being torn apart by sectarian violence; the U.S. plans to send military advisors but not direct military assistance at this time

2014 Event - A memorial event was held in Hong Kong in remembrance of lives lost in Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989; authorities on the mainland tightened security and may be detaining many in order to avoid commemorative protests at the square itself

2014 Event - Hospitals are beginning to use genetic profiling of tumors in order to identify the most effective treatments for various cancers; tumor genetics is thought to be of greater significance than the place of origin in the body

2014 Event - President Barack Obama proposes a plan to cut carbon emissions from power plants up to 25% over 15 years in order to address climate change; the legislation would give states the freedom to determine how to implement the emission reductions

2014 Event - The International Court of Justice at the U.N. agrees that Japanese whaling is conducted for commercial purposes, not scientific research; Japan accepts the order to cease all whaling activities in the Antarctic

2014 Event - Prominent Chinese legal activist, Xu Zhiyong, is sentenced to four years in prison; convicted of 'gathering a crowd to disturb public order,' the case is seen as evidence that Communist Party leaders wish to expunge any challenges to the power or leadership

2013 Event - Harry Styles, the 19 year-old member of the band One Direction, wins a court order banning certain paparazzi from pursuing him on the street and from lingering outside his home

2013 Event - The British High Commission announced they are awarding retired Paralympic swimmer Natalie du Toit an honorary MBE ( Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire)

2013 Event - U.S. President Barack Obama claims he is ready to order a strike on Syria, but will seek approval from Congress

2013 Event - James Hansen, a top scientist and professor from NASA, retires in order to concentrate on global warming activism

2013 Event - In preparation for plans to step down in 2015, the President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir gives an order to release all political prisoners

2012 Event - At the National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, the U.S. Democratic Party vote three separate times in order to approve putting the terms, 'God', 'Jerusalem', and 'Israel' back into the platform

2012 Event - Queen Elizabeth II appoints John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, and artist David Hockney, to the Order of Merit

2011 Event - Pope Benedict XVI announces Roman Catholic bishops must obey a papal order allowing priests to say the old-style Tridentine Mass

2011 Event - By order of an Egyptian court, the name of Egypt's former President, Hosni Mubarak, is stripped from public spaces, schools and streets

2010 Event - Three Airbus A380 planes are grounded by Singapore Airlines in order to replace their Rolls Royce engines

2010 Event - Indonesian rights groups applaud the end of a Suharto-era law that bans books deemed 'offensive' or a 'threat to public order'

2010 Event - The U.S. Department of Justice plans to appeal the decision to block President Obama's executive order to expand embryonic stem cell research

2009 Event - After two years of trying to maintain order, Ethiopian military forces start pulling out of Somalia

2004 Death - Jerry Orbach, actor, Law and Order, dies at 69

2001 Death - Andre Prevost, composer, professor, Officer of the Order of Canada, dies

1997 Event - Detroit Tigers bat out of order against Oakland A's in 1st inning

1996 Event - British Steel in Workington wins Lithuanian multi-million pound order

1995 Event - Expos bat out of order against Mets in 6th inning

1994 Event - Reds bat out of order against Dodgers in 2nd inning

1994 Event - U.S. Navy issues 1st permanent order assigning women on combat ship

1993 Event - Cubs bat out of order against Pirates in 2nd inning

1993 Death - Daniel Jones, Daniel Jenkyn Jones, Welsh composer, friend of Dylan Thomas, wrote 12 numbered symphonies, chamber music, made Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1968

1992 Death - Boris Arapov, composer, studied with Vladimir Shcherbachov at Leningrad Conservatory, taught at Leningrad Conservatory, received honor Peoples Artist of the USSR in 1976 and Order of Lenin honor in 1986

1991 Event - Rockies bat out of order against Expos in 1st inning

1991 Event - Congress empowers Bush to order attack on Iraq

1989 Event - Blue Jays bat out of order against Brewers in 6th inning

1989 Event - A's bat out of order against White Sox in 3rd inning

1988 Event - Reds bat out of order against Padres in 1st inning

1988 Event - Amateur referees work New Jersey Devil-Boston Bruin playoff games, as NHL referees walk-off, due to a restraining order brought by Devils

1987 Event - President Reagan signs secret order permitting covert sale of arms to Iran

1983 Event - Royals defeat Yankees, 5-4, completing "pine-tar" game (12 minutes). Hal McRae strikes out and Dan Quisenberry retires Yankees in order

1983 Event - Mariners bat out of order against White Sox in 2nd inning

1982 Death - Kenneth Goncalves, Deacon of Surinamese order of advocate, murdered

1982 Event - Yankees bat out of order against Indians in 1st inning

1981 Event - Reagan Executive Order on Intelligence (No 12333)

1981 Event - Ivan Lendl intentionally loses a match in Volvo Masters in order to avoid having to play Bjorn Borg

1980 Event - Dodgers bat out of order against Phillies in 1st inning

1980 Event - Sweden changes order of succession to throne

1979 Death - Guiomar Novaes, pianist (Brazilian Order of Merit), dies at 84

1978 Event - Memphis fire fighters halt 3-day strike under a court order

1978 Event - Carter Executive Order on Intelligence

1976 Event - President Brezhnev receives his 5th Lenin order

1975 Event - Ford Executive Order on CIA Activities within the U.S. (No 11828)

1974 Event - National Guard mobilizes to restore order in Boston school busing

1969 Birthday - Jillian Hennessy, Edmonton, twin actress, Claire-Law and Order, Paper

1968 Event - E German party leader Ulbricht receives "Order of October Revolution"

1966 Event - Pan Am places $525,000,000 order for 25 Boeing 747s

1965 Event - Queen Elizabeth decorates Beatles with Order of British Empire

1963 Birthday - Benjamin Bratt, California, actor, Det Reynaldo Curtis-Law and Order

1963 Death - Philibert Schmitz, Belgium, historian (Order of St. Benoat), dies at 75

1963 Birthday - Paul Way, born in Kingsbury, Middlesex, British golfer, won Brabazon Trophy, 1981, turned pro in 1982, won KLM Dutch Open while on the European Tour, second youngest Ryder Cup player in 1983, and 1985, finished in the top 100 in 1993, on the Order of Merit, after 1997, his participation in tournament golf waned

1963 Death - Al St. John, actor (Law and Order, Devil Riders), dies at 70

1962 Birthday - Zulqarnain, cricketer, last person in alphabetical order to play Test

1954 Event - President Eisenhower signs order adding words 'under God' to the Pledge

1950 Event - Leroy Deans awarded 1st Order of Purple Heart in Korea

1948 Birthday - Bruce Vilanch, born in New York City, New York, comedy writer, appeared regularly with Whoopi Goldberg on Hollywood Squares, appeared in Bosom Buddies, Law & Order, wrote for show Billy Crystal, Academy Awards host

1948 Event - President Truman issues Executive Order No. 9981 directing "equality of treatment and opportunity" in armed forces

1948 Event - Executive Order 9981, end segregation in U.S. Armed Forces signed

1947 Birthday - Luc Journet, Belgian physician, Order of Zonnetempel

1947 Birthday - Roelof P Meyer, South Africa under minister of Law and Order etc

1947 Event - President Truman signs executive order calling for loyalty

1947 Event - President Truman signs Executive Order 9835 requiring all federal employees to have allegiance to the United States

1946 Event - President Truman creates Committee on Civil Rights by Executive Order 9808

1946 Event - U.S. government asks United Nations to order dictator Franco out of Spain

1946 Birthday - Leon Wessels, South Africa lawyer/underminister of Law and Order

1946 Birthday - Anne Boyd, born in Sydney, New South Wales, composer, professor of composition at the University of Sydney, recipient, Order of Australia, for contributions to music

1945 Birthday - George Dzunda, born in Rosenheim, Germany, actor, Deer Hunter, Law and Order

1945 Event - President Truman signs executive order establishing Medal of Freedom

1944 Event - British order to disarm, causes general strike in Greece

1944 Event - Field Marshal Rommel gets order to return to Berlin

1944 Birthday - Anton Korteweg, Dutch poet, For the Good Order

1943 Birthday - Stephen Wallace, director, For Love Affair, Hunger, Mail Order Bride

1943 Event - German Wehrmacht deployed in order to break Dutch strikes

1943 Birthday - Julia Cumberlege, born in England, Julia Frances Cumberlege, Baroness Cumberlege, politician, businesswoman, British Conservative Party, member of Dames of the Order of St. Gregory the Great

1942 Event - Hitler's Directive #45: order to occupy Stalingrad

1942 Death - Johan H Westerveld, Lt-colonel/leader Order Service, executed

1942 Event - Radio Orange calls to defy order to wear "Jewish star"

1941 Event - Franklin D. Roosevelt issues Executive Order 8802 forbidding discrimination

1941 Event - Nazis order Polish Jews barred from using public transportation

1940 Birthday - Chay Blyth, English sailor, Alone in Order to the World

1938 Birthday - Jacques Hetu, born in Trois-Rivieres Quebec, composer, Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 1989, Officer of the Order of Canada, 2001

1938 Event - New York makes syphilis test mandatory in order to get a marriage license

1937 Birthday - Adrian J Vlok, South African NP-minister of Law and Order, 1986-

1937 Event - Politburo enables Operative Order 00447: execute 193,000 Russians

1936 Birthday - Phil Sharpe, cricketer, England middle order batsman during 60's

1935 Birthday - Jerry Ohrbach, born in Bronx, New York, actor, Law and Order, Dirty Dancing

1934 Birthday - Andre Prevost, born in Canada, composer, professor, Officer of the Order of Canada

1933 Birthday - Charles Williams, born in Oxford, England, cricketer, batsman, Labor peer, Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Baron Williams of Elvel

1930 Birthday - Patrick Pery, born in Ireland, born Patrick Edmund Pery, 6th Earl of Limerick, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Irish peer, public servant

1929 Birthday - Dick Shawn, Buffalo, New York, actor, Producers, Maid to Order, Angel

1927 Death - Henry Martyn Robert, (Robert's Rules of Order), dies at 90

1926 Birthday - David Ogilvy, born in London, England, David George Coke Patrick Ogilvy, 13th Earl of Airlie, The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, judge, served as Lord Chamberlain

1926 Event - Italy establishes corp of force in order to break powerful unions

1922 Birthday - Steven Hill, born in Seattle, Washington, actor, Goddess, Raw Deal, Yentl, Law and Order

1920 Birthday - William Butterfield, born in England, born William John Hughes Butterfield, Lord Butterfield, life peer as Baron Butterfield of Stechford, Order of the British Empire, medical researcher, clinician, administrator

1920 Event - Annual drafting of baseball players from minor leagues to be done in inverse order of the final standings, agreed to

1919 Event - Order of DeMolay forms in Kansas City

1917 Birthday - John Stokes, born in England, politician, Conservative Party Member of Parliament, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, member of the Conservative Monday Club, Primrose League

1917 Event - Order of British Empire inaugurated

1915 Birthday - Miles Stapleton-Fitzalan-Howard, born in England, 17th Duke of Norfolk, The Most Notable Order of the Garter, Royal Victorian Order, awarded Military Cross

1915 Birthday - Julian Ridsdale, born in England, politician, Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Harwich in Essex, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

1912 Birthday - Daniel Jones, born in Pembroke, Wales, Daniel Jenkyn Jones, Welsh composer, friend of Dylan Thomas, wrote 12 numbered symphonies, chamber music, made Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1968

1912 Birthday - Arthur Victor Berger, New York City, composer, Ideas of Order

1910 Birthday - Angus Campbell, U.S., psychologist, Elections and Political Order

1910 Birthday - Edward Ford, registrat Order of Merit

1905 Birthday - Boris Arapov, born in Poltava, Ukraine, composer, studied with Vladimir Shcherbachov at Leningrad Conservatory, taught at Leningrad Conservatory, received honor Peoples Artist of the USSR in 1976 and Order of Lenin honor in 1986

1902 Event - Order of Merit instituted by King Edward VII

1901 Birthday - Eric Voegelin, Germany, U.S. philosopher, Order and History

1899 Event - Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks forms in Cincinnati

1896 Event - London Country Councils' Muzzling Order becomes effective

1895 Birthday - Guiomar Novaes, Brazil, pianist, Brazilian Order of Merit

1889 Event - Savings Bank of Order of True Reformers opens in Richmond, Virginia

1888 Event - Belgium: king Leopold II installs Order of African Star

1886 Event - Queen Victoria establishes Distinguished Service Order (DSO) award

1879 Birthday - Wallace Stevens, born in Reading, Pennsylvania, poet, Ideas of Order

1877 Event - Henry Morton Stanley's letter in order to aid reaches Boma at Congo

1876 Event - Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks organizes

1871 Event - Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of Mystic Shrine founded, New York City

1870 Event - Jules Janssen, flys in a balloon in order to study a solar eclipse

1870 Event - Golden Gate Park forms by City Order number 800

1869 Event - Noble Order of Knights of Labor founded, Philadelphia

1868 Event - Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks forms (New York)

1865 Event - At Appomattox, General Lee issues General Order #9, his last

1865 Event - General Wm Sherman issues Field Order #15 (land for blacks)

1863 Event - President Lincoln issues "eye-for-eye" order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot

1862 Event - General U.S. Grant issues order #11, expelling Jews from Tennessee

1862 Event - General Benjamin F Butler delegates "Woman Order" of NO to be his whores

1862 Event - Lincoln issues General War Order #1, calling for a Union offensive McClellan ignores order

1859 Birthday - Samuel Alexander, English philosopher, Moral order and progress

1850 Birthday - Horatio Herbert Kitchener, England, original Order of Merit member

1841 Event - King/grand duke Willem II installs Order of Eikenkroon

1837 Birthday - Henry Martyn Robert, parliamentarian, Robert's Rules of Order

1829 Birthday - John Everett Millais, England, painter, Order of Release

1815 Event - King Willem I forms Order of Dutch Lion

1802 Event - French Order of Legion d'Honneur forms

1782 Event - George Washington creates Order of Purple Heart

1775 Event - Horatio Gates, issues order excluding blacks from Continental Army

1740 Event - Jews are expelled from Little Russia by order of Czarina Anne

1696 Birthday - Alfonsus M de' Liguori, Italian theologist/bishop/religious order founder

1670 Event - Jews expelled from Austria by order of Leopold I

1639 Event - Virginia is 1st colony to order surplus crops (tobacco) destroyed

1633 Death - Carlo Caraffa, Italian jesuit/religious order founder, dies at about 72

1567 Event - Jews are expelled from Brazil by order of regent Don Henrique

1563 Event - Jews are expelled from France by order of Charles VI

1556 Event - Portuguese Marranos who revert back to Judaism burned by order of Pope

1540 Event - Pope Paul III recognizes Society of Jesus/Order of the Jesuits

1496 Event - Jews are expelled from Portugal by order of King Manuel I

1454 Event - Jews are expelled from Brunn Moravia by order of King Ladislaus

1450 Event - Jews are expelled from Lower Bavaria by order of Ludwig IX

1431 Event - 1st meeting of Order of Guilder Flies

1430 Event - Order of the Guilder forms

1429 Event - Order of Golden Fleece established in Austria-Hungary and Spain

1394 Event - Jews are expelled from France by order of King Charles VI

1352 Event - French king Jean II introduces Order of the Star

1348 Event - 1st English order of knighthood founded (Order of Garter)

1314 Death - Jacques De Molay, the last grand master of Order of Knights, dies

1290 Event - Jews are expelled from England by order of King Edward I

1253 Event - Clara van Assisi leads rules of life in order of Clarissen

1253 Event - Jews are expelled from Vienne France by order of Pope Innocent III

1221 Death - Dominicus, Italian religious order founder (Dominicans)

1124 Death - Stefanus of Thiers/Muret, founder of order of Grammond/saint, dies

1121 Event - Norbertus van Xanten finds order of the Norbertijnen