Roald Events in History

1990 Death - Roald Dahl, Br short story author (Sweet Mystery of Life), dies at 74

1928 Death - Roald E G Amundsen, Norwegian pole explorer, dies

1928 Death - Roald Amundsen, Norwegian Explorer

1925 Event - Roald Amundsun leaves Spitsbergen with 2 seaplanes to North Pole

1916 Birthday - Roald Dahl, Norway, sci-fi author, Over to You, Taste, 2 Fables

1912 Event - Roald Amundsen announces discovery of the South Pole

1912 Event - English explorer Robert F Scott and his expedition reach South Pole, only to discover that Roald Amundsen had gotten there before

1911 Event - South Pole 1st reached, by Norwegian Roald Amundsen

1911 Event - Roald Amundsen sets out on race to South Pole

1911 Event - Roald Amundsens anchors at Walvis Bay

1906 Event - Roald Amundsen discovers Magnetic South Pole

1872 Birthday - Roald Amundsen, born in Norway, explorer, discovered South Pole