Timothy Events in History

2013 Event - U.S. President announces the nomination of Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary, to replace Timothy Geithner, who is stepping down from his post

2011 Event - At a meeting in Nanjing, China, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the main problem in the world's monetary system is countries that inhibit the free flow of the value of their currency

2010 Event - Timothy Torlot, British ambassador to Yemen, survives an attempted suicide bombing

2002 Death - Timothy White, American Critic

2002 Death - Timothy Findley, writer, The Piano Man's Daughter, dies at 71

2001 Event - Timothy McVeigh executed for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed at least 168

1997 Event - Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh formally sentenced to death

1997 Event - Oklahoma Court of Appeals upholds death sentence of Timothy McVeigh

1997 Event - Jurors in Oklahoma City bombing trial sentence Timothy McVeigh to death

1997 Event - Timothy McVeigh found guilty of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, killing 168

1997 Event - Ashes of Timothy Leary and Gene Roddenberry launched into orbit

1996 Death - Timothy Francis Leary, Harvard professor and LSD guru, dues of cancer at 75

1996 Death - Timothy Leary, American Educator

1996 Death - Timothy Gullikson, tennis player and coach, dies at 45

1995 Event - FBI arrested Timothy McVeigh and charge him with Oklahoma City bombing

1995 Death - Timothy Hugh Brown, theatre critic, dies at 52

1994 Death - Emmanuel Bankole Timothy, journalist, dies at 70

1994 Death - Timothy Carey, dies of stroke at 64

1994 Death - Timothy Andrew James Souster, composer Musician, dies at 51

1992 Event - Helen Windsor (daughter of English prince Edward) weds Timothy Taylor

1980 Birthday - Timothy Goebel, born in Evanston, Illinois, figure skater, 1996 National, Jr. champ

1971 Birthday - Timothy Christopher Carswell, Christchurch New Zealand, cyclist 1996 Olympics

1970 Event - U.S. LSD professor Timothy Leary escapes from California jail

1970 Death - Timothy Mather Spelman, composer, dies at 79

1969 Birthday - Timothy Young, born in Philadelphia, rower 1966 Olympics silver

1967 Birthday - Timothy Gibbs, born in Burbank, California, actor, Father Murphy, Santa Barbara

1963 Birthday - Thilo Timothy Newman, Hamburg Germany, writer, Freejack, Alien

1962 Birthday - Timothy Hacker, Milwaukee Wisconsin, 10k runner

1961 Birthday - Timothy Geithner, born in Brooklyn, New York, United States Secretary of the Treasury, under President Barack Obama, served as President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, charged with directing financial crisis of December 2007

1960 Birthday - Timothy Pawlenty, American Politician

1960 Birthday - Timothy Hutton, born in Malibu, California, actor, Turk 182, Ordinary People

1959 Birthday - Timothy Patrick Murphy, Hartford Conn, actor, Dallas, Glitter

1959 Birthday - Timothy Van Patten, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, White Shadow, Master

1957 Birthday - Timothy Busfield, born in East Lansing, Michigan, actor, Elliot-30 Something

1956 Birthday - Timothy J. Roemer, born in South Bend, Indiana, Representative-D-Indiana 1991 - 2003

1956 Birthday - Timothy Daly, born in Sufferin, New York, actor, Joe-Wings, Diner, Made in Heaven

1955 Birthday - Timothy Kristian Charles Mace, Great Britain, cosmonaut

1955 Birthday - Timothy Garton Ash, British Author

1952 Birthday - Timothy White, American Critic

1951 Birthday - Timothy Gullikson, tennis player and coach, Pete Sampras

1951 Birthday - Timothy Zahn, U.S., sci-fi author, Hugo, Cobra Strike

1951 Birthday - Timothy Bottoms, born in Santa Barbara, California, actor, Paper Chase, East of Eden

1949 Birthday - Timothy Cordy, British director, Town and Country Planning Association

1947 Birthday - Timothy B Schmidt, born in Oakland California, rocker, Eagles

1946 Birthday - Timothy Dalton, born in North Wales, actor, James Bond-Living Daylights

1946 Birthday - Timothy Chambers, pediatrician

1946 Birthday - Timothy Clifford, director, National Galleries of Scotland

1945 Birthday - Timothy Mason, consultant, British Arts Council

1943 Birthday - Timothy Andrew James Souster, composer

1942 Birthday - Timothy Hugh Brown, theatre critic

1940 Birthday - Christopher Timothy, English actor, All Creatures Great and Small

1940 Birthday - Timothy Severin, author/explorer

1940 Birthday - Tim Rose, born in Washington, D.C., born Timothy Alan Patrick Rose, singer, songwriter, guitarist, voice compared to Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker

1940 Birthday - Timothy Wood, British government asst whip

1939 Birthday - Timothy E. Wirth, born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Representative-D-Colorado 1975 - 1987, Senator-D-Colorado 1987 - 1993

1938 Birthday - Timothy Elworthy, Captain of The Queen's Flight

1936 Birthday - Timothy Spall, actor, 1871, Life is Sweet, Crusoe, Remembrance

1935 Birthday - Timothy Bavin, Bishop of Portsmouth

1934 Birthday - Timothy West, born in Yorkshire, England, actor, Masada

1932 Birthday - Timothy Sainsbury, British minister of state

1932 Birthday - Timothy Renton, born in England, born Ronald Timothy Renton, Baron Renton of Mount Harry, politician, Conservative Party, Minister of State, Margaret Thatcher's Chief Whip, Member of Parliament for Mid-Sussex

1931 Death - Timothy Cole, wood engraver, dies

1931 Death - Timothy Healy, Irish Politician

1931 Birthday - Timothy Kitson, former MP

1929 Birthday - Timothy Colman, English manufacturer/multi-millionaire, Reckitt and Colman

1928 Death - Timothy Thomas Fortune, American Writer

1927 Birthday - Timothy Beven, CEO, Barclays Bank

1923 Birthday - Emmanuel Bankole Timothy, journalist

1920 Birthday - Timothy Leary, Harvard professor

1891 Birthday - Timothy Mather Spelman, composer

1887 Birthday - Timothy Mara, NFL owner for the New York Giants

1886 Birthday - Noble Drew Ali, Timothy Drew, North Carolina, prophet, Moorish Science Temple

1857 Event - Timothy Alder patents typesetting machine

1856 Birthday - Timothy Thomas Fortune, American Writer

1855 Birthday - Timothy Healy, Irish Politician

1848 Death - Timothy Olmstead, composer, dies at 88

1806 Death - Timothy Dexter, American Businessman

1759 Birthday - Timothy Olmstead, composer

1748 Birthday - Timothy Dexter, American Businessman