1914 in History
January 1 1st scheduled airline flight, St. Petersburg-Tampa (Tony Jannus pilot)
January 1 Klaas ter Laan becomes Netherlands 1st socialist mayor (Zaandam)
January 1 Northern and Southern Nigeria united in British colony of Nigeria
January 2 Philips installs research department in Eindhoven
January 3 Kelman/Cushing/Heath' musical "Sari," premieres in New York City
January 5 Ford Motor Co wages jump from $2.40/9-hour day to $5.00/8-hour day
January 6 Stock brokerage firm of Merrill Lynch founded
January 7 1st steamboat passes through Panama Canal
January 10 1st edition of Hague's Post under San Francisco van Oss, published
January 10 Oscar Mathisen skates world record 500 m in 43.7 sec in Oslo
January 13 IWW-leader/songwriter Joe Hill arrested "Girl from Utah" East-Prussia
January 14 Henry Ford introduces assembly line, for T-Fords
January 16 Writer Maksim Gorki returns to Russia
January 17 Gerhart Hauptmann's "Der Bogen des Odysseus," premieres in Berlin
January 22 Paul Claudel's "L'echange," premieres in Paris
January 24 Opera "Madeleine," premieres in New York City
January 26 600 Dutch textile workers go on strike
January 26 Vatican puts Belgian Nobel winner Maeterlinck's works in their index
January 28 1st Millrose Games (athletics) held (New York City)
January 28 Beverly Hills, California, is incorporated
February 1 New York Giants and Chicago White Sox play an exhibition baseball game in Egypt
February 1 Pennsylvania State Board of [motion picture] censors appointed
February 1 Tanganyika Railway opens
February 2 James Royce Shannon's musical "Shameen Dhu," premieres in New York City
February 4 U.S. Congress approves Burnett-anti-immigration law
February 7 Charlie Chaplin debuts "The Tramp" in "Kid Auto Races at Venice"
February 7 Steel work completed on Exposition (Civic) Auditorium, San Francisco
February 8 General Zamon becomes president of Haiti
February 13 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers-ASCAP forms in New York City
February 14 High Council of Labor forms in Hague Netherlands
February 16 1st airplane flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco
February 19 Riccardo Zandonai's opera "Francesco da Rimini," premieres in Turin
February 21 White Wolf troops attack Zhanjiang China
February 24 Frank Craven's "Too Many Cooks," premieres in New York City
February 26 New York Museum of Science and Industry incorporated
February 28 Construction begins on Tower of Jewels for the Exposition (San Francisco)
March 1 Dutch Minister of war H Colijn named director of British Petroleum
March 7 Prince Wilhelm von Wied becomes King of Albania
March 9 Henry Colijn appointed as director of Bataafsche Petroleum Co
March 9 U.S. Senator Albert Fall (Teapot Dome) demands "Cubanisation of Mexico"
March 10 Suffragettes in London damages painter Rokeby's Venus of Velasquez
March 14 Serbia and Turkey sign peace treaty
March 18 White Wolf gang beats government army in Jingdezhen China
March 19 Stanley Cup: Tor Blueshirts (NHA) sweep Vict Capitals (PCHA) in 3 game
March 20 1st international figure-skating tournament held in U.S., New Haven
March 21 U.S. Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Theresa Weld
March 21 U.S. Mens Figure Skating championship won by Norman M Scott
March 22 World's 1st airline, St. Petersburg Tampa Airboat Line, begins
March 27 1st successful blood transfusion (in Brussels)
April 1 UVS Soccer team forms in Lead
April 4 "Perils of Pauline" shown for 1st time in Los Angeles
April 8 U.S. and Colombia sign a treaty concerning Panama Canal Zone
April 9 1st full color film shown "World, Flesh and Devil" in London
April 9 Tampico incident - U.S. ship crew arrested in Mexico
April 9 "World, the Flesh and the Devil," 1st color film, shown in London
April 11 George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion," premieres
April 13 1st Federal League Game: Baltimore Terrapins beat Buffalo 3-2
April 14 Stacy G Carkhuff patents non-skid tire pattern
April 20 18th Boston Marathon won by James Duffy of Canada in 2:25:01.2
April 20 33 killed by soldiers during mine strike in Ludlow, Colorado
April 21 U.S. Marines occupy Vera Cruz, Mexico, stay 6 months
April 22 Babe Ruth's 1st professional game (as a pitcher) is a 6-hit 6-0 win
April 22 Mexico ends diplomatic relations with U.S.
April 28 181 die in coal mine collapse at Eccles, West Virginia
April 28 W. H. Carrier patents air conditioner
May 1 China's 1st president Yuan Shikai wins dictatorial qualification
May 6 British House of Lords rejects women suffrage
May 7 U.S. Congress establishes mother's day
May 7 Woodrow Wilson's daughter Eleanor marries in White House
May 9 40th Kentucky Derby: John McCabe aboard Old Rosebud wins in 2:03.4
May 9 President Wilson proclaims Mother's Day
May 14 Chicago Jim Scott no-hits Cleveland, gives up 2 hits in 10th and loses 1-0
May 15 Henri Rabauds opera "Marouf, Savetier de Caire," premieres in Paris
May 16 American Horseshoe Pitchers Association organizes in Kansas City
May 16 Ewing Field, near Masonic Street, opens
May 21 39th Preakness: Andy Schuttinger aboard Holiday wins in 1:53.8
May 21 Greyhound Bus Co begins in Minnesota
May 25 British House of Commons passes Irish Home Rule
May 29 Ship rams Canadian ship Empress of Ireland on St. Lawrence R; 1024 die
May 31 Chicago White Sox Joe Benz no-hits Cleveland Indians, 6-1
June 1 Oscar Egg bicycles world record time (44,247 km)
June 2 Glenn Curtiss flies his Langley Aerodrome
June 6 1st air flight out of sight of land, Scotland to Norway
June 8 34.7 degrees F (1.5 degrees C) in De Bilt, Netherlands
June 9 Honus Wagner, is 2nd to get 3,000 hits
June 13 28th U.S. Womens Tennis: Mary K Browne beats Marie Wagner (62 16 61)
June 18 Oscar Egg bicycles world record time (44,247 km)
June 19 54th British Golf Open: Harry Vardon shoots a 306 at Prestwick Club
June 20 46th Belmont: Merritt Buxton aboard Luke McLuke wins in 2:20
June 24 King Peter I of Serbia names son Alexander the Prince-regent
June 27 Jack Johnson beats Frank Moran in 20 for heavyweight boxing title
June 27 U.S. signs treaty of commerce with Ethiopia
June 28 Austria invades Serbia, WW I
June 30 Mahatma Gandhi's 1st arrest, campaigning for Indian rights in South Africa
July 4 1st U.S. motorcycle race (300 miles, Dodge City Ks)
July 5 Boston Braves are 15 games back in NL, and win World Series
July 5 Germany offers Austria war aid to fight against Russia in Serbia
July 7 Baltimore Orioles' (IL) owner Jack Dunn offers Babe Ruth, Ernie Shore and Ben Egan for $10,000 to Connie Mack, who refuses, pleading poverty
July 9 1st U.S. duplicate auction bridge championship held, Lake Placid, New York
July 10 Boston Red Sox purchase Babe Ruth from Baltimore Orioles
July 11 Babe Ruth debuts as a pitcher for Boston Red Sox, he beats Cleveland 4-3
July 12 Babe Ruth makes his baseball debut, pitches for Red Sox
July 14 1st patent for liquid-fueled rocket design granted, Dr. Robert Goddard
July 14 NL's Boston Braves start climb from last place to world series sweep
July 15 Mexican president Huerta flees with 2 million pesos to Europe
July 16 Socialist conference in Brussel (Kautsky, Trotski and Rosa Luxemburg)
July 17 Giants outfielder Red Murray is knocked unconscious by lightning after catching a flyball, ending 21 inning game, Giants win 3-1
July 18 U.S. Army air service 1st comes into being, in Signal Corps
July 19 Boston Braves begin drive from last to 1st place in NL
July 20 Armed resistance against British rule begins in Ulster
July 23 Austria-Hungary issues ultimatum to Serbia leading to WW I
July 25 Germany soc-democrat "No German blood for Austrian tyrant"
July 25 Last day of club cricket for W G Grace at age 66 He made 69
July 26 Austrian-Hungary condemns Serbian ultimatum
July 26 German chief of staff/General von Moltke states ultimatum on Belgium
July 27 Roda JC soccer team forms in Kerkrade
July 28 Foxtrot 1st danced at New Amsterdam Roof Garden (NYC, by Harry Fox)
July 28 Minister of Navy W Churchill routes British fleet to Scapa Flow
July 28 World War I began when Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
July 29 1st transcontinental phone link made between New York City and SF
July 29 Austrian-Hungary bombs Belgrade
July 29 British fleet leaves Portland/passes Straits of Dover
July 29 Russia mobilize troops along Austrian boundary
July 30 Austrian-Hungary and Russia proclaim general mobilization
July 30 French troops withdraw 10 km from German border
July 30 John French appointed British supreme commander
July 31 German Emperor Wilhelm II threatens war, orders Russia to demobilize
July 31 Oil discovered in Lake of Maracaibo
August 1 British fleet reaches Scapa Flow
August 1 Emperor Wilhelm II declares war on his nephew tsar Nicolas II (WW I)
August 1 France and Germany mobilize
August 1 Trois Vierges: German 69th infantry regiment enter Luxembourg Germany declares war on Russia in WW I
August 2 Belgian government receives German ultimatum
August 2 German press falsely reports that French bombed Nuremberg
August 2 German troops overthrows Luxembourg
August 2 Germany and Turkey signs secret treaty
August 2 Great Britain mobilizes
August 2 Postdam Conference ended
August 2 Russian troops invade Eastern Prussia
August 2 Sherlock Holmes Adventure "His Last Bow" takes place
August 3 1st seaworthy ship through Panama Canal
August 3 Belgium rejects demand to allow free crossing for German army
August 3 French fleet sails to North-Africa
August 3 German battle cruiser Goeben leaves Messina
August 3 Germany invades Belgium and declares war on France in WW I
August 3 Great Britain declares war on Germany
August 3 Turkey signs military pact with Germany
August 3 World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship through Churches forms
August 3 Yankee catcher Nunamaker throws out 3 would be stealers in 1 inning
August 4 German army shoots Belgian priests/burns down village of Battice
August 4 German fleet under Admiral Souchon fire on Algerian coast
August 4 Germany declares war on Belgium; Britain declares war on Germany
August 4 King Albert I becomes supreme commander of Belgian army
August 4 Lord Kitchener becomes British minister of War
August 4 U.S. declares neutrality in WW I
August 5 1st traffic light installed, Euclid Ave and E 105th St, Cleveland
August 5 Cuba, Uruguay, Mexico and Argentina proclaim neutrality in WW I
August 5 Dutch Cort Van de Linden government issues silver bonds as money
August 5 Massive German assault on forts around Luik
August 5 Montenegro declares war against Austria-Hungary in World War I
August 5 U.S. beats Australia, 3-2, to win Davis Cup
August 5 U.S., Nicaragua sign treaty granting canal rights to U.S.
August 5 Westerschelde leaves due to German invasion in Belgium
August 6 Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia and Serbia
August 6 French cavalry enter Belgium
August 6 German Zeppelin bombs Liege City, 9 killed
August 6 Serbia declares war against Germany
August 7 British Gloucester vs German Breslau/Goeben off Greece
August 7 French government awards king Albert of Belgium the Great Cross
August 7 French troops under General Bonneau occupy Altkitrch at Elzas
August 7 German army occupies city of Liege Belgium
August 7 Lord Kitchner says "Your country needs you," poster spreads over UK
August 8 3rd pole expedition Ernest Shackleton "Endurance"
August 8 French troops under General Bonneau occupy Mulhouse at Elzas
August 8 Montenegro declares war on Germany
August 9 German submarine U-15 sinks British cruiser
August 10 At Luik, German 12"/16.5" guns reach Belgian boundary
August 10 German battle cruiser Goeben reaches Dardanellen/Turkey joins Germany
August 10 German troops reconquer Mulhouse in Elzas
August 10 Royal Nationally Steuncomite forms
August 11 France declares war on Austria-Hungary
August 11 Jews are expelled from Mitchenick Poland
August 11 John Wray patents animation
August 12 Cavalery battle at Halen, Belgium ("Battle der Zilveren Helmen")
August 12 German 16.5"/12" guns fires on forts round Luik
August 12 Great Britain declares war on Austria-Hungary
August 12 Russian troops take East-Prussia and occupy Marggrabowa
August 13 Carl Wickman begins Greyhound, the 1st U.S. bus line, in Minnesota
August 13 France declares war on Austria-Hungary, leading to WW I
August 13 German army occupies forts at Luik
August 14 British field marshal John French and General Wilson land in France
August 15 13th Davis Cup: Australasia beats USA in New York (3-2)
August 15 Dinant Belgium destroyed by German bombs
August 15 German assault at Dinant: Lt Charles de Gaulle (24), injured
August 15 Japan joins side of allies
August 15 Panama Canal opens (under cost)
August 16 German army occupies last fort at Luik, Belgian general Leman caught
August 16 Zapata and Pancho Villa over run Mexico
August 17 French troops under General de Castelnau occupy Chateau Salins
August 17 Lithuiana surrenders to Germans
August 18 Belgian army withdraws to Antwerp
August 18 French troops under general Dubail occupy Sarrebourg
August 18 President Wilson issues "Proclamation of Neutrality"
August 19 Elmer Rice' "On Trial," premieres in New York City
August 19 German army executed 150 Belgians by firing squad
August 19 German fleet bombs English coast
August 19 Harris Theater (Candler, Coan and Harris) opens at 226 W 42nd St. New York City
August 20 Battle at Gumbinnen, East-Prussia: Russian beat Germans
August 20 Battle at Morhange: German troops chase French, killing 1000s
August 20 Battle of Bounderies: Lorraine, Ardennen, Sambre and Meuse, Mons
August 20 Bavarian troops kill 50 inhabitants of Nomeny France
August 20 German army captured Brussels as the Belgian army retreated to Antwerp
August 21 20th U.S. Golf Open: Walter Hagen shoots a 290 at Midlothian CC Ill
August 21 Belgium: German troops occupy Tamines
August 21 French offensive in the Ardennen/Sambre
August 22 1st encounter between British and German troops (in Belgium)
August 22 Battle at Charleroi: General von Bulows troops beat French
August 22 Battle in Ardennen: Neufchateau, Rossignal, Tintigny and Virton
August 22 Canada's Finance Act, 1914, receives assent
August 22 General Martos' troops occupy Soldau/Neidenburg East Prussia
August 22 German troops execute 384 inhabitants of Tamines Belgium
August 22 Von Ludendorff and von Hindenburg move into E Prussia enroute to Russia
August 23 Battle at Mons: general von Klucks troops beat Britten
August 23 General von Hausen executes 612 inhabitants of Dinant Belgium
August 23 German troops plunder Belgium
August 23 Japan declares war on Germany in World War I
August 24 Battle at Bergen: Germans defeat Belgian/British troops
August 24 German troops occupy Namur Belgium
August 24 Jerome Kern and Michael E Rourles musical premieres in New York City
August 25 Belgian offensive at Antwerp
August 25 Belgium: German army begins 6 week plundering of Leuven Belgium
August 25 German troops march into France pushes French army to the Sedan
August 25 German Zeppelins bomb Antwerp Belgium, 10 die
August 26 Battle of Tannenberg - 8th German army defeats Russian Narev army
August 26 Russian army atacks Austrian army in Galicia
August 27 2nd day of battle at Tannenberg: German bombs Usdau
August 27 U.S. war reporter Richard H. Davis visits Leuven
August 28 3rd day of battle at Tannenberg: violent German/Russian battles
August 28 Battle at Helgoland: British fleet beats German, 1100 killed
August 28 John French evacuate Amiens
August 29 4th day of Tannenberg: Russian Narev-army panics, General Martos caught
August 29 Arizonian is 1st vessel to arrive in San Francisco via Panama Canal
August 29 Battle at St. Quentin: French counter attack under General Lanrezac
August 30 1st German plane bombs above Paris, 2 killed
August 30 Battle at Tannenberg ends in destruction of Russian 2nd Narev army
August 31 24.8 cm rainfall at Bloomingdale, Michigan, state record
August 31 General von Kluck decides not to attack Paris
August 31 German troops reconquer Soldau/Neidenburg East-Prussia
August 31 Germany defeats Russia (battle at Tannenberg/30,000 Russians die)
September 1 34th U.S. Mens Tennis: R Norris W III beats M E McLoughlin (63 86 10-8)
September 1 Lord Kitchener arrives in Paris
September 1 St. Petersburg, Russia changes name to Petrograd
September 1 Von Glucks army meets up with British expeditionary army
September 2 General von Hausen and countess of France regime flees to Bordeaux
September 3 British expeditionary army/general Lanrezacs army attacks the Marne
September 3 Cardinal Giacome della Chiesa becomes Pope Benedict XV
September 3 French troops vacate Reims
September 3 Prince Wilhelm von Wied leaves Albania
September 4 British, French and Russian government sign Pact of London, against Germany
September 4 General von Moltke ceases German advance in France
September 5 Battle of Marne (WW I) begins: Germans chase out Russians
September 5 French headquarters move to Chatillon-sur-Seine
September 5 Gr Britain/France/Belgium/Russia sign pact of London
September 5 Proclamation prohibits Canadian mint from issuing gold coins
September 6 Battle of Marne; Germans prevented from occupying Paris
September 7 New York Post Office Building opens to public
September 8 British trader Oceanic sinks off Scotland
September 9 Battle of Marne (German advance stalls, Paris saved)
September 9 Belgian offensive from Antwerp
September 9 Boston Brave George Davis no-hits Philadelphia Phillies, 7-0
September 11 T Handy publishes "St. Louis Blues"
September 12 Yankee shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh, 23, becomes youngest manager
September 14 German staff-chief von Moltke replaces von Falkenhayn
September 14 German troops withdraw from Aisne/invent trenches
September 15 Battle of Aisne begins between Germans and French during WW I
September 15 U.S. Marines march out of Vera Cruz, Mexico
September 18 Battle of Aisne ends with Germans beating French during WW I
September 18 General von Hindenburgs named commander of German armies on Eastern Front
September 18 Irish home rule bill receive Royal assent
September 18 South African troops land in German South West Africa
September 19 Brooklyn's Ed Lafitte no-hits Kansas City (Federal League), 6-2
September 22 1 German submarine sinks 3 British ironclads, 1,459 die
September 23 Reds drop their 19th straight game, then beat Boston Braves
September 26 Federal Trade Commission formed to regulate interstate commerce
September 26 Germans arrest A Max, mayor of Brussels
September 27 Cleveland 2nd baseman Nap Lajoie collects his 3,000th hit
September 28 German forces move into Antwerp Belgium (WW I)
September 29 Boston Braves, who were in last place in mid-July, clinch NL pennant
October 4 Dardanellen (French and English) fleet bombs Turkish forts
October 9 German troops take Antwerp in World War I
October 10 German forces route Belgians in Antwerp Belgium (WW I)
October 11 German troops occupy Gent
October 12 1st battle at Ypres, begins
October 13 Belgian regime forms at St. Adresse at Le Havre
October 13 Boston Braves sweep Philadelphia A's, 1st sweep in World Series history
October 13 Garrett Morgan invents and patents gas mask
October 13 Pro-German Boers begin opposition of British authority in South Africa
October 14 German troops occupy Brug
October 15 ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) founded
October 15 Battle of Warsaw, begins (ends Oct 21)
October 15 Clayton Anti-trust Act passed (union and strike rights)
October 19 U.S. Post Office 1st used an automobile to collect and deliver mail
October 21 Battle of Warsaw ends with German defeat
October 27 British battleship Audacious sunk by mine
October 28 German battle cruiser Goeben enters Black Sea
October 28 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, founded at Howard University, incorporates
October 29 Turkish warships storm Black Sea
October 30 Allied offensive at Ypres (Belgium) begins
October 31 Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey
November 1 Connie Mack asks waivers on Jack Coombs, Eddie Plank and Chief Colby
November 1 German-British fleet battle at Coronel, Chile
November 1 Pope Benedictus Xv's encyclical Ad beatissimi, against integrity
November 1 Von Hindenburg named marshal of Eastern front
November 2 Great Britain annexes Cyprus
November 2 Russia declares war on Turkey
November 2 V Herbert and H Blossoms "Only Girl," premieres in New York City
November 4 Russia declares Turkey the war
November 4 Vogue holds 1st model show ("Fashion Fete," New York City)
November 5 Great Britain and France and Russia declares war on Turkey
November 7 Japan attack German concession on Chinese peninsula of Shanghai
November 12 Turks sultan Jamal Pasja declares a German holy war
November 14 Billy Mallett of Hamilton Tigers kicks 10 singles in a game
November 15 Italian socialist Benito Mussolini founds newspaper Il populo d'italia
November 16 Federal Reserve System formally opens
November 16 Pope Benedict XV calls for peace
November 17 U.S. declares Panama Canal Zone neutral
November 20 U.S. State Department starts requiring photographs for passports
November 21 Billy Mallett of Hamilton Tigers kicks 9 singles in a game
November 21 British army conquerors Bazra
November 22 Ypres Belgium burned by German bombing
November 24 Benito Mussolini leaves Italy's socialist party
November 24 Dutch Overseas Trustmaatschappij (NOT) forms
November 26 Battleship HMS Bulwark explodes at Sheerness Harbor England, 788 die
November 27 1st women elected political agent (Grantham, Linconshire UK)
December 2 Austria army occupies Belgrade Serbia
December 3 Netherlands army shoots up geinterneerde Belgian soldiers: 8 killed
December 4 Walter Johnson accepts money from Federal League Chicago Whales Clark Griffith threatens to take Johnson to court
December 5 6th CFL Grey Cup: Toronto Argonauts defeats University of Toronto, 14-2
December 6 German troops over run Lodz
December 8 British and German fleets battle at Falkland Island
December 8 Connie Mack sells Eddie Collins to the White Sox
December 8 Irving Berlin's musical "Watch your Step," premieres in New York City
December 10 French government returns to Paris
December 11 Stockton Street Tunnel (SF) completed
December 15 Battle of Lodz ends; Russians retreat toward Moscow
December 15 British fleet forfeits chance to destroy German fleet in North Sea
December 15 Swedish troops over run Belgrade in Austria-Hungary
December 16 French offensive in Artois (Petain)
December 17 Austrian troops beat Russians in Limanova Poland
December 17 Great Britain declares Egypt a protectorate
December 17 Jews are expelled from Tel Aviv by Turkish authorities
December 21 1st feature-length silent film comedy, "Tillie's Punctured Romance" released. (Marie Dressler, Mabel Normand and Charles Chaplin)
December 21 "Tillie's Punctured Romance," 1st six-reel feature comedy debuts
December 24 German plane drops bombs on Dover England
December 25 Legendary/unofficial "Christmas Truce" takes place (Brits and Germans)
December 31 Colonel Jacob Ruppert and Cap Huston purchase New York Yankees for $460,000