1953 in History
January 1 Ernest Blochs "Suite Hebraique," premieres
January 1 WBRE TV channel 28 in Wilkes-Barre Scranton, Pennsylvania (NBC) 1st broadcast
January 2 NBA Baltimore Bullets begin a 32 game road losing streak
January 4 KTSM TV channel 9 in El Paso, Texas (NBC) begins broadcasting
January 5 Passenger ships Willem Ruys and Orange collide in the Red Sea
January 5 Samuel Beckett's "En Attendant Godot," premieres in Paris
January 6 WKBN TV channel 27 in Youngstown, OH (CBS) begins broadcasting
January 7 President Truman announces development of hydrogen bomb
January 8 Indians bar night games with Browns (who refuse to share TV receipts)
January 8 Rene Mayer forms French government
January 9 Bevo Francis, Rio Grande College, scores 116 pts in basketball game
January 9 Korean ferryboat "Chang Tyong-Ho" sank off Pusan killing 249
January 10 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Archibald MacLeish
January 10 "My Darlin' Aida" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 89 performances
January 10 NFL Pro Bowl: National Conference beats American Conference 27-7
January 11 J Edgar Hoover declines 6 figure offer to become president of International Boxing Club
January 12 9 "Jewish" physicians arrested for "terrorist activities" in Moscow
January 13 Gas explosion in Belgium coal mine kills 14
January 13 KOLD TV channel 13 in Tucson, Arizona (CBS) begins broadcasting
January 13 Marshal Josip Tito chosen president of Yugoslavia
January 14 Vaughan William's "Sinfonia Antartica," premieres in Manchester
January 14 WALA TV channel 10 in Mobile, AL (NBC) begins broadcasting
January 14 Yugoslavia elects it's 1st president (Marshal Tito)
January 15 16 car Federal Express train loses brakes and crashes in Washington D.C. station
January 15 GDR Minister of Foreign affairs Georg Dertingen arrested for "espionage"
January 16 27th Australian Womens Tennis: Maureen Connolly beat J Sampson (63 62)
January 16 41st Australian Mens Tennis: Ken Rosewall beats Mervyn Rose (60 63 64)
January 16 Egyptian Premier General Naguib disbands all political parties
January 16 KXLY TV channel 4 in Spokane, WA (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting
January 18 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
January 19 Jesse Owens named Illinois Athletic Commission secretary
January 20 1st live coast-to-coast inauguration address (Eisenhower)
January 20 1st U.S. telecast transmitted to Canada-from Buffalo NY
January 21 John Foster Dulles appointed as Secretary of State
January 22 Arthur Miller's "Crucible," premieres in New York City
January 23 Bobby Simpson makes 1st-class debut for NSW 16 years 357 days
January 23 NFL Dallas Texans become Baltimore Colts (now Indianapolis Colts)
January 23 NFL's National and American conference become Eastern and Western conf
January 25 WABI TV channel 5 in Bangor, ME (CBS) begins broadcasting
January 25 Yuri Sergejev skates world record 500m in 40.9 sec
January 27 Netherlands end Marshall aid
January 28 J. Fred Muggs (the chimp) joins NBC's "Today Show"
January 28 WJTV TV channel 12 in Jackson, MS (CBS) begins broadcasting
January 29 1st movie in Cinemascope (The Robe) premieres
January 31 Hurricane-like winds flood Netherlands drowning 1,835
January 31 New York, Cleveland, and Boston retaliate at Bill Veeck, forcing the Browns to play afternoon games to avoid sharing TV revenues
January 31 "Princess Victoria" capsized off Stanraer Scotland; 133 die
February 1 Dr. A de Waal appointed as Netherlands 1st female Assistant Secretary of State
February 1 Flooding in Netherlands, kills 1,835
February 1 "General Electric Theater" premieres on CBS TV; Reagan later hosts
February 1 WEEK TV channel 25 in Peoria, IL (NBC) begins broadcasting
February 1 "You Are There" with Walter Cronkite premieres on CBS television
February 3 J. Fred Muggs, a chimp, becomes a regular on NBC's Today Show
February 5 5th Emmy Awards: I Love Lucy, Thomas Mitchell and Helen Hayes wins
February 5 "Peter Pan" by Walt Disney opens at Roxy Theater, New York City
February 6 Ian Craig makes Test Cricket debut at 17 years 239 days, youngest Aussie
February 6 U.S. controls on wages and some consumer goods were lifted
February 8 Betty Jameson wins LPGA Serbin Golf Open
February 8 WLVirginia (now WSET) TV channel 13 in Lynchburg-Roanoke, Virginia (ABC) begins
February 9 "Adventures of Superman" TV series premieres in syndication
February 9 General Walter Bedell Smith, USA, ends term as 4th director of CIA Allen W Dulles, becomes acting director of CIA
February 9 WNEP TV channel 16 in Scranton Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (ABC) 1st broadcast
February 10 Ice Dance Championship at Davos won by Westwood and Demmy GRB
February 10 Ice Pairs Championship at Davos won by Jennifer and John Nicks of GRB
February 10 Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Davos won by Tenley Albright USA
February 10 Men's Figure Skating Champion in Davos won by Hayes Alan Jenkins USA
February 11 "Hazel Flagg" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 190 performances
February 11 J. Styne/B. Hilliard's musical "Hazel Flagg," premieres in New York City
February 11 President Eisenhower refuses clemency appeal for Rosenberg couple
February 11 Russia breaks diplomatic relations with Israel
February 12 U.S.S.R. breaks relations with Israel
February 13 A's change name of Shibe Park to Connie Mack Stadium
February 17 Baseball star/pilot Ted Williams uninjured as plane shot down in Korea
February 17 DSB soccer team forms in Eindhoven
February 18 "Bwana Devil," the 1st 3-D movie, opened in New York
February 18 KOLN TV channel 10 in Lincoln, NB (CBS) begins broadcasting
February 18 "Maggie" opens at National Theater New York City for 5 performances
February 18 Premiere of 1st 3-D feature film-"Bwana Devil" (New York City)
February 19 Georgia approves U.S. 1st literature censorship board
February 19 Ted Williams safely crash-lands his damaged Panther jet
February 19 William Inge's "Picnic," premieres in New York City
February 20 August A. Busch buys the Cards for $3.75 million
February 20 U.S. Court of Appeals rules that Organized Baseball is a sport and not a business, affirming the 25-year-old Supreme Court ruling
February 21 Francis Crick and James Watson discover structure of DNA-molecule
February 21 Longest collegiate basketball game (6 OTs) Niagara beats Siena 88-81
February 21 "Maggie" closes at National Theater New York City after 5 performances
February 25 "Wonderful Town" opens at Winter Garden Theater New York City for 559 performances
February 26 Allen W. Dulles, promoted from deputy to 5th director of CIA
February 28 Stalin meets with Beria, Bulganin, Khrushchev and Malenkov
March 1 Babe Didrikson Zaharias wins LPGA Sarasota Golf Open
March 1 KAUZ TV channel 6 in Wichita Falls, Texas (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 1 KTNT (now KSTW) TV channel 11 in Tacoma-Seattle, WA (IND) begins
March 1 WJZ-AM in New York City becomes WABC; WJZ-TV in Baltimore final transmission
March 1 WTAJ TV channel 10 in Altoona, Pennsylvania (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 3 Boston Braves, who own Milwaukee minor league franchise, block St. Louis Browns attempt to shift their franchise to Milwaukee
March 3 Canadian Comet crashes at Karachi, 11 killed
March 6 Malenkov becomes chairman of the U.S.S.R.
March 7 Jackie McGlew scores 255* vs. New Zealand at Wellington
March 8 Census indicates 239,000 farmers gave up farming in last 2 years
March 8 KSWO TV channel 7 in Lawton, OK (ABC) begins broadcasting
March 8 Patty Berg wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
March 8 "Two's Company" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 90 performances
March 8 WFMJ TV channel 21 in Youngstown, OH (NBC) begins broadcasting
March 9 Josef Stalin buried in Moscow
March 11 1st woman army doctor commissioned (FM Adams)
March 11 American B-47 accidentally drops a nuclear bomb on South Carolina, the bomb doesn't go off due to 6 safety catches
March 14 KOLR TV channel 10 in Springfield, MO (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 14 Nikita Khrushchev succeeds Malenkov as secretary Communist Party
March 15 Patty Berg wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
March 15 West Germany loses in soccer to Netherlands, 2-1
March 16 AL rejects Bill Veeck's request to move St. Louis Browns to Baltimore
March 17 Bill Veeck says he will sell his 80% of St. Louis Browns for $2,475M
March 17 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 17 WBAY TV channel 2 in Green Bay, Wisconsin (CBS) begins broadcasting
March 17 WWLP TV channel 22 in Springfield, MA (NBC) begins broadcasting
March 18 15th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Indiana beats Kansas 69-68
March 18 Boston Braves move to Milwaukee
March 18 Earthquake strikes West Turkey, 250 die
March 18 KGNC (now KAMR) TV channel 4 in Amarillo, Texas (NBC) begins broadcasting
March 18 NL approves Boston Braves move to Milwaukee (1st shift since 1903)
March 19 25th Academy Awards - "Greatest Show on Earth," Gary Cooper and Shirley Booth win (1st time televised)
March 19 Tennessee Williams' "Camino Real," premieres in New York City
March 21 NBA record 106 fouls and 12 players foul out (Boston-Syracuse)
March 22 Antonin Zapotocky chosen as president of Czechoslovakia
March 22 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Betsy Rawls Golf Open
March 24 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 26 Dr. Jonas Salk announces vaccine to prevent polio
March 27 21 die in a train crash in Conneaut Ohio
March 28 7th Tony Awards: Crucible and Wonderful Town win
March 28 KCAU TV channel 9 in Sioux City, IA (ABC) begins broadcasting
March 28 "New Faces (of 1952)" closes at Royale Theater New York City after 365 performances
March 28 U.S. Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Tenley Albright
March 28 U.S. Mens Figure Skating championship won by Hayes A Jenkins
March 29 Patty Berg wins LPGA New Orleans Women's Golf Open
March 30 Einstein announces revised unified field theory
March 31 Department of Health, Education and Welfare established
March 31 U.N. Security Council nominates Dag Hammarskjold secretary-general
April 1 J van Bale appointed governor of New Guinea
April 1 KXMC TV channel 13 in Minot, ND (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
April 1 Walcott Worrell and Weekes all make centuries in innings vs. India
April 2 Raab forms his 1st government in Austria
April 4 KFDA TV channel 10 in Amarillo, Texas (CBS) begins broadcasting
April 5 Babe Didrikson Zaharias wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
April 5 WEYI TV channel 25 in Saginaw, MI (CBS) begins broadcasting
April 7 1st west-to-east jet transatlantic nonstop flight
April 7 Dag Hammarskjold of Sweden elected 2nd United Nations general-secretary
April 9 Jomo Kenyatta sentenced to 7 years in Kenya
April 9 "TV Guide" publishes 1st issue
April 10 7th NBA Championship: Minneapolis Lakers beat New York Knicks, 4 games to 1
April 10 "House of Wax," 1st 3-D movie, released (New York City)
April 11 Oveta Culp Hobby becomes 1st at Health, Education, and Welfare
April 12 17th Golf Masters Championship: Ben Hogan wins, shooting a 274
April 12 Keizo Yamada runs fastest marathon to date, at Boston
April 12 KFDX TV channel 3 in Wichita Falls, Texas (NBC) begins broadcasting
April 13 1st game of Milwaukee Braves, they beat Cincinnati Reds 2-0
April 14 Viet-Minh offensive in Laos
April 14 WHYN (now WGGB) TV channel 40 in Springfield-Holyoke, MA (ABC) begins
April 15 Malans National Party wins South African elections
April 15 WHP TV channel 21 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (CBS) begins broadcasting
April 16 British royal yacht Britannia taken out of service
April 16 Jackie Pung wins LPGA Palm Springs Golf Open
April 16 Phillie's Connie Ryan gets 6 hits in a game
April 16 Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat Boston Bruins, 4 games to 1
April 16 WAND TV channel 17 in Decatur, IL (ABC) begins broadcasting
April 17 Mickey Mantle hits a 565' (172 m) home run in Washington D.C.'s Griffith Stadium
April 18 "Pal Joey" closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City after 542 performances
April 19 Louise Suggs wins LPGA San Diego Golf Open
April 19 WAFB TV channel 9 in Baton Rouge, LA (CBS) begins broadcasting
April 20 57th Boston Marathon won by Keizo Yamada of Japan in 2:18:51
April 23 General Charles P Cabell, USAF, becomes deputy director of CIA
April 23 KTAR (now KPNX) TV channel 12 in Phoenix, Arizona (NBC) begins broadcasting
April 23 WCOV TV channel 20 in Montgomery, Alabama (IND/CBS) begins broadcasting
April 24 Winston Churchill knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
April 27 1st general elections in British Guyana, won by Jagans PPP
April 27 Wrestler Freddie Blassie coins term "Pencil neck geek"
April 29 Joe Adcock is 1st to homer into Polo Grounds' center field bleachers
April 30 Little-Bigger League changes its name to Babe Ruth League
May 2 79th Kentucky Derby: Hank Moreno aboard Dark Star wins in 2:02
May 2 Feisal II installed as king of Iraq
May 2 Hussein I installed as king of Jordan
May 3 WTVO TV channel 17 in Rockford, IL (NBC) begins broadcasting
May 4 Pulitzer prize awarded to E Hemingway (Old Man and The Sea)
May 6 Brown's Bobo Holloman 1st major league start, no-hits Philadelphia A's, 6-0
May 7 "Can Can" opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 892 performances
May 7 Record 537-kg swordfish is caught by LE Marron, in Chile
May 8 WIPB TV channel 49 in Muncie, IN (PBS) begins broadcasting
May 10 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Sacramento Golf Open
May 10 KCBD TV channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas (NBC) begins broadcasting
May 11 Tornado kills 114 in Waco Texas and causes $39M damage
May 11 Winston Churchill criticizes John Foster Dulles domino theory
May 12 KUHT TV channel 8 in Houston, Texas (PBS) begins broadcasting
May 15 Heavyweight Rocky Marciano KOs Joe Walcott in Chicago
May 15 Osip Zadkines monument to "The destroyed city" unveiled in Rotterdam
May 15 Rocky Marciano KOs Jersey Joe Walcott in 1 for heavywgt boxing title
May 16 Phillies Curt Simmons gives up a single, then retires next 27 in a row
May 17 Patty Berg wins LPGA Reno Golf Open
May 17 Yankees and Browns use record 41 players in a game
May 18 Jacqueline Cochran is 1st woman to break the sound barrier
May 19 Nuclear explosion in Nevada (fall-out in St. George, Utah)
May 21 French government of Mayer resigns
May 22 President Eisenhower signs Offshore Oil Bill
May 22 Yankee Irv Noren hits into a triple-play, Yankees beat Washington 12-4
May 23 79th Preakness: Eric Guerin aboard Native Dancer wins in 1:57.8
May 23 Schools 1st use Cliff's Notes
May 23 WHIZ TV channel 18 in Zanesville, OH (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
May 24 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Doctor Mellifluus
May 25 1st atomic cannon electronically fired, Frenchman Flat, Nevada
May 25 1st non-commercial educational television station, Houston, Texas
May 25 Braves Max Surkont strikes out record 8 Reds in a row
May 26 Dutch Convair crashes at Schipholweg, 2 die
May 27 Dutch social democratic/Dutch Liberal Party win municipal elections
May 28 Premier of 1st animated 3-D cartoon in Technicolor-"Melody"
May 29 Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norkay are 1st to reach summit of Everest
May 30 1st major league network baseball game-Cleveland 7, Chicago 2
May 30 23rd French Mens Tennis: Ken Rosewall beats V Seixas (63 64 16 62)
May 30 23rd French Womens Tennis: Maureen Connolly beats Doris Hart (62 64)
May 31 Lebanese president Camille Shamun disbands government
May 31 WSUN TV channel 38 in St. Petersburg-Tampa, Florida (IND) 1st broadcast
June 1 KMJ (now KSEE) TV channel 24 in Fresno, California (NBC) begins broadcasting
June 1 WDAY TV channel 6 in Fargo, ND (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
June 2 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey
June 3 Alexander Cartwright founded baseball and not Abner Doubleday
June 3 Congress cites research of New York City librarian Robert Henderson in proving
June 3 KVOS TV channel 12 in Bellingham/Vancouver, WA (CBS) begins
June 4 Pittsburgh trades outfielder Ralph Kiner and Joe Garagiola to Chicago
June 5 Denmark adopts a new constitution
June 5 U.S. Senate rejects China membership to U.N.
June 7 1st color network telecast in compatible color, Boston, Massachusetts
June 7 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Eastern Golf Open
June 7 Mary Terrell wins struggle to end segregation in Washington D.C. restaurants
June 7 WDAU (now WYOU) TV chan 22 in Scranton Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (CBS) begins
June 8 Cluster of 6 tornadoes touch down in Flint Michigan killing 113
June 8 Segregated lunch counters in DC forbidden by Supreme Court
June 8 Tornadoes kill 110 in Michigan and Ohio
June 9 "Milton Berle Show/Texaco Star Theater," last airs on NBC-TV
June 9 South African premier Malan visits Netherlands
June 9 Worcester County tornado, 94 killed, 1310 injured, 10,000 homeless
June 11 "Amos 'n Andy," TV Comedy, also radio from '29; last aired on CBS
June 11 Test Cricket debut of Alan Davidson at Trent Bridge
June 13 53rd U.S. Golf Open: Ben Hogan shoots a 283 at Oakmont CC in Oakmont PA
June 13 85th Belmont: Eric Guerin aboard Native Dancer wins in 2:28.6
June 13 Alec Bedser takes 14-99 (7-55 and 7-44) vs. Australia
June 13 Jim Peters runs world record marathon (2:18:40.2)
June 13 KOAA TV channel 5 in Pueblo-Colorado Spgs, CO (NBC) 1st broadcast
June 14 Eisenhower condemns McCarthy's book burning proposal
June 14 Elvis Presley graduates from LC Humes High School in Memphis, Tennessee
June 14 Military coup by general Gustavo Rojas Pinilla in Colombia
June 14 Yankees sweep Indians 6-2, 3-0 before 74,708 win streak at 18 straight
June 15 Browns end Yankees win streak at 18 and Browns 14-game losing streak
June 15 Johnny Mize is 93rd player to get 2,000 hits
June 15 New York City Transit Authority forms
June 15 WLFI TV channel 18 in Lafayette, IN (CBS) begins broadcasting
June 16 Despite Johnny Mize 2,000th hit, Yankees lose ending 18 game win streak and also ending St. Louis Brown 14 game losing streak
June 17 Riots in East Germany for reunification
June 17 Supreme Court Justice Wm O Douglas stays executions of spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg scheduled for next day their 14th anniversary
June 18 Egypt proclaimed a republic, General Neguib becomes president
June 18 Eugene Stephens is 1st to get 3 hits and Red Sox score 17 runs in 1 Inning (7th) Red Sox beat Detroit 23-3
June 18 USAF C124 Globemaster crashes near Tokyo killing 129 servicemen
June 19 Albert W. Dent, elected president of National Health Council
June 19 WCSouth Carolina TV channel 5 in Charleston, South Carolina (CBS) begins broadcasting
June 19 WTPennsylvania (now WHTM) TV channel 27 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (ABC) 1st broadcast
June 20 Louise Suggs wins LPGA Western Golf Open
June 23 Patty Berg wins LPGA All-American Women Golf Tournament
June 24 KSWS (now KOBR) TV channel 8 in Roswell, New Mexico (NBC) begins broadcasting
June 25 1st passenger to fly commercially around the world < 100 hours
June 25 86 degrees F in Anchorage Alaska
June 26 KCTV (now KLST) TV channel 8 in San Angelo, Texas (CBS) 1st broadcast
June 26 Russian vice-premier/interior minister Beria arrested
June 27 Joseph Laniel appointed French premier
June 28 8th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Betsy Rawls
June 29 XETV TV channel 6 in Tijuana-San Diego, California (IND) begins broadcasting
June 30 1st Corvette manufactured
July 1 KLAS TV channel 8 in Las Vegas, NV (CBS) begins broadcasting
July 1 KTVH (now KWCH) TV channel 12 in Hutchinson-Wichita, KS (CBS) begins
July 3 67th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Vic Seixas beats Kurt Nielsen (97 63 64)
July 4 60th Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Maureen Connolly beats D Hart (86 75)
July 4 Imre Nagy succeeds Matyas Rakosi as premier of Hungary
July 5 Jackie Pung wins LPGA Triangle Round Robin Golf Tournament
July 5 WANorth Carolina TV channel 21 in Asheville, North Carolina (IND) begins broadcasting
July 7 35th PGA Championship: Walter Burkemo at Birmingham CC Michigan
July 8 U.S. stops aid to Persia
July 9 1st helicopter passenger service, New York City
July 9 Phillies Robin Roberts ends streak of 28 consecutive complete games
July 10 82nd British Golf Open: Ben Hogan shoots a 282 at Carnoustie Dai Rees
July 10 Pravda reports arrest of Beria [affiliate of imperialist]
July 12 KTVB TV channel 7 in Boise, Idaho (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
July 14 20th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 5-1 at Crosley Field, Cincinnati
July 14 Communist offensive in Korea
July 16 KROC (now KTTC) TV channel 10 in Rochester, MN (NBC) 1st broadcast
July 19 KIMA TV channel 29 in Yakima, WA (CBS) begins broadcasting
July 19 WAKR (now WAKC) TV channel 23 in Akron, OH (ABC) begins broadcasting
July 20 U.S.S.R./Israel recover diplomatic relations
July 24 KEYT TV channel 3 in Santa Barbara, California (ABC) begins broadcasting
July 25 New York City transit fare rises from 10 cents to 15 cents, 1st use of subway tokens
July 26 Fidel Castro begins rebellion, the "26th of July Movement," against Fulgenico Batista's regime
July 27 1st insulin isolated by F Banting and C Best in Toronto
July 27 Dizzy Dean, Al Simmons Chief Bender, Bobby Wallace, Harry Wright, Ed Barrow, and Bill Klem and Tom Connolly are inducted into Hall of Fame
July 27 North Korea and United Nations sign armistice
July 27 Vatican disallows priest holiday work in factory
July 29 U.S. bombers shot down at north of Wladiwostok
July 31 Department of Health, Education and Welfare created
August 1 California introduces sales tax, for education
August 1 Fidel Castro arrested in Cuba
August 1 KMBC TV channel 9 in Kansas City, Missouri (MET/ABC) begins broadcasting
August 1 KOBI TV channel 5 in Medford, OR (NBC) begins broadcasting
August 1 Northern Rhodesia becomes part of Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
August 1 Red Sox Ben Flowers sets then record of 8 consecutive games in relief
August 2 Betty Jack Davis, singer (w/Skeeter Davis), killed in car crash
August 2 KCPQ TV channel 13 in Tacoma-Seattle, WA (IND) begins broadcasting
August 3 Frank Blair becomes news anchor of Today Show
August 4 Black families move into Trumbull Park housing project in Chicago
August 4 Vic Raschi sets pitcher record by driving in 7 runs and wins 15-0
August 5 Operation "Big Switch" Korean War prisoner exchanged at Panmunjom
August 6 Ted Williams returns to Red Sox from the military
August 7 Eastern Airlines enters jet age, uses Electra prop-jet
August 8 Russia's Georgi Malenkov reports possession of hydrogen bomb
August 8 U.S. and South Korea initial a mutual security pact
August 9 Premier Mohammed Abdullah of Kashmir, fired
August 12 Ann Davidson, 1st woman to sail solo across Atlantic, arrives Miami
August 12 Heavy earthquake strikes Isotope islands, 435 killed
August 12 Soviet Union conducts secret test of its 1st hydrogen bomb
August 13 4-5 million French go on strike against economizations
August 13 President Eisenhower establishes Government Contract Compliance Committee
August 13 U.S. General Omar Bradley's becomes chief of staff
August 14 20th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Detroit 24, All-Stars 10 (93,818)
August 14 KXLF TV channel 4 in Butte, Montana (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
August 16 KTAL TV channel 6 in Shreveport-Texarkana, LA (NBC) begins
August 16 Shah of Persia and princess Soraya flee to Baghdad and Rome
August 19 England regained cricket Ashes after winning series 1-0
August 20 General Fazlollah Zahedi arrests premier Mossadeq of Persia
August 20 Russia publicly acknowledges hydrogen bomb test detonation
August 21 Baseball player reps Ralph Kiner (NL) and Allie Reynolds (AL) hire John Norman Lewis at $15,000 to give legal advice to players in negotiation
August 21 Marion Carl in Douglas Skyrocket reaches record 25,370 m
August 21 Sultan Sidi Mohammed Am Joessoef V of Morocco deposed
August 22 France closes jail on Devil Island
August 22 John Norman Lewis contends players have no desire to form a union
August 22 Shah of Persia returns to Teheran
August 23 Braves Phil Paine is 1st former major leaguer to play in Japan
August 23 Cyclist Arie Van Vliet becomes world champion sprinter
August 23 Dutch DC-6 crashes near Ymuiden in North Sea, 21 die
August 23 KBAK TV channel 29 in Bakersfield, California (ABC) begins broadcasting
August 23 Phil Grate sets record for throwing a baseball (443'3 ")
August 23 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test
August 28 "Me and Juliet" opens at Majestic Theater New York City for 358 performances
August 29 KHSL TV channel 12 in Chico, California (CBS) begins broadcasting
August 29 U.S.S.R. explodes its 1st hydrogen bomb
August 30 Future New York City mayor David Dinkins marries Joyce Burrows in New York City
August 31 KRBC TV channel 9 in Abilene, Texas (NBC) begins broadcasting
August 31 WKBG (now WLVI) TV channel 56 in Cambridge-Boston, MA (IND) begins
September 1 101 degrees F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in Sept
September 1 Fokker begins building F-27 Fokker Friendship
September 1 WNOK (now WLTX) TV channel 19 in Columbia, South Carolina (CBS) 1st broadcast
September 1 WTCN (now KARE) TV channel 11 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN (MET) begins
September 3 French minister Francois Mitterrand, resigns due to colonial policy
September 4 WATR (now WTXX) TV channel 20 in Waterbury, CT (NBC) begins
September 4 WGEM TV channel 10 in Quincy-Hannibal, IL (NBC) begins broadcasting
September 4 Yankees become 1st team to win 5 consecutive championship
September 5 1st privately operated atomic reactor, Raleigh NC
September 5 U.S. give Persian premier Zahedi $45 million aid
September 6 Adenauers CDU wins elections in West Germany
September 6 Roy Campanella sets record for home runs by a catcher at 38
September 7 67th U.S. Womens Tennis: Maureen Connolly beats Doris Hart (62 64)
September 7 73rd U.S. Mens Tennis: Tony Trabert beats Elias V Seixas, Jr. (63 62 63)
September 7 Nikita Khrushchev becomes 1st Secretary of U.S.S.R. Communist Party
September 7 Roy Campanella sets catcher record of 125 (en route to 142) RBIs
September 8 "Carnival in Flanders" opens at New Century Theater New York for 6 performances
September 8 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Fulgeno corona
September 9 KGTV TV channel 10 in San Diego, California (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
September 9 WFIE TV channel 14 in Evansville, IN (NBC) begins broadcasting
September 10 Swanson sells it's 1st "TV dinner"
September 11 KSBW TV channel 8 in Salinas-Monterey, California (NBC) begins broadcasting
September 11 WEHT TV channel 25 in Evansville, IN (CBS) begins broadcasting
September 12 Brooklyn Dodgers, clinch NL pennant earlier than any other team
September 12 "Carnival in Flanders" closes at New Century Theater New York City after 6 performances
September 12 Senator John F. Kennedy, 36, marries Jacqueline Bouvier, 24
September 13 Pitcher Bob Trice is 1st black to play on Philadelphia A's
September 14 Comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara marry
September 14 Yankees clinch 5th straight pennant with 8-5 win over Indians
September 15 Boxing's NBA adopts 10-pt-must-scoring-system (10 pts to round winner)
September 15 KVOA TV channel 4 in Tucson, Arizona (NBC) begins broadcasting
September 15 WVEC TV channel 13 in Hampton-Norfolk, Virginia (ABC) begins broadcasting
September 16 AL approves St. Louis Browns move to become Baltimore Orioles
September 17 1st successful separation of Siamese twins
September 17 Ernie Banks becomes Chicago Cubs 1st black player
September 19 "Hazel Flagg" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 190 performances
September 20 Cubs Ernie Banks hits his 1st major league home run
September 21 Allied forces form West Germany
September 21 KRDO TV channel 13 in Colorado Spgs-Pueblo, CO (ABC) 1st broadcast
September 22 Islamic uprising in Atjeh at Indonesia
September 23 KHQA TV channel 7 in Hannibal-Quincy, MO (CBS) begins broadcasting
September 24 Rocky Marciano TKOs Roland LaStarza in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
September 24 "Take a Giant Step," opens on Broadway
September 26 Billy Hunter is last St. Louis Browns player to homer in a game
September 26 KERO TV channel 23 in Bakersfield, California (CBS/NBC) begins broadcasting
September 26 Polish government fires/imprisons Cardinal Wyszynski
September 26 U.S. and Spain sign defense treaty (4 U.S. bases in Spain)
September 27 Bert Bechichar, Baltimore Colts, kicks a 56-yard field goal
September 27 KCMO (now KCTV) TV channel 5 in Kansas City, Missouri (CBS) begins
September 27 KNOE TV channel 8 in Monroe-West Monroe, LA (CBS) begins broadcasting
September 27 KOLO TV channel 8 in Reno, NV (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting
September 27 KQTV TV channel 2 in Saint Joseph, MO (ABC) begins broadcasting
September 27 St. Louis Browns play last game in Sportsman's Park, losing 100th game
September 27 Typhoon destroys 1/3 of Nagoya Japan
September 27 WHBQ TV channel 13 in Memphis, Tennessee (ABC) begins broadcasting
September 27 WMAZ TV channel 13 in Macon, Georgia (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
September 27 WTOK TV channel 11 in Meridian, MS (ABC/CBS) begins broadcasting
September 28 "Bob and Ray Show," TV Variety; last air on NBC
September 28 Dutch government proclaims 5% general pay increase on Jan 1, 1954
September 28 "Juvenile Jury," TV Childrens, last airs on NBC, moved to CBS
September 28 KOAT TV channel 7 in Albuquerque, New Mexico (ABC/PBS) begins broadcasting
September 28 "Racket Squad," TV Crime Drama, last airs on CBS
September 29 1st department store to sell insurance is Carson Pirie Scott in Chicago, Illinois
September 29 Baltimore Mayor D'Alesandro buys Veeck's interest in Browns for $2,475,000
September 29 "Buick-Berle Show," debuts on NBC-TV
September 29 "Make Room for Daddy," starring Danny Thomas, premieres on ABC-TV
September 29 Milton Berle Show premieres
September 29 U.S. government gives France $385 million for combat in Indo-China
September 30 Auguste/Jacques Piccard dives with bathosphere to 3150 m (record)
September 30 Earl Warren appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
September 30 Robert Anderson's "Tea and Sympathy," premieres in New York City
September 30 WICS TV channel 20 in Springfield, IL (NBC) begins broadcasting
September 30 WMT (now KGAN) TV channel 2 in Cedar Rapids-Waterloo, IA (CBS) begins
October 1 Indian state of Andhra Pradesh partitioned from Madras
October 1 KJEO TV channel 47 in Fresno, California (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
October 1 KYTV TV channel 3 in Springfield, MO (NBC) begins broadcasting
October 1 WATE TV channel 6 in Knoxville, Tennessee (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
October 1 WREX TV channel 13 in Rockford, IL (ABC) begins broadcasting
October 2 "Comedy in Music (Victor Borge)" opens at John Golden New York City for 849 perf
October 2 Dodger Carl Erskine strikes out 14 Yankees in World Series
October 3 10th Ryder Cup: U.S. wins 6 -5 at Wentworth, England
October 3 7th NHL All-Star Game: All-Stars beat Montreal 3-1 at Montreal
October 3 KGGM TV channel 13 in Albuquerque, New Mexico (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 4 Jim Peters runs world record marathon (2:17:39.4)
October 4 Mickey Mantle hits a grand slam in World Series
October 5 50th World Series sees New York Yankees beat Dodgers, 4 games to 2, as New York Billy Martin's 12 hits set record; Yankees win record 5th consec WS
October 5 Earl Warren sworn in as 14th chief justice of U.S.
October 6 WTVM TV channel 9 in Columbus, Georgia (ABC) begins broadcasting
October 7 Bill Veeck tells Browns stockholders he faces bankruptcy unless they drop their suit to block his move to Baltimore, they comply
October 8 Birmingham Alabama, bars Jackie Robinson's Negro-White All-Stars from playing there Robinson gives in and drops white players from his group
October 8 WTAP TV channel 15 in Parkersburg-Marietta, WV (NBC) begins
October 9 British premier Winston Churchill aproves Guyanese Constitution
October 9 Conrad Adenauer elected West German chancellor
October 12 U.S. and Greece signs peace treaty (U.S. bases)
October 13 Burglar alarm-ultrasonic or radio waves-patented-Samuel Bagno
October 14 1st 3 Dutch female police officers go into service
October 14 Belgian Convair crashes at Frankfurt, 44 die
October 14 Charley Dressen resigns rather than take 1 year contract as Dodger mgr
October 14 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Emu Field Australia
October 14 Ike promises to fire as Red any federal worker taking 5th amendment
October 14 WTEN TV channel 10 in Albany, New York (ABC) begins broadcasting
October 15 John Patrick's "Teahouse of the Red Moon," premieres in New York City
October 15 KOIN TV channel 6 in Portland, OR (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 15 WJNL (now WFAT) TV channel 19 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania (IND) begins
October 18 Willie Thrower becomes 1st black NFL quarterback in modern times
October 18 WLJT TV channel 11 in Lexington, Tennessee (PBS) begins broadcasting
October 18 WTVK TV channel 26 in Knoxville, Tennessee (NBC) begins broadcasting
October 19 1st jet transcontinental nonstop scheduled service
October 19 Singer Julius LaRosa is fired on TV by Arthur Godfrey
October 20 WRAU (now WHOI) TV channel 19 in Peoria, IL (ABC) begins broadcasting
October 22 Laos gains full independence from France
October 23 France grants Laos' sovereignty
October 23 West Germany applies to NATO
October 23 WTRF TV channel 7 in Wheeling-Steubenville, WV (CBS) 1st broadcast
October 24 KOOL (now KTSP) TV channel 10 in Phoenix, Arizona (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 25 Cleveland Browns' quarterback Otto Graham sets club record with 4 fumbles
October 25 Coal mine in Seraing Belgium explodes, 26 die
October 25 Dmitri Sjostakovitch completes his 10th Symphony
October 25 KIEM TV channel 3 in Eureka, California (NBC/CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
October 26 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Emu Field Australia
October 28 Bud Grant of Winnipeg Blue Bombers intercepts 5 passes (record)
October 28 Red Barber, resigns as Dodger sportscaster to join Yankees
October 29 A Baltimore group purchases St. Louis Browns
October 30 Dr. Albert Schweitzer and General George C Marshall win Nobel Peace Prize
October 31 TV broadcasting begins in Belgium
November 1 Emile Zatopek runs world record 10K (29:01.6) and 6 mile (28:08.4)
November 1 KCEN TV channel 6 in Temple-Waco, Texas (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
November 1 KMGH TV channel 7 in Denver, CO (CBS) begins broadcasting
November 1 WHEC TV channel 10 in Rochester, New York (CBS) begins broadcasting
November 2 Pakistan becomes islamic republic
November 3 1939 sacrifice fly rule restored: no time at bat for sac fly
November 3 1st live color coast-to-coast telecast (New York City)
November 4 Eddie Joost succeeds Jimmy Dykes as the manager of Philadelphia A's
November 4 New balk rule gives the batter option; of accepting the outcome of the pitch or the balk
November 5 Nobel prize for physics awarded/appended on Frederik Zernicke
November 5 Paul Searls saws a 32" log in 86.4 seconds
November 5 Terence Rattigans' "Sleeping Prince," premieres in London
November 6 French National Meeting grants Saarland more autonomy
November 6 Jimmy Dykes succeeds Marty Marion as manager of Baltimore Orioles
November 6 Masao Oki's symphony "Atomic Bomb," premieres
November 7 WIS TV channel 10 in Columbia, South Carolina (NBC) begins broadcasting
November 8 Salazars party wins all parliament seats in Portugal
November 9 Cambodia (now Kampuchea) gains independence within French Union
November 9 KTVQ TV channel 2 in Billings, Montana (CBS/NBC) begins broadcasting
November 9 Supreme Court rules Major League baseball exempt from anti-trust laws
November 10 Giants end their tour of Japan (players got $331 of $3,000 promised)
November 11 Jimmy Dykes succeeds Marty Marion as Baltimore Orioles manager
November 12 David Ben-Gurion, resigns as premier of Israel
November 12 U.S. district Judge Grim, rules NFL can black out TV home games
November 13 Dmitri Shostakovich' 4th String Quartet, premieres
November 14 WCIA TV channel 3 in Champaign, IL (CBS) begins broadcasting
November 15 WIBW TV channel 13 in Topeka, KS (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
November 15 WRBL TV channel 3 in Columbus, Georgia (CBS) begins broadcasting
November 17 St. Louis Browns officially become the Baltimore Baseball Club Inc
November 18 Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) accept female suffrage
November 19 U.S. Supreme Court rules (7-2) baseball is a sport not a business
November 19 U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon visits Hanoi
November 20 Scott Crossfield in Douglas Skyrocket, 1st to break Mach 2 (1,300 MPH)
November 21 "Pitdown Man," discovered in 1912 proved to be a hoax
November 21 WKJG TV channel 33 in Ft. Wayne, IN (NBC) begins broadcasting
November 23 KVFD (now KTIN) TV channel 21 in Ft. Dodge, IA (NBC) 1st broadcast
November 23 WJBF TV channel 6 in Augusta, Georgia (ABC) begins broadcasting
November 24 Dodgers sign Walter Alston to a 1-year pact as manager for 1954
November 25 Earthquake/tsnunami strike Honshu Japan
November 25 "Guys and Dolls" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 1200 performances
November 25 Hungary beats England in soccer match, 6-3
November 26 KBOI (now KBCI) TV channel 2 in Boise, Idaho (CBS) begins broadcasting
November 26 WJHL TV channel 11 in Johnson City, Tennessee (CBS) begins broadcasting
November 26 Yamada Koun, leader of Sanbo Kyodan line of Zen, found 1st awakening
November 27 Indians 3rd baseman Al Rosen is unanimously named AL's MVP
November 28 41st CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeats Winn Blue Bombers, 12-6
November 28 "Wish You Were Here" closes at Imperial Theater New York City after 597 performances
November 29 American Airlines begins 1st regular coml NY-LA air service
November 29 WSIX TV channel 8 in Nashville, Tennessee (ABC) begins broadcasting
November 30 French parachutist under Col De Castries attacks Dien Bien Phu
December 1 Red Sox trade M McDermott and Tom Umphlett for Wash's Jackie Jensen
December 1 WAIM (now WAXA) TV channel 40 in Anderson, South Carolina (IND) 1st broadcast
December 1 Walter Alston named Dodger manager
December 1 WCSH TV channel 6 in Portland, ME (NBC) begins broadcasting
December 3 Eisenhower criticizes McCarthy for saying communists are in Rep party
December 3 "Kismet" opens at Ziegfeld Theater New York City for 583 performances
December 3 Premier of Dmitri Shostakovich' 5th String Quartet
December 6 Brown's Lou "Toe" Groza kicks 8 PATs, beating Giants 62-14
December 7 Israel's Prime Minister Ben-Gurion retires
December 7 WCCB TV channel 18 in Charlotte, North Carolina (IND/ABC) begins broadcasting
December 8 19th Heisman Trophy Award: John Lattner, Notre Dame (HB)
December 9 General Electric announces all Communist employees will be fired
December 9 Mont Canadiens (106) and Toronto Maple Leafs (98) get 204 penalty minutes
December 10 "John Murray Anderson's Almanac" opens at Imperial New York City for 229 performances
December 10 KOMO TV channel 4 in Seattle, WA (ABC) begins broadcasting
December 10 WSTV (now WTOV) TV channel 9 in Steubenville-Wheeling, OH (CBS) begins
December 11 KTVA TV channel 11 in Anchorage (CBS) becomes Alaska's 1st TV station
December 12 Chuck Yeager reaches Mach 2.43 in Bell X-1A rocket plane
December 13 KOAM TV channel 7 in Pittsburg-Joplin, KS (CBS) begins broadcasting
December 14 Brooklyn Dodgers sign pitcher Sandy Koufax
December 15 WJHG TV channel 7 in Panama City, Florida (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
December 16 1st White House Press Conference (President Eisenhower and 161 reporters)
December 16 Charles E Yeager fly > 2,575 kph in Bell X-1A
December 17 Dmitri Shostakovich' 10th Symphony, premieres in Leningrad
December 17 FCC approves RCA's black and white - compatible color TV specifications
December 18 KATV TV channel 7 in Little Rock, AR (ABC) begins broadcasting
December 18 KMID TV channel 2 in Midland and Odessa, Texas (ABC) begins broadcasting
December 19 KFYR TV channel 5 in Bismarck, ND (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
December 20 KID (now KIDK) TV channel 3 in Idaho Falls, Idaho (CBS) 1st broadcasting
December 20 KWTV TV channel 9 in Oklahoma City, OK (CBS) begins broadcasting
December 21 KOMU TV channel 8 in Columbia, MO (NBC/PBS) begins broadcasting
December 22 Jack Dunn III, owner of Baltimore Orioles in International League, turns name over to newly relocated St. Louis Browns
December 23 Dodgers 2nd baseman Jim "Junior" Gilliam wins NL Rookie of Year
December 24 2 fast express trains crash head-on killing 103 (Czechoslovakia)
December 24 KHOL (now KHGI) TV channel 13 in Kearney, NB (ABC) begins broadcasting
December 24 KOA (now KCNC) TV channel 4 in Denver, CO (NBC) begins broadcasting
December 24 Rene Coty elected President of France
December 24 Wellington-Auckland (New Zealand) express train swept away in flood kills 166
December 25 Avalanche of lava kills 150 (Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand)
December 27 Detroit Lions beat Cleveland Browns 17-16 in NFL championship game
December 28 WLBT TV channel 3 in Jackson, MS (NBC) begins broadcasting
December 31 Hulan Jack sworn in as Manhattan Borough president
December 31 WFBC (now WYFF) TV channel 4 in G'ville-Spartanburg, South Carolina (NBC) begins
December 31 Willie Shoemaker shatters record, riding 485 winners in a year