Carlos Events in History

2014 Event - Taxi service company Uber expands its presence in Latin America by partnering with Carlos Slim's cell phone company America Movil to place the Uber app on mobil phones throughout Mexico

2014 Event - After nearly 40 years on the throne, King Juan Carlos of Spain is abdicating and installing his son Felipe; unfavorable opinion, health issues and investigation of daughter Cristina in a public funds theft scandal have taken their toll on the king

2014 Event - Bill Gates is named the world's richest person in the 'Forbes' annual ranking, with a total net worth of $76 billion; he outranked last year's wealthiest person, Carlos Slim, by $4 billion

2013 Event - With a personal fortune of $73 billion dollars, Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, tops the list of the 'Forbes' list of wealthiest people

2013 Event - A rare television interview appearance is made by Juan Carlos I, the King of Spain; the interview coincides with celebrations of his 75th birthday

2011 Event - Florida's Miami-Dade County Mayor, Carlos Alvarez, and County commissioner Natacha Seijas are ousted in recall elections

2004 Death - Carlos Kleiber, conductor, dies at 74

1998 Death - Carlos Castenada, Peruvian Writer

1997 Event - Carlos the Jackal, "professional revolutionary" goes on trial in Paris

1997 Event - 48th time opposing pitchers hit home runs, Carlos Perez (Mon)/Darren Holmes

1997 Event - 85th Australian Mens Tennis: Pete Sampras beats Carlos Moya (62 63 63)

1995 Death - Juan Carlos Ongania, President of Argentina (1966-70), dies

1995 Death - Carlos Menem, Jr., son of Argentine president, dies at 26

1995 Death - Carlos Monzon, El Macho, Argentina MW boxing champ (1970-77), dies at 52

1994 Death - Antonio Carlos Jobim, Brazil composer (Girl From Ipanema), dies at 67

1994 Death - Carlos Lleras Restrepo, president of Colombia (1966-70), dies at 86

1994 Event - Terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, captured in Khartoum, Sudan

1994 Death - Juan Carlos Onetti, Uruguayan writer (La vida breve), dies at 85

1994 Event - Carlos Reina succeeds President Callejas in Honduras

1993 Event - Carlos Reina wins Honduras presidential election

1993 Event - Venezuela president Carlos Perez flees

1993 Death - Boris Christoff, Bulgaria/Italian bass (Don Carlos), dies at 79

1993 Event - Indians' Carlos Baerga hits 3 home runs against Detroit

1993 Event - Long fly ball by Indians' Carlos Martinez bounces off Jose Canseco's head and goes over fence for a home run

1993 Event - Venezuela president Carlos Andres Perez fired

1993 Event - Indians' Carlos Baerga is 1st to switch hit home runs in same inn (vs Yankees)

1993 Death - Juan of Borbon y Battemberg, father of king Juan Carlos I, dies

1993 Death - Carlos Gimenez, director (Theater Festival of Caracas), dies at 47

1993 Death - Carlos Montoya, flamenco guitarist, dies at 89

1992 Death - Adelino Da Palma Carlos, Prime Minister of Portugal 1974, dies

1992 Event - Carlos Martinez hits a ball off Jose Canseco's head for a home run

1992 Death - Carlos Herrera, drink inventor (Margarita), dies at 90

1991 Event - Carlos Huerta's NCAA record streak of successful points after a touchdown ends at 157

1991 Event - Carlos Santana pleads no contest to marijuana possession charge

1991 Event - Red Sox Carlos Quintana is 11th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (3rd)

1991 Death - Carlos Montalban, actor (Bananas), dies at 85

1990 Death - Carlos Thompson, actor (Mistress of the World), dies at 67

1990 Death - Carlos Pizarro Leongomez, Colombian President candidate, assassinated

1989 Death - Luis Carlos Galan, Colombian presidential candidate, murdered

1989 Event - Carlos Saul Menum becomes President of Argentina

1988 Event - Carlos Andres Perez re-elected president of Venezuela

1988 Event - Carlos Salinas de Gortari elected president of Mexico

1988 Event - Carlos Lehder Rivas, of Colombia's Medellin drug cartel, is convicted in Florida for smuggling more than 3 tons of cocaine into US

1985 Death - Carlos P. Romulo, Filipino Politician

1985 Event - Carlos Lopes runs world record marathon (2:07:12)

1982 Event - Carlos Lopes runs Europe record 10k (27:34.39)

1979 Event - Military coup in El Salvador: president/general Carlos Romero flees

1978 Event - King Juan Carlos ratifies Spain's 1st democratic constitution

1978 Death - Carlos Chavez y Ramires, Mexican composer, dies at 79

1976 Birthday - Carlos Moya, born in Geneva, Spain, professional tennis player, ranked 1st in the World for singles, won over 500 ATP-level matches, won French Open singles, 1998

1976 Birthday - Adrian Carlos Olivares, Mexico City, singer, Menudo-Cannonball

1975 Event - Juan Carlos proclaimed king of Spain

1975 Event - Juan Carlos assumes power in Spain

1974 Death - Carlos Isamitt, composer, dies at 87

1974 Birthday - Carlos Fortes, soccer player, Sparta

1972 Death - Juan Carlos Paz, composer, dies at 71

1972 Death - Carlos Wesley "Don" Byas, U.S. jazz saxophonist, dies at 59

1972 Birthday - Carlos Delgado, born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, infielder for the Toronto Blue Jays

1971 Event - Franco points prince Juan Carlos as deputy in Spain

1971 Birthday - Carlos Brooks, NFL cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals

1971 Birthday - Carlos Rogers, NBA forward and center for the Toronto Raptors

1971 Birthday - Carlos Perez, Dominican/US baseball pitcher for the Montreal Expos

1970 Birthday - Carlos Etheredge, WLAF tight end for the Amsterdam Admirals

1970 Birthday - Carlos Yancy, NFL cornerback for the New England Patriots

1970 Death - Carlos Estrada, composer, dies at 60

1970 Birthday - Carlos Javier Bernardo, Dutch prince

1969 Death - Carlos Marighela, Brazilian guerilla, dies in battle

1969 Birthday - Carlos Reyes, born in Miami, Florida, pitcher for the Oakland A's

1969 Birthday - Carlos Reyes, born in Miami, Florida, pitcher for the Oakland A's

1968 Birthday - Carlos Hasselbaink, Dutch soccer player, VVV/FC Utrecht/Haarlem

1968 Birthday - Carlos Baerga, Puerto Rico, infielder, Cleveland Indians

1968 Event - U.S. Olympic Committee suspends Tommie Smith and John Carlos for giving "black power" salute as a protest during victory ceremony

1968 Event - During Olympics Tommie Smith and John Carlos give black power salute

1968 Birthday - Carlos Costa, born in Spain, tennis star

1967 Birthday - Carlos Garcia, Venezuela, infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates

1967 Birthday - Carlos Briceno, born in Fountain Valley, California, beach volleyball, Bronze Medal 1992 Olympics

1967 Birthday - Carlos van Wanrooy, soccer player, NEC

1964 Birthday - Carlos Aalbers, Dutch soccer player, NEC

1963 Death - William Carlos Williams, U.S. physician/poet, dies at 79

1962 Death - Carlos Lavin, composer, dies at 79

1962 Event - Princess Sophia of Greece weds Don Juan Carlos of Spain

1961 Birthday - Carlos Espinosa, Mexico, Canadian Tour golfer, 1995 Philippine Open

1961 Death - Carlos Leon Salzedo, composer, dies at 76

1959 Death - Gerard Philipe, French actor (El Cid, Don Carlos), dies at 36

1959 Birthday - Carlos I Noriega, Lima Peru, astronaut, STS-84, sk 97

1958 Birthday - Carlos Carson, born in Lake Worth, Florida, football player, wide receiver, played in ten National Football League seasons, from 1980 to 1989, all time Pro Bowl NFL player

1958 Birthday - Carlos Cavazo, rocker, Quiet Riot-We're Not Gonna Take It

1957 Death - Carlos Castillo Armas, president of Guatemala, murdered

1954 Birthday - Joao Carlos De Oliveira, Brazil, triple jumper, Olympic-bronze-1976, 80

1953 Birthday - Carlos Mesa, Bolivian Statesman

1952 Event - General Carlos Ibanez elected president of Chile

1952 Birthday - Boris Blank, born in Switzerland, composer, musician, member of Yello, responsible for unique sound, influenced by Yello members Carlos Peron, Deiter Meier

1951 Birthday - Jorge Santana, born in Autlan, Jalisco, Mexico, musician, member of band Malo, recorded with Malo members to produce solo albums Jorge Santana, It's All About Love, plays green Frender Stratocaster guitar, recorded Santana Brothers album with brother, Carlos Santana, 1994

1951 Birthday - Ben E. Carlos, rock drummer, Cheap Trick-Dream Police

1951 Birthday - Bun E. Carlos, born in Rockford, Illinois, born Brad Carlson, rocker, drummer, played with American rock band Cheap Trick

1948 Death - Carlos Lopez Buchardo, composer, dies at 66

1947 Birthday - Carlos Santana, born in Mexico, rock guitarist, Santana-Black Magic Woman

1947 Birthday - Carlos Ward, rocker, B T Express

1947 Birthday - Carlos A. Lopes, Portugal, marathon runner 1984 Olympics gold

1946 Birthday - Carlos Salinas de Gortari, president, Mexico, 1988 - 1994

1945 Birthday - Matti Salminen, born in Turku, Finland, bass player, King Philipp-Don Carlos

1945 Birthday - John Carlos, track star, Olympic bronze 1968, ; gave black power salute

1945 Birthday - Carlos Gimenez, Argentina/Venezuela founder, Theater festival of Caracas

1942 Birthday - Carlos Monzon, boxer/actor, La Mary, Sonar Sonar

1941 Death - Carlos Pedrell, composer, dies at 62

1941 Birthday - Carlos Roque Alsina, composer

1940 Birthday - Carlos Diegues, actor, Xica

1940 Birthday - Chuck Norris, Carlos Ray, born in Oklahoma, martial arts actor, Missing in Action

1939 Birthday - Wendy, Walter, Carlos, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, composer, Switched on Bach

1939 Birthday - Wendy Carlos, American Musician

1938 Birthday - Simon Estes, born in Centerville, Iowa, bass/baritone, Wonton, Don Carlos

1938 Birthday - Juan Carlos I, king of Spain, 1975-

1937 Event - German immigration officials with no explanation bar Juan Carlos Zabala (Arg), 1932 Olympic marathon champion, from entering Germany

1935 Death - Carlos Gardel, Argentinian Musician

1932 Birthday - Carlos Romero Barcelo, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Representative-D-Puerto Rico 1977 - 1985

1932 Event - Carlos Davila coup against President Juan Montero of Chile

1931 Birthday - Carlos Castaneda, U.S., writer/mystic, Eagle's Gift, Fire From Within

1931 Event - Chilean president Carlos Ibanez forced out

1930 Birthday - Carlos Kleiber, Berlin Germany, conductor, Bavarian State Orchestra 1968

1930 Birthday - Carlos Saul Menem, president of Argentina, 1989-

1929 Birthday - Carlos Fuentes, Mexican author, Death of Artemio Cruz

1927 Event - Chilean General Carlos Ibanez names himself president

1927 Birthday - Antonio Carlos Jobim, composer

1926 Birthday - Carlos Veerhoff, composer

1925 Birthday - Carlos Castenada, Peruvian Writer

1922 Birthday - Carlos Andres Perez, president of Venezuela, 1974-79/89-94

1922 Birthday - Carlos Moorhead, born in Long Beach, California, Representative-R-California 1973 - 1997

1920 Death - Carlos Troyer, composer, dies at 83

1918 Death - Carlos Guido y Spano, Arg poet (Mexico, canto epico), dies

1915 Birthday - Carlos A Nicolaas, Bonaire, teacher/poet

1915 Birthday - Carlos Surinach, born in Barcelona, Spain, composer, Monte Carlo

1915 Birthday - Carlos Surinach, born in Barcelona Spain, composer, Monte Carlo

1912 Birthday - Carlos Don Byas, U.S. jazz saxophonist

1912 Birthday - Wilhelmus H L "Willem" Tollenaar, actor and director, Don Carlos

1909 Birthday - Carlos Estrada, composer

1909 Birthday - Juan Carlos Onetti, novelist

1908 Birthday - Carlos Lleras Restrepo, president of Colombia

1908 Death - Carlos I, King of Portugal (1889-1908), assassinated by mob at 44

1906 Event - Portugal's King Carlos I names Joao Franco premier

1906 Event - Mutiny on Portuguese battleships Dom Carlos and Vasco da Gama

1906 Death - Carlos Calvo, Argentina diplomat (Calvo Clause), dies at 82

1904 Birthday - Carlos Sanchez Malaga, composer

1903 Birthday - Carlos Montoya, born in Madrid, Spain, guitarist, Suite Flamenco 1966

1901 Birthday - Juan Carlos Paz, composer

1901 Birthday - Carlos P Romulo, Philippine general/diplomat/jurist

1899 Birthday - Carlos Pellicer, Mexican museum director/poet, Teotihuacan

1899 Birthday - Carlos Chavez, born in Mexico City, conductor and composer, Sinfonia India

1899 Birthday - Carlos P. Romulo, Filipino Politician

1896 Death - Carlos Gomez, composer, dies at 60

1890 Birthday - Carlos Gardel, Argentinian Musician

1889 Event - Carlos I crowned King of Portugal (1889-1908)

1889 Birthday - Carlos I FLMVMRGGXF of Assisi JS, king of Portugal

1887 Birthday - Carlos Isamitt, composer

1885 Birthday - Carlos Leon Salzedo, composer

1883 Birthday - William Carlos Williams, poet

1883 Birthday - Carlos Lavin, composer

1881 Birthday - Carlos Lopez Buchardo, composer

1878 Birthday - Carlos Saavedra Lamas, Argentina, jurist, Nobel Peace Prize 1936

1878 Birthday - Carlos Pedrell, composer

1867 Event - Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Don Carlos," premieres in Paris

1862 Death - Carlos A Lopez, president of Paraguay (1844-62), dies at 71

1837 Birthday - Carlos Troyer, composer

1836 Birthday - Carlos Gomez, composer

1834 Event - HMS Beagle anchors at Bay of San Carlos, Chile

1827 Birthday - Carlos Guido y Spano, Argentina, conductor, Rafagas

1824 Birthday - Carlos Calvo, Argentina diplomat/people rights scholar, Calvo Clause

1821 Birthday - [Carlos] Charles John Stolbrand, Brigadier General Union volunteers

1819 Death - Carlos IV, King of Spain (1788-1808), dies at 70

1818 Birthday - Don Carlos Buell, Major General Union volunteers

1790 Birthday - Carlos A Lopez, president of Paraguay, 1844-62

1788 Death - Carlos III, King of Naples/Spain (1759-88), dies at 72

1775 Event - 1st Spanish ship, San Carlos, enters San Francisco Bay

1770 Event - Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo founded in California

1759 Event - Carlos III becomes king of Spain

1748 Birthday - Carlos IV, King of Spain, 1788-1808

1748 Birthday - Carlos IV, king of Spain, 1788-1808

1742 Death - Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas, composer, dies at 38

1734 Event - Spanish army under Don Carlos (III) draws into Naples

1716 Birthday - Carlos III, king of Naples/Spain, 1759-88, Pompei/Jesuits

1704 Birthday - Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas, composer

1700 Death - Carlos II, King of Spain (1665-1700), dies at 39

1700 Event - Spanish king Carlos II appoints Philip van Anjou, heir to throne

1699 Death - Jozef Ferdinand of Bavaria, heir of Spanish king Carlos II, dies

1698 Event - Spanish king Carlos appoints grandson prince Jozef Ferdinand as heir

1692 Death - Carlos de Gurrea, Spanish viceroy (Spanish Netherlands), dies

1691 Event - Spanish king Carlos II names Maximilian II viceroy of S Netherlands

1676 Event - King Carlos II of Spain becomes of age (at 15)

1675 Event - Don Carlos de Gurrea/Aragon becomes Spanish land guardian of S Netherlands

1646 Death - Baltasar Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip IV, dies

1635 Event - Zorilla's "El Desafio de Carlos V," premieres in Madrid

1568 Death - Don Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip II, dies at about 23

1558 Death - Charles V, King of Spain (Carlos I)/Holy Roman Emperor, dies at 58

1545 Birthday - Don Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip II

1520 Event - King Carlos I crowned, German emperor Charles V

1519 Event - King Carlos I elected Roman Catholic German emperor Charles V

1500 Birthday - Carlos V, King of Spain, 1516-56, Holy Roman Emperor