Clark Events in History

2011 Event - After winning a Liberal Party of British Columbia ballot, Canadian politician Christy Clark becomes the second woman to be Premier of British Columbia

2003 Death - Clark Kerr, American Economist

2003 Death - Laurel Clark, astronaut, physician on the Columbia mission, STS-107, dies at 41

1999 Death - Sarah Clark Knauss, oldest person 1999, dies at 119

1998 Death - Clark Clifford, lawyer/DC insider, dies at 91

1996 Death - Ossie Raymond Clark, fashion designer, dies at 54

1995 Death - Lila Clark Knapp, publisher, dies at 63

1995 Death - Dave Clark, music promoter/songwriter, dies at 85

1994 Death - Ernest Clark, actor (Pope Must Die, Gandhi), dies at 82

1994 Death - Carmen McRae [Clark], U.S. jazz singer/pianist, dies at about 73

1994 Death - Mattie Moss Clark, gospel Singer, dies at 69

1994 Event - Jennie Garth weds Dan Clark

1992 Death - Clark Tippet, dancer/choreographer, dies at 37

1991 Death - Gene Clark, folk-rocker (Byrds-Tambourine Man), dies at 49

1991 Death - Clark Mollenhoff, U.S. journalist (Pulitzer Prize), dies

1991 Death - Steve Clark, guitarist (Def Leppard-Hysteria), dies at 30

1990 Death - Delecta "Dee" Clark, U.S. singer (Raindrops), dies at 52

1990 Event - Will Clark, NL's MVP signs a $15M 4-year contract with San Francisco Giants

1989 Event - Giants Will Clark hits 1st NLCS grand slam since 1977

1989 Event - Batting titles decided on final day Puckett goes 2-for-5 edges Carney Lansford .339 to .336, Gwynn's 3-for-4 edges Will Clark .336 to .333

1989 Death - Dort Clark, actor (In Harm's Way), dies

1987 Event - Dwight Clark ends NFL streak of 105 consecutive game receptions

1986 Death - Mamo Clark, actor (1 Million BC, Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island), dies

1985 Event - Judy Clark wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic

1985 Event - Cards trade D Green, Jose Uribe, Dave LaPoint to Giants for Jack Clark

1983 Death - Mark W. Clark, U.S. general (WW II), dies at 87

1983 Death - Barney Clark, 1st artifical heart recipient, dies after 112 days at 62

1982 Event - Clark Gilles fails in 7th Islander penalty shot

1982 Event - 1st permanent artificial heart successfully implanted (University of Utah) in retired dentist Barney Clark; lived 112 days with Jarvic-7 heart

1982 Event - Dentist Barney B Clark gets 1st artificial heart

1980 Event - Dwight Clark begins NFL streak of 105 consecutive game receptions

1979 Event - Canadians elect conservatives, Joseph Clark replaces Pierre Trudeau

1979 Event - Brian Clark's "Whose Life is it Anyway?," premieres in London

1977 Death - Tom C Clark, former Supreme Court Justice (1949-67), dies in New York at 77

1977 Death - Tom C. Clark, American Politician

1974 Birthday - Justin Whalin, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Jimmy Olsen-Lois and Clark

1974 Birthday - Justin Whalin, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Jimmy-Lois and Clark, Charles in Charge

1973 Birthday - Christie Clark, Louisiana, actress, Carrie Brady-Days of Our Life

1973 Event - 7th Country Music Association Award: Roy Clark wins

1972 Birthday - Tony Clark, born in Newton, Kansas, infielder for the Detroit Tigers

1972 Birthday - Karen Clark, born in Calgary, Alberta, synchro swimmer, 1996 Olympics silver

1972 Birthday - Greg Clark, tight end for the San Francisco 49ers

1972 Birthday - Willie Clark, NFL cornerback, San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles

1971 Death - Walter Van Tilburg Clark, U.S. author (Ox-Bow Incident), dies at 62

1971 Birthday - Julie Anne Clark, born in Tucson, Arizona, playmate, Mar, 1991

1971 Birthday - Derrick Clark, NFL/WLAF fullback, Broncos, Rhein Fire

1971 Birthday - Shepherd Clark, born in Atlanta, Georgia, figure skater, 1994, 97 Eastern Sr champ

1969 Event - Dallas Cowboy kicker Mike Clark, attempting an on-side kick against Cleveland, missed the ball

1969 Birthday - David Hollander, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Lewis and Clark, What's Happenings?

1969 Event - "Hee Haw" with Roy Clark and Buck Owens premieres on CBS TV

1969 Birthday - Clark Sheehan, born in Denver, Colorado, cyclist 1996 Olympics

1969 Birthday - Tim Clark, U.S. baseball outfielder for the Florida Marlins

1969 Birthday - Vinnie Clark, NFL cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars

1968 Death - Fred Clark, actor (Zotz, Auntie Mame), dies of liver ailment at 54

1968 Birthday - Terri Clark, Canadian Musician

1968 Birthday - Mark Clark, Bath, Illinois, pitcher for the New York Mets

1968 Death - Jim Clark, of Scotland, world driving champ, dies at 32 in race car

1967 Birthday - Reggie Clark, NFL linebacker for the Jacksonville Jaguars

1967 Event - 87th U.S. Mens Tennis: John Newcombe beats Clark Graebner (64 64 86)

1967 Death - John Clark, actor (Last Day of the War), dies at 50

1967 Event - Actress Lynn Redgrave marries John Clark

1967 Event - Clark Gesner's musical "You're a Good Man, premieres in New York City

1966 Birthday - Wendel Clark, Kelvington, NHL left wing, Toronto, New York Islanders

1966 Birthday - Amy Linker, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Lewis and Clark, Lauren-Square Pegs

1966 Birthday - Anna Clark, born in San Francisco, California, playmate, Apr, 1987

1966 Birthday - Dean Cain, born in Mount Clemens, Michigan, actor, Clark-Lois and Clark

1966 Event - Dave Clark 5 set record as they appear for 12th time on Ed Sullivan

1966 Birthday - Graeme Clark, bassist, Wet Wet Wet-Angel Eyes, Love is All Around

1966 Birthday - Greg Clark, CFL linebacker, Saskatchewan Roughriders

1966 Birthday - Clark Sherwood Dennis, born in Houston, Texas, PGA golfer, 1990 Hawaiian Open-3rd

1965 Event - Jim Clark becomes 1st foreigner in 49 years to win Indy

1964 Birthday - Teri Hatcher, born in Sunnyvale, California, actress, Lois Lane-Lois and Clark

1964 Birthday - Louis Clark, NFL receiver, Seattle, WLAF coach for the Amsterdam Admirals

1964 Birthday - Will Clark, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, infielder for the Texas Rangers

1963 Birthday - Brian Clark, Brandon Man, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 Morden Pro-Am

1963 Birthday - Anthony Clark, comedian, Boyd Pritchett-Boston Common

1962 Birthday - Mary Ellen Clark, Abington, Pennsylvania, diver, Olympics-2 bronze-92, 96

1962 Birthday - Dave Clark, Tupelo MS, outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates

1962 Birthday - Joetta Clark, East Orange, New Jersey, 800m runner, Olympic-1992

1962 Birthday - Gary Clark, NFL wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins

1962 Birthday - Gary Clark, rocker, Danny Wilson-Mary's Prayer

1961 Birthday - Clark Datchler, vocalist, Johnny Hates Jazz-Don't Say it's Love

1961 Birthday - John Clark Gable, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Bad Jim

1961 Birthday - Laurel B. Clark, born in Ames Iowa, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut

1961 Death - Wallis Clark, actress (Easy Money), dies at 78

1960 Death - Clark Gable, actor, 'Gone With the Wind', dies at 59

1960 Event - "Misfits" premieres, final movie for Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe

1960 Birthday - Steve Clark, born in Hillsborough, England, rock guitarist, Def Leppard

1960 Death - Bobby Clark, vaudevillan (World's funniest circus clown), dies at 71

1960 Event - Lamar Clark sets pro boxing record of 44 consecutive knockouts

1959 Event - Clark Griffith of Senators says team will not move the franchise

1958 Birthday - Brandon Clark, New York City, actor, Sean-The Fitzpatricks

1958 Birthday - Clark Brandon, New York City, actor, Fast Food

1958 Birthday - Sally Clark, born in Feilding New Zealand, equestrian 3 day event, 1996 Olympics silver

1958 Birthday - Kurt Rambis, NBA forward, Lakers, Hornets, Clark Kent look-a-like

1957 Birthday - Jeff East, born in Kansas, Missouri, American actor, best-known for role of Clark Kent in 1978 film "Superman"

1956 Event - Dick Clark's 1st appearance as host of American Bandstand

1955 Birthday - Jack Clark, Penns, all star outfielder, Giants, Cards, Yankees, Padres

1955 Death - Clark Griffith, baseball player/manager (New York Yankees), dies at 85

1953 Birthday - Marcia Clark, Kleks, born in Berkeley, California, LA DA, OJ Simpson Case

1953 Death - Cliff Clark, actor (Golden Hoofs, Kid Glove Killer), dies at 63

1952 Event - 1st "Bandstand" broadcast in Philadelphia on WFIL-TV (Dick Clark joins in 1955 as a substitute-host)

1952 Birthday - Alan Clark, keyboardist, Dire Straits-Sultans of Swing

1951 Birthday - Larry Clark Robinson, NHL defenseman, Mont Canadiens, Norris-77, 80

1950 Birthday - Helen Clark, New Zealander Statesman

1949 Event - Mrs Georgia Neese Clark of Kansas becomes 1st woman treasurer of U.S.

1949 Event - GN Clark becomes 1st female U.S. treasurer

1949 Birthday - John Shea, born in North Conway, New Hampshire, actor, Honeymoon, New Life, Lois and Clark

1948 Event - 84-year-old Connie Mack challenges 78-year-old Clark Griffith to a race from home to 1st base; it ends in a tie

1947 Death - Clark Wissler, U.S. cultural anthropologist, dies at 76

1947 Birthday - Candy Clark, born in Oklahoma, actress, Man Who Fell to Earth, Q, American Graffiti

1945 Event - Arthur C. Clark proposes relay satellites in geosynchronous orbit

1944 Birthday - Wesley Clark, American Soldier

1944 Birthday - Larry Davidson, rocker, Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over

1944 Birthday - Gene Parsons, rock drummer, Byrds, Gene Clark Group

1944 Event - General Clark replaces General Patton as commander of 7th Army

1943 Birthday - Mike Smith, born in Edmonston, England, born Michael George Smith, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, music producer, played for The Dave Clark Five

1943 Birthday - Denny Payton, saxophonist, harmonica player, guitarist, singer, performed with the Dave Clark Five, English pop rock group

1943 Birthday - Dennis Paxton, rocker, Dave Clark Five-Glad All Over

1942 Birthday - Dave Clark, born in London, England, rock drummer, Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over

1942 Event - U.S. General Clark and Lemnitzer and French General Mast meet secretly in Algeria

1942 Birthday - Rick Huxley, guitarist, Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over

1942 Birthday - Lenny Davidson, London, rock guitarist, Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over

1942 Birthday - K Callan, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Joe's World, Martha-Lois and Clark

1941 Birthday - Gene Clark, born in Los Angeles, California, rock vocalist and guitarist, Byrds

1941 Birthday - Guy Clark, Rockport, Texas, country singer, Heartbroke

1941 Birthday - June Clark, British Professor of Nursing, Middlesex U

1941 Birthday - Jeremy Clyde, born in Dorney, England, musician, television actor, appearing in action series, Crossbow, drama series, The Alan Clark Diaries

1940 Birthday - Susan Clark, born in Sarnia, Ontario, actress, Night Moves, Webster

1939 Birthday - Martin Feldstein, economist, 1977 John Bates Clark Medal

1939 Birthday - Joe Clark, Charles Joseph, P-C, 16th Canadian PM, 1979-80

1938 Birthday - Dee Clark, Arkansas, singer, Hambone, Nobody But You

1938 Birthday - Niara Sudarkasa, Gloria M Clark, educator/president, Lincoln College

1938 Death - John Bates Clark, American Economist

1936 Birthday - Matt Clark, Washington D.C., actor and director, Return to Oz, Horror Show

1936 Birthday - Lane Smith, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actor, Perry White-Lois and Clark

1936 Birthday - Jim Clark, race car driver, Indianapolis 500

1936 Birthday - Jim Clark, Formula 1 racer, 1963 champ

1935 Birthday - John Pepper Clark, born in Nigeria, writer, Horn, Song of a Goat

1935 Birthday - Robin Clark, chemist, FRS

1934 Event - While Washington player-mgr Joe Cronin honeymoons with Mildred Robertson owner Clark Griffith's niece and adopted daughter, he is sold to Red Sox

1934 Birthday - Terence Clark, British diplomat

1933 Birthday - Roy Clark, born in Meherrin, Virginia, country singer, Hee Haw

1932 Birthday - Joe Clark, born in Los Angeles, California, WLAF off coordinator coach for the Amsterdam Admirals

1932 Birthday - Petula Clark, Surrey England, rock vocalist, Downtown, My Love

1932 Event - Clark Griffith announces Walter Johnson will be manager of Senators

1929 Birthday - Mary Higgins Clark, born in Bronx, New York, author, Cry in the Night, Stillwatch

1929 Birthday - Dick Clark, Mount Vernon, New York, TV Host, American Bandstand

1929 Birthday - Dick Clark, Mount Vernon, New York, TV host, American Bandstand

1929 Birthday - Marilyn Clark, Spokane, Washington, actress, House of Party Beach

1927 Birthday - Ramsey Clark, U.S. attorney General, 1967-69

1926 Birthday - John Clark, CEO, Plessey Company

1922 Birthday - Clark MacGregor, politician, involved in Watergate

1921 Birthday - Barney Clark, 1st to receive a permanent artificial heart

1920 Birthday - Carmen McRae, Clark, U.S. jazz singer/pianist, Dream of Life

1919 Birthday - Warren Stevens, Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania, actor, Richard Boone Show

1916 Birthday - John Clark, born in Hampton, Iowa, actor, Graveyard of Horror

1915 Birthday - Paul A. Samuelson, economist, 1970 Nobel, 1947 John Bates Clark Medal

1914 Event - Walter Johnson accepts money from Federal League Chicago Whales Clark Griffith threatens to take Johnson to court

1914 Birthday - Kenneth B Clark, Canal Zone, civil rights activist, Dark Ghetto

1914 Birthday - Fred Clark, born in Lincoln California, actor, Burns and Allen, Auntie Mame, Hazard

1913 Birthday - Dane Clark, Brooklyn, actor, Wire Service, Bold Venture, Perry Mason

1912 Birthday - Ernest Clark, born in London, England, actor, Doctor in the House

1911 Event - Clark Griffith is named manager of Washington Senators

1911 Birthday - Clark Kerr, American Economist

1911 Birthday - Margot Grahame, born in Canterbury, England, born Margaret Clark, actress, compared to Jean Harlow, dubbed the 'Aluminum Blonde', performed with Bebe Daniels in The Fabulous Joe

1909 Birthday - Dave Clark, music promoter and songwriter

1908 Event - Yankees replace Clark Griffith with Kid Elberfeld as manager who is destined to have worse won-lost percentage of any Yankee manager 27-71 (.276)

1906 Birthday - Clark M. Clifford, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1968 - 1969

1906 Birthday - Clark M. Clifford, American Public Servant

1906 Birthday - Earl "Dutch" Clark, Colorado, NFL hall of fame quarterback, Spartans, Detroit

1905 Event - Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition opens in Portland, Oregon

1904 Event - Congress authorizes Lewis and Clark Expo $1 gold coin

1902 Event - Minor League's most lopsided baseball game: Corsicana 51; Texarkana 3 Justin Clark of Corsicana, Texas minors hits 8 home runs in 1 game

1901 Birthday - Clark Gable, born in Cadiz, Ohio, actor, 'Gone With the Wind'

1900 Birthday - June Clark, musician trumpet

1899 Birthday - Tom C. Clark, American Politician

1898 Birthday - Septima Poinsette Clark, civil rights activist/educator

1897 Death - Alvin Graham Clark, dies 3 weeks after 1st use of Yerkes 40" lens

1890 Event - Alexander Clark, journalist/lawyer, named minister to Liberia

1889 Birthday - Cliff Clark, actor, Kid Glove Killer, Golden Hoofs, Vigilante Hideout

1888 Birthday - Bobby Clark, vaudevillan, World's funniest circus clown

1883 Death - Frederick Scotson Clark, composer, dies at 42

1883 Birthday - Marguerite Clark, voice, Snow White

1882 Birthday - Wallis Clark, born in Essex, England, actress, Postal Inspector

1874 Birthday - Herbert Clark Hoover, West Branch Iowa, R, 31st President, 1929-1933

1870 Birthday - Clark Wissler, anthropologist, American Indian

1870 Death - Patrick Gass, Sergeant of Lewis and Clark Expedition, dies at 98

1869 Birthday - Clark Griffith, Missouri, baseball player/manager, New York Yankees

1866 Event - Indelible pencil patents by Edson P Clark, Northampton, Mass

1862 Death - James Clark Ross, Arctic explorer, dies

1862 Event - Telescope maker Alvin Clark discovers dwarf companion of Sirius

1861 Event - Battle of Cape Hatteras SC-Union troops take Ft. Clark

1851 Event - Alvan Clark patents telescope

1847 Birthday - John Bates Clark, American Economist

1841 Event - James Clark Ross (UK) is 1st to enter pack ice near Ross Ice Shelf

1840 Birthday - Frederick Scotson Clark, composer

1839 Death - Nathaniel Pryor, Sergeant of Lewis and Clark Expedition, dies

1838 Death - William Clark, 2nd lt of Lewis and Clark Expedition, dies at 68

1831 Birthday - William Thomas Clark, Major General Union volunteers

1831 Birthday - John Bullock Clark, Jr., Brigadier General Confederate Army

1814 Birthday - Galen Clark, U.S., naturalist and discovered Mariposa Grove

1812 Death - Sacagawea, Shoshone interpreter for Lewis and Clark, dies

1811 Birthday - Charles Clark, Brigadier General Confederate Army

1810 Birthday - Clark Mills, U.S., sculptor, Freedom, Armed Liberty

1809 Death - Meriwether Lewis, (Lewis and Clark Expedition), commits suicide at 35

1807 Birthday - Abner Clark Harding, Brigadier General Union volunteers

1806 Event - Lewis and Clark return to St. Louis from Pacific Northwest

1806 Event - Lewis and Clark reach Pacific coast

1806 Event - Lewis and Clark find skeleton of 105' blue whale in Oregon

1805 Event - Lewis and Clark reach Pacific Ocean, 1st Americans to cross continent

1805 Event - Lewis and Clark 1st sights Pacific Ocean

1805 Event - Lewis and Clark 1st see Rocky Mountains

1804 Death - Charles Floyd, only fatality of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

1804 Event - Lewis and Clark Expedition begins

1804 Event - Lewis and Clark begin exploration of Louisiana Purchase

1804 Event - Lewis and Clark set out from St. Louis for Pacific Coast

1800 Birthday - James Clark Ross, explorer, British Antarctic

1799 Event - William Clark (of Lewis and Clark) is willed the slave York

1779 Event - George Rogers Clark captures Vincennes (Ind) from British

1774 Birthday - Meriwether Lewis, Charlottsville, Virginia, captain, Lewis and Clark Expedition

1771 Birthday - Patrick Gass, Falling Springs, Pennsylvania, Sergeant of Lewis and Clark Expedition

1770 Birthday - William Clark, born in Charlottsville, Virginia, 2nd lt of Lewis and Clark Expedition

1752 Birthday - George Rogers Clark, frontier military leader in Revolutionary War

1726 Birthday - Abraham Clark, farmer/lawyer, signed Declaration of Independence