Factory Events in History

2013 Event - Savar, Bangladesh celebrates a woman found alive in the rubble 17 days after after a garment factory building collapsed and killed over 1,042 people

2012 Event - Sweden's media reports the country is helping Saudi Arabia plan the construction of a weapons factory

1993 Event - Fire in textile factory in Fuzjou China, 60 killed

1993 Event - Fire in clothing factory at Bangkok, kills 145

1992 Death - Jean Daskalides, Belgian chocolate factory, dies at 70

1992 Event - 19th American Music Award: C and C Music Factory, Michael Bolton win

1985 Event - Fireworks factory near Hallett, OK explodes, 21 die

1978 Event - Allen Ginsburg completes "Plutonian Ode," blocks trainload of fissile material headed for Rockwell's nuclear bomb trigger factory, Colorado

1976 Event - Chemical factory in Milan explodes (dioxane cloud)

1972 Event - Illegal fireworks factory explodes killing 15 (Rome Italy)

1966 Event - Soviet government signs accord about building Fiat factory in U.S.S.R.

1960 Event - Scotch factory explodes burying 20 fire fighters (Glasgow Scotland)

1959 Event - Dutch prince Bernhard visits Lockheed factory

1957 Birthday - Teresa Ganzel, born in Toledo, Ohio, actress, Teachers Only, Duck Factory

1955 Birthday - Clarence Gilyard, Jr., Moses Lake Wash, actor, Chips, Duck Factory

1954 Event - Great Britain's 2 biggest steel factory nationalized

1954 Birthday - Iain [Menzies] Banks, UK, sci-fi author, Wasp Factory

1954 Birthday - Saskia ten Batenburg, Dutch actress, Factory, Hunk

1953 Event - Vatican disallows priest holiday work in factory

1952 Birthday - Melvyn Gale, born in London, England, musician, classical musician, cellist, member, Electronic Light Orchestra, ELO, runs CD factory

1950 Event - Doorne's Auto factory opens in Netherlands

1947 Event - Naval torpedo and mine factory explodes at Cadiz, Spain killing 300

1947 Event - Muiden Netherlands ammunition factory explodes, 16 die

1944 Birthday - John Thornton, English chocolate factory/multi-millionaire

1943 Event - RAF bombs Fokker airplane factory in Amsterdam

1942 Event - RAF bombs Philips factory (150 die)

1942 Event - German assault on Tractor factory, 1000s killed

1942 Event - German assault on Tractor factory in Stalingrad

1940 Event - British bomb factory at Breda

1939 Birthday - Jay Tarses, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actor and writer, Open All Night, Duck Factory

1938 Birthday - Alan Lewis, English textile factory/multi-millionaire

1932 Birthday - David Alliance, Iran/British textile factory/multi-millionaire

1929 Event - ENKA/Vereinigte Glanzstoff Factory merge AKU (Genl Kunstzijde Union)

1929 Event - Doorne's trailer factory in Einsdhoven, Netherlands opens

1924 Event - Dutch Blast Furnace and Steel Factory opens

1923 Event - French soldiers fire on workers at Krupp factory in Essen; 13 die

1919 Event - Anthony Fokker's establishes airplane factory at Hamburg and Amsterdam

1918 Event - Royal Dutch Blast furnace and Steel factory opens in Hague

1918 Event - TNT explosion in chemical factory in Oakdale, Pennsylvania kills 200

1918 Event - Strike on Berlin ammunition's factory

1917 Event - Ammunition factory in Boleweg Bohemia explodes, killing 1,000

1917 Event - Munition factory explosion at Eddystone PA, kills 133 workers

1917 Event - Silvertown Essex's ammunition factory explodes; 300 die

1916 Event - U.S.S.R. La Satannaya ammunitions factory explodes, killing 1,000

1911 Event - Triangle Shirtwaist Factory catches fire 145 die, all but 13 girls

1902 Birthday - Vladimir M Kirshon, Russian playwright, Ultimatum Factory,

1902 Birthday - Vladimir M Kirshon, Russian playwright, Ultimatum Factory,

1895 Death - Charles T Stork, great industrialist (cotton mach factory), dies at 73

1869 Birthday - Albert Kahn, architect, originated modern factory design

1862 Birthday - Auguste Lumiere, made 1st movie, Workers Leaving Lumiere Factory

1851 Event - Jacob Fussell, Baltimore dairyman, sets up 1st ice-cream factory

1837 Birthday - Gerrit Jan van Heek, textile factory/politician

1825 Event - Scottish factory owner Robert Owen buys 30,000 acres in Indiana as site for New Harmony utopian community

1822 Birthday - John Eberhard, built 1st large-scale pencil factory in US

1815 Event - World's 1st commercial cheese factory established, in Switzerland

1786 Event - Montplaisir Ceramic factory opens in Schaarbeek Belgium

1771 Birthday - Robert Owen, England, factory owner/socialist