Front Events in History

2015 Event - France’s far-right National Front party has expelled one of its founders, Jean-Marie Le Pen, after continued conflict over his anti-Semitic remarks; current party leader Marine Le Pen, his daughter, seeks to move the party away from its past

2014 Event - A new front has opened along the Russian- Ukrainian border, with thousands of Russians assisting rebels in Ukraine; Russia claims that it is neither sending nor supporting these forces, but that the troops are fighting with the rebels voluntarily

2010 Event - Jean Leonard Rugambage, a Rwandan journalist, is shot dead in front of his home in Kigali; the exiled chief editor of Umuvugizi believes the government is responsible

1995 Death - Jeffrey Lynn, actor (Tony Rome, Butterfield 8, Up Front), dies at 89

1994 Event - Cessna crashes in White House front yard

1994 Event - Rwandese Patriot Front occupies Kigali

1994 Death - Ken Hall, Australian director/producer (Kokoda front line), dies at 92

1992 Death - Frankie Howerd, actor (Carry on Doctor, Up the Front), dies at 70

1992 Event - Lynn Gunther of California threatens to blow herself up in front of U.N.

1992 Event - Algeria's general elections canceled after strong gains by Islamic Salvation Front in the 1st round

1990 Event - Boston Red Sox hires Elaine Weddington as asstistant General Manager (highest-ranking black female in a major-league front office)

1985 Event - French socialists lose election (National Front 9%)

1985 Event - Cold front strikes U.S., at least 40 die (-27 degrees F (-33 degrees C) in Chicago)

1979 Death - Ludwig Renn, writer, fought in World War I on the Western Front, wrote, 'Krieg', member, Communist Party of Germany, dies at 90

1972 Death - Jan Engelman, Dutch poet/art critic (At the Front), dies at 71

1971 Death - Edmund Lowe, actor (Front Page Detective), dies at 81

1969 Event - Seattle Pilots last game in Seattle, lose 3-1 to As in front of 5,473

1969 Birthday - Craig Logan, born in Scotland, rock bassist, Bros Front, Bon Jovi-New Jersey

1969 Event - Nayif Hawatimah forms Dem People's Front for Liberation of Palestine

1967 Event - People's front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) established

1967 Death - George E Stone, actor (5 Star Final, Front Page), dies at 64

1965 Death - Arnold Meijer, leader (Fascist Nationally Front), dies

1963 Death - Adolphe Menjou, actor (Front Page, Star is Born), dies at 73

1962 Event - Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) forms

1959 Birthday - Mel Gaynor, born in Glasgow, Scotland, rock drummer, Simple Minds-Water Front

1957 Birthday - Paul Kagame, born in Ruhango, Rwanda, politician, President of the Republic of Rwanda, formerly led the Rwandan Patriotic Front ending the Rwandan genocide

1957 Event - San Francisco Public Library's bookmobile initiated in front of City Hall

1956 Birthday - Azhar Cachalia, Scottish/South Africa leader, United Democratic Front

1956 Birthday - Derek Forbes, rocker, Simple Minds-Water Front

1956 Event - M Bandaranaike's People's front wins election in Ceylon

1951 Birthday - Earl Howe, born in England, British politician, Conservative, front bench member, House of Lords, Health spokesman

1950 Event - U.S. General MacArthur visits front in South Korea and asks for U.S. troops

1950 Death - Leon Blum, French premier (People's Front Government), dies at 77

1949 Event - "Front Page," debuts on CBS-TV

1946 Event - Georgi Domitrovs National Front wins Bulgaria elections (78%)

1945 Event - General Eisenhower declares German defenses on Western Front broken

1944 Event - Von Kluge warns Hitler of impending collapse of front in Normandy

1944 Event - General Eisenhower visits front in Normandy

1944 Event - Russian offensive in central front sector

1944 Event - Chinese counter offensive at Hunan front

1943 Event - Vietminh forms Indo Chinese Democratic Front

1943 Event - German assault on Sidi Bou Zid Tunisia, General Eisenhower visits front

1942 Event - Russia launches winter offensive against Germans along Don front

1942 Death - Reimond Tollenaere, leader Flemishch National Front, dies at 81

1941 Event - German occupiers forbid National Front and Netherland Union

1941 Death - Pedro Aguirre Cerda, president Chili (People's Front), dies

1941 Event - 1st NSB-battalion departures to Eastern front

1941 Event - Nazi collaborators destroy pro-Jewish cafe Alcazar Amsterdam (Alcazar refused to hang "No Entry for Jews" signs in front of cafe)

1938 Event - Yankees sweep Red Sox 10-0 and 5-4 in front of 83,533 at Yankee Stadium

1937 Event - Queensland all out for 93 vs. SA in front of 10,436

1937 Event - French People's front government-Blum falls

1937 Event - Leon Blum becomes premier of People's front government of France

1936 Event - 1 million demonstrate to support French People's Front government

1936 Event - French People's Front wins elections

1936 Event - Spanish Frente Popular (People's Front) wins elections

1935 Event - Anti-fascist People front forms in Brussels

1934 Event - French socialist/communist party of People's Front forms

1931 Event - German SPD begins Eiserne Front against fascism

1931 Event - 100,000 extreme-right Germans form "Harzburger Front"

1929 Birthday - Bob Bouma, Dutch TV host, For a Postcard in the Front Row

1928 Event - Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's "Front Page," premieres in New York City

1928 Birthday - Jean-Marie le Pen, born in France, leader, National Front party

1924 Event - Senators clinch pennant, finishing 2 games in front of Yankees

1923 Birthday - Herschel Bernardi, actor, Arnie, Voice of Charlie the Tuna, Front

1918 Event - Armistice Day-WW I ends (at 11 AM on Western Front)

1918 Event - Britain opens offensive on Western front during WW I

1917 Event - 41 suffragists are arrested in front of White House

1917 Event - General Pershing and U.S. troops see action on Western Front for 1st time

1917 Event - 1st Americans to see action on front lines of WW I

1916 Event - Russian General Brusilov fails on his Eastern Front attack

1916 Event - Asiago Italy falls when Austrian troops attack the Italian front

1914 Birthday - Colin Gray, born in Christchurch, New Zealand, fighter ace in World War II, recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, fought Battle of France, Battle of Britain, Channel Front

1914 Event - Von Hindenburg named marshal of Eastern front

1914 Event - General von Hindenburgs named commander of German armies on Eastern Front

1913 Event - Suffragette Emily Davinson throws himself in front of king's horse

1908 Birthday - Lew Ayres, Minnesota, actor, All Quiet on Western Front, Dr. Kildare

1906 Birthday - Jeffrey Lynn, actor, Tony Rome, Butterfield 8, Up Front

1905 Birthday - Arnold Meijer, Dutch leader of fascist Dutch National/Black Front

1898 Birthday - Erich Maria Remarque, novelist, All Quiet on the Western Front

1898 Birthday - Frank McHugh, actor, Front Page, Gold Diggers 1935, Mighty Joe Young

1893 Birthday - Ben Hecht, New York City, novelist/playwright/screenwriter, Front Page

1890 Birthday - Adolphe Menjou, Pittsburgh, actor, Front Page, Star is Born

1889 Birthday - Ludwig Renn, born in Dresden, Germany, writer, fought in World War I on the Western Front, wrote, 'Krieg', member, Communist Party of Germany

1889 Birthday - Walter Catlett, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Front Page, Tale of 2 Cities

1883 Birthday - Herman Baccaert, Flemish philological/writer, Along the water front

1881 Birthday - Paul L E von Kleist, German general-Field Marshal, Eastern Front

1872 Birthday - Leon Blum, French premier, People's front government

1865 Event - Battle of Fort Stedman, Virginia - in front of Petersburg

1864 Event - Battle of Front Royal Virginia (Guard Hill)

1862 Event - Battle of Front Royal, Virginia

1862 Event - Battle at Front Royal, Virginia

1862 Event - General Pope lays siege in front of New Madrid

1776 Event - Declaration of Independence announced on front page of "Pennsylvania Evening Gazette"

1675 Event - Abenaki, Massachusetts, Mohegan and Wampanoag indians form anti-English front under Metacom