Kingdom Events in History

2014 Event - A new world record is achieved by the United Kingdom's Lewis Clarke of Bristol; the 16 year-old becomes the youngest person to trek to the South Pole

2013 Event - Officials crackdown on foreigners working illegally in the Saudi kingdom; over 16,000 are arrested in the search

2013 Event - The United Kingdom is visited by Thein Sein, the President of Burma

2013 Event - In Birmingham, United Kingdom, eleven members of a terror cell are jailed for planning an attack to exceed the atrocities committed on July 7 and 9/11

2013 Event - The Falkland Islands sovereignty referendum resulted in 99.8% of voters supporting that the Islands remain an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom

2013 Event - The United Kingdom's bond credit rating is downgraded for the first time in history; Moody's Investor's Service changed the bond credit rating from AAA to AA1

2012 Event - Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, leaves the hospital after undergoing minor surgery to remove a tumor

2012 Event - United Kingdom's Queen Elizabeth II attends a meeting of the Cabinet for the first time, receiving a gift honoring her Diamond Jubilee; this was first time a Cabinet meeting was attended by a British monarch since the reign of Queen Victoria

2012 Event - In an effort to curb binge drinking and other alcohol related problems, the United Kingdom's Home Office begins a 10-week consultation on whether to introduce a minimum price on the sale of alcohol of 45p a unit

2012 Event - The United Kingdom plans to create new private and public sector universities; these will be the first universities the country has created in decades

2012 Event - The United Kingdom reports its plan to close the U.K. Consulat in Basra, Iraq

2012 Event - The United Kingdom's Treasury Committee of the House of Commons releases the first of two volumes reporting on the LIBOR fixing scandal

2012 Event - The United Kingdom freezes 100 million pounds of assets of Syrian leaders

2012 Event - The United Kingdom's government announces it will introduce a consultation process on internet measures which require online users to opt-in if they want to view adult content

2012 Event - The Anonymous computer hacking group is credited with launching an attack on the United Kingdom Home Office

2012 Event - Despite being under house arrest in the United Kingdom, Julian Assange announces his plan to run for the Senate of Australia

2012 Event - In a retaliatory move against E.U. sanctions, Iran stops all exports to France and the United Kingdom

2012 Event - Moody's Investor's Service issues a negative outlook for the credit ratings for Austria, France and the United Kingdom

2012 Event - Florence Green, the last known veteran from World War I, dies in the United Kingdom at the age of 110

2012 Event - A referendum on Scottish independence causes a clash between the United Kingdom's Westminster and Scottish governments

2011 Event - Brazil overtakes the United Kingdom as the world's sixth largest economy

2011 Event - Unemployment in the United Kingdom rises to 2.64 million people

2011 Event - After negotiations in Brussels, David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, rejects the invitation to join a European Union financial crisis accord

2011 Event - More sanctions are imposed against Iran's nuclear program by the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom

2011 Event - Abdullah Gul, President of Turkey, begins a three-day visit to the United Kingdom

2011 Event - Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia dies, raising questions about succession in the kingdom

2011 Event - P. J. Harvey's album 'Let England Shake' wins best album in the United Kingdom and Ireland

2011 Event - U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron, confirms the United Kingdom is sending Apache attack helicopters to assist the 2011 Libyan uprising

2011 Event - On his visit to the United Kingdom, U.S. President Barack Obama meets Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh

2011 Event - In the United Kingdom, the British Armed Forces announce plans to eliminate 11,000 jobs

2011 Event - The United Kingdom raises its value-added tax to 20% from 17.5%, its highest rate ever

2010 Event - The United Kingdom gives prisoners serving less than four years the right to vote

2010 Event - Large parts of the United Kingdom are treated to a rare sighting of a meteor fireball

2010 Event - An area in Alaska, twice the size of the United Kingdom, is protected by the U.S. Government; the area is considered a critical habitat for polar bears

2010 Event - Planes across the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia are grounded as a result of the volcanic ash coming from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano

2010 Event - Gordon Brown, United Kingdom's Prime Minister, gives evidence to the Iraq Inquiry

1989 Event - Roger Kingdom of USA sets 110m hurdle record (12.92) in Zurich

1989 Event - Roger Kingdom runs world record 60m hurdles indoor (7.36 sec)

1989 Event - Roger Kingdom runs indoor world record 60m hurdles (7.37 seconds)

1986 Death - Marlin Perkins, TV host (Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom), dies at 81

1986 Birthday - Shia LaBeouf, born in Los Angeles, California, voice actor, actor, comedian, appeared in Disney's 'Even Stevens' television series, film debut, 'Holes', appeared in 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'

1986 Death - Marlin Perkins, TV host (Wild Kingdom) at 80

1986 Death - Jiddu Krishnamurti, Indian philosopher (Kingdom Happiness), dies at 90

1983 Event - Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson release "Say, Say, Say" in the United Kingdom

1983 Event - 1 pound coin introduced in United Kingdom

1981 Event - George Harrison releases "All Those Years Ago" in the United Kingdom

1981 Event - John Lennon releases "Watching the Wheels" in the United Kingdom

1981 Event - John Lennon releases "Woman" in the United Kingdom

1980 Event - John Lennon releases "Double Fantasy" album in the United Kingdom

1980 Event - John Lennon releases "(Just Like) Starting Over" in the United Kingdom

1977 Birthday - Orlando Bloom, born in Canterbury, England, actor, appeared in 'The Lord of the Rings', 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Kingdom of Heaven' films

1975 Event - George Harrison releases "Extra Texture" album in the United Kingdom

1974 Event - George Harrison releases his "Dark Horse" album in the United Kingdom

1973 Event - George Harrison releases "Give Me Love" in the United Kingdom

1972 Event - Last train run between Penrith to Keswick United Kingdom

1971 Event - United Kingdom lifts all restrictions on gold ownership

1971 Event - "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison hit #1 on United Kingdom pop chart

1970 Death - H G Hjalmar Schacht, President Germany Kingdom bank/minister of Eco, dies

1970 Birthday - Joshua Compston, born in the United Kingdom, art impressario, gallerist, Factual Nonsense art gallery, associated with the emergence of the Young British Artists, YBAs

1969 Event - George Harrison's "Something" is released in the United Kingdom

1967 Birthday - Lorraine Pearson, born in Romfod, United Kingdom, born Lorraine Samantha Jean Pearson, singer, rocker, writer, member of pop group Five Star, published novel 'Her, Me and Reality", 1989

1967 Birthday - Tim Vine, born in London, Enlgand, actor, comedian, performs stand up comedy, television, appears at festivals, tours through the United Kingdom include 'Current Puns' and 'Punslinger', achieved Guinness World Record for most jokes told in an hour

1964 Birthday - Peter Berg, born in New York City, New York, actor, film director, producer, known for role as Dr. Billy Kronk on television medical drama 'Chicago Hope', directed films 'The Kingdom', 'Hancock'

1963 Birthday - Jet Li, born in Beijing, China, Li Lianjie, Chinese martial artist, actor, international film star, appeared in Lethal Weapon 4, with Jackie Chan in The Forbidden Kingdom, Wushu champion, studied Changquan, among other arts

1963 Event - "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" with Marlin Perkins begins on NBC

1962 Birthday - Roger Kingdom, Vienna, Georgia, 110m hurdler, Gold Medals 1984, 1988 Olympics

1962 Birthday - Roger Kingdom, U.S. 60m hurdler, world record

1960 Birthday - Carolyn Seaward, Devonshire England, Miss United Kingdom, 1979

1957 Birthday - Nick Hawkins, born in the United Kingdom, politician, Conservative Party, lawyer, Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath 1992 - 2005

1954 Event - Kingdom of Netherlands, with Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles as autonomous parts, comes into being

1954 Event - Netherlands Antilles becomes co-equal part of Kingdom of Netherlands

1954 Birthday - Michael Chetwood, born in Telford, England, rocker, musician, played for pop band T'Pau, which had Top 40 hits in the United Kingdom in the 1980's

1953 Birthday - Tina Brown, born in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, journalist, magazine editor, talk-show host, columnist, author of The Diana Chronicles

1953 Birthday - Andree van Es, born in Den Haag, Netherlands, politician, member, House of Representatives, GreenLeft and Pacifist Socialist Party, director-general of Government and Kingdom Relations

1951 Event - United Kingdom of Libya gains independence from Italy via United Nations

1951 Birthday - Gordon Brown, born in Govan, Scotland, politician, Labor Party, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, former television journalist

1949 Birthday - Helene Hayman, born in England, Baroness Helene Hayman, Helene Valerie Hayman, Member of Parliament, Life Peer, Lord Speaker of the House of Lords in the Parliament of the United Kingdom

1947 Birthday - Rob Davis, born in Carshalton, England, musician, guitarist, songwriter, song 'Tiger Feet' for glam rock band Mud top record of the United Kingdom in 1974

1947 Birthday - Judy Loe, born in Urmston Manchester, United Kingdom, actress, Singles, Meaning of Life

1946 Birthday - Dudley Fishburn, born in England, British politician, journalist, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, holds directorship for Altria Group

1946 Birthday - Archy Kirkwood, born in the United Kingdom, politician, Liberal Party, Member of Parliament for Roxburgh and Berwickshire 1983 - 2005

1945 Birthday - Ian White, born in South Bristol, United Kingdom, studied law, Member of the European Parliament in Wandsdyke

1944 Birthday - William Westwood, born in England, born William Gavin Westwood, 3rd Baron Westwood of Gosforth in the County of Northumberland, Peerage of the United Kingdom

1939 Birthday - Charles Lyell, born in England, born Charles Lyell, 3rd Baron Lyell, politician, Conservative Party, whip, House of Lords, Peerage of the United Kingdom

1938 Birthday - Jock Slater, born in the United Kingdom, admiral, Royal Navy, served 1958 - 1998, Equerry to Her Majesty The Queen, 1968 1971

1937 Birthday - Philip Chetwode, born in England, born 2nd Baron Chetwode, Baron Chetwode, a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, heir apparent is Hon. Roger Chetwode

1937 Birthday - Christopher Rose, born in England, Lord Justice Rose, Sir Christopher Rose, judge, member, Privy Council of the United Kingdom, served Court of Appeal of England and Wales

1934 Event - Water state kingdom dismisses NSB-leader Anton Mussert

1932 Event - Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd merge into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1932 Birthday - Jim Fowler, born in Albany, Georgia, naturalist, Wild Kingdom

1932 Event - Philip Barry's "Animal Kingdom," premieres in New York City

1929 Event - Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes changes name to Yugoslavia

1929 Birthday - John Hannam, born in the United Kingdom, Member of Parliament for Exeter, Conservative Party

1928 Event - Albania becomes a kingdom, with Zogu I as king

1921 Birthday - Dobrica Cosic, born in Velika Drenova, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, now Serbia, writer, political, national theorist, first president of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992 - 1993, called 'Father of the Nation'

1920 Event - Netherland breaks contact with kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slavia

1920 Event - Austria becomes a kingdom again, under Adm Horthy

1920 Birthday - Antony Duff, born in England, served Royal Navy during World War II, Deputy Governor of Southern Rhodesia, diplomat, Director-General of Military Intelligence, section 5, 1985 - 1988, the United Kingdom's internal security service

1918 Event - Serbian-Croatian-Slovic kingdom proclaimed in Belgrade

1916 Event - Emperor Wilhelm II and French Jozef I establishes kingdom of Poland

1913 Event - Russian kingdom forbids Polish congregation of speakers

1908 Birthday - Albrecht Goes, born in Germany, pastor with the German army, writer, novelist, BBC Television in the United Kingdom adapted Unruhige Nacht in 1950, his novel, translated in English as 'Arrow to the Heart'

1905 Birthday - Marlin Perkins, born in Carthage, Missouri, TV host, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

1900 Event - Britain proclaims protectorate over kingdom of Tonga

1893 Event - Queen Liliuokalani deposed, Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a republic

1881 Event - Kingdom post office in Netherlands opens

1866 Event - Kingdom of Italy annexes Venetia

1862 Event - Kingdom of Nepal accepts its constitution

1861 Event - Italy declares independence; Kingdom of Italy proclaimed

1839 Event - Treaty of London constitutes Belgium an independent kingdom and Luxembourg a Grand Duchy

1813 Event - German Kingdom of Westphalia abolished

1808 Event - French created Kingdom of Westphalia orders Jews to adopt family names

1806 Event - Batavian Republic becomes Kingdom of Holland

1806 Birthday - Isambard Kingdom Brunel, designer of 1st transatlantic steamer

1801 Event - Ireland and Great Britain, England and Scotland, form United Kingdom

1801 Event - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland established

1716 Event - Pacification Treaty of Warsaw: Czar Peter the Great guarantees Saxon monarch August I's Polish kingdom

1701 Event - Great Britain and Ireland union is in effect, creating United Kingdom

1620 Death - Aegidius Albertinus, German writer (Lucifer's Kingdom), dies at 59

1562 Death - Gottfried/Gotz von Berlichingen, German Knight of kingdom, dies

1508 Event - League of the kingdom signed (covenant against Venice)

979 Event - Rotardus appointed as bishop of the kingdom

866 Event - John appointed bishop of the kingdom