Postal Events in History

2014 Event - Italian officials announce that many of the country's public assets will be sold in an effort to reduce the country's debt; plans to sell part of the nation's air traffic control and postal services have already been approved

2014 Event - The U.S. Postal Service will soon implement a rate hike in postage, approved last December the price of first-class postage stamps to 49 cents from 46 cents

2013 Event - The U.S. postal service announces that after August 5, 2013, it will no longer deliver first-class mail on Saturdays

1991 Event - Ex-postal worker Joseph Harris kills 4 postal workers

1978 Event - U.S. Postal Service and unions agree on a contract averting mail strike

1977 Event - Postal employee David Berkowitz arrested in Yonkers, New York, accused of being "Son of Sam" 44 caliber killer

1970 Event - Mail service paralyzed by 1st major postal strike

1963 Event - U.S. postal service institutes zip code system, Zone Improvement Plan

1959 Event - Great Britain starts using postal codes

1943 Event - Postmaster General Frank C Walker invents Postal Zone System

1933 Event - Delivery of 1st singing telegram (Postal Telegram Co New York City)

1925 Event - German Postal Minister A Hofle resigns due to corruption

1918 Event - 1st airmail postal service (New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.)

1916 Event - Postal check and Girodienst establishes

1915 Birthday - Moe Biller, New York City, labor union officer, AFL-CIO, Postal Workers

1915 Birthday - Ron Smith, union leader, British Postal Workers

1911 Event - U.S. postal savings bank inaugurated

1910 Event - U.S. postal savings stamps 1st issued

1883 Event - James Cutler patents postal mail chute

1883 Event - Inland postal service begins in Great Britain

1882 Birthday - Wallis Clark, born in Essex, England, actress, Postal Inspector

1875 Event - Universal Postal Union established

1874 Event - World Postal Union forms in Bern, Switzerland

1873 Event - Postal cards sold in San Francisco for 1st time

1873 Event - 1st U.S. postal card issued

1869 Event - Free postal delivery formally inaugurated

1868 Event - Standard uniform approved for postal carriers

1861 Event - Postmaster General Blair announces end of postal connection with South

1792 Event - U.S. postal service created; postage 6 cents -12 cents, depending on distance

1748 Event - Amsterdam establishes municipal postal service

1691 Event - Thomas Neale granted British patent for American postal service

1673 Event - Postal service between New York and Boston inaugurated

1464 Event - French King Louis XI forms postal service