Son Events in History

2015 Event - Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been implicated in DeflateGate, the scandal in which footballs used by the team were found to be below regulation pressure; Brady's father, Tom Brady, Sr., states that his son was framed

2014 Event - After nearly 40 years on the throne, King Juan Carlos of Spain is abdicating and installing his son Felipe; unfavorable opinion, health issues and investigation of daughter Cristina in a public funds theft scandal have taken their toll on the king

2014 Event - Academics report that a pelvis bone discovered in Winchester 1999 may belong to King Alfred the Great or his son, Edward the Elder

2013 Event - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gives birth to a son, the third in line to the British throne; the child, named George Alexander Louis, is formally known as His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge

2013 Event - Investigators on the case of the October 2012 Kunsthal gallery theft of paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Monet, discover paint, canvas and nails in the oven of a woman whose son has been charged with the crime

2013 Event - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, will welcome it's first McDonald's early next year; the site will be run by the son of Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Henry Nguyen

2013 Event - In Belgium, King Albert II abdicates his throne to son, Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, due to health reasons

2013 Event - The Liberal Political Party of Canada choses Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre Trudeau, as its new leader

2013 Event - Beatrix of the Netherlands announces she will abdicate her throne to her son, Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, on April 30, 2013

2012 Event - In his first political speech, marking the five-year anniversary of his mother's death, ex-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, vows to maintain democracy and fight militancy

2012 Event - King Jong-un, son of King Jong-il, is announced the official Supreme Leader of North Korea; he also now holds the rank of Marshal in the Korean People's Army

2011 Event - Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Muammar Gaddafi, is captured in Libya; he will be tried for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court

2010 Event - The 46-year old son of convicted fraud king Bernard Madoff kills himself in a Manhattan apartment

2010 Event - For the first time in ten years, Burmese pro-Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is reunited with her son

2010 Event - Kim Jong-nam, eldest son of Kim Jong-il, states his opposition to North Korea's succession plan to transfer power to his younger brother, Kim Jong-un

2008 Death - Martin Peake, 2nd Viscount Ingleby, businessman, nobleman, son of Osbert Peake, paralyzed from polio, contributed to the 1970 Disabled Persons Act, dies

2002 Death - LaWanda Page, actress, Sanford and Son, dies at 81

2001 Death - Whitman Mayo, actor, Sanford and Son, dies at 70

1999 Death - Dusty Springfield, pop singer, Son of a Preacher Man, dies at 59

1997 Death - Michael Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, dies in ski accident at 39

1997 Event - Todd and Mel Stottlemyre become 1st father and son to win 100 games

1997 Event - Martin Luther King's son meets with James Earl Ray

1997 Birthday - Michael Jackson, Jr., son of Michael Jackson

1997 Death - Innis Cosby, son of Bill Cosby, murdered on LA highway at 29

1996 Death - Nicu Ceausescu, son of Romanian President, Nicolae Ceasescu, drinker, gambler, playboy, imprisoned for misusing government funds, dies at 45 in Vienna, Austria

1996 Death - Murtaza Bhutto, politician, son of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was sentenced to death by Lahore High Court, dies at 42 in Karachi, Pakistan, shot dead along with six other activists of the Pakistan Peoples Party

1995 Death - Ahmad Khomeini, youngest son of Iran ayatollah Khomeini, dies at 48

1995 Death - Carlos Menem, Jr., son of Argentine president, dies at 26

1994 Death - Didier Rocher, son of French cosmetic maker Yves Rocher, dies at 41

1994 Death - Sviatoslav S Stravinsky, French/U.S. composer/son of Igor Stravinsky, dies at 84

1994 Death - David Bache, son of footballer Joe Bache, car designer, worked with Rover, dies at 69

1994 Birthday - Jack Antonio, son of Virginia Madisen and Antonio Sabatto Jr

1994 Death - Thomas Davis, U.S. movie editor/son of MGM-chief Frank D, dies at 26

1994 Birthday - Nicholas Pietro Santopictro, son of Vanna White

1994 Birthday - Nicholas Joseph Mills, son of Chris Evert and Andy Mills

1994 Death - Cecile Dreesmann, son of Anton Dreesmann, dies at 74

1994 Death - Basel al-Assad, Syrian President Assad son, dies in car accident at 31

1993 Birthday - Jonathan Ric Ocasek, son of rocker Ric and model Paulina Porizkova

1993 Death - Brandon Lee, U.S. actor (Crow)/son of Bruce Lee, accidentally shot at 28

1993 Birthday - John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, son of Caroline Kennedy

1992 Death - Cesar [Caesar] Domela, painter/son of Ferdinand D Nieuwenhuis, dies

1992 Birthday - Louis Ducrut, prince/son of Princess Stephanie and Daniel Ducrut

1992 Death - Theo Edison, son of Thomas Edison, dies at 94

1992 Birthday - Earvin Johnson III, son of NBA foward Magic Johnson

1992 Birthday - James Duke Mason, son of singer Belinda Carlisle and Morgan Mason

1992 Birthday - Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston

1992 Death - Margaret Barker, actress (Fathers and Son), dies of lung cancer at 83

1992 Birthday - Rebop Rundgren, son of Michelle Gray and Todd

1991 Birthday - Owen Joseph Kline, son of Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline

1991 Birthday - Beau Grayson, son of country singer Tanya Tucker

1991 Birthday - Gabriel Anthony Cohen, son of Meredith Viera and Richard Cohen

1991 Death - Gabriel Cohen, son of Meredith Viera and Richard Cohen

1991 Birthday - James Cleveland McFadden-Talbot, son of Gates McFaden, Star Trek NG

1991 Birthday - Abraham Joseph Groening, son of Simpson creator Matt Groening

1991 Death - Thomas C Lasorda, artist/son Dodger manager, dies of pneumonia at 33

1991 Death - Dennis Crosby, son of Bing, commits suicide at 54

1991 Death - Marcus Heeresma, writer/poet (Anna, Son of a Whore), dies

1991 Event - Mike Tyson admits paternity to Kimberly Scarborough's son

1991 Death - Leueen McGrath, actress (Edward My Son, Saint's Vacation), dies at 77

1991 Death - Conor Clapton, Eric Clapton's son, falls out of 53rd floor window at 5

1991 Death - Vilma Banky, actress (Eagle, Son of Sheik, Rebel), dies at 93

1991 Birthday - Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Eddie Van Halan and Valerie Bertinelli

1991 Birthday - Nicholas Garland, son of Pamela Sue Martin

1991 Death - Keye Luke, actor (Charlie Chan's No 1 Son), dies after a stroke at 86

1990 Death - Elliott Roosevelt, son of FDR, dies at 80

1990 Event - Ken Griffey Sr &, Jr. are 1st father and son to play on same team each goes 1 for 4 for Seattle Mariners

1990 Event - Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey, Jr. become 1st father and son to play on same team (Seattle Mariners), both single in 1st inning

1990 Birthday - Evan James Springsteen, born in Los Angeles, California, rocker Bruce Springsteen's son

1990 Event - Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Robert) and Andrew Coumo (Mario's son) wed

1990 Birthday - Marston Glenn Hefner, son of Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad

1990 Event - Brett Hull becomes 1st son of NHL 50 goal scorer (Bobby) to score 50

1990 Birthday - Cody Newton Gifford, son of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford

1989 Birthday - Dakota Johnson, son of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson

1989 Birthday - Jeff Linton Osbourne, son of Jeffrey and Sheri

1989 Birthday - Oliver Bernsen, son of Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays

1988 Death - Carolyn Franklin, singer/songwriter/son of Aretha, dies at 43

1988 Birthday - Michael Tylo, son of U.S. actor/actress Michael Tylo/Deborah Hunter

1988 Birthday - Jamie Altman, son of Lynda Carter and Robert Altman

1987 Death - Robert Paige, actor (Son of Dracula, Pardon My Sarong), dies

1986 Death - John Hurley, song writer (Son of a Preacher Man), dies at 45

1986 Death - Helen Mack, actress (Son of Kong, Milky Way), dies

1986 Birthday - Amedeo, Belgium, son of princess Astrid/arch duke Lorenz

1985 Birthday - Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy, Mayor-R-NYC, 1994-2002

1985 Event - Zak Starkey (Ringo's son) marries Sarah Menikides

1983 Event - Test cricket debut of Shoaib Mohammad, son of Hanif, vs. India Jullundur

1982 Birthday - William of Wales, son of Prince Chuck and Lady Di

1982 Death - Harry H Corbett, Brits actor (Steptoe and Son, Jabberwacky), dies at 57

1981 Death - Nils Asther, actor (Son of Lassie, Wild Orchids), dies at 84

1981 Birthday - Elijah Wood, born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, actor, Radio Flyer, Good Son

1981 Birthday - Ray J, born in Carson, California, singer, record producer, actor, son of gospel singer William Norwood

1980 Event - 1st nonstop crossing of U.S. via balloon (Maxie Anderson and son Chris)

1979 Birthday - Frederick MGDL Windsor, son of English prince Michael

1977 Birthday - James Louis McCartney, son of Paul and Linda McCartney

1977 Birthday - Liam Botham, cricketer, son of Ian Hampshire all-rounder 1996

1977 Event - Postal employee David Berkowitz arrested in Yonkers, New York, accused of being "Son of Sam" 44 caliber killer

1977 Death - Stacy Moskowitz, shot to death by Son of Sam, at 20

1977 Death - Karac Plant, son of Robert Plant, dies of respratory failure at 6

1977 Event - David Berkowitz pleads guilty in "Son of Sam" 44-caliber shootings

1976 Birthday - Sage Stallone, Sylvester's son/actor, Rocky V

1975 Birthday - Sean Ono Lennon, John and Yoko's Son

1974 Death - Edgar Fernhout, Dutch painter/son of Charley Toorop, dies at 62

1974 Birthday - Alexander PGR duke of Ulster, son of English prince Richard

1974 Birthday - Ahmet Rodan Zappa, son of Frank/rocker, Z, 2 Hip 4 TV

1974 Death - Anna Q Nilsson, actress (Toll Gate, Sorrell and Son), dies at 85

1973 Birthday - Shaun Pollock, cricketer, son of Peter South African Test quick 1995-

1973 Birthday - Mark Larsen, born in Denmark, jockey, rode "Vetrotex" to victory in his first Danish Derby, son of Ole Larsen

1973 Birthday - Daniel Marsh, cricketer, son of Rod South Australia slow lefty since 1993

1973 Birthday - Elvis Presley, Jr., alleged son of Elvis Presley

1972 Birthday - James Stream Thurmond, Jr., son of U.S. senator Strom Thurmond

1972 Event - "Sanford and Son" starring Redd Foxx premieres on NBC TV

1971 Birthday - Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, Crown Prince/son of King of Nepal

1970 Birthday - Nicholas CEJ Windsor, son of English prince Edward, duke of Kent

1970 Birthday - Chris Cairns, cricketer, son of Lance, New Zealand all-rounder

1969 Death - Roy Barcroft, actor (Eyes of Texas, Son of Zorro), dies at 67

1969 Birthday - Chris Harris, cricketer, son of Zin New Zealand all-rounder in ODI's

1969 Birthday - Dweezil Zappa, born in Hollywood, California, rock guitarist/son of Frank/VJ, MTV

1969 Birthday - Arthur Guinness, 4th Earl of Iveagh, son of Arthur Benjamin Guinness, member of the Guinness family, founders of the Guinness brewery

1968 Birthday - Carlo H L Ponti, Jr., son of Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren

1968 Birthday - Ziggy Marley, born in Trenchtown, Jamaica, reggae performer, oldest son of Rita and Bob Marley, leader of band, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

1967 Birthday - Jason Gould, son of Elliot Gould/Barbra Streisand, Prince of Tides

1967 Birthday - Jamie Brayshaw, cricketer, son of Ian WA and SA right-handed batsman

1967 Birthday - Willem-Alexander CGF, Dutch crown prince/son of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands

1966 Birthday - Jason Gould, son of Barbra Striesand and Elliot Gould

1966 Birthday - Grant Bradburn, cricketer, son of Wynne New Zealand off-spinner 1990-

1965 Birthday - Zak Starsky, rock drummer, son of Beatle Ringo

1965 Birthday - James Jagger, son of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

1965 Birthday - Sanjay Manjrekar, cricketer, son of Vijay Indian middle-order batsman

1965 Death - Frank Reicher, actor (King Kong, Nazi Agent, Son of Kong), dies at 89

1964 Birthday - James RB Ogilvy, son of English princess Alexandra

1963 Birthday - Laurens BBM, Belgian prince/son of Albert II and Paola

1963 Death - Patrick Kennedy, son of President Kennedy, dies at only 3 days

1963 Birthday - Patrick Kennedy, son of President Kennedy, lives only 3 days

1963 Birthday - Alec Stewart, cricketer, son of Micky/opening bat Occasional WK

1963 Birthday - Julian Lennon, John's son and singer, Too Late for Goodbyes

1963 Birthday - Glenn Trimble, cricketer, son of Sam Two ODI's for Australia 1986

1962 Death - Hans Rudolf Krik, Danish writer/critic (Vredens Son), dies at 64

1962 Birthday - Robbie Knievel, daredevil, son of Evel, Chips Something Special

1961 Birthday - David AC viscount Linley, son of English princess Margaret/mystic

1961 Death - Adeline De Walt Reynolds, actress (Son of Dracula), dies at 78

1961 Birthday - Shoaib Mohammad, cricketer, son of Hanif Patient and prolific batsman

1960 Death - Richard N Wright, U.S. author (Native son), dies at 52 in Paris France

1960 Birthday - John F. Kennedy, Jr., New York City, son of John F. Kennedy, lawyer, magazine publisher, 'George' magazine

1960 Birthday - Reza Pahlavi, Iran, son of Shah of Iran

1960 Birthday - Crown Prince Naruhito, heir apparent to the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan, eldest son of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

1958 Birthday - Ronald Prescot Reagan, Jr., Louisiana, President son/TV host, Ron Reagon Show

1958 Birthday - Christian Brando, son of Marlon/killed sisters boyfriend

1957 Birthday - Chris Cowdrey, cricketer, son of Colin, captain of England 1988

1957 Birthday - Pranab Roy, cricketer, son of Pankaj, Indian batsman 1982

1956 Birthday - Gary Cole, born in Park Ridge, Illinois, actor, Fatal Vision, Son of Morning Star

1956 Birthday - Steve Ford, actor, Young and Restless, son of President Gerald Ford

1956 Birthday - Mudassar Nazar, cricketer, son of Nazar Mohammad Pakistani bat

1954 Birthday - Murtaza Bhutto, born in Karachi Pakistan, politician, son of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was sentenced to death by Lahore High Court

1953 Birthday - Nicholas Wisdom, cricketer, son of comic Norman, 2 games Sussex 1974

1951 Birthday - Nicu Ceausescu, born in Romania, son of Romanian President, Nicolae Ceasescu, drinker, gambler, playboy, imprisoned for misusing government funds

1951 Event - King Leopold II of Belgium gives up throne to son Boudouin I

1950 Birthday - Mohinder Amarnath, cricketer, son of Lala Indian batsman of 70's/80's

1950 Birthday - Michael Ford, son of President Gerald and Betty Ford

1950 Death - Bull Montana, actor (Son of Sheik), dies at 62

1948 Birthday - Surinder Amarnath, cricketer, son of Lala 124 on debut vs. New Zealand 1976

1947 Birthday - Cat Stevens, Yusaf Islam, rock vocalist, Peace Train, Father and Son

1946 Birthday - Demond Wilson, Valdosta Georgia, actor, Sanford and Son, Baby I'm Back

1946 Birthday - Ashok Mankad, cricketer, son of Vinoo, batted for India 1969-78

1946 Birthday - Gary Lewis, Jerry's son, singer, & The Playboys-This Diamond Ring

1946 Birthday - Barbara Benary, born in America, composer, co-founder, Gamelan Son of Lion, New York City repertory ensemble, composes theater music, chamber music

1946 Birthday - Michael Reagan, talk show host, Ronald's son

1946 Birthday - Graham Vivian, cricketer, son of Giff, 5 Tests for New Zealand 1965-72

1946 Birthday - Phyllis Eisenstein, U.S., sci-fi author, Sorcerer's Son, Born to Exile

1945 Birthday - Larry Larden, rocker, Every Mother's Son

1944 Event - King Victor Emmanuel abdicates the throne for his son Umberto

1943 Birthday - Henri Szeps, born in Lausanne, Switzerland, actor, Mother and Son

1943 Birthday - Bruce Milner, rocker, Every Mother's Son

1942 Birthday - Alexander EHAML, prince of the Belgians/son of Leopold III

1942 Birthday - Richard Hutton, cricketer, son of Len, 5 Tests 1971

1942 Birthday - Kim Il Jong, son of North Korean President Kim Il Sung, 1972-94

1942 Birthday - Terry Melcher, Rip Chords, Doris Day's son

1941 Event - Al Capone's son Sonny marries in Miami Beach

1941 Event - Shah of Iran abdicates throne to his son Reza Pahlawi

1941 Birthday - Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., son of Jimmy Hoffa/Teamster union leader

1941 Birthday - Chris Augustine, rocker, Every Mother's Son

1941 Event - Richard Wright and Paul Green's "Native Son," premieres in New York City

1940 Event - Batman Comics, mobsters rubbed out a circus highwire team known as the Flying Graysons, leaving their son Dick (Robin) an orphan

1940 Death - Andrej N Rimski-Korssakov, Russian musicologist/son of Nikolai, dies

1940 Event - Richard Wright's novel "Native Son" is published

1940 Event - Richard Wright's "Native Son" published

1939 Birthday - Ron Headley, cricketer, son of George, 2 Tests WI vs. England 1973

1938 Birthday - Hal Williams, Columbus Ohio, actor, Pvt Benjamin, 227, Sanford and Son

1937 Birthday - Harald, Crown Prince, son of King Olav V, heir apparent of Norway

1936 Birthday - Khalid Wazir, cricketer, son of S Wazir Ali 2 Tests for Pakistan 1954

1936 Birthday - Daniel Goode, born in America, composer, clarinetist, studied with Henry Cowell, influenced by Indonesian gamelan music, bird song, Cape Breton fiddling, minimal music, member, Gamelan Son of Lion, Director, Electronic Music Studio, Rutgers University

1935 Event - Kitei Son runs world record marathon (2:26:42)

1935 Birthday - Ronnie Burns, born in Evanston, Illinois, adopted son of George Burns

1935 Birthday - Faisal II, King of Iraq, 1939-58, son of Ghasi I

1934 Event - Bruno Hauptmann is indicted for murder of Lindbergh's son

1934 Birthday - Alfred Scott, WI cricket leg-spinner, son of O C, Test 0-140

1932 Birthday - Gerard van den Berg, Dutch TV host, Like Father, Like Son

1932 Birthday - Noam Pitlik, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actor and director, Sanford and Son, Bob Newhart

1932 Birthday - Jon Lindbergh, 2nd son of aviator Charles Lindbergh

1932 Event - Body of kidnapped son of Charles Lindbergh is found in Hopewell, New Jersey

1932 Event - Charles Lindbergh turns over $50,000 as ransom for kidnapped son

1932 Birthday - James Clyde, born in England, Baron Clyde, son of James Latham Clyde, Lord Clyde, British judge, Chancellor to the Bishop of Argyll, Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland

1931 Event - George Gunn gets 183 and son of a gunn George Vernon 100* same innings

1931 Birthday - Igor Oistrach, Russian violinist and son of David Oistrach

1931 Birthday - Johnny Sheffield, born in Pasadena, California, actor, Boy-Tarzan Finds a Son

1930 Birthday - Whitman Mayo, New York City, actor, Grady-Sanford and Son

1929 Birthday - Remco [Wouter] Campert, Dutch literary/poet/son of Jan Campert

1929 Event - Sergei Prokoviev's ballet "Prodigal Son," premieres in Paris

1928 Birthday - Angus Ogilvy, son of English princess Alexandra

1926 Birthday - Martin Peake, born in England, 2nd Viscount Ingleby, businessman, nobleman, son of Osbert Peake, paralyzed from polio, contributed to the 1970 Disabled Persons Act

1926 Birthday - Sydney Chaplin, son of Charlie/actor, Adding Machine, Psycho Sisters

1926 Birthday - Shelley Berman, Chicago, comedian, Son of Blob, Love American Style

1925 Birthday - David Bache, born in Worcestershire, England, David Ernest Bache, son of footballer Joe Bache, car designer, worked with Rover, established design company David Bache Associates, created the Land Rover, Series II Land Rover

1925 Birthday - Harry H Corbett, Rangoon Burma, actor, Steptoe and Son, Jabberwacky

1924 Birthday - Gerald D Lascelles, son of English princess Mary

1924 Birthday - Jan Willem Radecker, sculptor/son of John Raedecker

1923 Birthday - Sara A. Lidman, Swedish author, Jag Och Min Son, Samtal in Hanoi

1922 Birthday - Redd Foxx, born in St. Louis, Missouri, comedian, Sandford and Son, Redd Foxx Show

1921 Birthday - Adrian Cruft, born Adrian Francis Cruft, son of Eugene Cruft, born in Britain, composer, dubbed a performer's composer, composed church, chamber and orchestral works

1920 Birthday - Christopher R. Milne, son of Alan A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

1919 Death - Wilhelm von Siemens, German industrial/son of Werner, dies

1919 Birthday - Hugh FitzRoy, born in Cape Town, South Africa, 11th Duke of Grafton, Deputy Lieutenant, KG, patrilineal descendant of King Charles II's third eldest illegitimate son

1919 Birthday - Mercer Ellington, son of Duke Ellington and bandleader

1919 Birthday - Lindsay Tuckett, cricketer, son of Len, 9 Tests for South Africa 1947-49

1919 Death - John C F, son of English king George V, dies at 13

1918 Birthday - Pim [Albrecht W] Lyre, Dutch lawyer/son of prince Henry

1918 Death - Aleksei N Romanov, son of tsar Nicolas II, executed at 13

1918 Event - Soccer team SON OF Meerssen forms

1917 Birthday - Isang Yun, born in Tongyeong, South Korea, composer, professor, son of renowned poet Yun Ki-hyon, exhiled from South Korea, taught at Hanover Academy of Music

1916 Birthday - Asfa Wossen, Crown prince of Ethiopia/son of emperor Haile Selassi

1915 Birthday - Iris Meredith, born in Sioux City, Iowa, actress, Son of Davy Crockett

1914 Birthday - Frances Farmer, born in Seattle, Washington, actress, Son of Fury, Among the Living

1914 Death - William E. Darwin, British son of Charles Darwin, dies at 74

1914 Birthday - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr., born in Campobello Island, Canada,Representative-D-New York 1949 - 1955, son of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1914 Event - King Peter I of Serbia names son Alexander the Prince-regent

1913 Birthday - Victor Trumper, Jr., cricketer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Trumper NSW 1940-41

1912 Birthday - Edgar Fernhout, Dutch painter/son of Charley Toorop

1911 Birthday - Joe Hardstaff, Jr., cricketer, son of Joseph, 23 Tests for England

1910 Birthday - A "Dudley" Nourse, cricketer, son of Dave, brilliant South African bat

1910 Birthday - Elliot Roosevelt, son of FDR/writer, Murder in the Oval Office

1910 Birthday - Soulima Stravinsky, born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Russian pianist, Igor's son

1910 Birthday - Chiang Ching-huo, son of Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek/President, 1978-88

1909 Birthday - Jeffrey Lynn, Auburn Massachusetts, actor, My Son Jeep, Roaring Twenties

1908 Birthday - Richard Wright, U.S., author, Native Son, Uncle Tom's Children

1906 Birthday - Klaus Mann, German/US author, Mephisto, son of Thomas Mann

1906 Birthday - Victor Wong, LA Cal, actor, Mission to Moscow, Son of Kong, King Kong

1905 Birthday - John C F, son of English King George V

1904 Death - Herbert von Bismarck, German politician/son of Otto, dies

1904 Birthday - Aleksei N Romanov, son of tsar Nicolas II

1903 Event - Pitcher Jack Doscher, 1 son of a major leaguer debuts with Cubs

1902 Birthday - Nicolas Guillen, Cuban poet, Motivos de son

1902 Birthday - Eddie James "Son" House, folk blues musician, Delta Blues

1901 Event - George Cohan's musical "Governor's Son," premieres in New York City

1900 Birthday - Sydney Arnold, English comic/actor, Miss Jones and Son

1900 Birthday - Cesar Domela, Dutch painter, Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis son

1899 Death - Frederick "Freddy" Roberts, son of British field marshal, dies in battle

1899 Birthday - Harry Buller Siege Willis, son of South Africa boer in Ladysmith

1899 Event - Webb Hayes son of President Rutherford Hayes receives medal of honor

1899 Death - Adrian the la Rey, son of South African general, dies in battle at 19

1898 Birthday - Josie Sedgwick, born in Texas, actress, Son of Oklahoma

1896 Birthday - Doris Lloyd, actress, Bachelor Father, Charley's Aunt, Sarah and Son

1893 Birthday - Ruth Chatterton, U.S. actress, Madame X, Sarah and Son

1892 Death - Thomas Cook, English tour director (Thomas Cook and Son), dies at 83

1890 Birthday - Julian Rivero, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Son of Oklahoma, Via Pony Express

1886 Birthday - Georges Vandertongerloo, Flemish artist, L'art et Son Avenir

1886 Birthday - Karl Dane, Copenhagen Denmark, actor, Son of the Sheik

1881 Birthday - Emil Ludwig, German biographer, Diana, Son of Man

1878 Birthday - Andrei N Rimski-Korssakov, Russian musicologist/son of Nikolai

1875 Birthday - Frank Reicher, Munich Germany, actor, King Kong, Son of Kong

1875 Death - John Baptist van Son, Dutch Catholic politician, dies at 71

1862 Birthday - Adeline De Walt Reynolds, Benton County, Iowa, actress, Son of Dracula

1849 Birthday - Herbert von Bismarck, German politician/son of Otto of Bismarck

1849 Birthday - Johan Willem, son of Dutch princess Marianne and coachman

1849 Birthday - Edmund Gosse, London, translator/critic, Father and Son

1847 Birthday - Jesse James, Missouri, bank/train robber, son of a clergyman

1843 Birthday - Willem F Mauritius HK, prince of Orange/son of king Willem III

1833 Death - Kaspar Hauser, German son of grand duke Karel of Bathe, murdered at 21

1832 Birthday - Joseph Smith, son of founder of Mormonism

1831 Event - Dom Pedro abdicates to son, Dom Pedro II crowned emperor of Brazil

1829 Death - George Washington Adams, son of John Quincy Adams, dies

1828 Event - John Quincy Adam's son John marries in White House

1822 Event - Pedro I, son of king Joao VI, declares Brazil independence

1812 Birthday - Kaspar Hauser, German son of grand duke Karel van Bathe

1811 Birthday - Napoleon FKJ Bonaparte II, Napoleon's son/King of Rome

1810 Birthday - Alexander Walewski, French earl/foreign minister/Napoleon I's son

1808 Birthday - Thomas Cook, England, tour director, Thomas Cook and Son

1804 Birthday - Jan Baptist van Son, Dutch politician, RC

1800 Event - Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse gives 1st cowpox vaccination to his son to prevent smallpox

1792 Birthday - Edward John Trelawney, England, traveler/author, Adv of Younger Son

1792 Birthday - John Herschel, born in Slough, England, William Herschel's son, astronomer

1791 Event - Samuel Briggs and his son, patent nail-making machine

1788 Event - Hue Tay Son becomes emperor Quang Trung of Vietnam

1784 Death - Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, composer, son of J.S. Bach, dies at 74

1778 Birthday - Charles F, duke of Berry/son of French king Charles X

1764 Birthday - Elisabeth PMH, princess of France/son of king Louis XVI

1751 Death - Frederick Louis, English prince of Wales/son of George I, dies

1742 Death - Omobono Stradivari, Italian violin maker/son of Antonius, dies at 62

1742 Death - Francesco Stradivari, Italian violin maker/son of Antonius, dies at 70

1735 Birthday - Johann Christian Bach, composer, son of JS Bach, English Bach

1714 Birthday - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, German composer, son of J. S. Bach

1710 Birthday - Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, composer, son of J.S. Bach

1710 Birthday - Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, composer, son of JS Bach, Sinfonias 64

1691 Death - Cornelis Tromp, admiral-general/son of Maarten T, dies at 61

1690 Birthday - Aleksei P Romanov, Russia, son of Peter the Great

1690 Event - Emperor Leopold's son Jozef chosen Roman Catholic king

1688 Event - King James II's wife and son flee to France

1688 Event - King James II's wife and son flee England for France

1686 Death - Ferdinando Tacca, Italian painter/son of Pietro Tacca, dies at 66

1685 Death - James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, illegitimate son of Charles 2, executed

1679 Birthday - Omobono Stradivari, Italian violin maker/son of Antonius

1671 Birthday - Francesco Stradivari, Italian violin maker/son of Antonius

1654 Death - Ferdinand, son of RC emperor Ferdinand III, dies

1649 Birthday - James Scott, duke of Monmouth, bastard son of English king Charles II

1646 Death - Baltasar Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip IV, dies

1641 Death - Robert Dowland, English luitist/son of John Dowland, dies at about 50

1629 Birthday - Cornelis Tromp, Dutch Lieutenant-Admiral-General/son of Maarten Tromp

1620 Birthday - Peregrine White, son of Wm and Susanna White, born aboard Mayflower

1613 Event - Michael Romanov, son of Patriarch of Moscow, elected Russian tsar

1611 Event - Henry Hudson and son set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers

1591 Death - Dimitri Ivanovitch, Russian son of czar Ivan IV, murdered at 9

1582 Birthday - Johan Ernst earl of Nassau-Siegen, military/son of Johan VII

1581 Birthday - Dimitri Ivanovitch, Russian son of Ivan IV "the Terrible"

1572 Event - Duke of Alva's son Don Fredrik begins siege for Haarlem

1572 Event - Spanish army under Alva's son Don Frederik plunders Mechelen

1568 Death - Don Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip II, dies at about 23

1568 Death - Adolf van Nassau, German son of Willem the Rich, dies in battle at 27

1556 Event - Karel V's son Philip II crowned king of Spain

1556 Event - Emperor Karel appoints his son Philip II, king of Spain

1555 Event - Emperor Karel puts son Philip II in charge of Netherlands/Naples/Milan

1551 Event - Emperor Karel appoints son Philip as heir to the throne

1547 Death - Pierlugi Faraese, Italian son of Pope Paul III, murdered

1545 Event - Pope Paul III names his son Pierluigi Farnese, duke of Parma

1545 Birthday - Don Carlos, son of Spanish king Philip II

1540 Event - Emperor Karel names his son Philip, duke of Milan

1540 Birthday - Adolf van Nassau, German son of Willem the Rich/Juliana of Stolberg

1506 Event - Columbus selects his son Diego as sole heir

1503 Birthday - Il Bronzino, Florentine painter, Eleanor de Toledo and her Son

1502 Event - Cesare Borgia (son of pope Alexander VI) occupies Urbino

1497 Event - "Edward IV's son" Perkin Warbecks army lands in Cork

1495 Death - Djem Sultan, son of Turkish sultan Mehmed II, dies at 35

1495 Event - Pope gives his son Cesare Borgia as hostage to Charles VIII of France

1479 Birthday - Vasili III, great prince of Moscow 1505-33 amd son of Ivan III

1477 Event - Maximilian I, son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, weds Mary of

1459 Birthday - Djem Sultan, son of Turks sultan Mehmed II

1422 Event - Charles V's son succeeds him as king Charles VII of France

1415 Death - Anton van Bourgondie, French son of Philip the Stout/duke, dies at 31

1393 Death - Yvain, son of earl of Foix, burned at royal ball

1376 Death - "Black Prince" of Wales, son of King Edward of England, dies at 46

1354 Event - Margaretha van Bavarian's son earl Willem V signs peace treaty

1349 Event - Margaretha of Bavaria names her son Willem V earl of Holland/Zealand

1310 Event - German king Heinrich VII makes his son Johan king of Bohemia

1307 Event - William Tell shoots apple off his son's head

1307 Event - German king Albrecht I makes his son Rudolf king of Bohemia

1298 Event - Albert I, son of Rudolf of Habsburg, crowned Holy Roman Emperor

1291 Event - Sultan of Egypt and his son take last Christian stronghold of Acre

1272 Death - Re Enzo, Italian poet/son of Emp Frederik II von Hohenstaufen, dies

1268 Death - Conrad Hohenstaufen, Conrad van Zwaben, son of Conrad IV, dies

1268 Death - Konradijn Hohenstaufen, son of Koenraad IV, beheaded in Naples

1266 Death - Manfred, bastard son of Emperor Frederik II/king of Sicily, dies

1252 Birthday - Konradijn Hohenstaufen, Koenrad van Zwaben, son of Konrad IV

1236 Death - Sava [Rastko], son of Serbia's king/saint, dies at 64

1215 Death - Otto van Gelre, son of Otto I/earl-elect of Utrecht

1188 Birthday - Ferrand of Portugal, earl of Flanders/son of Sancho I

1162 Death - Boudouin III, son of King Fulco of Anjou/husband of Theodora, dies

1129 Event - Fulco V's son Godfried marries king Henry I's daughter Mathildis

1120 Death - William, English crown prince/son of Henry I, drowns at 17

1093 Death - Edward Macduncan, Scottish crown prince/son of Malcolm II, dies in battle

1087 Event - German emperor Henry IV crowns his son Koenraad

1059 Event - Henri I crowns his son compassionate King Philip I of France

1057 Death - Macbeth, King of Scotland, slain by son of King Duncan

1054 Event - Emperor Henry III crowns his son Henry IV king

1028 Event - German emperor Conrad II the Sailor crowns his son Henry III, king

1027 Event - Robert II, the Vrome, names son Henry I, king of France

987 Event - French King Hugo Capet crowns his son Robert the compassionate king

955 Event - Alberich II, son of Octavianus elected pope

936 Event - Duke Alberik II of Spoleto appoints his son Pope Leo VII

811 Death - Charles, eldest son of emperor Charles the Great, dies at about 39

810 Death - Pepin, son of Charlemagne, King of Italy, dies (birth date unknown)

628 Death - Chosroes II, emperor of Persia (579..628), murdered by his son

117 Death - Mark Ulpius Trajanus, adopted son of emperor Nerva/emperor, dies