Children Events in History

2015 Event - Myanmar President Thein Sein implements a population control law requiring women to wait three years between children; critics believe the law can be used to oppress women as well as minority religion and ethnic populations in the country

2014 Event - Two boys in a New York town are rescued early this morning after being inadvertently buried in snow by a snow plow; the plow operator did not see the children as he cleared snow from a parking lot in which they were building a snow fort

2014 Event - U.S. President Barack Obama announces plans to delay deportation of about 4 million undocumented immigrants who have lived in the country for at least 5 years and have children who are legal residents or U.S. citizens

2014 Event - The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi for their work in advocating children's rights; 17-year-old Yousafzai, who was shot by Taliban in retaliation for her activism, is the youngest recipient in history

2014 Event - A large number of children across ten U.S. states are being hospitalized due to Enterovirus, EV-D68; children with asthma are particularly at risk for complications

2014 Event - U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Central American leaders, asking their assistance in curbing the flood of children attempting to immigrate; Obama asserted that children without proper documentation would be returned to their home countries

2014 Event - In an effort to address the flood of unaccompanied immigrant children crossing the Texas border, Governor Rick Perry sends 1,000 National Guard troops to provide border security

2014 Event - The Obama administration requests $3.7 billion to address a flood of children crossing the U.S. border unaccompanied by adults; the children are to be returned to their home countries

2014 Event - U.S. President Barack Obama requests $2 billion for emergency measures to address illegal immigration and enhance security at the border with Mexico; thousands of children have been caught in the last 8 months crossing the border without adults

2014 Event - Polio is on the rise as unvaccinated refugees travel across borders; though most prevalent in Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, infections are now appearing in other parts of Asia and Africa; young children are the most vulnerable

2013 Event - Born without a trachea, a 2-year-old Korean-Canadian child is the youngest patient in history to receive a bioengineered organ made from stem cells; she received the transplanted organ at the Children's Hospital of Illinois

2012 Event - A law banning Americans from adopting Russian children is approved by Russia's parliament; the action is a respons to the U.S. Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act

2012 Event - In the U.S. state of Connecticut, a shooter kills 29 people, including 20 children, himself and his mother at Sandy Hook Elementary School

2012 Event - The Pakistani government accuses the Save the Children NGO as being linked to a fake vaccination program used in the hunt for Osama bin Laden; Pakistan orders foreign nationals working for the organization to leave the country within four weeks

2012 Event - U.S. researchers report that preventable infections are the leading cause of the world's child mortality rate, where out of 7.6 million children who died before the age of 5 in 21010, 60% died of infections like pneumonia

2012 Event - The wives and children of former Osama bin Laden are deported from Pakistan to Saudi Arabialo

2012 Event - A children's story by James Joyce is published for the first time in Dublin; the story, 'The Cats of Copenhagen' is called an 'outrage'

2011 Event - A vaccination program immunizing over 170 million children every year has resulted in the near eradication of polio in India

2011 Event - Pakistan's President, Asif Ali Zardari, launched an emergency polio immunization programme targeting 32 million children under age 5

2011 Event - Save the Children launches a campaign to help 400,000 children in Sri Lanka deal with the crisis following the worst floods in their history

2010 Event - United Nations officials believe 3.5 million children may contract waterborne diseases as a result of the floods in Pakistan

2010 Event - The BBC finds evidence of a massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo carried out by the Lord's Resistance Army last December, in which 321 people, including children, were killed

2010 Event - One year after thousands of children became ill from melamine in milk, new traces of melamine in milk products is discovered in China

2004 Death - Syd Hoff, cartoonist/children's book illustrator, The New Yorker, dies at 91

1998 Death - Shinichi Suzuki, music educator, "developed the ""Suzuki Method"" which taugh violin to children", dies at 98

1997 Event - 10th Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $5,400,186

1997 Event - "Married With Children" final episode on Fox TV

1996 Death - Margaret E Rey, author of children's books, dies at 90

1996 Death - George Richard Samways, children's writer, dies at 101

1996 Event - Julia and Noah wed on "All My Children"

1996 Event - 9th Children's Miracle Network Telethon

1996 Death - Buck, dog (Married with Children), dies at 13

1996 Death - Lucy Faithfull, children's campaigner, dies at 85

1995 Event - Susan Smith found guilty of drowning her 2 children in South Carolina

1995 Event - 8th Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $1,331,000

1994 Event - Moslem fundamentalists in Mostaganem Algeria murder 5 children

1994 Death - Warwick Hutton, illustrator, artist, author, created illustrations for children's books, worked with texts by Hans Christian Andersen, dies at 55 of cancer in Cambridge, England

1994 Event - Maggie Will wins Children's Medical Center LPGA Golf Classic

1994 Event - 7th Children's Miracle Network Telethon

1994 Death - Frances Heflin, actress (Mona Tyler-All My Children), dies at 70

1994 Death - Richard Scarry, author/illustrator of children's books, dies at 74

1994 Event - Fishing boat with school children capsize at Lanaka Syria, 46 killed

1994 Event - 3 Afghans take 70 Pakistani children hostage

1993 Event - Serbian army fires on school in Sarajevo, 9 children died

1993 Event - 6th Children's Miracle Network Telethon

1993 Event - The Branch Davidian Compound near Waco, Texas, is destroyed in a fire after 51-day stand-off; 76 people die, including 24 British nationals and 20 children

1992 Death - Mary Norton, children book author (Borrowers), dies at 88

1992 Death - Vernon Howard, spiritual teacher, speaker, philosopher, author, wrote humor books, children's books, spoke and wrote about self-development, self-awareness, spiritual, psychological growth, dies

1992 Event - 5th Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $1,060,000

1992 Death - Walt Morey, U.S. children's book writer (Gentle Ben), dies at 84

1991 Death - James Marshall, U.S. children's book writer/illustrator, dies at 50

1991 Event - 4th Children's Miracle Network Telethon

1990 Death - Ben Rutgers Van de Loeff-Basenau, children's book writer, dies at 80

1990 Event - 3rd Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $894,560

1990 Event - On a BBC taped interview, rock star Stevie Nicks breaks down, saying that she will never have children and no man can stand her for long

1989 Event - Athol Fugard's "My Children, My Africa," premieres in New York City

1989 Event - 2nd Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $770,000

1989 Event - Steve Garvey marries Candace Thomas while at same time being accused of fathering children by 2 other women

1988 Event - Senate passes bill curbing ads during children's TV shows

1988 Event - 1st Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $590,000

1988 Event - U.S. accept immigration of 30,000 U.S. - Vietnamese children

1987 Event - Fox TV network premieres showing Married With Children

1985 Event - "Pryor's Place," children show last airs on CBS-TV

1985 Death - Kay Campbell, actress (All My Children), dies at 80

1983 Event - 1st National Missing Children's Day is proclaimed

1982 Event - Penn prison guard George Banks kills 13 (5 were his own children)

1982 Event - Supreme Court rules all children, regardless of citizenship, are entitled to a public education

1981 Birthday - Tommy Michaels, born in Staten Island, New York, actor, Timmy Hutton-All My Children

1980 Event - Palestinian throws hand grenade on Jewish children in Antwerp, 1 dead

1980 Event - 34th Tony Awards: Children of a Lesser God and Evita win

1980 Event - Mark Medoff's "Children of a Lesser God," premieres in New York City

1977 Death - Anton D Hildebrand, children's book writer (Monus), dies at 70

1977 Event - Moluccan extremists hold 105 schoolchildren and 50 others hostage on a hijacked train in Netherlands, children released May 27, siege ends June 11

1977 Birthday - Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress, Kendall-All My Children, Buffy

1976 Birthday - Lindsay Price, Arcadia California, actress, Bold and Beautiful, All My Children

1976 Event - 36-hour kidnap of 26 school children and their bus driver in California

1975 Birthday - Lauren E Roman, Wilmington, North Carolina, actress, Laura Kirk-All My Children

1975 Birthday - David Faustino, born in California, actor in I Had 3 Wives,Married With Children

1973 Death - Tim Holt, actor (Stagecoach, Hitler's Children), dies of cancer at 55

1972 Birthday - Elizabeth Vassey, born in Raleigh, North Carolina, actress, Emily Martin-All My Children

1971 Birthday - Christina Applegate, Hollywood, actress, Kelly-Married With Children

1971 Birthday - Sydney Penny, actress, Danni-New Gidget, Thorn Birds, All My Children

1971 Event - Development of a serum hepatitis vaccine for children announced

1970 Birthday - Kelly Ripa, actress, Hayley Vaughan-All My Children

1970 Event - Arab terrorists kill 9 children and 3 adults on a school bus

1970 Birthday - Mark Consuelos, born in Zaragosa, Spain, actor, Mateo Santos-All My Children

1970 Birthday - Brian Gaskill, actor, David Michaels-Models Inc, Bob-All My Children

1970 Event - Soap Opera "All My Children," premieres on ABC

1969 Birthday - Cady McClain, born in Burbank, California, actress, Dixie Martin-All My Children

1969 Birthday - Rudolf Martin, Germany, actor, Anton-All My Children

1969 Birthday - Tichina Arnold, born in Queens, actress, Ryan's Hope, Sharla-All My Children

1969 Birthday - Dondre T Whitfield, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Another World, All My Children

1969 Birthday - Matt Borlenghi, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Brian Bodine-All My Children

1968 Birthday - Paul Scherrer, actor, Children of Corn II, Free Spirit

1968 Death - Patsy Moran, actress (Children of the Wild), dies at 65

1968 Event - John and Yoko's "One on One" benefit for children at MSG

1968 Birthday - Greta Lind, Goshen, New York, actress, Katie Kennicott-All My Children

1968 Birthday - Patrick Stuart, Hollywood Cal, actor, Will Cortlandt-All My Children

1968 Birthday - Tasia Valenza, born in New York City, actress, All My Children

1968 Birthday - Jean Zedlitz, born in Stockton, California, LPGA golfer, 1994 Children's Med-14th

1967 Death - Bela Schick, Hungarian/U.S. children's physician (Scarlet Fever), dies at 90

1967 Death - Arthur Mitchell Ransome, critic/children's book author, dies

1966 Birthday - Lindsay Price, actress, All My Children

1966 Event - Drunk driver kills 10 children in Asse Belgium

1966 Birthday - Chris Bruno, actor, Michael-All My Children, Dennis-Another World

1965 Event - South Africa government says children of white fathers are white

1965 Event - Children find trunk with corpse in Amsterdam canal

1965 Birthday - Marlee Matlin, Illinois, deaf actress, Children of Lesser God-Academy Award

1964 Birthday - Trent Bushey, born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, actor, David Rampal-All My Children

1963 Birthday - Teresa Blake, Tuscaloosa Ala, actress, Gloria Marsh-All My Children

1963 Event - 4 children killed in bombing of a black Baptist church in Birmingham

1963 Birthday - Lonnie Quinn, Cheshire Conn, actor, Will Cooley-All My Children

1963 Birthday - Shari Headley, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Mimi Reed-All My Children

1963 Birthday - Charles Van Eman, Pitts, actor, Charlie-All My Children, Dynasty II

1962 Birthday - Gina Gershon, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, film roles include, 'Cocktail', 'Bound', 'Showgirls', author of children's book, 'Camp Creepy Time'

1962 Birthday - Tonya Pinkins, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Livia Frye-All My Children

1962 Birthday - Keith Hamilton Cobb, Tarrytown, New York, actor, Noah Keefer-All My Children

1961 Birthday - Kim Delaney, born in Philadelphia, actress, All My Children, Tour of Duty, New YorkPD Blue

1960 Event - Fire in movie theater kills 152 children (Amude Spain)

1960 Birthday - Scott Thompson Baker, born in Minneapolis, actor, General Hosp, All My Children

1959 Event - U.N. adopts Universal Declaration of Children's Rights

1959 Birthday - Grant Aleksander, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actor, Guiding Light, All My Children

1959 Event - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Children's Petting Farm opens

1959 Birthday - Kate Collins, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress, Natalie Hunter-All My Children

1959 Event - "Bozo the Clown" live children's show premieres on TV

1958 Birthday - Amanda Bearse, actress, Marcy Rhodes-Married With Children

1958 Birthday - Perry Stephens, Frankfurt Germany, actor, Loving, All My Children

1957 Birthday - William Christian, Washington D.C., actor, Derek Frye-All My Children

1956 Birthday - Michael S Brainard, Louisiana, actor, Joey-All My Children, Santa Barbara

1956 Birthday - Katey Sagal, singer and actress, Peggy Bundy-Married With Children

1956 Birthday - Robin Mattson, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Janet Green-All My Children

1955 Birthday - Melody Anderson, Edmonton, actress, Natalie Dillon-All My Children

1955 Birthday - Bill Nye, born in Washington, D.C., comedian, television host, mechanical engineer, host of children's science show, 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'

1955 Birthday - Christopher Lawford, actor, Charlie Brent-All My Children

1954 Event - Council for the Children Protection forms in Netherlands

1954 Birthday - Gerard Hadders, Dutch postage stamp designer, 1991 children stamp

1954 Birthday - James Kiberd, actor, Trevor Dillon-Loving, All My Children

1954 Death - Evert Gorter, children artist (Kindergeneeskunde), dies at 72

1954 Birthday - Katey Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Peg Bundy-Married with Children

1953 Death - Elsa Beskow, (Maartman), Swedish author (children's book), dies at 79

1953 Birthday - Peter Bergman, actor, All My Children, Starland Vocal Band

1953 Birthday - Pat Benatar, born in Brooklyn, New York, singer, Hell Is for Children

1952 Birthday - Marie Helvin, model/actress, Children

1951 Birthday - Alan Dysert, born in Danville, Illinois, actor, Sean Cudahy-All My Children

1951 Birthday - Walt Willey, Ottawa, Illinois, actor, Jackson Montgomery-All My Children

1950 Event - French women and children leaves Hanoi/Tonkin-delta

1950 Birthday - Debi Morgan, Dunn, North Carolina, actress, Angie-All My Children, Cry Uncle

1950 Birthday - Candice Earley, Ft. Hood, Texas, actress, Donna Tyler-All My Children

1950 Birthday - William Hurt, born in Washington D.C., actor, Big Chill, Children of a Lesser God

1949 Birthday - Anita Louis, U.S. singer, Soul Children, I'll Be the Other Woman

1949 Birthday - Julia Barr, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, actress, Brooke-All My Children

1949 Event - 1st daytime soap on TV "These Are My Children" (NBC in Chicago)

1948 Birthday - Raffi, children's singer, Baby Beluga

1947 Birthday - Susan Lucci, born in Scarsdale, New York, actress, All My Children, Mafia Princess

1947 Death - St-Georges de Bouchelier, French author (Children's Carnival), dies at 71

1947 Birthday - Salman Rushdie, Pak, novelist, Midnight's Children, Satanic Verses

1947 Birthday - Dorothy Lyman, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, All my Children, Naomi-Mama's Family

1946 Event - U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) established (Nobel 1965)

1946 Birthday - John "Blackfoot" Colbert, U.S. singer, Soul Children, Taxi

1946 Birthday - Jean LeClerc, actor, Jeremy Hunter-All My Children

1946 Birthday - Ed O'Neill, actor, Al Bundy-Married with Children

1946 Birthday - Ever Meulen, Eddy Vermeulen, Dutch designer, children stamps 1992

1946 Birthday - Kathleen Noone, actress, All My Children, Party of 5, Knots Landing

1945 Birthday - Dieter Meier, Swiss singer and children book writer, Yello

1945 Birthday - Michael Nader, actor, Dynasty, All My Children

1944 Birthday - Matthew Cowles, soap actor, Eban Japes-Loving, Billy in 'All My Children'

1944 Event - Children's Aktion-Nazis collect all the Jewish children of Lovno

1943 Birthday - R L Stine, children's book writer, Goosebumps

1943 Event - SS police chief Rauter threatens to kill half Jewish children

1942 Event - Little Golden Books (children books) begins publishing

1942 Event - Compulsory work for women, children and old males in Batavia

1941 Birthday - Daniel Pinkwater, born in Memphis, Tennessee, author, children's books, critic, commentator, National Public Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday

1941 Event - German Einsatzkommando in Russia kills 1,469 Jewish children

1941 Birthday - Ivana Loudova, born in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Czech Republic, composer, wrote chamber, orchestral, children's choral works, including 'Little Christmas Cantata'

1940 Birthday - Ann Armstrong Dailey, founder, Children's Hospice International

1940 Event - C Turney and J Horwin's "My Dear Children," premieres in New York City

1939 Birthday - Norman West, U.S. singer, Soul Children, Hearsay, Give 'em Love

1939 Birthday - Warwick Hutton, born in Britain, illustrator, artist, author, created illustrations for children's books, worked with texts by Hans Christian Andersen

1939 Death - Grace Abbott, social worker (US Children Bureau), dies at 60

1936 Event - Bachelor's Children debuts on CBS radio (at 9:45 am)

1935 Birthday - Paul J M Beers, Dutch actor, Mother Courage and Her Children

1934 Event - Lillian Hellman's "Children's Hour," premieres in New York City

1933 Birthday - The Tjong King, Dutch illustrator of children books, Miep Diekman

1932 Birthday - Adrian Mitchell, born in North London, English playwright, poet, children's author, voice for British anti-authoritarian Left

1931 Birthday - June Thorburn, born in Kashmir, India, actress, Touch and Go, Children Galore

1930 Birthday - Tonke Dragt, Dutch children book author, Towers of February

1930 Event - Edwin Justus Mayer's "Children of Darkness," premieres in New York City

1929 Birthday - Joan Ganz Cooney, born in Phoenix, Arizona, TV executive, Children's TV Workshop

1929 Birthday - Joan Ganz Cooney, founder, Children's Television Workshop

1928 Birthday - William Trevor, British writer, Children of Dynmouth, Fools of Fortune

1928 Event - 6 children die and 10 injured by hailstones in Klausenburg, Romania

1928 Birthday - Fred Rogers, born in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, children TV host, Mr Rogers' Neighborhood

1927 Event - Maxwell Anderson's "Saturday's Children," premieres in New York City

1927 Event - Fire in Laurier Palace cinema in Montreal, 78 children died

1925 Birthday - Russell Hoban, U.S. children's book author, Riddley Walker/Pilgermann

1924 Birthday - Joan Aiken, Romania, writer of children's songs

1924 Birthday - Lloyd Alexander, born in Pennsylvania, American author, wrote children's fantasy novels, 'Cricket' magazine creator

1923 Birthday - Frances Heflin, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, actress, Mona Tyler-All My Children

1923 Birthday - Paula Fox, U.S. children's books author, Poor George

1923 Birthday - Lindsay Anderson, born in Bangalore, India, director, Thursday's Children

1921 Birthday - Karel Appel, painter, Vragende Children

1920 Birthday - Dinah Sheridan, actress, Genevieve, Railway Children

1920 Birthday - Eileen Herlie, born in Glasgow, Scotland, actress, Myrtle Fargate-All My Children

1920 Birthday - James Mitchell, Sacramento California, actor, Palmer-All My Children

1919 Birthday - Richard McClure Scarry, children's author/illustrator

1918 Event - 1st use of iron lung (Boston's Children Hospital)

1918 Birthday - Vernon Howard, born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, spiritual teacher, speaker, philosopher, author, wrote humor books, children's books, spoke and wrote about self-development, self-awareness, spiritual, psychological growth

1918 Birthday - Tim Holt, Beverly Hills California, actor, Stagecoach, Hitler's Children

1917 Event - Vision of Virgin Mary appeared to children of Fatima, Portugal

1917 Event - 1st appearance of Mary to 3 shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal

1916 Birthday - Ruth Warwick, born in St. Joseph, Missouri, actress, Citizen Kane, All My Children

1913 Birthday - Allan David, actor, director andproducer, Cry of the Children

1912 Birthday - Ian Serraillier, children author

1911 Death - Gustav Mahler, Austr composer (Children's Death Songs), dies at 50

1910 Birthday - Lucy Faithfull, children's campaigner

1910 Birthday - Donald Bisset, Dutch children book writer and actor, Battle of the Sexes

1910 Birthday - An Rutgers van der Loeff-Basenau, children book writer, Skating Race

1910 Event - Children initiate idea of planting trees in Jerusalem

1908 Birthday - Richard Wright, U.S., author, Native Son, Uncle Tom's Children

1907 Birthday - Rumer Godden, England, author, Thursday's Children

1907 Birthday - Astrid Lindgren, Swedish children book author, Pipi Longstocking

1907 Birthday - Anton D Hildebrand, children's book writer, Man in the Moon

1907 Birthday - Pinky Lee, children's show host, Pinky Lee Show

1904 Event - German SW Africa abolishes slavery of young children

1904 Birthday - Kay Campbell, Catherine Hibben, actress, All My Children

1904 Birthday - Theodor Geisel, Dr. Seuss, children's author, "Horton Hears a Who!"

1903 Birthday - Patsy Moran, Pennsylvania, actress, Children of the Wild

1902 Birthday - Christina Stead, born in Australia, novelist, Man Who Loved Children

1901 Death - Kate Greenaway, English children book illustrater, dies at 55

1901 Event - Dutch Penitentiary children's law proclaimed

1899 Birthday - Jean de Brunhoff, France, children's book author, Babar the Elephant

1898 Birthday - Bessie Love, born in Midland, Texas, actress, Broadway Melody, Children of Damned

1898 Birthday - Kathleen Hale, British children book writer/illustrator, Orlando

1897 Birthday - Olga Chekova, born in Russia, actress, Italian Strawhat, Cry of the Children

1895 Birthday - George Richard Samways, children's writer

1894 Birthday - Cornelis Rijnsdorp, writer, Kings Children

1888 Birthday - Joyce Cary, Anglo-Irish, male, writer, House of Children

1884 Birthday - Julius Callewaert, Flemish dominican/bringing up children

1879 Birthday - H de Bie, Dutch lawyer, children's law

1879 Event - W. H. Richardson, a black inventor, patents the children's carriage

1879 Birthday - Frederick G. Melcher, U.S., publisher/editor/founded children book week

1878 Birthday - Grace Abbott, Grand Island, Nebraska, social worker, US Children Bureau

1877 Birthday - Bela Schick, Hungarian/US children artist, Serum Krankheit

1874 Birthday - Elsa Beskow, Maartman, Swedish children's book/fairy tales author

1871 Birthday - Louis William Stern, German/US philosopher, Intelligence of Children

1870 Event - 173 Blackfoot (140 women and children) killed in Montana by U.S. Army

1866 Birthday - Martha McChesney Berry, U.S., founded Berry School for Children

1866 Birthday - Beatrix Potter, born in England, children's author, Tale of Peter Rabbit

1864 Birthday - Israel Zangwill, England, Jewish author/Zionist, Children of Ghetto

1858 Birthday - Edith Nesbit, England, children books author, Railway Children

1855 Event - U.S. citizenship laws amended all children of U.S. parents born abroad granted U.S. citizenship

1852 Event - Massachusetts rules all school-age children must attend school

1852 Event - Ohio makes it illegal for children under 18 and women to work more than 10 hours a day

1852 Event - Great Ormond St. Hospital for Sick Children, London, admits 1st patient

1847 Event - Moses Garrish Farmer builds 1st miniature train for children to ride

1841 Death - Catherine McAuley, founder, the Sisters of Mercy, established 12 foundations in Ireland, 2 in England, inherited fortune from father, used money to care for, educate, homeless women and children, dies at her House of Mercy

1839 Event - Prussian government limits work week for children to 51 hours

1808 Birthday - Martha Finley, children's book author

1787 Event - Austrian emperor Jozef II bans children under 8 from labor

1778 Birthday - Catherine McAuley, born in Dublin, Ireland, founder, the Sisters of Mercy, established 12 foundations in Ireland, 2 in England, inherited fortune from father, used money to care for, educate, homeless women and children

1778 Event - British forces massacre 360 men, women and children in Wyoming, Pa

1741 Birthday - Agatha "Aagje" Deken, Dutch writer, For the Elderly and Children

1740 Death - Mauritius Louis II earl of Nassau, Lieutenant-general (12 children), dies

1733 Death - August II, the Strong, King of Poland (355 children), dies at 62

1719 Event - Thomas Fleet publishes "Mother Goose's Melodies For Children"

1670 Birthday - August II, the Strong One, King of Poland, 355 children

1609 Event - Children's rhyme "Three Blind Mice," published in London

1502 Birthday - Hendrik Niclaes, German/Dutch merchant/cult leader, Children of God

1476 Event - Emperor Frederik III of Habsburg and duke Charles the Stout arrange marriage of their children

1440 Death - Gilles de Rais, French marshal, killer of 140 children, hanged

1284 Event - Pied Piper lures 130 children of Hamelin away (actually happened)

1212 Event - Children's cruisaders under Nicolas (10) reach Genoa