Patrick Events in History

2014 Event - French author Patrick Modiano receives the Nobel Prize in Literature, winning the award over noted poet Adonis and writers Haruki Murakami, Svetlana Alexievich, and Ngugi wa Thiong'o

2013 Event - In racing, Danica Patrick becomes the first woman at the Daytona 500 and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to win pole position

2011 Event - Kenyan runner, Patrick Makau Musyoki, breaks the world record for the marathon at the Berlin Marathon

2011 Event - St. Patrick's Day parates are celebrated internationally

2009 Death - Patrick McGoohan, dies in Santa Monica, California, after a brief illness, at 80

2003 Death - Daniel Patrick Moynihan, U.S. ambassador to United Nations, Senator-D-New York, 1977 - 2001, died from complications from an appendectomy

2002 Death - Dennis Patrick, actor, Dallas, dies at 84

2000 Death - Patrick O'Brian, author of sea-faring novels, Aubrey-Maturin series, dies at 85

1998 Death - James Patrick Murray, American Journalist

1997 Event - 117th U.S. Mens Tennis: Patrick Rafter beats Greg Rusedski (63 62 46 75)

1996 Death - Patrick Johnson, physicist, dies at 92

1996 Death - Patrick McGeown, politician, Belfast City Council councilor, volunteer, Provisional Irish Republican Army, participant, Irish hunger strike, 1981, dies at 40 from a heart attack

1996 Death - George Patrick Reid, schoolkeeper, dies at 59

1996 Death - Patrick Cargill, actor (Up Pompeii, Magic Christian), dies at 77

1996 Death - Douglas Patrick Thomas Jay, politician, dies at 88

1996 Death - John Patrick Sutton Ludlow, actor (Agatha), dies at 93

1995 Death - John Patrick, screenwriter, dies at 90

1995 Death - Ernest Charles Melvin Patrick Ekundio Marke, club Owner, dies at 93

1995 Death - Agnes Patrick, campaigner, dies at 85

1995 Death - Omukama Patrick D Matthew Olimi Kaboyo II, king of Toro, dies at 49

1995 Death - Jeremiah Jerry Patrick Lordam, songwriter/compser, dies at 61

1995 Death - Patrick Bowles, writer/translator, dies at 68

1994 Death - Patrick O'Neal, U.S. actor (King Rat, Night of the Iguana), dies at 66

1994 Death - Patrick Meehan, petty Criminal, dies at 67

1994 Death - Patrick Crommelynck, Belgian pianist, commits suicide

1993 Death - Patrick Haemers, Belgian criminal, commits suicide at 40

1993 Event - Stephane Powers weds Patrick de la Chenais

1992 Event - Prix Goncourt awarded to Patrick Chamoiseau for "Texaco"

1992 Death - Patrick A Devlin, England, judge/lead house of Lords, dies

1992 Birthday - Cole Sprouse, born in Arezzo, Italy, actor, Patrick Kelly-Grace Under Fire

1992 Birthday - Dylan Sprouse, born in Arezzo, Italy, actor, Patrick Kelly-Grace Under Fire

1992 Death - Patrick Peyton, Rosary Priest, dies of kidney failure at 83

1991 Event - Patrick Manning becomes premier of Trinidad and Tobago

1991 Event - New York Knicks pay Patrick Ewing a record $18.8 million for 2 yr extension

1991 Death - Patrick Hamilton, author (Gaslight, Rope, Angel Street), dies at 45

1991 Event - Irish Lesbians and Gays march in St. Patrick Day parade

1990 Event - New York Knicks Patrick Ewing scores 50 points beating Charlotte 113-96

1990 Death - Patrick White, Australian writer (Nobel 1973), dies

1989 Event - Dorothy Cudahy is 1st female grand marshal of St. Patrick Day Parade

1988 Event - New Jersey Devils raise their 1st pennant (Patrick Div Playoff Champs)

1988 Event - New Jersey Devils beat Caps 3-2 taking 7th game of Patrick Division final

1987 Event - Benjamin and Patrick Binder separated at John Hopkins Hospital

1987 Death - Dorothy Patrick, actress (Torch Song, New Orleans, High Wall), dies

1987 Death - Patrick Troughton, actor (Dr. Who-Dr. Who), dies at 56

1987 Death - Patrick "Spike" Hughes, British jazz musician (Cinderella), dies at 78

1986 Death - Robert Helpmann, actor (Second Time Lucky, Patrick), dies at 77

1986 Event - Bobby (Patrick Duffy) returns to Dallas, his death is attributed to his wife Pam's bad dream (erases all of last season)

1986 Event - Mail carrier Patrick Sherrill, Edmond Ok, shot 14 fellow workers dead

1986 Event - Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) comes back from dead on Dallas

1986 Death - Frank [Patrick] Herbert, sci-fi author (Dune), dies at 65

1985 Death - Patrick Barr, actor (Black Orchid, On the Run), dies at 77

1985 Death - Bobby Ewing, (Patrick Duffy) killed off on Dallas

1983 Death - Patrick O'Moore, actor (Jungle Gents), dies at 74

1982 Death - Lee Patrick, actress (Henrietta-Topper, Maltese Falcon), dies at 75

1982 Death - Patrick J G McGee, Irish actor (Barry Lyndon), dies at 60

1982 Death - Patrick Magee, Irish actor (Clockwork Orange, King Lear), dies at 58

1982 Death - Patrick Dewaere, actor (Catherine and Co), shoots self at 35

1982 Birthday - Danica Patrick, American Celebrity

1981 Death - Nigel Patrick, actor and director (Sapphire, Prize of Gold), dies at 68

1980 Death - Gail Patrick, actress (My Man Godfrey), dies of leukemia at 69

1980 Birthday - Garette Patrick Ratliff, actor, Return to Blue Lagoon

1979 Event - "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez peaks at #16

1976 Event - Dr. Patrick J Hillery elected president of Iraq

1976 Birthday - Chris[tian] Patrick Raymond Ahrens, Whitefish Bay Wis, rower 1996 Olympics

1976 Birthday - Patrick Stephan Kluivert, Surinam/Dutch soccer player, Ajax

1975 Birthday - Patrick Paauwe, Dutch soccer player, PSV, Graafschap

1975 Birthday - Patrick McHenry, American Politician

1974 Death - Patrick MS Blackett, British physicist (Nobel 1948), dies at 76

1974 Birthday - Patrick Lalime, born in St. Bonaventure, NHL goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins

1974 Birthday - Patrick Hape, tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1973 Death - Patrick Hadley, composer, dies at 74

1973 Death - Patrick McVey, actor (Manhunt, Big Town), dies at 63

1973 Birthday - Neil Patrick Harris, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, actor, Doogie Howser MD

1973 Birthday - Patrick Sapp, NFL offensive linebacker for the San Diego Chargers

1973 Birthday - Patrick Poulin, born in Vanier, NHL left wing, Tampa Bay Lightning

1973 Event - Acting FBI director L Patrick Gray resigns after admitting he destroyed evidence in the Watergate scandal

1973 Event - St. Patrick Day marchers carry 14 coffins commemorating Bloody Sunday

1973 Birthday - Patrick Jeffers, NFL wide reciever, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32

1972 Birthday - Patrick Rafter, born in Queensland, Australia, tennis star, 1993 USTA/Aptos California

1972 Birthday - Patrick van Diemen, Dutch soccer player, FC Utrecht, NEC

1972 Birthday - Patrick Pothuizen, soccer player, Vitesse

1972 Birthday - Carmen Electra, born in Sharonville, Ohio, born Tara Leigh Patrick, model, actress, sex symbol, appeared in Playboy magazine, television show 'Baywatch'

1971 Birthday - Patrick Muldoon, California, actor, Austin-Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place

1971 Birthday - Patrick Scott, NFL/WLAF linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers, Frankfurt Galaxy

1971 Birthday - Patrick Reidy, Melbourne VIC Australia, basketball forward 1996 Olympics

1970 Birthday - Sean Patrick Thomas, American Actor

1970 Birthday - Patrick Bates, NFL safety for the Atlanta Falcons

1970 Birthday - Patrick Burke, CFL cornerback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders

1970 Death - Patrick Wymark, actor (Skull, Tomb of Ligeia), dies at 44

1970 Death - Patrick Aherne, actor (Bwana Devil, Botany Bay), dies at 69

1970 Birthday - Patrick Dancy, TV rocker, Guys Next Door-I Was Made For You

1970 Birthday - Michael Patrick Jann, American Actor

1970 Birthday - Patrick Brugnoli, hockey forward, Team Italy 1998

1970 Birthday - Patrick Pilloni, hockey forward, Team Austria 1998

1969 Birthday - Patrick Alfred Bates, born in St. Louis, Missouri, PGA golfer, 1994 NIKE Dakota Open

1969 Birthday - Greg Patrick, WLAF safety for the Frankfurt Galaxy

1968 Birthday - Gene Patrick, born in Philadelphia, actor, Gemini: Twin Stars

1968 Birthday - Patrick Stuart, Hollywood Cal, actor, Will Cortlandt-All My Children

1968 Birthday - Patrick Uterwijk, pop guitarist, Pestilence, Consuming Impulse

1967 Death - Patrick Kavanagh, Irish screenwriterr (Great Hunger), dies

1967 Birthday - Patrick Mameli, Dutch rock vocalist and guitarist, Pestilence

1967 Birthday - Patrick J. Kennedy, American Politician

1967 Birthday - Patrick F. Manning, Jr., Poughkeepsie, New York, rower 1992 Olympics

1967 Birthday - Patrick Lodewijks, Dutch soccer player, PSV, FC Groningen

1966 Birthday - Jerry Patrick Kelly, Madison WI, PGA golfer, 1995 Greater Milw-34th

1966 Birthday - Patrick McEnroe, Manhasset, New York, tennis star

1966 Birthday - John Patrick Daly, born in born in Sacramento, California, PGA golfer, 1995 British Open

1966 Birthday - Patrick Hannan, English pop drummer, Sundays-Can't Be Sure

1966 Birthday - Patrick Kuhnen, West Germany, tennis star

1966 Birthday - Sean Patrick Wade, Houston Texas, New Zealand marathoner 1996 Olympics

1966 Birthday - Patrick Dempsey, Lewiston Me, actor, Mike-Fast Times

1965 Birthday - Sean Patrick Flanery, actor, Young Indiana Jones, Powder

1965 Birthday - Patrick Roy, Quebec, NHL goalie, Mont Canadiens, Colorado Avalanche

1965 Birthday - Patrick Laborteaux, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Albert-Little House on Prairie

1965 Birthday - Patrick Jeffrey, born in Morristown, New Jersey, diver, Olympics-5th-96

1964 Birthday - Patrick Warburton, American Actor

1964 Birthday - Patrick Hunter, NFL cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals

1963 Birthday - Patrick Flatley, Ontario, right winger, New York Islanders, 4 Gold Medals 1998 Olympics

1963 Death - Patrick Kennedy, son of President Kennedy, dies at only 3 days

1963 Birthday - Patrick Kennedy, son of President Kennedy, lives only 3 days

1963 Birthday - Patrick Newman, born in St. Catharines, Ontario, rower, 1988, 1996 Olympics

1963 Birthday - James Patrick, born in Winnipeg, NHL defenseman for the Calgary Flames

1963 Birthday - Tim Patrick Kelly, Trenton, New Jersey, guitarist, Slaughter-Stick it Live

1962 Death - Patrick Corry, developed self-rotating rock drill, dies in the Bronx

1962 Birthday - Patrick Ewing, born in Jamaica, NBA center, New York Knicks, Gold Medal 1984, 1992 Olympics

1962 Birthday - Patrick Thomas Burke, born in Hollywood, Florida, PGA golfer, 1992 BellSouth-6th

1962 Birthday - Patrick Cassidy, born in Los Angeles, California, actor/composer, Fever Pitch, Off the Wall

1961 Event - U.S. nuclear submarine Patrick Henry arrives at Scottish naval base of Holy Loch from South Carolina in a record underseas journey of 66 days 22 hours

1960 Birthday - James Patrick Delsing, born in St. Louis, Missouri, PGA golfer, 1993 New England-2nd

1960 Death - Lester Patrick, NHL coach/star, dies at 76

1959 Birthday - Timothy Patrick Murphy, Hartford Conn, actor, Dallas, Glitter

1959 Birthday - [Patrick] Morrissey, rocker, Depeche Mode-Somebody

1959 Birthday - Patrick Bruel, Algerian/French actor/rock vocalist, Coup of Sirocco

1959 Birthday - Patrick Dupond, born in Paris, dancer, La Bayadere

1958 Birthday - Robert Patrick, American Actor

1958 Birthday - Michael Patrick Hulbert, born in Elmira, New York, PGA golfer, 1989 BC Open

1957 Birthday - Butch Patrick, born in Inglewood, California, actor, Real McCoys, Eddie-Munsters

1957 Birthday - Patrick G. Forrester, born in El Paso, Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Army/astronaut

1957 Death - L Patrick Abercrombie, English architect, dies at 77

1956 Birthday - Patrick Murray, born in Greenwich, England, actor, appeared in 'Scum', Breaking Glass', 'Curse of the Pink Panther' films

1956 Birthday - Patrick McGeown, born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, politician, Belfast City Council councilor, volunteer, Provisional Irish Republican Army, participant, Irish hunger strike, 1981

1955 Birthday - Alan Hansen, born in Sauchie, Scotland, professional football player, television pundit, played for Liverpool, Scottish national team, and Patrick Thistle

1955 Birthday - Patrick McCabe, born in Clones, Ireland, novelist, wrote 'Butcher Boy', 'Breakfast on Pluto', both adapted into films by Neil Jordan

1954 Birthday - Patrick O'Hearn, rock bassist, Missing Persons

1954 Birthday - Elvis Costello, Declan Patrick McManus, Lon, rock vocalist, Allison

1954 Event - Pulitzer prize awarded to Charles A. Lindbergh and John Patrick

1953 Event - John Patrick's "Teahouse of the Red Moon," premieres in New York City

1953 Birthday - Butch Patrick, actor, Eddie Munster-Munster

1953 Death - Viktor Patrick Vretblad, composer, dies at 76

1952 Birthday - Patrick Swayze, born in Houston, Texas, actor/dancer, Dirty Dancing, Ghost

1952 Birthday - Brian Patrick Clarke, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, actor, Merle-Eight is Enough

1952 Birthday - Patrick Ryecart, actor, Silas Mariner

1950 Birthday - Patrick Simmons, guitarist/vocal, Doobie Brothers-Minute by Minute

1949 Birthday - Patrick Deuchar, CEO, Albert Hall

1949 Birthday - Patrick Duffy, born in Townsend, Montana, actor, Bobby-Dallas, Man from Atlantis

1948 Birthday - Mosiuoa Patrick "Terror" Lekota, South African UDF/ANC-leader

1948 Birthday - Patrick Morza, born in Morges, Switzerland, rock keyboardist, Yes

1947 Birthday - Patrick Olive, percussionist, Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing

1947 Birthday - Patrick Dewaere, PJMH Bordeaux, France, actor, Les Valseuses

1946 Birthday - Craig Patrick, born in Detroit, Michigan, hockey player, coach, general manager of Pittsburgh Penguins 1989 - 2006

1946 Birthday - Patrick Fairley, guitarist, Marmalade-Oh La Di Oh La Do

1946 Birthday - Patrick Pierre Roger Baudry, born in Cameroon, astronaut, STS-18

1945 Birthday - Patrick Simmons, rocker, Doobie Brothers

1945 Birthday - Omukama Patrick David Matthew Olimi Kaboyo II, king of Toro

1945 Event - John Patrick's "Hasty Heart," premieres in New York City

1944 Birthday - Patrick Sercu, born in Belgium, 1K time trial 1964 Olympic gold

1943 Birthday - Lord Mountevans, born in England, born Edward Patrick Broke Evans, 3rd Baron Mountevans of Chelsea in the County of London

1942 Birthday - Patrick Michael Mitchell, born in Ottawa, one of FBI's most wanted

1941 Event - Patrick Hamilton's "Angel Street," premieres in New York City

1941 Event - 1st WW II liberty ship, freighter Patrick Henry, launched

1941 Event - U.S. launches its 1st Liberty-ship, "Patrick Henry"

1940 Birthday - Tim Rose, born in Washington, D.C., born Timothy Alan Patrick Rose, singer, songwriter, guitarist, voice compared to Ray Charles, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker

1940 Birthday - Patrick Stewart, born in England, actor, Picard-Star Trek Next Generation

1940 Death - Mrs Patrick Campbell, English actress (Outcast Lady, Riptide), dies

1940 Birthday - Patrick Leahy, born in Montpelier, Vermont, Senator-D-Vermont 1975 -

1939 Birthday - Patrick Wayne, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Rounder, Shirley, Beyond Atlantis

1939 Birthday - Patrick Cormack, born in Grimsby, England, politician, journalist, author, historian, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire

1938 Birthday - Patrick Buchanan, conservative political columnist

1938 Birthday - Patrick Buchanan, commentator/politician, Crossfire

1938 Birthday - Charles Patrick, rocker, Monotones

1938 Birthday - Lory Patrick, born in Beckley, West Virginia, actress, Trina-Tales of Welles Fargo

1937 Birthday - John Patrick Williams, born in Helena, Montana, Representative-D-Montana 1979 - 1997

1937 Birthday - George Patrick Reid, schoolkeeper

1936 Birthday - Patrick Procktor, painter

1935 Birthday - Patrick Garland, director, Doll House

1935 Birthday - Arthur Hay, born in Scotland, Arthur William Patrick Hay, 15th Earl of Kinnouli, family seat is Dupplin Castle, located outside of Perth, Scotland

1934 Birthday - Lord Patrick Beresforord, blood-stock agent

1934 Birthday - Patrick Holmes Sellors, ophthalmologist

1934 Death - Patrick O'Malley, U.S. policeman, killed by John Dillinger

1933 Birthday - Patrick Symons, British Vice-Admiral

1931 Birthday - Patrick WIlliam Walker, British astrologer

1930 Birthday - Patrick Pery, born in Ireland, born Patrick Edmund Pery, 6th Earl of Limerick, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Irish peer, public servant

1929 Birthday - Patrick McNair-Wilson, MP

1928 Birthday - Patrick Peter Sacco, composer

1928 Birthday - Patrick Tilley, UK, sci-fi author, 1st Family, Blood River

1928 Event - 44-yr old New York Ranger General Manager Lester Patrick replaces his injured goaltender in a Stanley Cup game, and beats Montreal Maroons 2-1

1928 Birthday - Patrick McGoohan, born in New York, American actor of Irish descent, appeared in films, theater, television

1927 Birthday - Patrick O'Neal, actor, King Rat, Night of the Iguana

1927 Birthday - Patrick O'Neal, Ocala, Florida, actor, Kaz, Alvarez Kelly, King Rat

1927 Birthday - Leonard Patrick "Red" Kelly, NHL hall of famer, Norris trophy

1927 Birthday - Patrick Bowles, writer/translator

1927 Birthday - Patrick Allen, Malawi, actor, Roman Holiday, Dial "M" for Murder

1927 Birthday - Daniel Patrick Moynihan, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S. ambassador to United Nations, Senator-D-New York, 1977 - 2001

1926 Event - Lester Patrick becomes 1st coach and General Manager of New York Rangers

1926 Birthday - Patrick Wymark, born in Cleethorpes, England, actor, Skull, Tomb of Ligeia

1926 Birthday - David Ogilvy, born in London, England, David George Coke Patrick Ogilvy, 13th Earl of Airlie, The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, judge, served as Lord Chamberlain

1925 Event - Lester Patrick takes over New York Rangers

1925 Birthday - Patrick Steptoe, scientist, perfected in vitro fertilization

1925 Birthday - Patrick Meany, CEO, Rank Organization

1924 Birthday - Patrick Sergeant, founder, Euromoney Publications

1923 Birthday - Patrick Moore, born in England, astronomer and writer, A-Z of Astronomy

1922 Birthday - Patrick J G McGee, born in North Ireland, actor, Clockwork Orange

1922 Birthday - Patrick MacNee, born in London, England, actor, Jonathan Steed-Avengers

1921 Birthday - Patrick Howard-Dobson, president, Royal British Legion

1920 Birthday - Frank [Patrick] Herbert, U.S., sci-fi author, Dune

1920 Birthday - Patrick Troughton, actor, Doctor Who

1920 Birthday - Patrick Heron, painter

1920 Birthday - Patrick Heron, abstract painter

1919 Birthday - James Patrick Murray, American Journalist

1918 Birthday - Patrick Cargill, actor, Help, Hammerhead

1918 Birthday - Dennis Patrick, born in Philadelphia, actor, Dear Dead Delilah, Dallas, Rituals

1915 Birthday - Patrick Leigh Fermor, author

1913 Birthday - Nigel Patrick, London England, actor and director, Sapphire, Prize of Gold

1912 Birthday - Patrick White, Australia, novelist, Happy Valley, Nobel 1973

1912 Birthday - Patrick Murphy, English multi-millionaire

1911 Birthday - Gail Patrick, Birmingham, Alabama, actress, My Man Godfrey, Love Crazy

1911 Birthday - Patrick Maitland, born in England, 17th Earl of Lauderdale, journalist, World War II Special Correspondent, Member of Parliament for Lanark

1910 Birthday - Agnes Patrick, campaigner

1909 Birthday - Patrick Reilly, diplomat

1909 Birthday - Patrick Reilly, British diplomat

1908 Birthday - Patrick Cairns "Spike" Hughes, British jazz musician/composer, Elegy

1907 Birthday - Patrick Browne, British Lord justice of appeal

1907 Birthday - Douglas Patrick Thomas Jay, politician

1906 Birthday - Lee Patrick, New York City, actress, Henrietta-Topper, Maltese Falcon

1905 Birthday - John Patrick, screenwriter

1904 Birthday - Patrick Kavanagh, Irish Poet

1904 Birthday - Anton Dolin, Patrick Healey-Kay, dancer, Girl From Petrovka

1904 Birthday - Patrick Johnson, physicist

1904 Event - Brandon's Lester Patrick becomes 1st hockey defenseman to score a goal

1903 Death - Patrick McShane, cricket player/ump (1884-85 Ashes series), dies

1903 Birthday - John Patrick Sutton Ludlow, actor, Agatha

1902 Birthday - Ernest Charles Melvin Patrick Ekundio Marke, club owner

1901 Birthday - Patrick Aherne, England, actor, Bwana Devil, Botany Bay, Q Planes

1899 Birthday - Patrick Hadley, composer

1897 Birthday - Patrick M S Blackett, British physicist, nuclear reaction, Nobel 1948

1892 Death - Patrick S Gilmore, composer, dies at 62

1890 Birthday - J Patrick O'Malley, Forest City, Pennsylvania, actress, Courage of Black Beauty

1883 Birthday - Lester Patrick, NHL pioneer

1879 Birthday - L. Patrick Abercrombie, English architect

1876 Birthday - Viktor Patrick Vretblad, composer

1874 Event - Patrick Francis Healy, SJ, inaugurated as President of Georgetown U

1870 Death - Patrick Gass, Sergeant of Lewis and Clark Expedition, dies at 98

1865 Event - Patrick Francis Healy is 1st black awarded PhD (Louvain Belgium)

1865 Birthday - Patrick Campbell, England, actress, Pygmalion

1864 Death - Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, Confederate Brigadier-General, dies in battle at 33

1850 Birthday - Mary Mills Patrick, U.S., 1st President of Istanbul Woman's College

1844 Birthday - Patrick Manson, "Father of tropical medicine"

1836 Birthday - James Patrick Major, Brigadier General Confederate Army

1830 Birthday - Patrick Henry Jones, Brigadier General Union volunteers

1829 Birthday - Patrick S Gilmore, composer

1828 Birthday - Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, Major General Confederate Army

1820 Birthday - Patrick Edward Connor, Major General Union volunteers

1811 Birthday - Marsena Rudolph Patrick, Major General Union volunteers

1802 Birthday - Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman, 1st archbishop of Westminster

1799 Death - Patrick Henry, American Revolutionary

1780 Death - Patrick Ferguson, English major in SC, dies in battle at 36

1776 Event - Virginia state constitution adopted and Patrick Henry made governor

1775 Event - Patrick Henry proclaims "Give me liberty or give me death"

1771 Birthday - Patrick Gass, Falling Springs, Pennsylvania, Sergeant of Lewis and Clark Expedition

1765 Event - Patrick Henry historic speech against the Stamp Act, answering a cry of "Treason!" with, "If this be treason, make the most of it!"

1762 Event - 1st St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City

1756 Event - St. Patrick's Day 1st celebrated in New York City at Crown and Thistle Tavern

1753 Event - 1st official St. Patrick's Day

1736 Birthday - Patrick Henry, U.S., patriot "Give me liberty or give me death"

1528 Death - Patrick Hamilton, Scottish protestant martyr, burned at stake

461 Death - St. Patrick, patron St. of Ireland, dies in Saul (according to legend)

432 Event - St. Patrick, a bishop, is carried off to Ireland as a slave