1722 in History
January 24 Czar Peter the Great begins civil system
January 24 Edward Wigglesworth appointed 1st U.S. divinity professor (Harvard)
March 8 Afghan monarch Mir Mahmud occupies Persia
March 17 Willem K. H. Friso appointed mayor of Drente
April 5 Jacob Roggeveen discovers Easter Island
April 6 Peter the Great ends tax on men with beards
April 22 19 VOC "komplotteurs" in Batavia executed
April 30 Game of Billiards is mentioned in New England Courant
May 3 Pierre de Marivaux' "La Double Inconstance," premieres in Paris
June 30 Hungarian Parliament condemns emperor Karel VI's Pragmatic Sanctions
September 12 Russian troops occupy Baku and Derbent on Persia
October 19 French C. Hopffer patents fire extinguisher
November 2 Willem KH Friso (11) appointed viceroy of Gelderland
November 7 Richard Steele's "Conscious Lovers," premieres in London