1965 in History
January 1 International Cooperation Year begins
January 1 Palestinian al-Fatah organization forms
January 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. begins a drive to register black voters
January 2 New York Jets sign quarterback Joe Namath
January 2 Obverse design of all Canadian coins is changed to depict present-day
January 4 Lyndon Baines Johnson's "Great Society" State of the Union Address
January 6 Geoff Boycott takes 3-47 against South Africa, his best Test bowling
January 7 France announces it will convert $150 million of its currency to gold
January 8 Senator Everett Dirksen introduces a bill to make marigold the national flower
January 8 Star of India returned to American Museum of Natural History
January 9 "Beatles' '65" album goes #1 and stays #1 for 9 weeks
January 10 Bollingen prize for poetry awarded to Horace Gregory
January 10 NFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 34-14
January 10 WKBD TV channel 50 in Detroit, MI (IND) begins broadcasting
January 12 At 10:58 am PST burn up a nuclear rocket in Nevada
January 12 "Hullabaloo" premieres on NBC-TV
January 15 Rock group Who releases 1st album "I Can't Explain"
January 15 Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan forms
January 16 AFL Pro Bowl: West beats East 38-14
January 16 "Oh What a Lovely War" closes at Broadhurst New York City after 125 performances
January 16 "Outer Limits" last airs on ABC-TV
January 16 Searchers' "Love Potion #9" peaks at #3
January 16 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
January 18 H L de Vries appointed Dutch governor of Suriname
January 20 Beatles appear on Shindig (ABC-TV)
January 20 Byrds record "Mr Tambourine Man"
January 20 Generalissimo Francisco Franco meets with Jewish representatives to discuss legitimizing Jewish communities in Spain
January 20 JPL proposes modified Apollo flight to fly around Mars and return
January 21 Persians premier Ali Mansoer injured
January 22 U.S. launches TIROS 9 weather satellite
January 23 Boston Celtic center Bill Russell misses all 14 shots in loss to Philadelphia Warriors led by Wilt Chamberlain
January 23 BPAA All-Star Tournament won by Dick Weber
January 23 "King Family Show" (musical variety) premieres on ABC TV
January 26 South Vietnam military coup under general Nguyen Khanh
January 27 1st ground station-to-aircraft radio communication via satellite
January 27 Ground breaking for "Dragon Gateway" at Grant Avenue
January 28 The Who make their 1st appearance on British TV
January 30 State funeral of Winston Churchill
January 30 "The Name Game" by Shirley Ellis hits #3
January 31 Pud Galvin elected to baseball Hall of Fame
February 1 Dutch Queen Juliana opens Brienenoord Bridge in Rotterdam
February 1 Martin Luther King, Jr. and 700 demonstrators arrested in Selma, Alabama
February 1 NL adopts emergency team replacement plan to restock any club struck by disaster
February 1 Peter Jennings, 26, becomes anchor of ABC's nightly news
February 2 Joe Ortons "Loot," premieres in Brighton
February 3 105 USAF cadets resigned for cheating on exams
February 3 Braves offer Milwaukee $500,000 to terminate their lease a year earlier, the proposal is turned down
February 3 Geraldine McCullough wins Widener Gold Medal for Sculpture
February 3 Orbiting Solar Observatory 2 launches into Earth orbit (552/636 km)
February 4 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
February 5 Beursschouwburg opens in Brussels
February 6 "Kelly" opens and closes at Broadhurst Theater New York City
February 6 Righteous Brothers "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" hits #1
February 7 George Harrison has his tonsils removed
February 7 Operations begin at Grupo Folklorico Antiyano on Curacao
February 7 U.S. begins regular bombing and strafing of North Vietnam
February 7 WVIZ TV channel 25 in Cleveland, Ohio (PBS) begins broadcasting
February 8 Eastern DC-7B crashes into Atlantic off Jones Beach, New Jersey, kills 84
February 8 Supremes release "Stop In the Name of Love"
February 11 Beatle Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox
February 11 Braves propose to pay 5 cents from each ticket to bring a new team to Milwaukee
February 12 KHFI (now KBVO) TV channel 42 in Austin, Texas (NBC) begins broadcasting
February 12 Nuclear test at Pacific Ocean
February 13 Peggy Fleming, 16, wins ladies senior figure skating title
February 13 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Peggy Fleming
February 13 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Gary Visconti
February 15 John Lennon passes his driving test
February 16 "Baker Street" opens at Broadway Theater New York City for 313 performances
February 16 Pegasus 1 launched to detect micro-meteors
February 17 U.S. - Japan baseball relations suspended over Masanori Murakami dispute
February 17 U.S. Ranger 8 launched, will transmit 7,137 lunar pictures
February 18 27 copper miners die in avalanche, Granduc Mountain, British Columbia
February 18 "Fade Out-Fade In" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 72 performances
February 18 Frank Gifford announces his retirement from football for broadcasting
February 18 Gambia gains independence from Britain (National Day)
February 19 NFL adds 6th official
February 20 Beatles record "That Means a Lot"
February 20 Ranger 8 makes hard landing on the Moon, returns photos, other data
February 20 Turkish government of Uerguplu forms
February 22 U.S.S.R. launches Kosmos 57 into earth orbit (Voskhod Test)
February 23 Constance Baker Motley elected Manhattan Borough president
February 24 Beatles begin filming "Help" in Bahamas
February 24 East German president Ulbricht visits Egypt
February 26 Dutch Government of Marijnen falls
February 26 West Germany ceases military aid to Tanzania
February 27 Dutch Marijnen government resigns
February 27 France performs Underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
February 27 "High Spirits" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 375 performances
March 1 Australia suspends champ swimmer Dawn Fraser for 10-yrs for misconduct
March 1 Gas explosion kills 28 in apartment complex (La Salle, Quebec)
March 1 WPSX TV channel 3 in Clearfield, Pennsylvania (PBS) begins broadcasting
March 2 Montcalm Community College in Sidney, Michigan, founded
March 2 "Sound Of Music" opens
March 3 Temptations' "My Girl" reaches #1
March 3 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
March 3 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
March 4 David Attenbrough became the new controller of BBC2
March 5 1st performance of Walter Piston's 8th Symphony
March 5 Ernie Terrel beats Eddie Machen in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
March 6 1st nonstop helicopter crossing of North America, JR Willford
March 6 Bruce Taylor hits 105 for New Zealand vs. India in 1st Test Cricket innings
March 6 "How to Succeed in Business" closes at 46th St. New York City after 1415 performances
March 7 Alabama state troopers and 600 black protestors clash in Selma
March 7 Bruce Taylor takes 5-86 in debut innings for New Zealand after ton
March 7 Christian-democrats win parliament in Chile
March 8 1st U.S. combat forces arrive in Vietnam (3,500 Marines)
March 10 Dutch Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven, get engaged
March 11 Indonesia President Sukarno accepts qualifications of Suharto
March 13 Beatles' "Eight Days a Week," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 2 weeks
March 13 Jeff Beck replaces Eric Clapton of the Yardbirds
March 14 Israeli cabinet approves diplomatic relations with West Germany
March 15 Lyndon Baines Johnson asks congress to ensure everybody's right to vote
March 15 T.G.I. Friday's 1st restaurant opens in New York City
March 15 WMFE TV channel 24 in Orlando, Florida (PBS) begins broadcasting
March 17 Beatles announce their film is named "8 Arms to Hold on to You" (Help)
March 18 "Do I Hear a Waltz?" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 220 performances
March 18 Rolling Stones fined 5 pounds each for public urination
March 18 U.S.S.R. launches Voshkod 2; Alexei Leonov makes 1st spacewalk (20 minutes)
March 19 Indonesia nationalizes all foreign oil companies
March 19 Stoica becomes president and Ceausescu party leader of Romania
March 20 27th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: UCLA beats Michigan 91-80
March 20 Venkataraghavan takes 8-72 vs. New Zealand at Delhi
March 21 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA St. Petersburg Golf Open
March 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. begins march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama
March 21 U.S. Ranger 9 launched; takes 5,814 pictures before lunar impact
March 22 D Senanayake wins general elections in Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
March 22 U.S. confirms its troops used chemical warfare against the Vietcong
March 23 Gemini 3 launched, 1st U.S. 2-man space flight (Grissom and Young)
March 23 Moroccan army shoots on demonstrators, about 100 killed
March 24 U.S. Ranger 9 strikes Moon, 10 miles (16 km) NE of crater Alphonsus
March 25 Martin Luther King, Jr. led 25,000 to state capitol in Montgomery, Alabama
March 25 West German Bondsdag extends war crimes retribution
March 28 Jo Ann Prentice wins LPGA All State Ladies' Golf Invitational
March 31 U.S. ordered the 1st combat troops to Vietnam
April 1 South Africa worker's union leader Henry Fazzie sentenced to 10 years
April 1 Syncom 3, 1st geosynchronous communications satellite, passes from civilian to military control
April 2 Hochhuths play "Stellvertreter" banned in Italy
April 3 1st atomic powered spacecraft launched
April 4 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Baton Rouge Golf Invitational
April 5 37th Academy Awards - "My Fair Lady," Rex Harrison and J Andrews win
April 5 Lava Lamp Day celebrated
April 5 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
April 6 Intelsat 1 ("Early Bird") 1st coml geosynchronous communication satellite
April 7 Bevan Congdon makes a stumping as 12th man New Zealand vs. Pakistan
April 9 1st game at Astrodome, Houston beats Yankees 2-1 in exhibition as Mickey Mantle hits 1st indoor homerun
April 9 Beatles "Ticket to Ride" is released in U.K.
April 9 India and Pakistan engage in border fight
April 11 29th Golf Masters Championship: Jack Nicklaus wins, shooting a 271
April 11 40 tornadoes strike U.S. midwest killing 272 and injuring 5,000
April 13 1st U.S. Senate black page, Lawrence W. Bradford, Jr., 16, appointed by New York Senator Jacob Javits
April 13 Beatles record "Help"
April 14 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
April 15 James Baldwin's "Amen Corner," premieres in New York City
April 15 NFL changes penalty flag from white to bright gold
April 16 Test flight of heavy Saturn S-1C-rocket
April 19 1st all news radio station (WINS 1010 AM in New York City) begins operating
April 19 69th Boston Marathon won by Morio Shigematsu of Japan in 2:16:33
April 19 At a cost of $20,000, the outer Astrodome ceiling is painted because of sun's glare, this causes the grass to die
April 19 T.A.M.I. Show premieres in London
April 20 People's Republic China offers North Vietnam military aid
April 21 New York World's Fair reopens for 2nd and final season
April 23 Launch of 1st Soviet communications satellite
April 24 "Comedy in Music-Opus 2" closes at John Golden New York City after 192 performances
April 24 Military coup under Donald Reid Cabral in Dominican Republic
April 24 New York Met Casey Stengel wins his 3,000 game as manager
April 25 19th NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 1
April 25 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Pensacola Golf Invitational
April 26 Ives' 4th Symphony premieres
April 27 "I'm Solomon" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 7 performances
April 27 RC Duncan patents "Pampers" disposable diaper
April 28 Barbra Streisand stars on "My Name is Barbra" special on CBS
April 28 Lindsey Nelson broadcasts game at Astrodome from a hanging gondola
April 28 Richard Helms replaces Marshall S. Carter as deputy director of CIA
April 28 U.S. Marines invade Dominican Republic, stay until October 1966
April 28 William F. Raborn, Jr. replaces John A. McCone as 7th head of CIA
April 29 Australian government announces it would send troops to Vietnam
April 29 Earthquake hits Seattle; 5 die
April 29 Malta is 18th member of Council of Europe
May 1 91st Kentucky Derby: Bill Shoemaker on Lucky Debonair wins in 2:01.2
May 1 Stanley Cup: Montreal Canadiens beat Chicago Blackhawks, 4 games to 3
May 1 U.S.S.R. launches Luna 5; later impacts on Moon
May 2 Early Bird satellite goes into commercial service
May 2 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Shreveport Kiwanis Golf Invitational
May 2 Marilynn Smith wins LPGA Peach Blossom Golf Open
May 2 "New Faces of 1965" opens at Booth Theater New York City for 52 performances
May 3 1st use of satellite TV, Today Show on Early Bird Satellite
May 3 3rd Mayor's Trophy Game, Mets beat Yankees 2-1 in 10
May 3 Cambodia drops diplomatic relations with the U.S.
May 3 KTCI TV channel 17 in St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN (PBS) 1st broadcast
May 3 Pulitzer prize awarded to Irwin Unger (Greenback Era)
May 4 Willie Mays 512th home run breaks Mel Ott's 511th NL record
May 5 1st large-scale U.S. Army ground units arrive in South Vietnam
May 6 Lawry and Simpson complete opening stand of 382 against W Indies
May 7 WAOW TV channel 9 in Wausau, Wisconsin (ABC) begins broadcasting
May 8 1st shut put over 70' (Randy Matson 70' 7")
May 9 Beatles attend a Bob Dylan concert
May 9 Luna 5 launched (U.S.S.R.) 1st attempt to soft land on Moon (fails)
May 11 1st of 2 cyclones in less than a month kills 35,000 (India)
May 11 Bangladesh windstorm kills 17,000
May 11 Ellis Island added to Statue of Liberty National monument
May 11 "Flora, the Red Menace" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 87 performances
May 11 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
May 11 West Indies becomes 1st holders of the Frank Worrell Cricket Trophy
May 12 Israel and West Germany exchange letters beginning diplomatic relations
May 13 Rolling Stones record "Satisfaction"
May 13 Several Arab nations break ties with West Germany after it established diplomatic relations with Israel
May 14 2nd Chinese atom bomb explodes
May 14 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
May 15 91st Preakness: Ron Turcotte aboard Tom Rolfe wins in 1:56.2
May 15 Canadian Football Players Association organizes
May 15 Igor Vodic beats Mad Dog Vachon in Omaha, to become NWA champ
May 16 Baltimore Oriole Jim Palmer's pitching debut, beats Yankees 7-5 and homers
May 16 Bomb destroys USAF base Bien Hoa South Vietnam
May 16 "Roar of the Greasepaint" opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 232 performances
May 16 Spaghetti-O's 1st sold
May 16 Susie Maxwell wins LPGA Muskogee Civitan Golf Open
May 16 WNJU TV channel 47 in NY-Linden, New York (TEL) begins broadcasting
May 18 Gene Roddenberry suggests 16 names including Kirk for Star Trek Captain
May 18 WTAF TV channel 29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (IND) begins broadcasting
May 19 Patricia R. Harris named 1st U.S. black female ambassador (Luxembourg)
May 19 West Ham United wins 5th Europe Cup II
May 20 Pakistani Boeing 720-B crashes at Cairo Egypt, killing 121
May 20 Yorkshire all out for 23 vs. Hampshire at Middlesbrough
May 22 Beatles' "Ticket to Ride," single goes #1
May 22 Mad Dog Vachon beats Igor Vodic in Omaha, to become NWA champ
May 22 "Super-cali-fragil-istic-expi-ali-docious" hits #66
May 23 Franz Jonas elected president of Austria
May 23 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Dallas Civitan Golf Open
May 23 Pontoon ferry overturned on Shire River Malawi, kills 150
May 24 Supreme Court declares federal law allowing post office to intercept communist propaganda is unconstitutional
May 25 Dave Davies of Kinks stumbles and is knocked unconscious on stage
May 25 India and Pakistan border fights
May 25 Muhammad Ali KOs Sonny Liston in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
May 25 Roel van Duyn, Martijn Ananar and Rob Faado align in Provo
May 26 Dutch Voting Rights Bill passes
May 26 Revised International Convention on Safety of Life at Sea takes effect
May 27 Inter Milan wins 10th Europe Cup 1 in Milan
May 28 Fire and explosion at Dhori mine in Dhanbad India kills 400
May 29 Phillies Dick Allen hits 529' home run out of Connie Mack Stadium
May 30 France performs nuclear test at Ecker Algeria (Underground)
May 30 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Babe Didrikson Zaharias Golf Open
May 30 Viet Cong offensive against U.S. base Da Nang, begins
May 30 Vivian Malone, is 1st black to graduate from University of Alabama
May 31 Jim Clark becomes 1st foreigner in 49 years to win Indy
June 1 A Penzias and R Wilson detect 3 degrees K primordial background radiation
June 1 coal mine explosion in Fukuoka Japan kills 236
June 2 2nd of 2 cyclones in less than a month kills 35,000, Ganges R India
June 3 Gemini 4 launched; 2nd U.S. 2-man flight, McDivitt and White
June 4 Rolling Stones release "Satisfaction"
June 5 97th Belmont: John Sellers aboard Hail to All wins in 2:28.6
June 5 Lopez Arellano becomes president of Honduras
June 5 "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and Pharaohs hits #2
June 6 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Blue Grass Golf Invitational
June 6 Yankees Tom Tresh bangs 3 consecutive home runs beating White Sox 12-0
June 7 Gemini 4 completes 62 orbits
June 7 Morocco King Hassan suspends constitution, grabs power
June 7 Sony Corp introduced its home video tape recorder, priced at $995
June 7 Supreme Court rules 1879 Connecticut law ban of contraceptives unconstitutional
June 8 A's draft Rick Monday #1
June 8 U.S. troops ordered to fight offensively in Vietnam
June 8 U.S.S.R. launches Luna 6; missed Moon
June 9 Frenchman, Machal Jazy, runs record mile in 3:53.6
June 12 "Bajour" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 232 performances
June 12 Beatles are awarded MBE
June 12 Big Bang theory of creation of universe is supported by announcement of discovery of new celestial bodies know as blue galaxies
June 12 "I Had a BaIl" closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City after 199 performances
June 12 Morio Shigematsu runs world record marathon (2:12:00)
June 12 Rolling Stones release "Satisfaction"
June 12 Sonny and Cher make their 1st TV appearance, "American Bandstand"
June 12 South Vietnam General Nguyen Cao Kentucky succeeds Phan Huy Quat as premier
June 12 "What Makes Sammy Run?" closes at 84th St. Theater New York City after 540 performances
June 13 19th Tony Awards: Subject Was Roses and Fiddler on the Roof win
June 13 Susie Maxwell wins LPGA Western Golf Open
June 14 Beatles release album "Beatles VI"
June 14 Cincinnati Red Jim Maloney no-hits New York Mets but loses in 11, 1-0
June 14 John Lennon's 2nd book "A Spaniard in the Works" is published
June 15 Bob Dylan records "Like a Rolling Stone"
June 15 Denny McLain in relief strikesout 1st 7 batters faced and record 14 in 6 2/3 innings, Bill Freehan ties catcher record of 19 putouts
June 15 South Africa begins economic boycott of Dutch products
June 17 11.08" (28.14 cm) of rainfall, Holly, Colorado (state 24-hour record)
June 17 1st bombing by B-52 (50 km north of Saigon)
June 17 Kinks arrive in New York City beginning their 1st U.S. tour
June 19 Algerian coup under colonel Houari Boumedienne, President Ben Bella fired
June 19 KYW-AM in Cleveland Ohio returns call letters to Philadelphia
June 20 Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Cosmopolitan Golf Open
June 21 65th U.S. Golf Open: Gary Player shoots 282 at Bellerive CC in St. Louis
June 22 Freddie Trueman ends his Test cricket career, vs. New Zealand at Lord's
June 25 Gyula Kallai succeeds Janos Kadar as premier of Hungary
June 26 Wallon party forms in Belgium
June 27 Carol Mann wins LPGA Carling Golf Open
June 28 1st U.S. ground combat forces in Vietnam authorized by President Johnson
June 28 Princess Beatrice and Claus von Amsberg announce engagement
June 29 USAF Captain Joseph Henry Engle reaches 85,530 m in X-15
June 30 NFL grants Atlanta Falcons a franchise
July 1 FC Twente '65 Enschede soccer team forms in Enschede
July 1 Kinderstraf trial starts
July 1 KUID TV channel 12 in Moscow, Idaho (PBS) begins broadcasting
July 2 79th Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Roy Emerson beats Fred Stolle (62 64 64)
July 3 72nd Wimbledon Womens Tennis: Margaret Smith beats M Fraiser (64 75)
July 3 Phillies Dick Allen and Frank Thomas get into a fight during practice
July 3 U.S.S.R. and Persia sign dam building and economic aid pact
July 4 20th U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Carol Mann
July 6 Rock group "Jefferson Airplane" forms
July 7 Otis Redding records "Respect"
July 8 Joe Morgan is 1st Houston player with 6 hits in a game
July 9 94th British Golf Open: Peter Thomson shoots a 285 at Royal Birkdale
July 9 John Edrich completes 310* vs. New Zealand in 532 minutes, 52 fours 5 sixes
July 9 Senators Frank Howard ties record with 7 strikeouts in DH
July 10 Beatles' "Beatles' "VI," album goes #1 and stays #1 for 6 weeks
July 10 Rolling Stones score their 1st #1, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
July 11 Israeli Mapai-party nominates David Ben-Gurion
July 11 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lady Carling Midwest Golf Open
July 13 36th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 6-5 at Metropolitan Stadium, Minn
July 13 All star MVP: Juan Marichal (SF Giant)
July 14 Australian Ronald Clarke runs world record 10k (27:39.4)
July 14 Israeli/Jordanian border fights
July 14 U.S. Mariner IV, 1st Mars probe, passes at 6,100 miles (9,800 km)
July 15 Athanassiades Novas succeeds Papandreo as premier of Greece
July 15 "Mariner IV" sends back 1st pictures of Mars
July 16 Mount Blanc Road tunnel between France and Italy opens
July 17 WLCY (now WTSP) TV channel 10 in St. Petersburg-Tampa, Florida (ABC) begins
July 18 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Yankee Golf Open
July 18 Zond 3 launched to fly by Moon, enters solar orbit
July 19 Shooting begins on Star Trek 2nd pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
July 20 18.18" (46.18 cm) of rainfall, Edgarton, Missouri (state 24-hour record)
July 20 New York Yankee pitcher Mel Stottlemyre hits an inside-the-park grand slam
July 21 Pakistan, Iran and Turkey sign Regional Co-Operation pact
July 22 Edward Heath succeeds Alec Douglas-Hume as leader of British Cons party
July 23 Beatles "Help" is released in UK
July 23 Dick Stuart homers in a major league-record 23rd different park
July 24 Bob Dylan release "Like a Rolling Stone"
July 24 Casey Stengel resigns as manager of New York Mets
July 24 "Flora, the Red Menace" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 87 performances
July 24 Rock group "Animals" 1st time on British charts
July 25 Bob Dylan booed off Newport Folk Festival for using electric guitar
July 25 Folk-rock begins, Dylan uses electricity at Newport Folk Festival
July 25 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Buckeye Savings Golf Tournament
July 26 Republic of Maldives gains independence from Britain (National Day)
July 27 Pierre Harmel forms Belgium government
July 27 President Johnson signs a bill requiring cigarette makers to print health warnings on all cigarette packages about the effects of smoking
July 28 Lyndon Baines Johnson sends 50,000 more soldiers to Vietnam
July 29 Beatles movie "Help" premieres, Queen Elizabeth attends
July 29 Major league record 26 strikeouts, Phillies (16), Pirates (10)
July 29 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
July 30 Charles Ives' "From the Steeples and the Mountains," premieres
July 30 Duke Ellington's "Golden Brown and the Green Apple," premieres
July 30 Lyndon Baines Johnson signs Medicare bill, which goes into effect in 1966
July 30 Milwaukee manager Bobby Bragan says his pitchers threw 75 to 80 spitballs in a 9-2 loss to the Giants
July 31 Cigarette Ads banned on British TV
August 1 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open
August 2 Morley Safer's sends 1st Vietnam report indicating we are losing
August 4 Cook Islands enters into free association with New Zealand
August 5 Dave Marr wins PGA title
August 6 32nd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Cleveland 24, All-Stars 16 (68,000)
August 6 Beatles release "Help" album in U.K.
August 6 Federal Voting Rights Act guarantees black voting rights
August 6 Indian troops invade Pakistan
August 6 Lyndon Baines Johnson signs Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing voting rights for blacks
August 8 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Milwaukee Golf Open
August 8 Singapore leaves Malaysian Federation
August 9 Fire in Titan II silo in Searcy Arkansas, 53 die
August 9 Singapore gains independence from Malaysia, National Day
August 10 Joe Engle in X-15 reaches 82 km
August 11 6 day insurrection starts in Watts section of Los Angeles
August 11 Beatles movie "Help" opens in New York City
August 11 Watts riots begin in Southeast LA, lasts 6 days
August 12 Elizabeth Lane becomes 1st female British supreme court justice
August 12 Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, Inc applies for a NL franchise
August 14 Beatles tape an appearance for Ed Sullivan Show
August 14 Continental Football League plays 1st games
August 14 Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" hits #1
August 15 47th PGA Championship: Dave Marr shoots a 280 at Laurel Valley Golf Club Pennsylvania
August 15 Beatles play to 55,000 at Shea Stadium
August 15 Japanese community of San Francisco holds Masanori Murakami Day at Candlestick Park to honor 1st Japanese player to play in major leagues
August 15 Mary Mills wins LPGA St. Louis Golf Open
August 16 AFL awards its 1st expansion franchise (Miami Dolphins)
August 18 Hank Aaron loses a home run, because he hit it out of batter's box
August 18 Orioles' Brooks Robinson hits into his record tying (George Sisler)
August 19 Auschwitz trials end with 6 life sentences
August 19 Cincinnati Red Jim Maloney 2nd no-hitter of year beats Chicago Cubs, 1-0
August 20 Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron (1954 - 1965) pass Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig hitting 772 home runs while playing together on the same team
August 20 Rolling Stones release "Satisfaction" (their 1st #1 U.S. hit)
August 21 Astronauts Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad successfully launch Gemini 5, the 11th manned spaceflight mission of all time
August 21 Romania adopts constitution
August 21 The Crusher beats Mad Dog Vachon in St. Paul, to become NWA champ
August 22 Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Omaha Jaycee Golf Open
August 27 Beatles spend an evening with Elvis Presley
August 27 WTVI TV channel 42 in Charlotte, North Carolina (PBS) begins broadcasting
August 29 Astronauts Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad successfully land the Gemini 5 in 7 days, 22 hours, 55 minutes and 14 seconds, breaking the record for manned spaceflight for total mission duration
August 29 Willie Mays sets NL record for home runs in a month with his 17th of August
August 30 Casey Stengel announces his retirement after 55 years in baseball
August 30 Section of Allalin glacier wipes out construction site at Mattmark Dam near Saas-Fee, Switzerland
August 31 House of Representatives joins Senate establish Department of Housing and Urban Develop
September 1 India and Pakistan border fights
September 2 Cubs slugger Ernie Banks hits his 400th home run off Curt Simmons
September 2 Treblinka trial in Dusseldorf ends
September 3 Curt Flood's record of 568 straight chances without an error begins
September 3 Garcia Godoy forms government in Dominican Republic
September 3 Jim Hickman becomes 1st New York Met to hit 3 home runs in a game
September 3 Pope Paul VI publishes encyclical Mysterium Fidei
September 3 Preparing a move to Anaheim, Angels change their name from LA to California
September 4 Beatles' "Help!," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 3 weeks
September 4 KREZ TV channel 6 in Durango, CO (CBS/NBC) begins broadcasting
September 4 Rock group Who's wan is vandalized with $10,000 in equipment stolen
September 6 India invades West Pakistan
September 6 KLNE TV channel 3 in Lexington, NB (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 7 Hurricane Betsy, kills 74 in Florida, Miss and La
September 8 Hurricane Betsy kills 75 in Louisiana and Florida
September 8 KC A's Bert Campaneris plays all 9 positions in a game
September 9 Francois Mitterrand nominated for French presidency
September 9 Sandy Koufax pitches his 4th no-hitter, a perfect game vs Cubs (1-0)
September 9 Tibet is made an autonomous region of China
September 10 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
September 10 Phillies 10,000th game to a decision since 1900, Phils beat Cards
September 10 WUND TV channel 2 in Columbia, North Carolina (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 11 Beatles' "Help!," album goes #1 and stays #1 for 9 weeks
September 11 Braves 2nd straight one-hitter against the Mets
September 12 79th U.S. Womens Tennis: Margaret Smith beats Billie Jean King (86 75)
September 12 85th U.S. Mens Tennis: Manuel Santana beats Cliff Drysdale (62 79 75 61)
September 12 Hurricane Betsy strikes Florida and Louisiana kills 75
September 12 Manuel Santana wins U.S. Tennis Open
September 12 Mary Mills wins LPGA Eugene Golf Open
September 12 WCEE TV channel 23 in Rockford, IL (CBS) begins broadcasting
September 13 Beatles release "Yesterday"
September 13 Beatles win 1st Grammy, for Best Group of 1964
September 13 Today Show's 1st totally color broadcast
September 13 Willie Mays's 500th home run (off Don Nottebart), Giants 11th straight win
September 14 4th meeting of 2nd Vatican council opened
September 14 "F-Troop" premieres
September 15 "Lost in Space" premieres
September 16 Boston Red Sox Dave Morehead no-hits Cleveland Indians, 2-0
September 16 Sobibor trial opens in Hagen West Germany
September 17 WPHL TV channel 17 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (IND) begins broadcasting
September 18 "Get Smart" premieres
September 18 Mickey Mantle Day at Yankee Stadium: Mantle play his 2,000th game
September 19 Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Visalia Golf Open
September 19 Erhards CDU wins West German parliament elections
September 20 WXXW (now WYCC) TV channel 20 in Chicago, IL (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 21 O Kommissarova (U.S.S.R.) sets women's longest parachute jump (46,250')
September 22 India and Pakistan ceases-fire goes into effect
September 24 Belgium Victor Leemans elected chairman of European Parliament
September 24 Saudi-Arabian and Egyptian accord about Yemen
September 24 Stefan Stefanopoulos forms Greek government
September 25 60 year old Satchel Paige of Kansas City A's pitches 3 scoreless innings
September 25 Beatle cartoon show begins in U.S.
September 25 Children find trunk with corpse in Amsterdam canal
September 25 "Do I Hear a Waltz?" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 220 performances
September 26 11th LPGA Championship won by Sandra Haynie
September 26 Minnesota gains its 1st AL pennant by defeating Washington, 2-1
September 26 Queen Elizabeth decorates Beatles with Order of British Empire
September 28 Jack McKay in X-15 reaches 90 km
September 28 Lava flows kill at least 350 (Taal Philippines)
September 28 Volcano explodes on Luzon Philippines; 500 killed
September 29 Phillies catcher Pat Corrales sets record by reaching base twice on catcher's interference in one game and 6 times in one season
September 29 Ralph Boston of U.S., sets then long jump record at 27' 4 3/4"
September 29 St. L Cards Charlie Johnson passes for 6 touchdowns vs Cleveland (49-13)
September 29 WLVT TV channel 39 in Allentown, Pennsylvania (PBS) begins broadcasting
September 30 Donovan's 1st U.S. TV appearance (Shindig)
September 30 Los Angeles Dodger Don Drysdale (23-12) wins 13th straight game, 7 by shutouts
October 1 Failed coup under Lieutenant Colonel Untung in Indonesia
October 1 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
October 2 Dodgers beat Braves to clinch NL pennant
October 2 Mel Stottlemyre wins game #20
October 2 Phillies' Chris Short strikes-out 18 New York Mets
October 2 Pope Paul VI named MR Perey bishop's helper of New Orleans
October 3 Cubs tie major league record of 3 triple plays in a season
October 3 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Mickey Wright Golf Invitational
October 3 Whitey Ford notches #232 to become Yankees winningest pitcher
October 4 "Pickwick" opens at 46th St. Theater New York City for 56 performances
October 4 Pope Paul VI becomes 1st Pope to visit Western Hemisphere (UN)
October 4 U.S.S.R. launches Luna 7; crash lands on Moon
October 5 Chuck Linster performs 6,006 consecutive push-ups
October 5 Dick McInnes stays aloft almost 12 hours in a kite
October 6 Supremes release "I Hear a Symphony"
October 6 William Goodhart's "Generation," premieres in New York City
October 7 50 mph gust carries 165 lb Robert Mitera's tee shot 447
October 7 Charles Linster does 6,006 consecutive push-ups
October 7 Robert Mitera aces 447-yd 10th hole at Miracle Hills, Omaha, Nebr to score world's longest straight hole-in-one
October 8 Djakarta Moslems set fire to PKI-headquarter
October 8 London's Post Office Tower opens, tallest building in England
October 8 Once-Hertogenbosch soccer team FC de Bosch forms
October 8 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
October 9 16th Ryder Cup: U.S. wins 19 -12 at Royal Birkdale, England
October 9 Beatles' "Yesterday," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 4 weeks
October 10 "Drat! - The Cat!" opens at Martin Beck Theater New York City for 8 performances
October 10 Supreme appear on Ed Sullivan Show
October 10 "Vinland Map" is introduced by Yale University as being the 1st known map of America, drawn between 1423 and 1445
October 14 Joe Engle in X-15 reaches 80 km
October 14 Sandy Koufax hurls his 2nd shutout of World Series beating Twins 2-0
October 15 Dodgers and Sandy Koufax win 7th game of 62nd World Series vs Twins
October 15 WEMT (now WVII) TV channel 7 in Bangor, ME (ABC) begins broadcasting
October 16 "Drat! - The Cat!" closes at Martin Beck Theater New York City after 8 performances
October 16 Singer Leslie Uggams marries Grahame Pratt in New York City
October 17 Largest newspaper-Sunday New York Times at 946 pages (50 cents )
October 17 "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" opens in New York City for 280 performances
October 17 WBMG TV channel 42 in Birmingham, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 20 19th NHL All-Star Game: All-Stars beat Montreal 5-2 at Montreal
October 20 Beatles receive a gold record for "Yesterday"
October 20 Mass arrests of communists in Indonesia
October 21 KTWU TV channel 11 in Topeka, KS (PBS) begins broadcasting
October 21 Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Robert B Woodward
October 21 Robert B. Woodward awarded Nobel prize for chemistry
October 21 Vivian Beaumont Theater (New York City) opens
October 24 Benjamin Britten's "Voices for Today," premieres
October 24 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Phoenix Thunderbirds Golf Tournament
October 25 Rolling Stones release "Get Off of My Cloud"
October 26 Beatles receive MBEs at Buckingham Palace
October 26 Sylvia Likens tortured by teen girl gang
October 27 WCFT TV channel 33 in Tuscaloosa, AL (CBS) begins broadcasting
October 28 630 foot high Gateway Arch completed in St. Louis
October 28 Pope Paul VI proclaims Jews not collectively guilty for crucifixion
October 29 U.S. performs underground nuclear test at Amchitka Island Aleutians
October 30 Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Las Cruces Golf Open
October 30 Fireworks explosions kill 50 in Cartagena, Colombia
November 1 1st concert at Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
November 1 Ernie Terrel beats George Chuvalo in 15 for heavyweight boxing
November 1 Trackless trolley plunged into Nile River drowning 74 (Cairo Egypt)
November 3 Sandy Koufax wins NL Cy Young Award unanimously
November 4 Lee Breedlove sets female land speed record (308.56 MPH) in Utah
November 7 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Tall City Golf Open
November 8 British Indian Ocean Territory formed
November 8 "Days of Our Lives" premieres on TV
November 9 1st New York Knick game postponed (black-out) vs St. Louis
November 9 5:16 PM, massive power failure in New Engl, and Ontario (New York blackout)
November 9 Hurricane hits north east US/Canada
November 9 Willie Mays named NL MVP
November 10 Manneke Piss statue stolen in Brussels
November 10 Netherlands 2nd Chamber accept marriage princess Beatrice and Claus von Amsberg
November 11 Heavyweight Cassius Clay KOs Floyd Patterson in Las Vegas
November 11 Rhodesia proclaimed independence from Britain by Prime Minister Ian D Smith
November 11 William Alfred's "Hogan's Goat," premieres in New York City
November 12 Ferdinand Marcos elected president of Philippines
November 12 General strike in Morocco against disappearance of Ben Barka
November 12 Mad Dog Vachon beats Crusher in Denver, to become NWA champ
November 12 Venera 2 launched by Soviet Union toward Venus
November 13 "Skyscraper" opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater New York City for 248 performances
November 13 "Yarmouth Castle" burns and sinks off Bahamas, killing 89
November 14 "Baker Street" closes at Broadway Theater New York City after 313 performances
November 14 George Abbott Theater (Adelphi, 54 St) at 152 W 54th New York City, demolished
November 14 KCST TV channel 39 in San Diego, California (NBC) begins broadcasting
November 14 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Alamo Golf Open
November 14 U.S. government sends 90,000 soldiers to Vietnam
November 15 Craig Breedlove sets land speed record (600.601 mph-966.57 kph)
November 16 Venera 3 launched, 1st to land on another planet (crashes into Venus)
November 16 Walt Disney launches Epcot Center: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
November 17 General Meeting of United Nations refuses admittance of China PR
November 17 William Eckert is unanimously elected commissioner of baseball
November 18 Twins SS Zoilo Versalles is named AL MVP
November 19 ABC radio begins weekly "Vietnam Update" report
November 19 Kellogg's Pop Tarts pastries created
November 20 "Pickwick" closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 56 performances
November 20 U.N. Security council calls for boycott of Rhodesia
November 20 WCNY TV channel 24 in Syracuse, New York (PBS) begins broadcasting
November 21 1st freighter arrives in Ashdod Port Israel
November 21 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
November 22 Bob Dylan weds Sara Lowndes
November 22 "Man of La Mancha" opens at ANTA Washington Square Theater New York City for 2329 performances
November 22 Muhammad Ali TKOs Floyd Patterson in 12 for heavyweight boxing title
November 23 31st Heisman Trophy Award: Mike Garrett, Southern California (RB)
November 23 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
November 24 Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu, becomes President of Zaire
November 25 Congo military coup under General Mobutu, President Kasavubu overthrown
November 26 Dodgers 2nd baseman Jim Lefebvre is voted NL Rookie of Year
November 26 France launches 1st satellite, 92 lb (42 kg) A1-capsule (Asterix)
November 27 15,000 demonstrate against war in Vietnam in Washington D.C.
November 27 1st French satellite launched, France becomes 3rd nation in space
November 27 53rd CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeat Winn Blue Bombers, 22-16
November 28 Browns' Leroy Kelly sets club record for most punt return yards (109)
November 28 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
November 29 "Anya" opens at Ziegfeld Theater New York City for 16 performances
November 29 Dale Cummings does 14,118 consecutive sit-ups
December 1 Airlift of refugees from Cuba to U.S. began
December 1 South Africa government says children of white fathers are white
December 3 Beatles begin final U.K. concert tour in Glasgow
December 3 U.S.S.R. launches Luna 8; crashes on Moon
December 4 2 passenger planes collide above Danbury, Conn, 4 die
December 4 2nd New York Knick game postponed (due to death of opponent 76ers' owner)
December 4 Gemini 7 (Borman and Lovell) launched
December 4 "Roar of the Greasepaint" closes at Shubert New York City after 232 performances
December 4 San Francisco Giant Masanori Murakami, 4-1 this year, does not renew his contract signing instead with the Nankai Hawks of Osaka for $40,000
December 6 2 trucks crashed into a crowd of dancers (Sotouboua Togo) kills 125
December 7 Pope Paul VI and Orthodox Patriarch Athenagoras I simultaneously lift mutual excommunications that led to split of 2 churches in 1054
December 8 Abe Burrows' "Cactus Flower," premieres in New York City
December 8 Nikolai Podgorny succeeds Mikojan as president of U.S.S.R.
December 8 Pope Paul VI signs 2nd Vatican council
December 9 "A Charlie Brown Christmas," premieres
December 9 Frank Robinson is traded from Cincinnati to the Orioles
December 9 Nikolai Podgorny replaces Anastas Mikoyan as president of Presidium
December 10 Dutch ends economic boycott of Rhodesia
December 10 Test Cricket debut of Doug Walters vs. England at the Gabba
December 10 "Yearling" opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 3 performances
December 11 "Anya" closes at Ziegfeld Theater New York City after 16 performances
December 11 "Yearling" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 3 performances
December 12 Beatles last Great Britain concert (Capitol Theatre in Cardiff Wales)
December 12 Doug Walters makes maiden Test ton in 1st Test, goes on to 155
December 12 Gale Sayers of Chicago Bears scores 6 TDs, ties NFL record
December 12 Vivian Beaumont Theater opens at 65th St. and Amsterdam Ave New York City
December 13 Algerian president Boumedienne visits Moscow
December 14 "La Grusse Valise" opens at 54th St. Theater New York City for 7 performances
December 15 3rd cyclone of year kills another 15,000 at mouths of Ganges River
December 15 Bangladesh windstorm kills 10,000
December 15 D Heneker and J Taylor's musical "Charlie Girl," premieres in London
December 15 Gemini 6 launched; makes 1st rendezvous in space (with Gemini 7)
December 15 Queen Juliana opens Zeeland Bridge to Oosterschelde
December 15 William Eckert replaces Ford Frick as 4th commissioner of baseball
December 16 Gemini 6 returns to Earth
December 16 Pioneer 6 launched into solar orbit
December 16 Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, becomes King of Tonga
December 17 Astrodome opens, 1st event is Judy Garland and Supremes concert
December 17 British government proclaims ends oil-embargo against Rhodesia
December 17 David Levy begins his search for comets
December 17 Dutch government shuts Limburgs coal mine
December 18 Borman and Lovell Splash down in Atlantic ends 2 week Gemini VII mission
December 18 Kenneth LeBel jumps 17 barrels on ice skates
December 18 "La Grusse Valise" closes at 54th St. Theater New York City after 7 performances
December 19 French president De Gaulle re-elected (Mitterrand gets 45%)
December 22 Belgian government shuts 6 coal mine
December 22 Director David Lean's "Dr. Zhivago," premieres
December 22 Great Britain sets maximum speed at 70 MPH
December 22 Radio Mil (Domincan Republic) transmitter blown up
December 26 Buffalo Bills beat San Diego Chargers 23-0 in AFL championship game
December 26 "Funny Girl" with Barbra Streisand closes on Broadway
December 29 CBS purchases NFL TV rights for 1966-68 at $18.8 million per year
December 29 Supremes release "My World is Empty Without You"
December 29 "Thunderball" premieres in US
December 30 Ferdinand Marcos inaugurated as president of the Phillipines