February 28 Events in History - February 28 Birthdays - February 28 Deaths
2015 Sierra Leone Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana is entering a voluntary 21-day quarantine after one of his bodyguards dies of Ebola; spread of the virus has been slowing, but a recent increase in infections has led to new calls for precaution
2014 Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra will begin selling the e2o, an electric car, in Bhutan for about $11,300; vehicle exhaust is causing air pollution problems in Bhutan that threaten the country's tourist-dependent economy
2014 New Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announces plans to cut government spending and use the funds to decrease taxes on individuals and regional businesses; Italy's unemployment rate increased 0.2 percent in January to 12.9 percent
2013 Scientist identify genetic links between several psychiatric disorders: ADHD, bipolar disorder, autism, depression, schizophrenia
2013 In North Carolina, a neuroscientist at Duke University announces he has successfully connected the brains of two rats in such a way that they share information
2012 IBM announces it is on the cusp of creating the world's first quantum computer
2012 Scientists discover two new species of prehistoric penguins, Kairuku waitaki and Kairuku grebneffi, which stood over five feet tall
2011 The last surviving veteran of World War I, Frank Buckles, dies in Charles Town, West Virginia at the age of 110
2011 In Egypt, a travel ban is imposed on former President Hosni Mubarak and his family
2010 Egypt announces the discovery of a granite head from a statue of Tutankhamun's grandfather, Amenhotep III, buried at a temple in Luxor
2003 United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said there is no evidence that Iraq has any weapons of mass destruction
1998 "View From the Bridge," closes at Criterion Theater New York City
1998 Vancouver Canucks Mark Messier is 4th NHLer to get 1,600 points
1997 Earthquake in Pakistan, kills 45
1997 FBI agent Earl Pitts pleads guilty to selling secrets to Russia
1997 Smokers must prove they are over 18 to purchase cigarettes in US
1996 38th Grammy Awards: Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morisette wins
1995 Denver International Airport opens
1994 Brady Law, imposing a wait-period to buy a hand-gun, went into effect
1993 "Anna Christie" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 54 performances
1993 7th American Comedy Award: Seinfeld wins
1993 Iolanda Chen triple jumps world indoor record hop step (14.46m)
1993 Tony Curtis weds Lisa Deutsch as his 4th wife
1991 "Les Miserables" opens at Theatre Carre, Amsterdam
1991 "Speed of Darkness" opens at Belasco Theater New York City for 36 performances
1991 Don Mattingly named 10th New York Yankee Captain
1991 Noureddine Morceli runs world record 1500m indoor (3:34:16)
1991 U.S. and allied forces grant Iraq a cease fire
1990 Dutch police seize 3,000 kg of cocaine
1990 U.S. 65th manned space mission STS-36 (Atlantis 6) launches into orbit
1989 Gretchen Polhemus, 23, (Texas), crowned 38th Miss USA
1989 Memo by Brian Gumbel criticizing Today Show co-workers becomes public
1989 Red Schoendienst and Al Barlick elected to Hall of Fame
1988 15th Winter Olympic games close at Calgary, Canada
1988 Anti-Armenian pogrom in Azerbaijan, 30 killed
1988 Pat Verbeek becomes 1st New Jersey Devil to score 4 goals in an NHL game
1988 Yvonne van Gennip skates world record 5 km ladies (7:14.13)
1986 European Economic Community sign "Special Act" for Europe free trade
1986 Peter Uberroth suspended 7 baseball players for 1 year, after they admitted in Curtis Strong's trial in September, they used drugs
1984 26th Grammy Awards: Beat It, Michael Jackson wins 8
1983 Final episode of M*A*S*H; 125,000,000 viewers
1982 AT and T looses record $7 BILLION for fiscal year ending on this day
1982 Ayako Okamoto wins LPGA Arizona Copper Golf Classic
1982 FALN (Puerto Rico Nationalist Group) bombs Wall Street
1981 Calvin Murphy (Houston), sets NBA record with 78 consecutive free throws
1981 China throws out Netherlands ambassador due to submarine sale to Taiwan
1980 "The Well-Tuned Piano" by La Monte Young premieres (takes 4 h 12 m)
1980 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1979 Ernest Thompson's "On Golden Pond," premieres in New York City
1977 1st killer whale born in captivity (Marineland, Los Angeles California)
1977 Harbor strike in Rotterdam/Amsterdam ends
1976 18th Grammy Awards: 'Love Will Keep Us Together' Record of the Year, Natalie Cole wins as best New Artist
1976 Ceuta and Melilla (Spanish Morocco) are last European African possession
1976 Spain withdraws from Western Sahara
1975 41 killed in London Underground, as train speeds past final stop
1975 EG signs accord of Lome with 46 developing countries
1975 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1974 Ethiopian government of Makonnen forms
1974 Labour Party wins British parliamentary election
1974 Taiwan police shoots into crowd
1974 U.S. and Egypt re-form diplomatic relations after 7 years
1973 Suriname government of Sedney arrests 13 union leaders
1972 George Harrison is involved in a minor car accident
1972 President Richard Nixon ends historic week-long visit to China
1971 WDRB TV channel 41 in Louisville, Kentucky (IND) begins broadcasting
1971 53rd PGA Championship: Jack Nicklaus shoots a 281 at PGA National Florida Jack Nicklaus wins his 2nd golf grand slam
1970 "Georgy" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 4 performances
1970 Bicycles permitted to cross Golden Gate Bridge
1970 Caroline Walker runs world female record marathon (3:02:53)
1970 KIIN (now KUN) TV channel 12 in Iowa City, IA (PBS) 1st broadcast
1970 WUTR TV channel 20 in Utica-Rome, New York (ABC) begins broadcasting
1969 Ice Dance Championship at Colorado Springs won by Towler and Ford of GBR
1969 Ice Pairs Championship at Colorado Springs won by Rodnina and Ulanov of URS
1969 Ladies Figure Skating Champion in Colorado Springs won by Gabriele Seyfert GDR
1969 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Colorado Springs won by Tim Wood USA
1967 Wilt Chamberlain sinks NBA record 35th consecutive field goal
1966 Cavern Club (Beatles hangout) in Liverpool closes
1966 Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale begin a joint holdout against Dodgers
1962 WMGM-AM in New York City changes call letters to WHN
1961 John F. Kennedy names Henry Kissinger special advisor
1960 8th winter Olympic games close at Squaw Valley, California
1960 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Tampa Golf Open
1960 U.S. wins Olympic hockey gold medal by defeating Czechoslovakia 9-4
1959 "Goldilocks" closes at Lunt Fontanne Theater New York City after 161 performances
1959 Ice Dance Championship at Colorado Springs USA won by Denny and Jones of GRB
1959 Ice Pairs Championship at Colorado Springs won by Wagner and Paul of CAN
1959 Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Colorado Springs won by Carol Heiss USA
1959 Launch of Discoverer 1 (WTR)-1st polar orbit
1959 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Colorado Springs won by David Jenkins USA
1959 NFL trade, Chicago Cards trade Ollie Matson to Los Angeles Rams for 9 players
1958 West Indies 1-504 in reply to Pakistan 328, day 3 of 3rd Test Cricket
1957 Jockey Johnny Longden's 5,000th career victory
1956 13 die in a train crash in Swampscott Massachusetts
1956 Forrester issued a patent for computer core memory
1954 Patty Berg/Pete Cooper wins LPGA Orlando Mixed Golf Tournament
1954 U.S. performs atmospheric nuclear test at Bikini Island
1953 Stalin meets with Beria, Bulganin, Khrushchev and Malenkov
1951 French government of Pleven dissolves
1951 Senate committee reports of at least 2 major U.S. crime syndicates
1950 "Alive and Kicking" closes at Winter Garden Theater New York City after 46 performances
1947 Anti Kuomintang demonstration on Taiwan
1943 "Porgy and Bess" opens on Broadway with Anne Brown and Todd Duncan
1943 63 U Boats (359,300 ton) sinks this month
1942 1st weapon drop on Netherlands
1942 Japanese land in Java, last Allied bastion in Dutch East Indies
1942 Race riot, Sojourner Truth Homes, Detroit
1941 39 U Boats (197,000 ton) sunk this month
1941 British-Italian dogfight above Albania
1940 1st televised basketball game (University of Pittsburgh beats Fordham University, 50-37)
1940 Richard Wright's "Native Son" published
1940 U.S. population at 131,669,275
1939 Great Britain recognizes Franco-regime in Spain
1935 Amsterdam Hotel of the Red Lion gets sidewalk permit
1935 Nylon discovered by Dr. Wallace H. Carothers
1933 1st female in cabinet: Francis Perkins appointed Secretary of Labor
1933 German President Von Hindenburg abolishes free expression of opinion
1933 Hitler disallows German Communist Party (KPD)
1931 Canadian Rugby Union adopts the forward pass
1931 Oswald Mosley founds his New Party
1929 Chicago Blackhawks lose record NHL 15th straight game at home
1925 "Tea For Two" by Marion Harris hit #1
1925 Congress authorizes a special handling stamp
1925 Longest win streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (9 games)
1925 Theater Museum of Amsterdam forms
1924 U.S. begins intervention in Honduras
1923 Swedish king Gustaaf V begins state visit to Netherlands
1922 Egypt regains independence from Britain, but British troops remain
1922 English princess Mary marries viscount Lascelles
1922 KHQ-AM in Spokane WA begins radio transmissions
1920 Maurice Ravel's "Le tombeau de Couperin," premieres
1917 AP reports Mexico and Japan will allie with Germany if U.S. enters WW I
1917 Russian Duma sets up Provisional Committee; workers set up Soviets
1914 Construction begins on Tower of Jewels for the Exposition (San Francisco)
1913 6.8-m, 4000-kg elephant seal killed, South Georgia (S Atlantic)
1912 Victor Trumper's last Test Cricket innings c Woolley b Barnes 50
1908 Failed assassination attempt on Shah Mohammed Ali in Teheran
1906 Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Queen's U (Kingston Ont) in 2 games
1904 Vincent d'Indy's 2nd Symphony in B, premieres
1903 Barney Dreyfuss and James Potter buys Philadelphia Phillies for $170,000
1902 Jules Massenets opera premieres in Monte Carlo
1900 General Buller's troops relieve Ladysmith Natal
1896 France dismisses Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar
1893 Edward Acheson, Penn, patents an abrasive he names "carborundum"
1891 Oscar Grunden skates world record 500m (50.8 sec)
1888 Ferry in San Pablo Bay explodes
1888 Vincent d'Indy's Wallenstein-trilogy, premieres
1883 1st U.S. vaudeville theater opens in Boston
1882 1st U.S. college cooperative store opens, at Harvard University
1879 "Exodus of 1879" southern blacks flee political/economic exploitation
1878 U.S. congress authorizes large-size silver certificate
1871 2nd Enforcement Act gives federal control of congressional elections
1863 Confederate raider "Nashville" sinks near Fort McAllister Georgia
1862 Opera "La Reine de Saba," premieres in Paris
1861 Territories of Nevada and Colorado created
1859 Arkansas legislature requires free blacks to choose exile or slavery
1854 Republican Party formally organized at Ripon, Wisconsin
1849 1st boat load of gold rush prospectors arrives in San Francisco from east coast
1847 U.S. defeats Mexico in battle of Sacramento
1844 12-inch gun aboard USS Princeton explodes
1835 Dr. Elias L"nnrot publishes Finnish poem "Kalevala"
1828 Franz Grillparzer's "Ein Treuer Diener," premieres in Vienna
1827 1st commercial railroad in U.S., Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) chartered
1826 M Biela, an Austrian officer, discovers Biela's Comet
1819 1st public performance of a Schubert song, "Schafers Klageleid"
1810 1st U.S. fire insurance joint-stock company organized, Philadelphia
1794 U.S. Senate voids Pennsylvania's election of Abraham Gallatin
1784 John Wesley charters Methodist Church
1778 Rhode Island General Assembly authorizes enlistment of slaves
1759 Pope Clement XIII allows Bible to be translated into various languages
1749 1st edition of Henry Fieldings' "Tom Jones" published
1730 Tsarina Anna Ivanovna leads autocracy
1728 Georg F. Handels opera "Siroe, re di Persia," premieres in London
1704 Elias Neau, a Frenchman, opens a school for blacks in New York City
1704 Indians attack Deerfield, Massachusetts, kill 40, kidnap 100
1692 Salem witch hunt begins
1667 English colony Suriname in Dutch hands
1646 Roger Scott was tried in Mass for sleeping in church
1638 Scottish Presbyterians sign National Convent, Greyfriars, Edinburgh
1610 Thomas West, Baron de La Mar, is appointed governor of Virginia
1570 Anti-Portugese uprising on Ternate, Moluccas
1066 Westminster Abbey opens
870 8th Ecumenical council ends in Constantinople