Anna Events in History

2012 Event - Seven new saints are canonized by Pope Benedict XVI, including Anna Schaffer, Kateri Tekakwitha, Marianne Cope and Pedro Calungsod

2007 Death - Anna Nicole Smith, dies in Hollywood, Florida, of drug overdose, at 39

2004 Death - Anna Lee, actress, General Hospital, dies at 90

2003 Death - Anna Lindh, Swedish politician, Swedish foreign minister, dies in Stockholm, Sweden, at age 46, murdered by a knife attack while shopping

1996 Death - Anna Pollak, mezzo-soprano, dies at 84

1996 Death - Anna Larina, revolutionary, dies at 82

1994 Death - Anna Hauptmann, wife of Lindbergh baby kidnapper Bruno, dies at 95

1994 Event - Anna Nicole Smith (26) weds billionaire J. Howard Marshall II (89)

1994 Event - Model Anna Nicole Smith hospitalized for drug overdose

1993 Death - Margaret Landon, U.S. author (Anna and the King of Siam), dies at 90

1993 Death - Anna Stein, actress (Wedding Night), dies of heart attack at 88

1993 Event - "Anna Christie" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 54 performances

1993 Event - "Anna Christie" opens at Criterion Theater New York City for 54 performances

1992 Event - "Anna Karenina" closes at Circle in Sq Theater New York City after 46 performances

1992 Event - "Anna Karenina" opens at Circle in Sq Theater New York City for 46 performances

1992 Death - Frederick O'Neal, actor (Anna Lucasta, Free White and 21), dies at 86

1991 Death - Marcus Heeresma, writer/poet (Anna, Son of a Whore), dies

1990 Death - Anna Palk, actress (Play it Cool, Frozen Dead), dies of cancer at 48

1990 Death - Greta Garbo, actress (Anna Karenina, Camille), dies at 84

1989 Death - Ann Burton, Anna Rafalowicz, singer, dies at 56

1987 Death - Hugh Dempster, actor (Anna Karenina, Candles at Nine), dies

1986 Death - Anna Neagle, actress (Courtney Affair)/dancer, dies at 81

1984 Event - Anna Fisher becomes 1st "mom" to go into orbit

1984 Death - Anna Anderson Manahan, Grand Duchess Anastasia, dies in Virginia

1983 Death - Anna Seghers, writer, dies at 82

1983 Death - Ank [Anna M] van der Moer, actress (Verkade, Dutch Comedy), dies at 71

1982 Death - Anna Freud, Austria/English psychoanalyst/daughter of Sigmund, dies at 86

1982 Birthday - Anna Paquin, oscar winning actress, Piano

1981 Birthday - Anna Kournikova, born in Moscow, Russia, professional tennis player, model, winner, Grand Slam titles in Australia, 1999 and 2002

1980 Birthday - Anna Chlumsky, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, My Girl

1980 Death - Anna van Wageningen-Salomons, Dut author (Unspoilt Dream), dies at 94

1978 Event - James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King weds Anna Sandhu

1978 Death - Annie [Anna HM] Romein-Verschoor, Dutch historian (Omzien), dies at 83

1977 Birthday - Anna Louise Wilson, Dunedin, New Zealand, 100m breast stroke 1996 Olympics

1977 Birthday - Anna Baitchik, Miss Russia Universe 1997

1976 Birthday - Anna Faris, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, singer. appeared in 'Lost in Translation', 'Scary Movie', 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend', 'The House Bunny' movies

1976 Birthday - Anna Smashnova, born in Minsk, Russia, tennis star, 1993 Futures-Erlangen GER

1976 Birthday - Anna Friel, English Actress

1976 Birthday - Anna Windsor, Sydney NSW Australia, swimmer 1996 Olympics

1975 Birthday - Anna Valle, Miss Universe-Italy 1996

1974 Birthday - Anna Ozolins, Australian rower 1996 Olympics

1974 Death - Anna Q Nilsson, actress (Toll Gate, Sorrell and Son), dies at 85

1973 Death - Anna Magnani, Italians actress (Roma, Citt Aperta), dies at 64

1972 Birthday - Anna Van der Kamp, Abbotsford BC, rower 1996 Olympics

1972 Birthday - Anna Falchi, born in Tampera, Finland, actress, La Dolce Vita '90

1971 Birthday - Anna Katrina Simcic, Christchurch New Zealand, backstroker 1996 Olympics

1970 Death - Anna Casati, Italian marchesa, murdered at 41

1970 Event - Elizabeth Hoisington and Anna Mae Mays named 1st female U.S. generals

1970 Death - Anna Louise Strong, American Journalist

1969 Birthday - Anna Acker-Macosko, Marshfield WI, LPGA golfer, 1995 Gold Coast Tour

1967 Birthday - Anna Nicole Smith, born in Texas, model, actress, spokeswoman, sex symbol

1966 Birthday - Anna Clark, born in San Francisco, California, playmate, Apr, 1987

1966 Birthday - Anna Wood, born in Roeumond, Netherlands, Dutch/Australian canoeist, 1988, 1996 Olympics

1966 Death - Anna Achmatova, Ukrainian poet, dies at 76

1966 Death - Anna Akhmatova, Russian Poet

1966 Birthday - Anna Ivan, La Jolla Cal, tennis star

1961 Death - Grandma [Anna M] Moses, U.S. painter, dies at 101

1961 Death - Anna May Wong, actress (Gallery of Mme Lui-Tsang), dies at 54

1961 Death - Anna May Wong, actress (Thief of Baghdad), dies at about 56

1960 Death - Anna Luther, silent screen actress (Sinners in Silk), dies at 63

1960 Death - Anna Blaman, Dutch writer (Life and Death), dies at 55

1957 Birthday - Anna Lindh, born in Enskede, Sweden, politician, Social Democrat party, served as Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs

1956 Event - 28th Academy Awards - "Marty," Anna Magnani and Ernest Borgnine win

1953 Birthday - Anna Quindlen, American author, journalist, and New York Times columnist

1953 Birthday - Anna Marchesini, Italian entertainer

1950 Birthday - Anna M "Ansje" Beentjes, actress, Blindgangers

1950 Birthday - Anna Ulvaeus, rocker, Aha-Take on Me

1949 Birthday - Anna Lee Fisher, St. Albans, New York, MD/astronaut, STS-51-A

1949 Birthday - Anna Bergman, Stockholm Sweden, actress, Agent 69

1948 Birthday - Anna E "Annelies" Balhan, Dutch revue-artist/actress, Sweet Chairty

1948 Death - Anna "Ans" van Dike, Dutch Jewish Nazi-collaborator, executed at 42

1947 Death - Earnest Lubitsch, actor and director (Anna Boleyn, Ninotchka), dies

1947 Birthday - Anna Stuart, actress, Donna Love-Another World

1947 Death - Anna Bahr-von Mildenburg, Austrian soprano/director, dies at 74

1947 Birthday - Anna Calder-Marshall, Kensington England, actress, Zulu Dawn

1946 Birthday - Patty Duke, Anna Marie, born in Elmhurst, New York, actress, Miracle Worker

1945 Birthday - Anna Maria Horsford, New York City, actress, Thelma Frye-Amen

1944 Birthday - Sally Kirkland, New York City, actress, Anna, Sting, Pvt Benjamin, Big Bad Mama

1944 Event - Philip Yordan's "Anna Lucasta," premieres in New York City

1944 Event - "Anna Lucasta," opens on Broadway

1943 Birthday - Anna Ford, British broadcaster/actress, Secret Policeman's Ball

1943 Birthday - Anna Gael, Gyarmarthy, Budapest Hungary, Lady Weymouth

1942 Birthday - Anna Eshoo, American Politician

1941 Event - 1st woman jockey in North America, Anna Lee Wiley in Mexico

1940 Birthday - Anna Karina, Copenhagen Denmark, actress, Alphaville

1937 Birthday - Anna Massey, actress, De Sade, Doll's House

1937 Birthday - Anna Dawson, British comedienne, Violet-Keeping Up Appearances

1937 Birthday - Anna Davies, prof of Comparative Philology, Oxford U

1936 Birthday - Anna Quayle, actress, Mistress Pamela

1936 Birthday - Anna Maria Alberghetti, Italy, singer and actress, Cinderfella

1935 Death - Anna Katharine Green, American Author

1934 Death - Marie Dressler, actress (Dinner at 8, Anna Christie), dies at 64

1934 Death - Eugenie Besserer, actress (Anna Christie, Madame X), dies at 65

1933 Death - Anna de Noailles, Romanian Writer

1933 Birthday - Jorn Donner, Helsinki Finland, director, Anna, Tenderness

1933 Birthday - Jean-Marie Straub, France, director, Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach

1932 Death - Anna Dickinson, dies just a week shy of her 90th birthday

1931 Death - Anna Pavlova, Russian ballerina (Diaghilew, Dying Swan), dies

1930 Event - 44th U.S. Womens Tennis: Betty Nuthall beats Anna McCune Harper (61 64)

1929 Birthday - Robert Coles, Milton Massachusetts, author, Anna Freud, Pulitzer 1973

1924 Birthday - Freddie Bartholomew, born in England, actor, Anna Karenina, David Copperfield

1922 Event - Pulitzer prize awarded to Eugene O'Neill (Anna Christie)

1921 Event - Eugene O'Neill's "Anna Christie," premieres in New York City

1920 Birthday - Margaretha D Ferguson-Wigerink, Dutch author, Anna and her Father

1920 Birthday - Elisabeth Andersen, Anna de Bruyn, Dutch actress, Yerma, Titania

1918 Death - Anna Held, Polish Entertainer

1915 Birthday - Anna van Beers, Graeve, actress, A Woman like Eve

1914 Birthday - Anna Larina, revolutionary

1913 Birthday - Jo Sinclair, born in Brooklyn, New York, pen name Jo Sinlair, writer, novelist, focused on race relations and the struggle of immigrant families, wrote Sing at My Wake, Anna Teller

1912 Birthday - Anna Pollak, mezzo-soprano

1912 Birthday - Stefan Schnabel, German actor, Anna, Dracula's Widow, Firefox

1912 Birthday - Anna Lee, Ightham England, actress, Scruples, Lila-General Hospital

1911 Birthday - Anna Russell, born in London, England, possibly born in London, Ontario, birth name Maida Vale, Anna Claudia Russell-Brown, composer, singer, comedian, recording artist

1910 Death - Leo Tolstoy, Russian author (Anna Karenina), dies at 82

1910 Birthday - Anna Magnani, Italian actress, Awakening, Roma

1908 Birthday - Anna Magnani, born in Alexandria, Egypt, actress, Rose Tattoo, Miracle

1908 Event - Anna Jeanes bequeaths $1,000,000 to Swarthmore to become all female

1908 Death - Anna S Barbiers, Dutch actress (Klaasje Zevenster), dies at 65

1907 Death - Maria Anna Mahler, Gustav Mahlers eldest daughter, dies of scarlet fever and diptheria at 4 years and 7 months of age in Maiernigg, Austria, five days after her father, Gustav Mahler's 47th birthday. She is buried at Grinzing Cemetery, Vienna.

1907 Birthday - Marie Dressler, actress, Anna Christie, Dinner at 8

1907 Birthday - Anna May Wong, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Impact, Study in Scarlet

1905 Birthday - Anna "Ans" van Dike, "the Young", Jewish nazi collaborator

1905 Birthday - Anna Blaman, Johanna P Vrugt, Dutch writer, Wife and Friend

1904 Birthday - Anna Neagle, London England, actress, London Melody, Nurse Edith Cavell

1902 Birthday - Ralph Richardson, born in England, actor, Anna Karenina, Dr. Zhivago

1901 Event - 1st woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel (Anna Taylor)

1900 Birthday - Anna Seghers, Netty Radvanyi-Reiling, German author, 7th Cross

1899 Birthday - Anna Arnold Hedgeman, social activist, New York City cabinet

1897 Birthday - Anna Luther, born in New Jersey, silent screen actress, Sinners in Silk

1895 Birthday - Anna Freud, Austrian/English psychoanalytist/daughter of Sigmund F

1895 Birthday - Annie [Anna HM] Romein-Verschoor, Dutch historian, Erflaters

1889 Birthday - Anna Akhmatova, Russian Poet

1888 Birthday - Jacques Feyder, Frederix, Belg/French actor and director, Anna Christie

1888 Birthday - Anna Achmatova, AA Gorenko, Russian conductor, Tsjetki

1888 Birthday - Anna Q. Nilsson, born in Sweden, actress, Shenandoah, Uncle Tom's Cabin

1885 Birthday - Anna Louise Strong, American Journalist

1882 Birthday - Anna Pavlova, St. Petersburg Russia, ballerina/choreographer

1880 Death - Anna Caroline Oury, composer, dies at 72

1879 Birthday - Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge, 1st lady, 1923-29

1878 Death - Anna Claypoole Peale, U.S. painter of miniatures, dies

1878 Death - Anna Sewell, English Writer

1876 Birthday - Anna de Noailles, Romanian Writer

1876 Death - Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Mexican general (took Alamo), dies at 79

1872 Birthday - Anna Bahr-von Mildenburg, Austrian soprano/director

1872 Birthday - Anna Held, Polish Entertainer

1865 Death - Anna Paulowna Romanova, great monarch of Russia, dies at 70

1864 Event - Battle of North Anna, Va, 1st of 3 days of fighting

1864 Event - Battle of N Anna River, Virginia (Totopotamy River, Haw's Shop, Hanovertown)

1864 Event - Battle of Yellow Tavern, Virginia (Sheridan's Raid, South Anna Bridge)

1863 Birthday - Emma Mary Wooley, educator, Mary Anna Wells

1860 Birthday - Grandma "Anna Maria" Moses, New York, primitive painter, Old Oaken Bucket

1860 Death - Anna Jameson, British Writer

1847 Birthday - Anna Howard Shaw, U.S., suffragette

1846 Birthday - Anna Katharine Green, American Author

1842 Birthday - Anna S Barbiers, actress, Uncle Tom

1842 Birthday - Anna Elizabeth Dickinson, orator, Joan of Arc of the Civil War

1836 Event - Alamo besieged by Santa Anna; entire garrison eventually killed

1830 Event - Gaetano Donizetti's opera "Anna Bolena," premieres in Milan

1828 Birthday - Leo Tolstoy, Russia, novelist, War and Peace, Anna Karenina,

1828 Birthday - Leo Tolstoi, Russian writer, War and Peace, Anna Karenina,

1825 Death - Anna Letitia Barbauld, English Poet

1824 Death - Anna K Emmerick/Emmerich, German poet, dies at 49

1820 Birthday - Anna Sewell, English Writer

1816 Event - Dutch King Willem II marries Russian grand-duchess Anna Paulowna

1815 Birthday - Anna Ella Carroll, U.S., civil war writer, Reconstruction

1808 Birthday - Anna Caroline Oury, composer

1807 Death - Anna Amalia van Brumswijk-Wolfenbuttel, duchess of Saxon-Weimar, dies

1795 Birthday - Anna Paulowna Romanova, monarch of Russia/daughter of czar Paul I

1794 Birthday - Anna Brownell Jameson, Dublin, writer

1794 Birthday - Anna Jameson, British Writer

1794 Birthday - Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, president of Mexico, 1833-36

1791 Birthday - Anna Claypoole Peale, painted miniatures

1775 Birthday - Anna Symmes Harrison, Ohio, 9th 1st lady, 1841

1774 Birthday - Anna K Emmerick/Emmerich, German poet

1743 Birthday - Anna L. Barbauld, writer of hymns

1743 Birthday - Anna Letitia Barbauld, English Poet

1740 Death - Anna Ivanova Romanova, empress of Russia (1730-40), dies at 47

1740 Death - Anna Ivanova Romanova, empress of Russia (1730-40), dies at 47

1739 Birthday - Anna Amalia of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, duchess of Saxony-Weimar

1736 Birthday - Anna Lee, Manchester England, founder, Shaker movement in America

1730 Event - Tsarina Anna Ivanovna leads autocracy

1709 Birthday - Anna van Hannover, English princess/duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg

1693 Birthday - Anna Ivanova Romanova, empress of Russia, 1730-40,

1693 Birthday - Anna "Ivanovna", tsarina of Russia, 1730-40, 2/7 NS

1693 Birthday - Anna Ivanova Romanova, daughter of Ivan V/empress of Russia, 1730-40

1678 Death - Anna M van Schurman, Dutch poet/spoke 10 languages, dies at about 70

1666 Death - Anna of Austria, queen of France/daughter of Philip III, dies at 64

1651 Death - Anna Roemers Visscher, Dutch poet, dies at 68

1648 Event - People's uprising against Anna of Austria and Cardinal Mazarin

1608 Event - Reynier van Oldenbarnevelt marries Anna Weytzen in Delft

1601 Birthday - Anna van Oostenrijk, queen of France/daughter of Philip III

1601 Event - Louis Gunther of Nassau weds countess Anna Margaretha of Manderscheid

1598 Death - Anna van Bull, 1st wife of Polish/Swedish king Sigismund II, dies

1588 Death - Anna, daughter of prince Willem I/Anna van Saksen, dies at 24

1583 Birthday - Anna Roemers Visscher, Dutch poet

1577 Death - Anna, duchess of Saxon/wife of prince Willem of Orange, dies at 32

1569 Birthday - Emilia van Nassau, daughter of Willem of Orange and Anna of Saxon

1563 Birthday - Anna van Nassau, daughter of prince Willem I/Anna of Saksen

1561 Event - Willem of Orange marries duchess Anna of Saxon

1558 Death - Anna van Buren, countess of Egmond/Buren/Lingen, dies

1555 Death - Hugh Latimer, royal chaplain of Anna Boley, burned at stake at 80

1551 Event - Willem of Orange weds countess Anna van Egmond and Buren

1549 Birthday - Anna of H Bartolomaeus, Flemish prioress/founded a nunnery

1544 Birthday - Anna, duchess of Saxson/wife of prince Willem of Orange, 1561-71

1539 Event - King Henry VIII and Anna of Kleef marry

1536 Death - Lord Rochford, English brother of Anna Boleyn, beheaded

1536 Event - Anna Boleyn and Lord Rochford accused of adultery/incest

1536 Event - King Henry VIII accused Anna Boleyn of adultery and incest

1533 Birthday - Elizabeth, daughter of English king Henry VIII and Anna Boleyn

1533 Event - Anna Boleyn crowned queen of England

1532 Event - Pope Clemens VII tells Henry VIII to end relationship with Anna Boleyn

1515 Birthday - Anna van Kleef, queen of England/4th wife of Henry VIII

1515 Event - Anna of Bohemia (12) marries Karel van Ferdinand of Austria

1514 Death - Anna de Bretagne, wife of Maximilian, dies at 36

1491 Event - King Charles VIII of France marries Anna of Bretagne

1491 Event - Anna van Bretagne becomes devoted to end "la guerre folle"

1490 Event - Anna van Bretagne marries a proxy Maximilian of Austria

1477 Birthday - Anna de Bretagne, wife of Maximilian of Austria and Louis XII