August 6 Events in History - August 6 Birthdays - August 6 Deaths
2015 Kazumi Matsui, mayor of Hiroshima, Japan, calls upon world leaders to free the world of nuclear weapons during a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city
2014 Two former Khmer Rouge leaders, Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea, have been convicted of war crimes during the period of Cambodian genocide in the 1970s; a U.N.-supported war crimes tribunal sentenced the two men to life in prison; both men are in their 80s
2014 U.S. President Barack Obama will allow the Pentagon to perform a limited number of air strikes in Iraq to thwart the advance of the Islamic State
2013 Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, famous for her 11-hour filibuster against restricting abortion rights, announces she will run for either the Texas State Senate seat or for Governor of Texas
2013 The IMF tells Germany now to impose austerity measures that are too harsh, and that they must be prepared to miss their deficit reduction target if Greece needs extra stimulus
2012 The Curiosity rover controlled by NASA's Mars Science Laboratory, lands safely on the surface of Mars
2012 After a century of silence, Mount Tongariro in New Zealand erupts, spreading volcanic ash across the country's central North Island and affecting airports
2011 At least 20 Navy SEALs and 17 others die when a NATO Chinook helicopter crashes after being shot down by the Taliban in Afghanistan
2011 In London, British rioters set police cars on fire in the suburb of Tottenham
2010 NATO airstrikes on August 5 resulted in the deaths of at least 32 Afghan civilians
2010 Russia's worst drought in history prompts Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to temporarily ban the export of flour and wheat
2009 A crowd of 50,000 people participate in a memorial service at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
1997 Microsoft announces it will invest $150 million in Apple Computer Inc
1997 NHL Nashville, Tennessee names Barry Trotz as its 1st coach
1996 NASA announces that life may have existed on Mars
1995 "Damn Yankees" closes at Marquis Theater New York City after 510 performances
1995 Dottie Mochrie wins McCall's LPGA Golf Classic at Stratton Mountain
1995 Indians and Browns play in Cleveland on same day for 1st time ever both lose - Chicago 5, Indians 1; Giants 19, Browns 13 (exhibition)
1995 Thousands of people in Hiroshima tribute on 50th anniversary of bomb
1994 Algerian Moslem fundamentalists threaten school/Universities
1993 Japan Hosokawa government begins
1993 Pope John Paul II publishes Veritatis splendor encyclical
1992 Harold Wilson's academy award is auctioned for $60,500
1991 Debbie Doom (U.S.) pitches 2nd consecutive perfect game in women's softball at the Pan American Games, beats Nicaragua, 8-0
1990 New York Yankee Kevin Mass sets record with 11th home run in 1st 86 at bats
1990 President Ghulam Ishaq Kahn dismisses premier Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan
1990 U.N. Security Council votes 13-0 to place economic sanctions against Iraq
1989 "Oh! Calcutta!" closes at Edison Theater New York City after 5959 performances
1989 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Greater Washington Golf Open
1989 Boston Red Sox retire Carl Yastrezemski's #8
1989 Jaime Paz Zamora inaugurated as president of Bolivia
1989 Pilot Union tells pilots okay to cross Eastern picket lines
1988 Oakland A's Jose Canseco becomes 11th to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 bases
1988 Rich Gossage 300th career save, beats Phillies
1986 Orioles, Dwyer and Sheets, and Rangers, Harrah, hit record 3 grand slams
1986 Phil Katz releases PKARC version 1.0, for IBM
1985 19th space shuttle mission (51-F), Challenger 8, lands at Edwards AFB
1985 Major League Baseball Players' Association stages a midseason baseball strike (lasts 1 day)
1985 STS-51-I vehicle moves to launch pad
1984 203.05 million shares traded in New York Stock Exchange
1984 Carl Lewis wins 2nd (long jump) of 4 gold medals in Summer Olympics
1983 Minnesota Vikings beat St. Louis Cardinals 28-10 in London, England (NFL expo)
1983 Supertanker Castillo de Bellvar crashes at South Africa
1982 22nd Curtis Cup: U.S., 14 -3
1982 California Doug DeCinces hits 3 home runs again in game
1982 WQXI, Atlanta, is 1st to use Harris Corp AM stereo system
1981 Argentina ex-president Isabel Peron freed
1981 Due to strike, Yankees, A's, Philles and Dodgers declared 1st champs
1981 NASA launches Fltsatcom-5, it failed
1980 University administraion declares 5 Pac-10 schools ineligible for conference titles and post-season play due to transcript and curriculum abuses
1979 61st PGA Championship: David Graham shoots a 272 at Oakland Hills, Michigan
1979 Marcus Hooper, 12, is youngest person to swim English Channel
1978 60th PGA Championship: John Mahaffey shoots a 276 at Oakmont CC PA
1978 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Colgate Europea Golf Open
1977 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Colgate European Women's Golf Open
1974 6th time Phils get just 1 assist in game; no other team did it twice
1974 Explosion and fire destory Great Northern RR yard in Wenatchee, Washington
1973 Roberto Clemente and Warren Spahn inducted into Hall of Fame
1973 Stevie Wonder involved in car crash, goes into a 4 day coma
1972 Garry Player wins PGA golf tournament
1972 Hank Aaron hits 660th and 661st home runs for Braves, record for 1 team
1972 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Knoxville Ladies Golf Classic
1970 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1969 Baltimore Orioles pull their 3rd triple play, 5-4-3 vs Kansas City Royals
1967 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Lady Carling Golf Open
1967 Minnesota Twin Dean Chance perfect games Boston Red Sox, 2-0 in 5 innings
1967 Oriole Brooks Robinson hits into a record 4th triple play
1967 Pope Paul VI publishes constitution Pro comperto sane
1966 Heavyweight Cassius Clay KOs Brian London
1966 Muhammad Ali KOs Brian London in 3 for heavyweight boxing title
1966 Salazarbrug over Tag opens (longest suspension bridge of Europe)
1966 U.S. citizens demonstrate against war in Vietnam
1965 32nd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Cleveland 24, All-Stars 16 (68,000)
1965 Beatles release "Help" album in U.K.
1965 Federal Voting Rights Act guarantees black voting rights
1965 Indian troops invade Pakistan
1965 Lyndon Baines Johnson signs Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing voting rights for blacks
1964 Pope Paul VI publishes encyclical Ecclesiam Suam
1962 Jamaica becomes independent after 300 years of British rule
1961 Gherman S Titov, 2nd Russian in space aboard Vostok 2 (17 orbits)
1961 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Waterloo Golf Open
1961 1st case of motion sickness in space reported
1960 Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) beat Toronto Argonauts (CFL) 43-16 in Toronto
1958 Glenn Davis sets record of 49.2 in 400-meter hurdles
1958 U.S. performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island
1954 WLAC (now WTVF) TV channel 5 in Nashville (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 Ted Williams returns to Red Sox from the military
1952 Satchel Paige, 47, becomes oldest pitcher to win a complete shutout
1951 Typhoon floods kill 4,800 in Manchuria
1949 Luke Appling record of 2,154 (en route to 2,218) games at shortstop
1948 Bob Mathias, U.S., wins decathlon at London Olympics
1948 Dreesgovt (KVP/Social Democratics/CHU/Liberal) forms
1948 Fanny Blankers-Koen (Netherlands) is 1st women to win 3 golds at Olympics
1947 1st performance of Villa-Lobos' "Bachianas Brasilieras No 8"
1946 U.S. officially submits to jurisdiction of World Court
1945 Hiroshima Peace Day-atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by "Enola Gay"
1945 Keith Miller scores 110 in the 4 Victory Test Cricket at Lord's
1944 All 1,200 Jewish death marchers from Lipcani Moldavia have died
1944 Anti-German attack at Avranches fails
1944 Deportation of 70,000 Jews from Lodz Poland to Auschwitz begins
1944 U.S. 20th Army corp under general Walker occupies Nantes
1943 U.S. 1st Infantry division occupies node Troina Sicily
1942 Riots by Dutch Jews
1942 Assinibaine destroyer sinks U-210
1942 Churchill fires General Auchinlek as Middle-East commandant
1942 Goering proclaims occupied areas "thoroughly empty to plunder"
1941 Detroit pitcher Al Benton is 1st to collect 2 sacrifices in an inning
1940 Estonia is annexed into Soviet empire
1939 1st broadcast of "Dinah Shore Show" on NBC-radio
1937 Franco-artillery fire on Madrid
1937 Indians overturn Yankees' 7-6 win by a protest
1937 U.S. and U.S.S.R. sign trade treaty
1936 1st time in 20th century, 1st 2 batters in a game-Roy Johnson and Rabbit Warstler of Boston Bees-lead off with home runs
1934 U.S. troops leave Haiti, which had been occupied since 1915
1930 Supreme Court Justice John Force Crater disappears in New York City
1930 Remains of Solomon Andrees' balloon expedition to North Pole in 1897, found at Kvit oya Spitsbergen
1926 New York's Gertrude Ederle becomes 1st woman to swim English Channel
1926 Warner Bros premieres Vitaphone sound-on-disc movie system
1926 Don Juan with John Barrymore shown
1921 Clason Point, Bronx to College Point, Queens muni ferry system begins
1919 1st air flight over a major body of water in Australia (Harry Butler)
1919 Romanian forces destroys Bela Kun Republic in Budapest
1918 Ferdinand Foch becomes marshal of France
1918 In WW I 2nd battle of the Marne ends
1914 Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia and Serbia
1914 French cavalry enter Belgium
1914 German Zeppelin bombs Liege City, 9 killed
1914 Serbia declares war against Germany
1910 New York City Mayor Wm J Gaynor seriously wounded during assassination attempt
1908 St. Louis Card John Lush's 2nd no-hitter, beats Dodgers, 2-0 in 6 inn
1905 26.7 cm rainfall at Princeton, Indiana (state record)
1896 France annexes Madagascar
1890 Cy Young pitches and wins 1st game
1870 Battle at Spicheren: Prussia beats France
1870 White conservatives suppresed black vote and captured Tennessee legislature
1864 Rebels evacuate Ft. Powell, Mobile Bayd
1862 Confederate Army ironclad "Arkansas" is badly damaged in Union attack
1861 Lexington Kentucky - Union military camp forms in neutral state
1854 Congress passes Confiscation Act
1825 Bolivia gains independence from Peru (National Day)
1824 Battle at Junan - Simon Bolivars army beats Spanish
1821 1st edition of "Courrier of Pays-Bas" newspaper published in Brussels
1815 U.S. flotilla ends piracy by Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli
1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia begans debate
1774 Founder of the Shaker Movement, Mother Ann Lee, arrives in NY
1726 Emperor Karel VI and tsarina Catharina the Great sign military treaty
1675 Russian Czar Aleksei bans foreign hairs cut
1661 Holland sells Brazil to Portugal for 8 million guilders
1625 Earl Earnest Casimir appointed as viceroy of Groningen
1623 Maffeo Barberini elected Pope Urban VIII
1601 Spanish garrison of Meurs surrender to earl Mauritius
1600 Henry IV of France invades Savoy after negotiations break down over Saluzzo, controlled by Savoy since 1588
1588 Spanish Armada under Medina Sidonia anchors
1497 John Cabot returns to Bristol from North-America
1181 Supernova observed by Chinese and Japanese astronomers
939 Battle at Simancas-Spain beats Moors
768 [Constantine] ends his reign as Catholic Pope
523 St. Hormisdas ends his reign as Catholic Pope
258 St. Sixtus II ends his reign as Catholic Pope