August 10 Events in History - August 10 Birthdays - August 10 Deaths
2015 Google, Inc. restructures, placing its search business and its various research ventures into a holding company called Alphabet; Google will begin reporting under the new company with the fourth quarter of this year
2014 Rory McIlroy wins the PGA Championship, marking his fourth major championship; McIlroy is now one of only four players in golf history to reach this achievement by age 25
2014 Fossils of a new species of giant penguin, named Palaeeudyptes klekowskii, have been found on Seymour Island in Antarctica; the penguins lived about 40 million years ago and likely weighed about 250 pounds
2013 Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium hosts the 2013 World Championships in Athletics
2013 U.S. President Barack Obama announces a series of NSA reforms aimed at minimizing criticism over the NSA's electronic surveillance program
2012 Ghana's state funeral, held in Accra for President John Atta Mills, attracts tens of thousands
2012 For the first time since the Vietnam War ended in 1975, the United States plans to help clean up herbicide Agent Orange from areas in Vietnam
2011 New Zealand's highest mountain, the south ridge of Aoraki/Mount Cook, is renamed Hillary Ridge after Sir Edmund Hillary, first to conquer Mt. Everest
2011 Rioting takes place in English cities including Manchester, liverpool, Salford, Birmingham and Nottingham; police from Scotland are called in to help
2010 More than 5,000 people lose their homes and crops when the Niger River bursts its banks
2010 The death toll from the Gansu province flooding and landslide disaster rises to 702 with 1,100 people missing
1997 36th Walker Cup: U.S., 18-6
1997 Anaheim Angels Tony Phillips arrested for purchasing cocaine
1997 Atlanta Braves sign Greg Maddux to record 5 year, $575 Million deal
1997 Deb Richard wins LPGA Friendly's Classic
1997 Northville Long Island Senior Golf Classic
1997 Vijay Singh of Fiji wins Buick Open at the Warwick Hills Golf
1996 Bob Dole picks Jack Kemp as his Republican Vice Presidential running mate
1996 Dare and Go ends Cigars record tying victory streak at 16
1996 Parlisha Williams (Louisiana) crowned Ms Black USA Metroplex
1996 Yankees lose ending 3rd best home series victory streak at 24
1995 Dodgers leading 2-1 in 9th forfeit game to Cards, fans become unruly
1994 Last British troops leave Hong Kong (been there since Sept 1841)
1993 Charlotte Anne Lopez, 16, of Vermont, crowned 11th Miss Teen USA
1992 Satellite TOPEX/Poseidon launched
1992 Soyuz TM-15 lands
1991 "Little Night Music" closes at New York State New York City after 7 performances
1991 NFL sportscaster Paul Maquire suffers a heart attack at 53
1990 U.S.'s Magellan spacecraft lands on Venus
1989 A's bat out of order against White Sox in 3rd inning
1989 Australia 0-301 at end of day one, 5th Test Cricket at Trent Bridge
1988 Matt Biondi swims world record 100m free style (48.42 sec)
1988 Rodrigo Borja installed as president of Ecuador
1988 U.N. estimates Asia's population hits 3 billion
1987 Flight Readiness Firing of Discovery's main engines is successfully
1987 Kevin Gross is 2nd pitcher in 8 days to be ejected for scuffing ball
1986 "Me and My Girl" opens at Marquis Theater New York City for 1420 performances
1986 Betsy King wins LPGA Henredon Golf Classic
1986 Billy Martin Day, his uniform number 1 retired
1986 Marquis Theater opens at 1535 Broadway New York City
1986 Pitcher Bob Forsch grand slams to lead Cards to a 5-4 win over Pirates
1985 A's Dave Kingman is 21st to hit 400 home runs (off Matt Young at Seattle)
1985 Michael Jackson buys ATV Music (every Beatle songs) for $47 million
1985 Uno Lindstron of Sweden, juggles a soccer ball 13.11 miles
1984 Mary Decker trips on heel of Zola Budd during 3,000m Olympic run
1981 Coca-Cola Bottling Co agrees to pump $34 million into black business
1981 Pete Rose, 3,631 career hit, breaks Stan Musial's NL hit record
1981 Richard Nixon Museum in San Clemente closes
1980 62nd PGA Championship: Jack Nicklaus shoots a 274 at Oak Hill, New York
1980 8th du Maurier Golf Classic (Peter Jackson Classic): Pat Bradley
1980 Allen, most powerful hurricane in Caribbean hits Brownsville, Texas
1979 Ecuador adopts its constitution
1979 Wings release "Getting Closer" and "Baby's Request"
1978 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
1977 U.S. and Panamana sign Panama Canal Zone accord
1977 U.S.S.R. performs (underground) nuclear test
1977 Postal employee David Berkowitz arrested in Yonkers, New York, accused of being "Son of Sam" 44 caliber killer
1975 57th PGA Championship: Jack Nicklaus shoots a 276 at Firestone Akron
1975 David Frost purchases exclusive rights to interview Nixon
1974 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Colgate-European American Golf Open
1973 1st BART train travels thru transbay tube to Montgomery St. Station
1972 1 million kg heavy meteorite grazes atmosphere above Canada
1972 Paul and Linda McCartney are arrested in Sweden on drug possession
1971 16 baseball researchers form Society for American Baseball Research
1971 Twins' Harmon Killebrew is 10th to amass 500 home runs, and adds his 501st
1970 Jim Morrison is tried in Miami on "lewd and lascivious behavior"
1969 Don Sutton breaks his 13-game losing streak to Cubs with a 4-2 win
1969 Marlene Hagge wins LPGA Stroh's-WBLY Golf Open
1968 Race riot in Miami, Chicago and Little Rock
1968 Shirley Englehorn wins LPGA Concord Golf Open
1966 1st lunar orbiter launched by U.S.
1966 Daylight meteor seen from Utah to Canada. Only known case of a meteor entering Earth's atmosphere and leaving it again
1965 Joe Engle in X-15 reaches 82 km
1964 WJSP TV channel 28 in Columbus, Georgia (PBS) begins broadcasting
1962 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya U.S.S.R.
1961 England applies for membership in European Common Market
1960 Discoverer 13 launched into orbit; returned 1st object from space
1960 Nicolaas Jouwe forms PANA in New-Guinea
1958 Mary Lena Faulk wins LPGA Macktown Golf Open
1957 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1956 23rd NFL Chicago All-Star Game: Cleveland 26, All-Stars 0 (75,000)
1954 Netherlands Indonesian Union breaks up
1954 Sir Gordon Richards retires as a jockey with record 4,870 wins
1952 Louise Suggs wins LPGA All American Women Golf Tournament
1949 Ezzard Charles TKOs Gus Lesnevich in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
1949 National Military Establishment renamed Department of Defense
1948 ABC enters network TV at 7 PM (WJZ, New York)
1948 Allen Funt's "Candid Camera" TV debut on ABC
1948 Bradman scores 133* Australia vs. Lancashire, 216 minutes, 17 fours
1948 WABC TV channel 7 in New York, New York (ABC) begins broadcasting
1945 Japan announces willingness to surrender to Allies provided status of Emperor Hirohito remained unchanged
1944 Braves Red Barrett throws only 58 pitches to shut out Cincinnati Reds 2-0
1944 Race riots in Athens Alabama
1944 U.S. recaptures Guam from Japanese
1944 U.S./French offensive at Aleneon
1943 Dutch submarine attacks Island Hertenbeest in NW Bali
1943 Hitler watches lynching of allied pilots
1942 General B. Montgomery becomes commandant British 8th leader in North Africa
1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Churchill's 2nd meeting at Placentia Newfoundland
1940 Prince Bernhard Fund forms
1939 2nd Dutch De Geer government forms (1st with Social Democrats)
1938 119 degrees F (48 degrees C), Pendleton, Oregon (state record)
1936 114 degrees F (46 degrees C) at Plain Dealing, Louisiana (state record)
1936 120 degrees F (49 degrees C) at Ozark, Arkansas (state record)
1934 Babe Ruth announces this is his final season as full time player
1929 Grover Alexander beats Phils 7-1 for his 373rd and last NL win
1926 Italian-Spanish peace treaty signed
1925 Hurricane strikes Borculo, 4 die
1921 Franklin D. Roosevelt stricken with polio at summer home on Canadian Is of Campobello
1920 Allies recognize Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania
1920 Treaty of Sevres (Allies and Turkey)
1920 Turkish Government renounces its claim to Israel, recognizes British mandate
1919 Ukrainian National Army massacres 25 Jews in Podolia Ukraine
1916 Turks annex Persian city Hamadan from Russia
1914 At Luik, German 12"/16.5" guns reach Belgian boundary
1914 German battle cruiser Goeben reaches Dardanellen/Turkey joins Germany
1914 German troops reconquer Mulhouse in Elzas
1914 Royal Nationally Steuncomite forms
1913 2nd Balkan War ends, Treaty of Bucharest, Bulgaria loses
1911 Parliament Act reduces power of House of Lords
1909 Algemeene Netherland Toonkunstenars Ver (ANTV) begins
1907 Prince Scipone Borchesi wins Beijing to Paris, 7,500 mile auto rally
1906 Pope Pius X bans Associations cults
1904 Angelo G Roncalli (Pope John XXIII) becomes a priest.
1904 Dutch newspaper Volk fires gay journalist Jacob de Cock
1904 Japanese fleet defeat Russians off Port Arthur
1904 Yankees Jack Chesbro ends string of 30 consecutive complete games
1901 Chicago White Sox Frank Isbell strands record 11 teammate base runners
1900 1st Davis Cup: USA beats British Isles in Boston (3-0)
1897 Automobile Club of Great Britain established (now: Royal Auto Club)
1895 1st Queen's Hall Promenade Concerto (Wagners "Rienzi")
1893 Chinese deported from San Francisco under Exclusion Act
1889 Dan Rylands patents screw cap
1888 New York Giant pitcher Tim Keefe sets a 19 game win streak record
1887 Excursion train crashes killing 101. (Chatsworth, Illinois)
1885 Leo Daft opens America's 1st coml operated electric streetcar (Balt)
1877 Big Hole River: Col John Gibbon murders Nez-Perce indians
1869 O. B. Brown patents moving picture projector
1866 Transatlantic cable laid-President Buchanan spoke to Queen Victoria
1862 Battle of Nueces River, Texas
1861 Battle of Wilson's Creek MO (Springfield, Oak Hills)-General Lyon killed
1856 Hurricane washes away 2-300 revelers at Last Island, Louisiana
1846 Congress charters "nation's attic," Smithsonian Institution
1833 Chicago incorporates as a village of about 200
1831 Former slave Nat Turner leads uprising against slavery
1831 Hurricane hits Barbados; about 1,500 die
1827 Race riots in Cincinnati (1,000 blacks leave for Canada)
1822 Antioch Syria, hit by Earthquake; about 20,000 die
1821 Missouri admitted as 24th U.S. state
1809 Ecuador declares independence from Spain (National Day)
1792 Mobs in Paris attack palace of Louis XVI
1790 Robert Gray's Columbia, completes 1st American around world voyage
1787 Mozart completes his "Eine small Nachtmusik"
1787 Turkey declares war on Russia
1774 1st Surinam newspaper (1st Wednesday Suriname) begins publishing
1759 Carlos III becomes king of Spain
1743 Earliest recorded prize fighting rules formulated
1678 Netherlands and France signs peace treaty in Nijmegen
1675 King Charles II lays foundation stone of Royal Observatory, Greenwich
1675 Portuguese-Jewish synagogue opens in Amsterdam
1664 Austria/Turkey signs Peace of Vasvar
1653 Sea battle at Heijde, English fleet beats Dutch
1628 Wasa sinks at Stockholm, 50 killed
1627 Cardinal Richelieu begins siege of La Rochelle
1622 County Maine appended on John Mason/Fernandino Gorges
1585 English Queen Elizabeth I signs Treaty of Nonsuch: Aid for Netherlands
1557 Battle at St. Quentin: Lamoraal of Egmont and Philibert beat France
1519 Magellan's 5 ship set sail to circumnavigate Earth
1512 Battle at Brest: English fleet beats France
1511 Portugese troops occupy parts of Malakka
1500 Diego Diaz discovers Madagascar
1497 John Cabot tells King Henry VII of his trip to "Asia"
1461 Alfonso ed Espina, bishop of Osma urges for an Inquistion in Spain
1304 Battle at Zierik Sea: Dutch and French fleet beat Flemish fleet
955 Battle at Lech: German king Otto I beats Hungarians
843 Treaty of Verdun: Brothers Lotharius I, Louis the German and Charles the Bare divide France
654 Pope Eugene I elected to succeed Martinus I
70 "2nd Temple" of Jews is set aflame (approx)