July 19 Events in History - July 19 Birthdays - July 19 Deaths
2015 Jeffrey Webb pleads not guilty to bribery charges in the FIFA corruption case brought against 14 former officials; Webb is the first to be extradited to the U.S. to face the charges
2014 Tobacco company R. J. Reynolds must pay over $23 billion in resolution of a lawsuit filed by the widow of a man who died from lung cancer at age 36; the suit accused the company of hiding the health risks and habit-forming nature of cigarettes
2014 Russia retaliates against U.S. sanctions against certain individuals by denying visas to 13 Americans
2013 Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announces a plan to help settle Papua New Guinea asylum seekers who come to Australia by boat
2013 A Pontifical Commission is established by Pope Francise to investigate current accounting practices and implement new strategies for greater fiscal transparency and fiscal responsibility among all Vatican offices
2012 David Cameron, Britain's Prime Minister, suggests government spending cuts will be required until the end of the decade
2012 The United Kingdom freezes 100 million pounds of assets of Syrian leaders
2011 Iran announces it has installed faster nuclear centrifuges to enrich uranium
2011 In a speech outside of Potala Palace, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping declares he will crush attempts for an Independent Tibet
2010 A Tel Aviv judge orders safe deposit boxes at a Zurich bank opened; the boxes may contain drawings and manuscripts by writer Franz Kafka
2005 John G. Roberts, Jr. is nominated to the United States Supreme Court
1998 127th British Golf Open: at Royal Birkdale
1998 JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
1996 Ireland beats Netherlands in 1st European Championship Final
1996 Jason Gallian scores 312 in 683 minutes for Lancashire vs. Derbyshire
1996 XXVI Olympic games open in Atlanta, Georgia
1994 1st game ever cancelled at Seattle Kingdome (falling tiles)
1994 Bomb explosion in Alas Airlines at Colon, Panama, 21 killed
1994 Leonid Kvetjsma sworn in as Ukraine president
1993 Glen Chapple (Lancs) scores fastest F-C century, 21 minutes
1993 Last day of 1st-class cricket for Ian Botham
1993 President Clinton fires FBI director William Sessions
1992 "Price" closes at Criterion Theater New York City after 47 performances
1992 30th Tennis Fed Cup: Germany beats Spain in Frankfurt Germany (2-1)
1992 Ballet dancer Peter Martins charged with beating his wife
1992 Ebony P. Warren, crowned 24th Miss Black America
1992 Juli Inkster wins LPGA JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
1992 New York City Ballet star Peter Martins, arrested for beating his wife
1991 Cal Ripken plays in his 1,500th consecutive game
1991 With New York Yankee victory, 10 of 14 AL teams are at .500 or better
1990 BASF plant in Cincinnati explodes in flames, 1 person dies
1990 Cincinnati Red Pete Rose is sentence to 5 months for tax evasion
1990 Richard Nixon library opens in Yorba Linda, California
1990 Dave Raghetti pitches in his 499th game as a New York Yankee, passing Whitey Ford in most appearances as a New York Yankee
1989 Cleveland Indian Joe Carter has his 4th 3 home run game
1989 United Airlines DC-10 crashes at Sioux City Iowa, kills 112
1987 116th British Golf Open: Nick Faldo shoots a 279 at Muirfield Gullane
1987 Don Mattingly sets AL record of extra base hits in 10 cons games
1987 Jane Geddes wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
1986 Caroline Kennedy (28) marries Edwin Schlossberg (41)
1986 Indian pitcher Phil Niekro wins his 307th game tying him with
1986 Tim Witherspoon KOs Frank Bruno in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
1985 Christa McAuliffe chosen 1st school teacher to fly space shuttle
1985 Dam in Fiemme Valley Italy bursts; 200-300 die
1984 1st female to captain a 747 across Atlantic (Lynn Rippelmeyer)
1984 Geraldine Ferraro, Representative-D-New York 1979 - 1985, wins Democratic Vice Presidential nomination
1982 1st Old Timer's All star classic - AL wins 7-2 in Washington D.C.
1982 Bolivian government resigns
1982 David S. Dodge becomes 1st American hostage in Lebanon
1982 1st annual Cracker Jack Oldtimers Classic 75-year-old Luke Appling hits a 250-foot home run off Warren Spahn, AL beats NL 7-2
1981 110th British Golf Open: Bill Rogers shoots a 276 at Royal St. George
1981 Donna Caponi Young wins LPGA WUI Golf Classic
1980 22nd modern Olympic games opens in Moscow; U.S. and others boycott
1980 David Bowie appears in role of 'Elephant Man' in Denver
1979 2 supertankers collide off Tobago - 260,000 TONS of oil spill
1979 Maritza Sayalero, 18, of Venezuela, crowned 28th Miss Universe
1979 Nicaragua Liberation Day; Sandinistas take over from Somoza
1978 France performs nuclear Test at Muruora Island
1978 Yankees start 14 game comeback with 2-0 win
1977 48th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 7-5 at Yankee Stadium, New York
1977 All star MVP: Don Sutton (Los Angeles Dodgers)
1977 Floods in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, kills 76
1976 Rock group Deep Purple disbands
1976 Allman Brother's roadie Scooter Herring sentenced to 75 years for providing drugs for the group, based on Gregg Allman's testimony
1975 Apollo and Soyuz linked in orbit for 2 days, separate
1975 New York Yankees catcher Thurman Munson's 1st-inning single and RBI are
1974 Cleveland Indian Dick Bosman no-hits Oakland A's, 4-0
1974 David Bowie's 'Diamond Dog' tour ends in New York City
1974 Soyuz 14 lands
1973 Willie Mays named to NL all star team for 24th time (ties Musial)
1971 Sudan military coup under Major Hashem al-Atta, Numeiry flees
1970 Judy Rankin wins LPGA Springfield Jaycee Golf Open
1969 Apollo 11 goes into Moon orbit
1967 1st air conditioned New York City subway car (R-38 on the F line)
1967 Race riots in Durham, North Carolina
1967 U.S. launches Explorer 35 for lunar orbit (800/7400 km)
1966 50 year old Frank Sinatra marries 21 year old Mia Farrow in Las Vegas
1966 France performs nuclear Test at Fangataufa Island
1966 Governor James Rhodes declares state of emergency in Cleveland, race riot
1965 Shooting begins on Star Trek 2nd pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
1964 46th PGA Championship: Bobby Nichols shoots a 271 at Columbus CC Ohio
1964 Ruth Jessen wins LPGA Yankee Women's Golf Open
1964 U.S.S.R. performs nuclear Test at Semipalitinsk, Eastern Kazakhstan U.S.S.R.
1963 NASA civilian Test pilot Joe Walker in X-15 reaches 105 km
1963 Philadelphia Phillies Roy Siever hits home run # 300
1962 Hungarian Communist Party expels Rakosi and Gero
1961 1st in-flight movie shown, TWA
1960 Italian Government Tambroni, resigns
1960 San Francisco Giants Juan Marichal debuts, with a 1 hitter against Phillies
1959 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Machine International Golf Open Alliance
1958 "Oh, Captain!" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 192 performances
1958 Charly Gaul wins Tour de France
1957 1st rocket with nuclear warhead fired, Yucca Flat, Nevada
1957 Don Bowden becomes 1st American to break 4 minute mile (3m58s7)
1957 U.S. performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1956 U.S. refuse to lend Egypt money to build Aswan Dam
1955 Balclutha ties up at Pier 43 and becomes a floating museum
1955 Yarkon Water Project opens to supply water to Negev desert in Israel
1953 KIMA TV channel 29 in Yakima, WA (CBS) begins broadcasting
1953 WAKR (now WAKC) TV channel 23 in Akron, OH (ABC) begins broadcasting
1952 "Paint Your Wagon" closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 289 performances
1952 15th modern Olympic games opens in Helsinki, Finland
1952 Freddie Trueman takes 8-31, India all out 58 at Old Trafford
1952 India all out 82 in 2nd innings after making 52 earlier in the day
1951 "2 in the Aisle" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City for 276 performances
1950 French/Vietnamese offensive against Viet Minh
1950 New York Yankees obtain their 1st black players, Elston Howard and Frank Barnes
1950 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Summi maeroris
1949 Laos becomes associated state within French Union
1948 French government of Schuman, resigns
1945 Edwin Schlossberg, husband of Carolyn Kennedy
1945 USS Cod saves 51 sailors from Dutch sub in only sub-to-sub rescue
1944 1,200+ 8th Air Force bombers bomb targets in SW Germany
1944 500 15th Air Force Liberators/Flying Fortresses bomb Munich vicinity
1944 Allied troops occupy Faubourg de Vaucelles, at Caen
1944 Danish resistance fails on assault on Taarbaek Fort near Copenhagen
1944 Democratic convention opens in Chicago
1944 Earl Claus von Stauffenberg visits RC church in Berlin-Dahlem
1944 General Bradley flies to England
1944 Japanese aircraft carriers Taiho/Shokaku sinks in Marianas
1944 New York archbishop Spellman flies to Europe
1944 Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg 1st meets Eichmann
1943 500 allied air forces raid Rome during WW II
1942 Dmitri Shostakovich' 7th Symphony, premieres in US
1942 German occupiers confiscate bicycles in Rotterdam and Hague
1941 1st U.S. Army flying school for black cadets dedicated
1941 BBC World Service begins playing V(ictory) (...-) 5th of Beethoven
1941 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill launched his "V for Victory" campaign
1941 President Roosevelt appointed FEP Committee
1940 Hitler orders Great Britain to surrenders
1940 Nazi occupiers imprison 231 prominent Dutch citizens in Buchenwald
1940 Nazi occupiers in Netherlands forbid anti-nazi films
1939 1st use of fiberglass sutures, R P Scholz, St. Louis, Missouri
1939 Dr. Roy P Scholz is 1st surgeon to use fiberglass sutures
1937 Entartete Art Fair opens in Munich
1937 Joris Ivens' "Spanish Earth" premieres in Hollywood
1936 Indians' Bob Feller makes his major league debut in relief
1936 Spanish premier Casares Quiroga succeeded by Jose Giral
1933 1st time, brothers on opposite teams homer in the same game. Red Sox
1928 King Fuad of Egypt grabs power/disbands parliament
1926 2nd French government of Herriot, forms
1923 WRC-AM in Washington D.C. begins radio transmissions
1918 German armies retreat across Marne River in France (WW I)
1918 Washington catcher Eddie Ainsmith applies for deferment from the draft Secretary of War Newton D. Baker rules baseball players are not draft exempt
1915 Dutch accidents at sea law enforced
1915 Washington Nationals steal record 8 bases vs. Cleveland Indians in the 1st inning
1914 Boston Braves begin drive from last to 1st place in NL
1913 Billboard publishes earliest known "Last Week's 10 Best Sellers among Popular Songs" Malinda's Wedding Day is #1
1910 Cleveland Indian Cy Young gets his 500th win, beats Washington 5-4 in 11 innings
1909 Cleveland shortstop Neal Ball executes an unassisted triple play
1908 Feyenoord soccer team forms in Rotterdam
1904 Dutch Premier Kuypers disbands 1st Chamber
1902 New York Giants lose their 1st game under new manager John McGraw
1900 Michel Theato wins 2nd olympics marathon (2:59:45.0-40,260k)
1899 National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, forms
1880 SF Public Library starts lending books
1877 1st Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Spencer W Gore beats Marshall (61 62 64)
1875 Emma Abbott, a floating hospital for sick kids, makes trial trip, New York City
1870 France declares war on Prussia; Franco-Prussian war begins
1867 Congress passed 3rd Reconstruction Act over President Andrew Johnson's veto
1867 Dutch Red Cross forms
1867 Reconstruction enacted
1866 Tennessee is 1st to ratify 14th Amendment, guaranteeing civil rights
1863 Battle of Buffington's Island (St. George Creek), Ohio
1862 Forrest's 1st raid
1860 1st railroad reaches Kansas
1850 Airship Elizabeth leaves in storm for Fire Island, crashes (42 die)
1848 1st U.S. women's rights convention (Seneca Falls New York)
1848 German Parliament demands Dutch province of Limburg
1836 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reache Ascension
1816 Survivors of French frigate Medusa rescued off Senegal after 17 days
1702 Swedish troops under King Charles XII occupy Crackow
1688 Soldiers killed governor of Aerssen in Paramaribo
1674 Court of Holland bans books of Hobbes/Spinoza/Meyer
1639 French troops occupy Salses, at Perpignan
1599 Jacob van Necks merchant fleet leaves Java
1590 King Philip Ii's secretary Antonio Perez escapes jail
1575 Spanish viceroy Gilles of Hierges attacks Oudewater
1572 Battle at Saint-Ghislain: Spanish army beats The Genlis' mercenaries
1553 15-year-old Lady Jane Grey deposed as England's Queen after 9 days
1551 Treaty of Karlsburg: arch duke Ferdinand of Austria recognized as king of Hungary/Transsylvania
1545 King Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose sinks at Portsmouth; 73 die
1525 Catholic German monarchy form Union of Dessau
1524 Boer War begins in Germany's Black Forest
1510 38 Jews are burned at stake in Berlin Prussia
1425 Duke John VI van Brabant pledges Holland/Zealand to Philip the Good
1380 Thomas of Buckingham's invasion army lands on Calais
1195 Battle at Alarcos: Almohaden beats Alfons VIII of Castilia
532 Start of Dionysian Pascal Cycle
64 Circus Maximus in Rome catches fire